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Just a lonely goomba.

I'm a Lonely Goomba
Stuck between two pipes
(well) Guess I'll keep on gaming note 
For the rest of my life
A YouTuber animated as a lonely Goomba with nothing but a Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and a whole bunch of Often-Terrible games to play.

The main part of his channel is the game reviews, which are played out live like a mini-Let's Play. He usually ends up hating them. However, he also has other series, like his "Ask Goomba" Q&As and his "Goomba Gripes" rants, where everything is inexplicably made of paper. He has also done collaborative videos with Gaijin Goombah and It's a Dog and Game, among others.

Starting with his Club Penguin review, all of his videos began to form a continous arc, each of which are called "worlds":

Warning Unmarked Spoilers
  • "World 1": On what starts out as a usual set of reviews goes sour when Goomba recieves a letter that says that Mario is going to kill him for never returning his Game Boy Advance. Thankfully at the eve of his battle, Goomba from the future comes back in time to save him, only to discover that his future self is going to kill him.
  • "World 2": Managing to save himself from being assassinated by his future self, Goomba uses the time machine to go back in time right at the point where he originally found the Game Boy. He then shatters it into pieces. Relieved that his future will no longer be wasted on playing terrible games, Goomba calmly disappears from existence now his timeline now gone. Goomba wakes up in a mysterious void where Mr. Blizzard, now as a bodiless voice tells him the truth. Goomba is actually in a coma. In reality, Mario had already fought and nearly killed Goomba. All of his time travel adventures were All Just a Dream. He then immediately wakes up to see several snifits dressed in white closing in on him.
  • "World 3": The snifits are revealed to just be medical workers. As it turns out, Goomba is in the hospital wing of Bowser's Castle. Kamek, curious about Goomba's usefulness as a minion, gives him a test to prove his value. Goomba manages to score with flying colors and is promoted to Bowser's personal chef. Goomba isn't aware that he has no experience in cooking and doesn't even realize that playing a Cooking Mama game wont make him better at it. Due to this, Goomba quite literally feeds shit to Bowser, prompting him to be demoted to his original position exactly where he started out.

His channel can be found here.


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