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Hey guys, MasakoX here.

Team Four Star member, former TGWTG reviewer, Brit. You probably know him as Goku/Gohan of Dragon Ball Z Abridged. He is also notable as a voice actor for being able pull to off a very convincing female voice, something he showed off during his time as the one half of Naruto: The Abridged Series, which was the project that got him into voice acting and video making.

MasakoX is an "internet personality" as much as it is the guise of Lawrence Simpson. He most likely took the name from Goku's Japanese voice actress, Masako Nozawa.

Has a fondness for anime and has abridged several series, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, Kämpfer and Rosario + Vampire. Personally helmed the Kämpfer Abridged project, and played Gruda in a fan dub of Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys.

He's also a Whovian, cosplaying as the Doctor and making the Doctor Who-themed openings for several specials like "YGOTAS: Bonds Beyond Time" and "History of Trunks Abridged".


He also does English covers of several songs.

His various YouTube video series, which were also cross-posted to Channel Awesome before cutting ties, include:

  • AniFile, his anime review series.
  • Dragonball Discussions, his editorial series largely focusing on Dragon Ball Super and its effect on Dragon Ball franchise, as well as episode reviews of Super (from episode 27 onward, although he will review Episodes 1-26 during Super 's 2018 hiatusnote ).
  • What if?, he discusses a varied assortment of potential alternate plotlines Dragon Ball could have taken. The following ones have their own pages:
  • Bad Fanfiction Theater, where he reads fanfics of low quality as "Master Norman Gamington-Smythe III".
  • Goku's Gonna Show You, a spin-off of Team Four Star's Two Saiyans Play featuring Goku playing video games, with Gohan commenting in the background.
  • Googledegook, where he feeds song lyrics into Google Translate repeatedly and invites viewers to guess the song from the resulting "Blind Idiot" Translation.
  • GoQ&A, where Goku (appearing on-screen as a plushie) answers questions posed to him via YouTube comments.

In addition to these videos (and more), he hosts livestreams on his channel, specifically "Bad Fanfiction Live" and the occasional gaming stream.

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