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Not even poor Howie was spared.

"Wilhelm's on Mars now? Man, that guy gets around."

Overused Stock Sound Effects can screw with a TV viewer's suspension of disbelief — repeated use makes them instantly recognizable to those in the know. One of the worst offenders is the Stock Scream — one of several vocal effects used when a character has to scream and the sound the actor recorded isn't loud or piercing enough. From the popularity of some stock "scream" effects, you would think they were the only ones in existence. Currently there are about 15 commonly used stock screams, most of which have yet to be named.

Looking for an Instant Wilhelm Scream? Look no further.

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Wilhelm Scream Examples:

The "Wilhelm Scream" has been a running joke among sound editors for decades, to the point that whole websites exist for tracking its appearances, and the Internet Movie Database often includes instances of the Wilhelm in its trivia entries for movies and shows. Some directors, notably Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson and George Lucas, make a point of using the Wilhelm in all their action movies. It was recorded for and first used in the 1951 film Distant Drums when numerous Spanish gunrunners and Seminole warriors are shot down at a Spanish fort, and later when the character Pvt. Jessup (played by Sheb Wooley, best known for the song "The Purple People Eater") is attacked and eaten by an alligator. Its name originates from the 1953 film The Charge at Feather River, where a soldier named Wilhelm (portrayed by Ralph Brooks) used it after being shot in the leg.

    Anime & Manga 
  • The English dub of Burst Angel uses "a tribute to" the Wilhelm Scream when a soldier gets shot and falls off a train.
  • The uncut version of Dragon Ball Z Kai uses it in episode 34.
  • In the Funimation Redub of The Vision of Escaflowne, it can be heard on episode 25 when a soldier is burned alive.
  • The English dub of Highschool of the Dead uses it in episode 1, following the last of several shots of stampeding students trying to get the hell out of Dodge while they still can after the attack on the teachers at the gate was broken over the intercom and just before Hisashi takes off and yells for Takashi and Rei to follow him.
  • A pitched-down Take 1 can be heard in the English dub Pokémon: The First Movie as Mewtwo slaughters the scientists at the start of the film.
  • Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts in Ice uses it in The '90s English dub when, as Amara, Michelle, and Trista watch, a second wave of freezings happens. The scream can be heard seconds before the three transform into Sailor Soldiers.
  • Lupin III: Island of Assassins includes the scream at low volume during the melee in the opening scene.
  • In his opening scene in Ranma ˝, Ryoga emits something that sounds like Take 2 or 3 when his lack of sense of direction gets him in a mess.
  • It can be heard during the last episode of Toradora!'s specials.
  • Star Wars even brings the scream to its anime outing Star Wars: Visions, as it can be heard in “Tatooine Rhapsody” when Boba Fett causes a panic during Star Waver’s gig.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged
    • An alien lets out this, when punched by Bardock in the Bardock special.
    • In Episode 23, two of Frieza's goons are talking about it while trying to imitate it. Then Vegeta comes along to blast them both, making them give it out.
    • In the second DBZA Kai episode, Dende's brother Cargo lets one out after he's blasted by Dodoria.
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged: A Nazi vampire steps on a landmine and lets one out as he explodes.
  • Happens when Cliff Smedley runs into one of the snakes in Mabuka's maze in the Jacksepticeye fan game The BOSS.

    Films — Animation 
  • One of the Rhinos in Kung Fu Panda gives one of these during Tai Lung's prison escape.
  • In the holiday special Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas which stars Jim Parsons in the title role, a fellow elf let out one when he is kicked out of a window.
  • Up features a faint Wilhelm when Muntz's hounds tumble down a cliff.
  • The Pixar short feature Lifted (that accompanies Ratatouille) ends with the Wilhelm scream.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:
    • The first film features a short Wilhelm when Sardine Land starts collapsing.
    • The sequel features one when Steve triggers Flint's Celebrationator during Live Corp's Thinkquanaut vesting ceremony and sends a guy flying away as a result.
  • The Wilhelm scream appears in Beauty and the Beast, when a clip is shown of the castle's living furniture attacking the angry mob that's trying to kill the Beast.
  • In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Vanellope uses her popup to deal with a stormtrooper who is about to arrest her for unauthorized clickbait. The Stormtrooper lets out a Wilhelm scream as the ad takes him away.
  • Happens once in Osmosis Jones, while Thrax is hijacking a car.
  • Despicable Me features the Wilhelm Scream when Gru's mother karate kicks a hanging bag into her instructor, sending him flying.
    • It happens at the beginning of the sequel as well. Word of God states that Jillian did the scream.
    • It shows up in the third movie as well.
  • Aladdin, when Genie lifts the castle off the ground and someone nearly gets hit by the falling debris.
  • Hercules, when a villager nearly gets stepped on by the cyclops.
  • In Superman: Doomsday when Doomsday strangles a worker and tosses him to the ground.
  • In Cars, this happens to a car in Lightning McQueen's dream sequence as a result of him being zapped by a giant sparkplug.
  • Uttered by a group of Bone Hunters (who normally only communicate in their own language) in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn. It's not the only stock sound effect used though.
  • Happens near the end of Finding Nemo during the scene where Marlin, Dory, and Nigel are chased by the seagulls.
  • Used in both Toy Story (when Buzz falls out the window) and Toy Story 3.
  • Used in Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf when Dracula is dumped off the drawbridge, and then again a moment later when a car falls on him.
  • Used by a monster student in Monsters University, after he is hit by Mike while riding the school floor buffer.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
    • In the first film, it can be heard when the demonized Sunset Shimmer invades the school building.
    • In the Rainbow Rocks Shorts episode “Player Piano”, it appears when Rarity decides to have a grand piano carried through a tightly packed crowd of students, to predictable results.
    • In Rainbow Rocks, it’s mixed in to the girls’ screams when Trixie opens the trapdoor underneath the Rainbooms onstage.
    • In Friendship Games, it's heard among the screams when Midnight Sparkle starts tearing open reality.
    • In Legend of Everfree, it's heard as Timber describes the legend of Gaea Everfree, appearing as a tree falls on a cabin.
    • In the Digital Series shorts, it appears in the Rarity ending of "Lost and Pound" when Rarity bowls over several festival attendees while fleeing from a muddy dog.
  • In Ballerina, when Felicie and Victor are riding a scooter at the beginning of the movie, the guy that is chasing them lets out the Wilhelm scream after falling.
  • Lampshaded in Ratchet & Clank where the scream is heard after an explosion devastates a group of robots, to which another robot reaches out shouting "Wilhelm!"
  • Shows up in The LEGO Movie, when Wyldstyle pitches a robot police officer off his motorcycle.
    • And again (and again) in The LEGO Ninjago Movie during the Green Ninja and Garmadon's first fight when a brief scene which contains the scream is replayed at least six times in a row.
  • In Sing, Ray lets one fly when Richard accidentally steps on him.
  • The Curse of the Were-Rabbit: A civilian utters a Wilhelm when he gets trampled by the titular monster.
  • In Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe, when Buford plows one of the aliens with his canoe.
  • In Jungle Beat The Movie, when Fneep & Grogon attempt to hug all Scaldronians, the pilot space ship run from the two's hug.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • One of the earliest re-uses is in the 1954 version of A Star Is Born, once during the "Somewhere There's a Someone" number and earlier when film executives are literally screening the scream's namer, The Charge at Feather River.
  • Almost every Star Wars film has a Wilhelm, as George Lucas was quite fond of it. In fact, pretty much every single one had it at least once, until 2016, (from Rogue One onward), when Lucasfilm retired the Wilhelm as an Overused Running Gag and replaced it with a different Stock Scream (as yet unidentified).
    • In A New Hope, it comes from a falling Stormtrooper during the escape from the Death Star; one of the Stormtroopers Luke shot screams this way before falling off the ledge.
    • The Empire Strikes Back has several, but only one made it to all versions (a Stormtrooper in the carbonite chamber). A Snowtrooper gives a Wilhelm after opening a door and getting grabbed by a Wampa, but that's a Deleted Scene. And the 1997 Special Edition gave one to Luke himself after he falls off the Cloud City platform, but this didn't fit the tone of the scene and was subsequently removed for the DVD release.
    • In Return of the Jedi, one of Jabba's skiff guards does a Wilhelm after getting knocked into the Sarlacc pit. This instance is probably the most famous, as it's particularly obvious and by then people knew to look for it. An Imperial officer also does it after Han gives him a Railing Kill by throwing a toolbox at him — and he's played by sound editor Ben Burtt, commonly credited for popularizing the Wilhelm. The 1997 Special Edition added a third, from a Stormtrooper trampled by the crowd during the celebration scene on Coruscant.
    • In The Phantom Menace, it comes from a soldier in the Naboo hangar.
    • In Attack of the Clones, it comes from someone falling off the Coruscant landing platform.
    • In Revenge of the Sith, it comes from a clone trooper whose ship-to-ship gun explodes on him.
    • In The Force Awakens, it comes from a Stormtrooper who gets knocked away by a blast during Poe and Finn's escape in the beginning. This is the last mainstream use of the Wilhelm in the Star Wars films.
    • Even The Star Wars Holiday Special got in on the act, when a Stormtrooper suffers a particularly underwhelming Railing Kill.
  • Every Indiana Jones film uses the Wilhelm, which makes sense, as George Lucas and Ben Burtt were involved in every one:
  • Hey, even the Nazi Propaganda Office loved this one; so says Quentin Tarantino, anyway...
    • Quentin Tarantino isn't shy about using the scream either — several mooks during the course of Kill Bill Volume One's Crazy 88 battle let one out as the Bride takes her Hanzo blade to them.
    • It also crops up in Death Proof (the first car full of victims).
    • Innocent Bystanders let one out as Mr. Pink goes running from the robbery in Reservoir Dogs, and later in the film as Mr. White is firing at a couple of police officers while Mr. Brown is dying from a headshot sustained during the getaway, one of them screams Take 2 upon being shot.
    • Also, at the end of Inglourious Basterds, one German soldier gets blown out the theatre's window, and lets out a scream you might have heard come from Stuntman Mike in Death Proof.
    • A member of the raid belts one out as he falls from his horse in Django Unchained.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • A HYDRA grunt gives this in Captain America: The First Avenger in what is possibly a Star Wars reference, as they do so while falling off a speeding motorbike in the middle of a dangerous forest bike chase scene.
    • Ebony Maw lets our one in Avengers: Infinity War when Iron Man and Spider-Man open a hole in the spaceship's hull that sucks Ebony Maw into space, as a Shout-Out to Aliens, saving Strange in the process.
  • Avatar uses two within two minutes during the final battle: Wainfleet just before he's killed in the stampede, and the soldier crushed between the pallets of explosives on the shuttle.
  • In the comedy Death at a Funeral (the one with Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock) the mourning wife lets out one after her husband's coffin is knocked down and his body rolls out of it!
  • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight II: In Adas' Dream Sequence at the start of the movie, the final killer dancer of the masquerade ball let's a Wilhelm scream loose as he dies.
  • The Wilhelm scream is used in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  • Used more than once in the classic mutant-ant movie Them!!.
  • There's a Wilhelm Scream in New Moon, in the movie that Bella, Jacob and Mike watch in the theater.
    • Which was, of course, pointed out by the Rifftrax team:
      "They shot Wilhelm!"
  • Heard when a mook is shoved over a railing in Agent Cody Banks.
  • When Batman shoves a mook aside during his second battle with the Red Triangle Circus Gang in Batman Returns, the unfortunate guy lets out the Wilhelm Scream.
  • Australia uses it as a guy is blown away from an exploding cart.
  • Naturally, Star Wars parody Spaceballs includes it as well. It shows up when Barf deflects four blaster shots using a chunk of curved metal pipes, and hits the last Spaceball in the ass as he tries to run away.
  • Also used twice in Willow once when a chariot with two evil mooks overturns, and later during the final battle when an enemy soldier falls off their horse. It's another George Lucas movie, so go figure.
  • One shows up in the Ćon Flux adaptation towards the end of the climactic fight scene.
  • Used as Yogi Bear's scream in the film adaptation of the same name. It does not fit in with Dan Aykroyd's voice at all.
  • TRON: Legacy features distorted Wilhelm Screams mixed with deresolution sound effects during the fights in both the End of Line club and the Rectifier.
  • In Sin City, when Marv throws the cop from the squad car, you hear a Wilhelm Scream.
  • In Paul, a government agent lets one out as he falls to his death.
  • In Gremlins 2: The New Batch when a gremlin latches onto a man's face and causes him to fall from a railing.
  • Machete when a man is crushed by Machete's truck.
  • In Peter Jackson's King Kong when a stampeding brontosaurus knocks a man off a cliff.
  • Used in Knowing during the subway crash scene.
  • Used twice in Small Soldiers. First when Brick Bazooka's legs get torn off causing him to fall off Alan's bicycle, and when a malfunctioning Kip Killigan's head is punched away by Alan's dad.
  • In 30 Days of Night when a vampire bites a man and tosses him off a roof.
  • One is uttered by Frenzy in the 2007 Transformers film when his head is kicked by Sam, digitally altered of course.
  • One can hear a Wilhelm Scream during the big battle scene in the remake of Planet of the Apes
  • Particularly noticeable in the Hellboy when a nazi is dissolved by the hell portal.
  • Shows up in DOA: Dead or Alive when Hayabusa throws a ninja off a balcony.
  • It happens twice in the film version of 21 Jump Street, where the third character to fall off of his motorcyle does so, and during the end credits.
  • The Lord of the Rings
    • In The Two Towers, during the fight at Helm's deep when one of the Uruk-hai throws an elf off of the Deeping Wall to his death.
    • The Return of the King uses it twice. First, during the scene in which Faramir's troops are being pursued by fellbeasts, a Gondorian soldier utters one after a fellbeast drops him. The second one occurs when Legolas knocks a Haradrim off the latter's oliphaunt perch and right into the Cavalry of the Dead.
    • Wilhelm Scream can be heard in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey when one goblin falls to his death.
    • In the extended version of The Desolation of Smaug, there's an egregious, grossly misplaced Wilhelm Scream when Thrain is killed by Sauron. There's also at least two other instances of the scream in the film.
  • While John McClane is driving through a park in Die Hard with a Vengeance, he's asked if he's aiming for people. "No..." (Wilhelm scream) "Except for maybe that mime."
  • The over-the-top schlock celebration Chillerama treats us to a scene of a victim being sodomized by a zombie—and repeatedly Wilhelm-screaming in time with the—ahem—action.
  • One can be overheard in Accepted when a skateboarder wipes out offscreen.
  • In Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the scream can be heard when the helicopter crashes into a group of police cars, during the ape battle.
  • Heard in the Bollywood FX-spectacle Endhiran, when a chopper pilot is pulled out of his chopper (by a stack of evil robot clones tall enough to reach it) and hurled to the ground.
  • Belted out by a guy getting run over by a UPS truck in Premium Rush.
  • During the fight scene in Nutcracker: The Motion Picture, when one mouse is killed this scream can be faintly heard, right after an unrelated and higher-pitched scream.
  • The ads for Jack the Giant Slayer have a noticeable Wilhelm as a group of soldiers are taken out by a thrown bell.
  • By one of the soldiers tossed out a plane in Man of Steel.
  • Tommy in The Sandlot: Heading Home.
  • In Tropic Thunder, the Vietnamese boy that Tugg adopted starts stabbing him in the back, and when he tosses the child into a river, he lets out a pitched-up Wilhelm scream.
  • In Sucker Punch when a knight is knocked off a bridge by a dragon.
  • The trailer for The Good, The Bad, The Weird gives Tae-goo one when he's thrown off his bike by Do-won.
  • In Abominable, Ziegler Dane unleashes a Wilhelm when he gets grabbed and dragged away offscreen by the killer Yeti.
  • Paul Dreyfus, the obstinate bureaucrat in Dante's Peak, belts out a Wilhelm Scream as he falls off the van he refused to abandon into a volcanic mudflow. In this case, it's such a non-sequitur that it comes off more narmy than anything else.
  • Solomon Kane uses one in the very first fight scene, less than two minutes in.
  • Deadpool 2 has one from Wade "Wilhelm" Wilson during the final showdown.
  • In The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, when Clara and the army she assembled are running away from the mice, one of them screams as the mice drag him into a hole.
  • In Venom, this scream is heard when Venom throws a SWAT team member over a balcony.
  • In Into the Storm, a Wilhelm scream can be heard when a man gets sucked out of the storm drain.
  • The Charge at Feather River is most notable for originating the name of the "Wilhelm Scream". Sound designer Ben Burtt named the sound after "Pvt. Wilhelm", a minor character in the film who emits the famous scream after being shot by an arrow.
  • Doll Factory: At one point in the movie, someone can be heard letting out the classic Wilhelm Scream.
  • Used twice in The Wild Bunch, first when Buck is shot in the face during the opening robbery and later when Pike finishes him off.
  • Ghost Rock: From the outlaw who suffers a Railing Kill in the first shootout.
  • In the live-action Clifford the Big Red Dog movie, a man does this when Clifford deflates the ball he is in.
  • The final battle in The Forever Purge has one of Alpha's Purgers letting out one of these when he's shot by an arrow, in a possible Shout-Out to The Charge at Feather River.
  • The Funhouse Massacre: One of the park goers lets out a Wilhelm Scream when Rocco The Clown kicks him to the ground.
  • Red Notice: In the opening fight sequence, one poor sap lets one out when Booth knocks him off the scaffolding.
  • Camel Spiders: While people are fleeing the diner while it's being attacked, one guy lets out a scream as a Creepy Camel Spider pounces on him.
  • In a trailer for the 2021 live-action Clifford the Big Red Dog feature film, the Wilhelm Scream is used when Clifford uses a Human Bouncy Ball as a toy.

  • Lampshaded in this scene from Paul Robinson's Instrument of God:
    246 yells, "Oh, here we go, here comes one!" A coaster rolls by mostly with blue glowing people except someone glowing red is sitting alone in the last car of the train. David watches in horrid fascination as the train reaches the top, the last car detaches as the rest of the train roars on towards the drop while the single car veers off to the right, continues on about 10 meters before coming to the end of the track and flying off into space. The occupant screams out in terror as the car falls.
    George looks at 246. "I'll bet that's gotta hurt."
    "Yeah, a real
    Wilhelm Scream moment."

    Live-Action TV 
  • Primeval had it as a Once an Episode Running Gag in the first two seasons.
  • The Middleman also had it turn up Once an Episode. The comic adaptation of the unproduced 13th episode also has one henchman scream "Aaaah-aaaargh!", with the commentary at the end pointing out that that was their best approximation of the Wilhelm.
  • Given Lost's penchant for Star Wars homages, it's somewhat surprising it took them until season 5's "316" to use the Wilhelm Scream.
  • One episode of QI used the Wilhelm Scream as a buzzer sound.
    • The extended episode "Films and Fame" discussed the scream and its ubiquity.
  • Used in Chuck 1x08, "Chuck Versus the Truth": The Baddie of the Week does a triple backwards handspring to escape from Team Bartowski, and when Sarah shoots him in the knee the Wilhelm Scream can be heard.
  • Undercovers - Spy husband takes out a rocket-launcher-wielding mook with a well-aimed gunshot close to the end of the premier episode.
  • House: On "Bombshells", House cane-shoots zombies; one of them lets out a Wilhelm.
  • Appears in episode 9 of Game of Thrones. After the Lannisters' battle with Stark forces, as the camera pans over the battlefield at the Lannister camp, you can hear it.
  • The Mythbusters are particularly fond of this sound effect, and it appears in many of their animated shorts that set up myths. They sometimes also add it to their live-action scenes, such as when Grant and Tory amuse themselves by mock-reenacting Star Wars scenes.
  • In the third-season finale of Southland, a bad guy does one of these as he misjudges the distance between buildings and falls to his death from a roof.
  • Community:
    • In episode "Epidemiology" a Wilhelm is heard when Troy re-enters the zombified party in the Power Loader.
    • This is something of a Running Gag in the show. Every time a video game or film (especially Kickpuncher) is played/watched onscreen, the scream is heard prominently.
  • In the Supernatural fourth season episode "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester" a cutoff Wilhelm is heard while Dean is staring at a mask in a Halloween shop and presumably experiencing memories of his time in Hell.
  • In the second season of Reaper, when Nina and the other demons kill Morgan, Sam's half-brother, he can be heard making the scream during his death.
  • The Gotham episode "Knock, Knock" uses Take 1 when one of the shipyard workers is dropped from the roof of the Gotham Gazette.
  • Appears to be used Once per Episode in the UK drama Beowulf Return To The Shield Lands.
  • Galavant has one near the end of the second season. Using such a well known sound effect blatantly for the death of its main villain is presumably the joke, with the expectation that much of the audience will recognize it.
  • The Walking Dead of all shows has a very quiet but just audible Wilhelm Scream when Rick causes Jesus to fall from the top of his truck (It Makes Sense in Context).
  • It even pops up in LazyTown of all places, specifically "Little Pink Riding Hood", when Robbie Rotten, disguised as Sportacus, falls from Sportacus' airship.
  • In Legends of Tomorrow "Raiders of the Lost Art", Malcolm Merlyn (of all people) lets out one when Vixen throws him away. Given that the episode is full of references to George Lucas' works, this may have been reference to his frequent use of this scream.
    • It's used again the episode "Welcome to the Jungle", it can be heard among the screams of the soldiers that are escorting the president when they set off the hidden land mines.
    • It was even used as early as the first season; in "The Magnificent Eight", a Bar Brawl breaks out and when Ray throws away one of the thugs, he lets out the scream.
  • The final episode of The Book of Boba Fett brings back the Wilhelm scream after it was given a hiatus in the second half of the Sequel Trilogy when a Pyke foot soldier is thrown across Mos Espa by Boba astride his pet rancor.
  • As of 2022, the opening for The Last Leg features a Wilhelm scream as Josh Widdicomb falls.
  • The Preacher (2016) episode "Finish the Song" uses the Wilhelm scream when the Saint of Killers shoots everyone in a saloon he enters.
  • CSI: NY uses it at least three times.
    • "Grand Master" in a flashback of someone getting stabbed.
    • "Time's Up" when a victim falls to his death from a clock tower into the middle of a parade.
    • In the Cold Open of "One Wedding and A Funeral" during a brawl between the bride and groom's families whom Det. Flack refers to as "the Hatfields and the McCoys."


  • One dimension in Rick and Morty plays the Wilhelm scream every time the ball hits something.
  • Heist!: In the game's opening, Mr. Big's Dirty Cops are shown throwing a random man in jail. While he falls, he makes a Wilhelm scream.

  • Lloyddy FM, a bizarre online radio show consisting of improvisational jokes and commentary over hundreds of songs cut off after the first few seconds interspersed by digitally amplified Stock Sound Effects, uses this constantly. Darrel, one of the program's operators and commentators, even uses "wilhelm" for his Screen Name.
  • Used in a round of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, where the panellists had to think of statements that might result in a Wilhelm Scream. Amongst examples were "Donald Trump is President of the USA", "That shooting stick you're sitting on is upside down" and "So, you want to change your pounds into Euros, let me show you how much that'll be..."

    Video Games 
  • The Wilhelm scream's one of the sound-effects upon dying in earlier Avernum games.
  • In Mass Effect 2, one person gets blown up, and you can faintly hear this. If you're wondering, it's when Zaeed causes an explosion with his gunfire on his Loyalty mission. One of the Blue Suns mercs (Yeah, Zaeed gets a lot of shoutouts to Firefly) goes flying, and he does the yell.
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, one of the unfortunate soldiers killed by the Archdemon in the cutscene before the final battle gives a Wilhelm as he's sent flying. BioWare seems to like this.
  • Gynophobia: In your nightmare is a zombie in a cage. If you kill it, it lets out a Wilhelm Scream.
  • Home Front uses this often and even has a secret achievement for getting the enemy to scream the Wilhelm Scream 10 times (by knocking them off the Golden Gate Bridge with your M203 Grenade Launcher).
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police: In "Moai Better Blues", Jimmy Hoffa lets out a Wilhelm Scream as he deages out of existence from drinking fountain of youth water.
  • Saturday Morning RPG: H.O.O.D. Soldiers beaten by the Botchanger item let out a Wilhelm Scream.
  • With Red Dead Redemption being set in the American Old West and with the Wilhelm Scream having its origins in a Western Spaghetti movie, Rockstar didn’t think twice, mooks will die uttering the famous stock scream very often.
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla has one in the intro cutscene. Lampshaded in the RF:G Un Skippable: "Wilhelm's on Mars now? Man, that guy gets around."
  • WET wastes no time and uses the Wilhelm Scream in the opening cutscene.
  • The Wilhelm scream is used in the opening sequence of Bionic Commando. The MST web series Unskippable lampshades it: "Just ignore Wilhelm back there. Nobody likes him anyway."
  • This is the standard enemy death sound effect in Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam.
  • In Command & Conquer 3, human infantry can sometimes give voice to a Wilhelm.
  • It can be heard during a chase scene in Call of Duty: Big Red One when a German armored car falls into a river.
  • In God of War: Ghost of Sparta Wilhelm is heard the first time you meet the Cyclops, when a Red Shirt is thrown off a balcony to its death.
    • In God of War III, Wilhelm shows up in the opening cutscene being hit off a bridge by a Cyclops.
  • Star Wars:
    • Appropriately for something set in the universe, The Force Unleashed uses the Wilhelm when Starkiller throws a stormtrooper out of an Imperial dropship in a cutscene.
    • In Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, if an enemy is close enough to a ledge when killed, they'll fall off while delivering one of these.
    • The scream can be triggered in the Star Wars game Shadows of the Empire if a Storm Trooper falls.
  • Halo: Reach. A warthog full of troopers think they can make the jump between the collapsed parts of a bridge. They can't.
  • A Russian soldier in the last part of the Facility level in GoldenEye (Wii) Wilhelm screams as he dies.
  • In Blue Planet, a fan-made expansion for Freespace, Lieutenant Wilhelm Nehru screams this when he dies.
  • StarCraft:
  • A soldier gives one towards the end of Act 1 in Vanquish.
  • Used exactly once in Grand Theft Auto IV, if you shoot the guard standing at the top of the escalator in the mission "...Final Interview".
  • Also used once in Grand Theft Auto V, when a gangster falls from Michael's yacht during one mission.
  • Saints Row:
    • In the last mission of Saints Row 2, "...And a Better Future", a security guard makes the Wilhelm scream when Johnny Gat throws him off a roof.
    • In Saints Row: The Third this scream is heard during the introductory video for the Prof. Genki game show.
  • You Don't Know Jack: Later games in the series feature the Wilhelm Scream as one of the screams produced when you get a wrong answer during the Jack Attack.
  • Near the end of Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood, the Marquis De Singe's final squeal before his molecular dissection is a Wilhelm scream cut off halfway through.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • The 2011 Winner of Saxxy Award for "Best Overall Replay", El Muchacho, features the scream midway through the video. Team Fortress 2 also features two Wilhelms in its gameplay trailer (one by a soldier, another by a scout), although the scream isn't present in the game itself.
    • The scream was present in the Trailer 2 as one of the generic death screams in the game, before the classes were given their unique personalities. The stock sound was subsequently dropped once individual voice acting was implemented for all classes.
  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution's launch trailer, a mercenary does the Wilhelm Scream as he plunges over a railing.
  • The Wilhelm scream can sometimes be heard in Metal Slug, mostly when the enemy soiders are burned with the flamethrower.
  • In Dante's Inferno, a short cutscene shows a soul falling into hell and doing the Wilhelm Scream until he hits his head on a cliff.
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction: the Wilhelm scream is sometimes used when you push someone through a window.
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: Random Autobots will let out the scream when knocked away by Bruticus.
  • In LEGO Star Wars, if your ship is destroyed during the first level of Episode III (Battle Over Coruscant), a cutscene plays with Anakin/Obi Wan Wilhelming as his ship blows up.
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga uses the Wilhelm scream for multiple extras that die in cutscenes, happening at least Once per Episode.
  • The chili pepper in the third Moskito mission in Rayman Origins shouts the Wilhelm scream.
  • In Anarchy Reigns, Blacker Baron makes his introduction by sending a random mook flying off a steel platform and falling to his death right in front of Jack. The last thing he ever utters is the Wilhelm scream.
  • In Assassin's Creed III it can be heard during the first cutscene during the Battle of Bunker Hill.
  • Dwarf Fortress doesn't have any built-in sound effects, but there's a third-party application that provides some by reading the log files. The wilheim scream is the stock death sound-effect.
  • In Telltale's The Walking Dead, Episode 1: A New Day, the player is forced to choose between saving either Doug or Carley. The Wilhelm scream can be heard if Doug is not saved.
  • In Kingdom Rush Frontiers, killing a Saurian that's climbing the vines will cause them to make this scream. Kill enough Saurians climbing the vines and you'll even get an achievement: "Is that Wilhelm?"
  • Shows up in Deadpool. One of the first things that Deadpool does is blow up a bathroom, taking out a luckless guard who lets off a Wilhelm Scream as he flies across the room, trailing smoke.
  • Appears in the "Storming the Keep!" event in Neverwinter, just after your group drops a literal bridge, likely hitting a bandit.
  • The game Nefarious plays the sound during the dating show, "Would You Date a Supervillain?"
  • In Guild Wars 2, killing a grawl sometimes produces this sound.
  • Ori and the Blind Forest has this as an Easter Egg when you knock an enemy off the highest ledge in Valley of the Wind.
  • Bionic Commando Rearmed sometimes plays this when an enemy is killed with the Bazooka or grenades.
  • Referred to directly in an achievement/trophy in Borderlands 2 called "Wilhelm Screamed". note .
  • Happens in Battle Bears after Wil gets an arrow fired at his leg. Bonus points for the character doing the Wilhelm Scream actually being named Wil.
  • In Theta vs Pi 7 this is used when Theta dies by falling in a hole or being burned. Notably, even though Theta is otherwise a silent protagonist, a credit's gag list his actor as the (dead) recorder of the Wilhelm scream Sheb Wooley.
  • In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the scream can be heard randomly if Geralt falls from a height and dies.
  • In Borderlands 3, when hijacking a vehicle there's a chance the driver will loose one of these while he's being thrown out of the seat.
  • Just Dance: At the end of "Never Gonna Give You Up" in Just Dance 4, the dancer (who's dressed like a superhero) tries to fly off, but instead he just falls over and let out a Wilhelm scream.
  • There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension:
    • Lampshaded in Chapter 2, where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson drop in on their neighbor, whose name is Mr. Wilhelm, after hearing a Wilhelm scream coming from him. The User has to make him scream more by punching him to solve a puzzle.
    • During one of the game's post-credit scenes, the Creator finds out that all the TV programs are full of Wilhelm screams.
  • Gone Golfing: You hear this every time you drop something into the Wishing Well in the golf course.
  • LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin: One of the Fangpyres trying to climb their way into Ed & Edna's Scrap 'n Junk gives a Wilhelm scream when a bunch of tires fall on him.
  • During the climax on Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Dark Revival, Sammy Lawrence makes this scream upon being killed by Allison Angel with a Tommy Gun.

    Web Animation 
  • Dinosaurs: The True Story: One of the dinosaur techies lets out a faint Wilhelm scream when falling off a ledge.
  • RWBY: In the Volume 2 episode "No Brakes", a White Fang mook performs the scream as Blake knocks him off a speeding train.
  • In Red vs. Blue, film school student Jax tries to imitate the scream during a battle scene.
  • Episode 25 of International Moron Patrol has LOTS of repeat action with the Wilhelm Scream as soldiers die fighting the Daleks.
  • A ninja that gets shot by a crossbow yells this in the Dick Figures short "Role Playas".
  • The Simon's Cat short "Scaredy Cat" has one.
  • In the Hulk vs Doomsday episode of DEATH BATTLE!, one of Doomsday's victims lets one out.
    • In the spinoff, Death Race, Bob the Scout Trooper lets out one of these as he's blown off the track by Mario's Bullet Bill.
  • Minilife TV:
  • During the Chase Fight that ends Bunnykill 5 Part 2, one of the FBI mooks that try to take Dust down lets a Wilhelm out as he gets sent into the street.
  • Meta Ball Studios: In "RADIOACTIVE DOSE in Perspective", the final radiation dose causes the human to be knocked back while letting out a Wilhelm scream.


    Web Original 
  • The Wilhelm scream appears in the Bandwidth Theater episode "Hit Man" as well.
  • Metamor City: In "Making the Cut", one of the guards defending the hospital lets out a Wilhelm as Victor kills him.
  • The Fake AP Stylebook informs us that "Contrary to popular belief, the famous "Wilhelm scream" is not a recording from 1951. Foley artists have just been hitting the same guy for over fifty years."
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd lets out one when shot by Super Mecha Death Christ.
  • It's also used repeatedly in his Board James review of Weapons and Warriors. Given it's a game about knocking enemies off high places, it seems appropriate.
  • Almighty Hans, a user on, included a Wilhelm in "The Ballad of Cripple Kane", which is only fitting given that it's a sort of tribute to the Spaghetti Western and Ennio Morricone.
  • Each movie in The Cartoon Man trilogy includes a Wilhelm Scream — in the first, when Roy falls out of the tree, and in the second when Simon falls into Roy's portable hole.
  • Used in the SMOSH video "Anthony's Death" when a guy walks into the minefield.
  • In episode 19 of Shephard's Mind, Adrian Shephard throws a grenade at a Black Ops NPC standing next to a gun turret and crates of TNT. The resulting explosion results in said NPC making the Wilhelm Scream as he dies.
  • CinemaSins will point out any Wilhelm scream in the movies they do and sin them for it.
  • A soldier in The Wizards Of Aus falls out of a tower, during battle, screaming this.
  • There is one Wilhelm scream in the middle of a battle in the third season of The Great Nerf War.
  • Done pretty much perfectly at 1:28 in this video after a rather painful nutshot.

    Western Animation 
  • Used at the very end in the episode "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" of Adventure Time.
  • Drawn Together is a frequent abuser of the Wilhelm Scream as a parody. For a specific instance listen to the bar brawl in the "Very Special Episode".
  • Used in The Venture Bros. throughout the series.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Millior Dollar Maybe", the subplot is about parodying the Nintendo Wii: Mr Burns is seen using the Zii Zapper to shoot some Nazis. Guess how every single one screams.
    • Used in a "Treehouse of Horror" special as well, in place of the regular "Girl screaming" stock scream for the Gracie Films logo.
    • It's also worth noting that the version of the Wilhelm Scream used on The Simpsons is basically a very low-quality 8-bit WAV file that was obviously downloaded from the Internet, compared to other shows using a higher-quality clear variant.
  • In the American Dad! episode "Meter Made", the scream literally comes in at the last minute. As Stan (the CIA agent who regularly engages in espionage, assassinations, and other forms of badassery) contemplates the end of his mandatory community service as a meter maid, he ends with a wistful internal monologue: "No more excitement. No more power. I'm back to being a nobody." (Wilhelm Scream heard in the background of an intense jungle firefight.) "Just a regular schnook."
  • The Wilhelm Scream is also used in many an episode of Generator Rex, typically when Providence foot soldiers get tossed into the air and/or fall from high places.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic features this quite often, usually when something painful happens or panic spreads out.
  • Used in Littlest Pet Shop (2012) in the episode "Door-Jammed". The song "Wolf-i-fied" has a Vincent Price-like narrator (for the song's parody of "Thriller"), and he says "you hear [...] a bloodcurdling cry". Right afterwards, the scream is heard.
  • In the short film on the Brave DVD, "The Legend of Mor'du", the backstory being told has a soldier fall of a cliff, with this scream.
  • In keeping with the longstanding Star Wars tradition, in Clone Wars, when Grievous' magnaguards knock a group of clone troopers off a Coruscant skyscraper, one of the troopers does a Wilhelm scream.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • Similarly, in episode 20 of season 3, a clone trooper lets out a Wilhelm during a space battle when a Republic Cruiser is shot.
    • Earlier, in episode 18 of Season 2, a clone trooper lets out a Wilhelm scream when crushed by the Zillo Beast.
    • In episode 20 of Season 2, after a young Boba Fett causes an explosion that breaches the hull of a Jedi Republic cruiser, a clone trooper screams before he is pulled out into space.
  • Star Wars uses it AGAIN in the pilot of Star Wars Rebels, during the rescue at Kessel. Yes, it's uttered by a stormtrooper. Who gets knocked over a railing..
  • In accordance with their tradition of parodying action movies, a bystander looses one in Family Guy during one of the Peter/Chicken fights.
  • Happens to Dopey after being killed by the Witch in a Mortal Kombat parody at the very beginning of Runaway Brain.
  • Used in the Winter Soldier episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes during a flashback when Bucky kicks a Hydra sniper off the castle.
  • Shows up in the Justice League pilot Secret Origins when J'onn throws an invader off the power core.
  • This scream is used once in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Oral Report" when Squidward was thrown in the air by a bunch of zombie-like starving customers.
  • Shows up in the LEGO Star Wars special The Empire Strikes Out. Of course.
  • Used at least Once per Episode in Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.
  • Futurama has one in the third segment of Saturday Morning Fun Pit. A Mook gives one as he dies in a way so violent it convinces Nixon to pull the plug on the show.
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil uses this scream on several occasions. Notable examples are "Battle For the Snax" & "Faceplant!".
  • Rick and Morty has one during the pilot episode, where Morty accidentally shoots one of the civilians in dimension 35C.
  • Wakfu has one in Season Two during the Gobbowl Arc at Brakmar, when the Masked Gobbowler snatches the Gobbowl and then strikes her former team-mates with it.
  • The Mixels episode "Every Knight Has Its Day" uses one during the Murpball game, when one of the blue team members gets pegged out.
  • Wander over Yonder uses the Wilhelm Scream a few times, like during the start of "The Brainstorm". Parodied in "The Heebie Jeebies", where a species of bird called the Wilhelm Warbler lives in the spooky woods that the episode takes place in. Their cries sound like the scream they are named after, and Sylvia describes them as "annoying and all over the place, but harmless".
  • In the Steven Universe episode "Know Your Fusion", during a commercial break from when Sardonyx (a Fusion Dance of Garnet and Pearl) is conducting a late night talk show interview with Smokey Quartz (a fusion of Steven and Amethyst) Sardonyx is tapping several pencils in thought before suddenly tossing them off-screen, supposedly hitting someone and causing the scream (even though the two are the only ones in the room).
  • In The Powerpuff Girls (2016) episode "15 Minutes Of Fame", a man can be heard doing this yell after a sabertooth tiger drops him.
  • In Voltron: Legendary Defender episode "Bloodlines", two female Galra generals, currently in the middle of battle, are snarking at each other. A crash is heard in the background, followed by someone letting loose a Whilhelm.
  • In Young Justice episode "Nightmare Monkeys", a Wilheim scream is heard during a recording of a sci-fi show when Beast Boy (who plays the show's protagonist) knocks a mook while in gorilla form.
  • A crab does this in the intro to Puppy Dog Pals. Oddly enough, this sound is omitted from the official Disney Junior YouTube's upload of the intro.
  • In the Animaniacs episode "Suspended Animation, Part 1", Batman does this when he is accidentally shoved out of the way by the Warners.
  • The Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy episode "Robo-Cody" features use of the Wilhelm Scream.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: The scream is used in "Stage Fright" when the sister planet aliens come and the students run.

  • It is used in Bad Day at Big Pizza when a man gets dropped down.
  • It is used in Nothing Is Scarier Than The Facts Cigarette Vaping Commercial.

Howie Long Scream Examples:

Another famous Stock Scream is the Howie Long Scream, named for its appearance in John Woo's Broken Arrow, when Howie Long's villain character is kicked through the wall of a train car and falls off a bridge. The scream is believed to have originated from the 1980 film The Ninth Configuration when a biker, portrayed by Steve Sandor, is thrown through a window during a bar fight. Its official name is "Man, Gut-wrenching Scream and Fall Into Distance," note . It is also sometimes referred to as the "TIE Fighter Scream" for its similarity to the sound of a TIE Fighter from the Star Wars films.

  • The "Howie Long" scream is used in all the Ads for Iron Man Cereal in Australia.
  • In Australia, for an extended period in the 1990s, this scream was used in all the Nutri-Grain breakfast cereal ads, to help sell its "Iron Man Food" angle.
  • The "Howie Long" scream can be heard in this MTV bumper.
  • It's heard in these two Mountain Dew commercials, where a guy is skydiving from a mountain trolley.
  • It's heard during a creepy ad for a bank in Serbia.
  • It's also been heard on this Fox Movie Channel commercial.

    Anime & Manga 
  • The Howie Long Scream is used at the end of the omake that comes with episode 7 of My-HiME.
  • It makes an appearance in Summer Wars when depicting Love Machine defeating some avatars.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • That scream was also used at the very end of the trailer for the Doom movie.
  • Also used in Cloak & Dagger (1984) when a man falls down several flights of stairs.
  • It appears in a very Narmy way in Serial Mom in this scene.
  • Jackie Chan's movie The Medallion uses this scream twice, but in both instances it relates to the titular item. Jackie's character "releases" the scream at one point. The villain of the movie also releases it when he is stabbed through the medallion, as it is the only way to stop him after he has received 100% of the power that the medallion can bestow which amounts to trapping his soul within the structure of the medallion itself.
  • Final Destination 3 uses it while the characters are going up on the roller coaster. Or at least, something that sounds eerily similar to it.
  • The Howie Long Scream is used, briefly though, in a trailer for The Road movie '''At the 2:02 mark'''
  • Not a true example, but pretty darn close. Anyone who claims this correlation never crossed their mind is lying through their teeth.
  • It was also used in the film Saving Silverman.
  • The obscure B-movie Cage 2: Arena of Death has a truly baffling example: after the first cage match, a guy in the background cheers by doing the scream.
  • Tropic Thunder uses this one in a scene or two, with a latter sequence being absolutely hilarious due to it - the scream is much higher pitched and childish, but definitely the stock effect.
  • The Howie Scream is used at least three times in the trailer for the 2011 movie Conan the Barbarian. The first time is at 0:51.
  • The Howie Long scream is heard in Beethoven's 2nd when Beethoven knocks Taylor out of his house after yanking off a support beam.
  • The Howie Long scream is used in the Syfy original movie 51 for one of the alien's victims.
  • The scream was used in Face/Off when Archer shoots a guard in the foot while escaping from Erewhon.
  • Jopling gives one in The Grand Budapest Hotel when Zero pushes him off a cliff.
  • This appears in Last Action Hero, where Schwarzenegger Hamlet throws Claudius out of the window, smashing the glass in the process.
  • It was used in the scene where Mickey (Mark Wahlberg) accidentally pushes a drug dealer off the roof to his death in The Basketball Diaries.
  • In Another Stakeout, it is heard twice in a row as Richard Dreyfuss and a criminal he is trying to apprehend tumble off a roof and into a dumpster.
  • Mr. Hyde is heard making this scream at the climax of Mary Reilly.

    Live-Action TV 
  • America's Funniest Home Videos makes use of numerous stock screams, including the Howie Long and the Eeeyah! Eeeeyaaagh, Eeeyah!
  • Death Valley uses the Howie Long Scream in its 7th episode for a vampire getting fried in a tanning bed.
  • The series Adventure Inc. used the Howie Long scream in its opening credits.
  • A distorted version of this scream was used in the very beginning of the opening sequence of Walking with Dinosaurs.
  • An episode of the Speculative Documentary series Aftermath that deals with what would happen if the world stopped spinning uses this scream when a rock climber, due to a lack of oxygen at high altitudes once the Earth's rotation slows, falls to his death.
  • The paranormal documentary series Paranormal Survivor uses this scream in its dramatizations from time to time, along with just about every other stock scream in existence.
  • The Wonder Showzen episode "History" uses the Howie Long Scream a total of four times.
  • The ER Episode Mars Attacks, when Malucci goes to check on a paranoid patient in the bathroom, and said patient either spontaneously combusts or sets himself on fire.

  • In the EBM song "Liar" by Felix Marc, the scream appears seemingly out of nowhere at the 4:20 mark.
  • "The Power Within" by Komor Kommando samples the scream all throughout.
  • "Slam" by Pendulum features it during the song's buildup, at around the one minute mark.

    Video Games 
  • "Howie Long" scream also appears when players click on the Terran "Academy" building in StarCraft.
  • The "Challenge Complete" sound from the Modern Warfare series consists of a distorted Howie scream combined with other sound effects.
  • The scream, slightly shortened and increased in pitch, is used as the 'Fast Zombie' cry in Half-Life 2.
  • Used in the game over screen on Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi.
  • Crash Bandicoot (1996) and Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back used the "Howie Long" scream in several circumstances involving the death of Lab Assistant enemies.
  • The "Howie Long" scream, with various bits of pitch alteration, is mixed in with guitar riffs for some of the SFX on planet Gravitas in Meteos. They're best heard in the sound test, as they're not often played during gameplay, this is the sound that plays for launching a wide stack of Meteos off the planet (with higher pitches depending on how high it was).
  • Appears in the 4th song on the soundtrack of Bumper Wars.
  • Need for Speed:
    • The Howie Scream is also heard in Need for Speed II: Special Edition during one of the music tracks (Angry Ghosts for the Last Resort track in Mexico).
    • Same in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit with Snorkeling Cactus Weasels (the rock song that plays in Redrock Ridge/Lost Canyon) but it's so heavily distorted along with the heavy guitar that it's barely noticeable.
  • The Howie Long Scream is the death cry of a Frus monster in Ragnarok Online.
  • As noted in the beginning of the reference clip above, the scream is heard if Kyle falls in Dark Forces.
  • Present in the unofficial SoundSense build of Dwarf Fortress, whenever a dwarf dies.
  • The scream used a lot to imply rage in video game and movie trailers (see Ninja Gaiden 2 trailer for an example) is the Howie Long scream with some reverb added to it.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the scream heard when one of the animatronics attacks the player seems to be a version of the Howie Long scream, but with heavy distortion and other audio effects applied.
  • The scream is used as an enemy scream in the Beat 'em Up game Perfect Weapon, albeit pitch-altered.
  • This sound can be heard when you defeat the Final Boss of Ninja Five-O for the Game Boy Advance.
  • The Big Bad screams like this when falling to his death in the ending sequence of the Judge Dredd Light Gun Game.
  • In Waterballoon Drop 3, the scream is heard if the player falls off the side of the building he's on.
  • For some reason or another it's also used in Breath of Fire III's skills, Venom in particular.
  • Heard in the prologue in the Sega CD version of Popful Mail, here.
  • Battlefield 1 includes it as a death scream, as shown here.
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire has enemies use the Wilhelm scream if they fall off a ledge to their deaths with said scream altered into a lower pitch.
  • Jet Moto uses a shortened version when a male rider falls off the course.
  • In the Don's Edition of The Godfather, there is a secondary mission where the player character Aldo Trapani is hired to murder Chicago mob boss Patrick O'Donnell. After a lengthy fight across a series of rooftops between himself and O'Donnell's men as well as a prostitute bodyguard armed with a shotgun, Trapani corners O'Donnell out on a balcony, swearing to throw him over the ledge. O'Donnell thinks very little of the threat and says so himself. To his horror, Trapani follows through, leading to O'Donnell screaming gutturally as he plunges down the height of the skyscraper he had intended to make his base of operations.
  • As a nod to its appearance in the original show's theme song, the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters stage in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl samples the Howie scream. As a trap remix.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Howie scream is memorably used in the intro of the Nickelodeon cartoon Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.
  • Used for a quick clip of the Brotherhood in later seasons' openings for X-Men: Evolution.
  • Appears in the Johnny Bravo episode "The Sensitive Male!", uttered faintly by Jack Sheldon's character as he is attacked by women after they find out that he's a "player".
  • Also appears in the The Powerpuff Girls episode "Paste Makes Waste" after Elmer steps on a man.
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • It shows up in the episode "Sun, Surf and Science" when one of Mandark's artificial whirlpools pulls in a surfing contestant.
    • Also appears in the Dynomutt crossover when the Dynomutt X-90 incinerates a man for littering.
  • Used in the Justice League Unlimited episode The Man Who Has Everything when Wonder Woman fires an alien weapon referred to as a Neuro-Impacter by Mongol. The implications are... unnerving.
  • Used in the Teen Titans Go! episode "The Date" when Robin charges at Speedy.
  • Used in the Metalocalypse episode "Dethclown", as Dr. Rockso is making his escape.
  • Used in a few episodes of Robot Chicken. For instance, in the skit Walt Disney Attacks, the Howie Scream can be heard when Disney knocks down one of the jets.
  • What A Cartoon! Show: Used in "Shake & Flick", as one of Shake's many screams.
  • Used in a couple of episodes of the animated series MAD.
  • In the Rick and Morty episode "Pickle Rick", one of the guards in the top secret base Rick accidentally entered does the scream after Rick severs their feet with a laser while they're standing.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons featured two shorts that made use of the Howie Long Scream.
    • The scream is used in the short "The Feelers" when the animate word "Hollywood" reacts to Mo Skito making a face at it during the "Drop Me Off in Hollywood" musical number.
    • "Elise: Mere Mortal" has a bit where Elise sits in the waiting room for her appointment with the orthodontist and winces after hearing the Howie Long Scream accompanied by the sound of a dentist drill.
  • Two episodes of Darkwing Duck featured use of the Howie Long Scream.
    • The scream can be heard in the episode "Dead Duck" when Beelzebub shoves a used care salesman into the fiery depths of Hell.
    • "Twitching Channels" features use of the stock scream when Megavolt zaps a scientist in the butt.
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes makes a Running Gag out of use of the Howie Long scream.
  • Xavier: Renegade Angel used the Howie Long Scream in the episode "Braingeas Final Cranny" when Xavier was trying to use discarded brain parts to reverse his mother's lobotomy.
  • The Fanboy and Chum Chum episode "Microphonies" features the Howie Long Scream as one of the sound effects Fanboy and Chum Chum make using the Mega Mic.
  • Wander over Yonder makes use of the Howie Scream in "The Breakfast" after Lord Hater gets bitten in the butt by a bear.

Other Stock Screams

  • There's a scream from a Tyco RC commercial that goes "EEEEAA-AAAA-OOOOWWW!!". It's also heard in the first episode of CatDog from a squirrel being chased by Dog.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In the Funimation dub of Fairy Tail, one may hear a shrill, girly scream reused in one or two episodes whenever a background character is terrified or being attacked.

    Comic Books 
  • In-canon in Finder, Marcie Grosvenor is a professional stock screamer who gets dubbed in over actors who can't do it so convincingly. She's got a lot of pent-up emotion.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • From The '50s, Buzz Gunderson's scream as he falls to his death with his car in Rebel Without a Cause is the same as House of Wax's Professor Henry Jarrod when the latter falls to his death in a vat of molten wax.
  • In Werewolf (1996), one of the women being attacked by a werewolf mysteriously has two screams. Simultaneously.
  • Left out by the main villain Three Finger in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead when his Outside Ride comes to sudden stop.
  • In House of Frankenstein, when the monster throws Daniel out the window, Boris Karloff's monster death scream from Son of Frankenstein is played.
  • Trailer Park Boys has its own unique scream: Virtually every time a scene devolves into chaos or brawling, an off-screen character (eventually named Donny) yells "WHAT IN THE *** ?!!"
  • James Bond has its own version of this. No fewer than five different characters scream to their gravity-assisted deaths in the space of five films. (Four of them were by the same director, John Glen.) Watch this video and learn.
    • Roger Moore has a very distinctive scream that shows up in his later Bond movies. Its especially noticeable when he is dangling from the blimp and takes a Groin Attack by an antenna on the Trans-America Pyramid as he zooms past in A View to a Kill.
  • In the 1997 Updated Re-release of The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke falls down the Cloud City shaft, he makes the same scream as the Emperor's death scream in Return of the Jedi. Removed in the DVD release.
  • For King Kong (1976) and Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005), rather than to record new screams from their respective lead actresses, simply use Fay Wray's scream from the original film. It worked.
    • Fay Wray's Kong scream was also used for the doorbell in Murder by Death.
  • The B-movie D-War did the scream twice. Narmtastic since the first screamer was an ancient Japanese peasant the second was a modern day U.S. soldier. Apparently half a world and one thousand years dividing these people didn't change how people scream as they are crushed under the foot of a stegosaurus looking dragon.
  • The "Insane Tantrum" is often used whenever someone is horribly injured. It sounds kind of like a siren and goes "EEEAH! EEEEAH! EEEEAH!" See here for reference.
  • The Lord of the Rings movies have someone yell "Watch out!" whenever a catapult is about to hit, though it's only used once in the second and third movies, respectively.
  • The Harry Potter series uses their own set of stock screams, something that becomes Egregious within the first trailer of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2", where, almost every few seconds a "NYAAAAH HAAAAAAH!" can be heard.
  • A distinct scream is heard in Friday, where Craig's dad is watching TV showing a mailman getting bitten on the butt by a dog. The screams goes something like "uuuuaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!". This scream can also be heard in an old Disney Channel promo for Kazaam where the title character slams dunk the villain into a garbage disposal. And the scream is practically Shake's (from What A Cartoon's "Shake & Flick") trademark scream.
    • In The Dragon Prince, this was also Ziard's scream when he used his dark magic to prevent Sol Regem from destroying his home village.
  • My Little Sister: In the prologue, when the Little Sister starts cutting into a woman with a lawn edger, she lets out a stock female scream of some sort.
  • Film/Cadaver (2020): The "ah-AH-ah" woman's scream can be heard in the movie's climax as Leonora is walking through the halls of the hotel.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Heroes dubbed in a Stock Scream for Claire in a recent episode.
    • The same female stock scream appears in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1 episode The Harvest, and is inexplicably dubbed over the DVD menus of season 5. It also appears in Dawn Of The Dead and Timestoppers 2.
  • The "MALE LONG HORROR 2" scream mentioned below was used in the "Shark Survivor" episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive when one of the castaways is eaten by sharks.
  • The History Channel's show Gangland takes a scream sound effect of a man's voice going "AAAAARGH!" and just fucking RUNS WITH IT! Almost every single transition of any still or moving picture or video footage, no matter if it's 2 minutes apart or 2 seconds apart, plays the exact same scream sound effect with it, for every single episode of Season 1 and beyond.
  • Destroyed In Seconds uses a female stock scream in almost every crash footage they show. It is highly noticeable as it is usually the last sound heard before a commercial break and can often be clearly heard even while a crash is being shown in slow motion.
  • Just For Laughs often replaces people's reactions with various stock screams.
  • The one mentioned in America's Funniest Home Videos above (the "Eeeyah! Eeeeyaaagh, Eeeyah!") can be heard in the first minutes of the first episode of Grimm, from the jogger who got whisked away after picking up that garden gnome.
  • Weinerville's Zip's scream was heard a couple of times elsewhere: one in an episode of Droopy the Master Detective Hound and one in a Mountain Dew commercial.
  • More of an example of stock footage rather than a stock scream, but The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air uses the same clip nearly every time Jazz gets thrown out of the house (you can actually tell it's coming when he wears a particular outfit), and with it comes the same scream.
  • The Insane Tantrum Scream is used in The Weird Al Show episode "Mining Accident" when Al and the miners watch television and see a clip of a small man floating in a fish tank.
  • MythBusters not only use stock screams for segments when the Narrator discusses a myth with either an animation or Stock Footage from vintage public-domain films, including the often repeated guy going "HUYAUHH!!!" but they even re-use screams and yells from the crew themselves, mainly due to how iconic they are in the first place. Kari seems to always scream in the exact same way when startled by something, such as a pressure vessel failure, and in "Blow Your Own Sail", Tory nearly gets struck by the rigging of Grant and Kari's boat and you can hear what is blatantly the crash-scream he made when he attempted to jump the wagon in "Driveshaft Pole-Vault".
  • Non-scream example: In Donkey Hodie, the exact same "Hey-o!" is reused for Purple Panda. It's extremely noticeable if you're watching any episode after "Yodel Bird Egg", as Panda's voice is completely different in those episodes, and the stock noise came from before his voice changed.

  • A ubiquitous female stock scream appears in Wu Tang Clan's The City at 00:10.
  • The break of S Express's "Theme from S Express" has a scream that distorts into a siren-like sound; this sample appeared in several later techno songs.
  • C. W. McCall's song Black Bear Road uses Disney's Goofy Holler when the U-Drive Jeep Car rolls over the rock and over the cliff.
  • The Goofy Holler is used also in Falco's Rock Me Amadeus, among other samples.
  • Another stock female scream (AIEEEEAAAAA! NO!) appears in "Brap" by Skinny Puppy.
  • The scream in Pink Floyd's "Careful With That Axe Eugene" is Roger Waters. It's reused in several Floyd songs.
  • DJ Ötzi's "Anton aus Tirol" uses the Goofy Holler multiple times.
  • The Insane Clown Posse song "Toy Box" features use of the Insane Tantrum Scream.


    Video Games 
  • The "Insane Tantrum" scream is used in The Dig when you have to quickly amputate Brink's hand stuck in a crevice, using a carnivore's jawbone.
  • In Silent Hill 3, the scream heard when the mannequin's head falls off is the same as Heather's death scream when she falls into a Bottomless Pit.
  • "SCREAM - MALE, TERROR, HUMAN, HORROR" from the Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects library:
  • Another common one is "SCREAM - MALE, LONG, HUMAN, HORROR 2", also from Series 4000:
  • There are nearly a full dozen stock screams (though neither the Wilhelm Scream nor the Howie Long Scream are present) used within the Command & Conquer series. Each is named "dedman" ("nuyell" in the case of C&C95) and numbered from 1 upwards, located within the sound.mix (or always.dat for Renegade) files which can be opened with utilities such as XCC Mixer. If it ain't broke, don't fix it?
  • Many First Person Shooters use ubiquitous stock screams for their pain and death sounds, such as in Red Faction, Soldier of Fortune II, and Call of Duty.
  • Crowd reaction: shock. It sounds like a lot of people gasping or saying "oh" surprisingly at the same time. Occurs in Super Smash Bros. among a million other things.
  • Devil Laugh: Ho-ho-ho-ho slowed down laugh. Think about Bowser's laugh when you die in Super Mario 64. Used in South Park as well.
  • Sierra used the same scream sound for Graham falling off a cliff in King's Quest V and Alexander getting stabbed in King's Quest VI.
  • The female scream used for the Splicers in BioShock.
  • In Doom 3, some of the Doomguy's pain grunts/screams are the same as in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.
  • In the Pocahontas game on the Sega Genesis, the Insane Tantrum scream is heard when you use the bear spirit to scare away settlers.
  • The Sega Genesis game Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition had about three or four very entertaining screams for whenever you killed someone.
  • A female scream similar to the aforementioned "Brap" scream, but pitched an octave lower, appeared in various World Builder games.
  • Not quite a scream, but a characteristic "ugh" sound is used when a female character is hit or killed in GoldenEye (1997), Mission Impossible 1997, Perfect Dark, and some games in the Rainbow Six series.
  • In general, Death Cry Echoes in several video games (especially fighting games) play this trope straight.
  • Ashley's scream in Resident Evil 4 when she is grabbed by the enemy.
  • Walk off a ledge in the VGA remake of Space Quest and Roger lets out the Goofy Holler. Check it out. (Fast-forward to 2:18. Note that you need a soundcard that supports digital sound effects.)
  • In Ragna's bad ending from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift the Insane Tantrum can be briefly heard in the background.
  • Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed, the techno song "Hideous" has a lower pitched version of the "Huea-hueaah!" stock scream play at certain points.
  • On the subject of the scream above, dying soldiers in Army Men: Toys in Space use a portion of that scream, alongside the male "Udh!!!" when taking damage.
  • Earthworm Jim: The screams that make up the "What the Heck?" music track.
  • The scream of the Redead enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a short version of the "Scream: Female, Horror 03" sample from the highly popular The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library, and it can be found in many TV shows, movies and other video games, such as SimCity Societies, notably for the monster and giant robot attacks.
  • The enemy soldiers in the Metal Slug series do nothing but these, particularly when they get killed. Most of the games use the aforementioned Redead scream when enemies are killed with fire or explosives.
  • Jet Moto 2 has a common "woman falling to her death" scream, which also appears in distorted form in the music tracks for Meltdown and Nebulous (Hell), as well as in the Skinny Puppy song "Blood on the Wall", in the San Francisco Rush series (played simultaneously with the aforementioned Series 4000 male terror scream) , and on MythBusters. A different stock female scream was used in Jet Moto 1 and Twisted Metal 2, the latter of which used the same male death sound as JM 2.
  • The famous "Goofy holler" (see the Western Animation folder) is used in Kingdom Hearts II by Goofy himself, as he falls through the portal between Christmas and Halloween Town with Sora and Donald.
  • Many of the female civilians in PAYDAY 2 have a stock scream that can be heard here.

    Web Original 

    Web Animation 
  • Super Mario Bros. Z has used stock screams at several points. Some notable instances include Bowser using Tom's scream when Mario throws him out of the stadium and crashes against the camera, and (in the first episode of the reboot) Kamek screaming the Goofy holler when he's sent flying away by Sonic and Shadow.
  • The pilot episode of Helluva Boss has an early scene where Blitzo looks at footage of I.M.P. killing people. When he stops watching, part of the Insane Tantrum Scream can be heard.
  • An up-and-coming one especially in YTPs is the sound of a black man having a very loud orgasm, dubbed the Loud Nigra scream. It's used where most stock screams would be used, sometimes only playing a tiny snippet for extra comedic effect, but other times it's used for exactly what you'd think it would be used for.

    Western Animation 
  • And then of course, there's Goofy's famous scream, a Stock Scream for Classic Disney Shorts: AAAA-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOEY!
    • Here are all of the instances of the Goofy Holler in the Disney films (not counting the ones starring Goofy for obvious reasons, although for anyone interested, the scream originated in The Art of Skiing, which makes sense as the Goofy Holler is based on the traditional Alpine call):
      • Fun and Fancy Free: The first theatrical animated feature to use this scream. It appears in the Bongo short, right before the song Say It with a Slap.
      • Food For Feudin': When Dale falls into the tree trunk.
      • Three for Breakfast: When Donald Duck slips on the butter.
      • The Legend of Coyote Rock: When Bent-tail falls off the butte.
      • Cold Turkey: When Milton the cat falls into the garbage can.
      • Lambert the Sheepish Lion: When Lambert headbutts the wolf off a cliff.
      • Cinderella: When the King and the Duke fall off the chandelier.
      • Make Mine Music: During the "Martins and Coys" segment.
      • Bedknobs and Broomsticks: When King Leonidas kicks a hyena.
      • Pete's Dragon (1977): When Doc Terminus gets harpooned.
      • The Rescuers: When Orville gets sucked into the Swampmobile, and when he falls off a building at the end of the film.
      • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: When Quasimodo knocks several guards off a rope during the final battle.
      • Home on the Range: When Maggie pushed Junior into a mine shaft.
      • Enchanted: When the troll gets hit by a tree branch.
      • Still Disney related, but Real Life example: the Atlanta Braves' spring training home is at ESPN's Wide world of sports, on the Walt Disney World property. During games, the scream is sometimes played when a foul ball is hit.
      • The Tin Thing in The Muppets' Wizard of Oz lets one out when the he falls through a trapdoor the wizard opens beneath him.
      • A few episodes of Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life use the holler.
      • Many episodes of Ed, Edd n Eddy, like "Tinker Ed", "Who Let the Ed In?", "Who, What, Where, Ed!" and Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show also have the holler.
      • The oddest one out as far as the Goofy holler is concerned? Street Fighter, which uses it during an outdoor showdown at M. Bison's hideout.
  • Every single last time someone falls to his death in Jonny Quest, we would hear the same scream: AAIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!
    • Naturally, the (somewhat) affectionate parody of JQ in Freakazoid! spoofed this one for all it was worth
  • Futurama would use the same scream every time Amy fell down.
  • The Angry Beavers: "Whoo!" is Daggett's famous scream.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Two clips of Fred yelling "My leg!" from the episode "Boating School" has been used in many other episodes, to the point of being a Running Gag.
    • The Halloween Episode "Scaredy Pants" features use of the Insane Tantrum Scream during Mr. Krabs' story about the Flying Dutchman.
  • American Dad! has Stan Smith's excellent scream of much pain which is so good that the show rarely misses the opportunity to use it.
    • This is even funnier in the episode "A Smith in the Hand", where they use a different scream multiple times.
    • Additionally, in "Finances with Wolves" another scream is repeatedly heard every time Stan gets hurt by cactuses, razor blades, and lemon juice.
  • In-universe example with the episode "Choosy Wives Choose Stan Smith": Roger is revealed to have numerous Stock Screams, misinterpreting (It Makes Sense in Context) "Plane Crash" for "Found Out My Son Is Gay".
  • A Goofy Movie has several Goofy Hollers (natch), two of which occur during the opening and end titles unconnected to any action. Although, the one near the end of the film was newly recorded by Bill Farmer. There is also a Wilhelm Scream when their car crashes into the scaffolding and a faint one when a security guard falls into a giant screen.
    • Released around the same time as A Goofy Movie, Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame makes use of the Goofy Holler a few times — but taken in-context with the other Disney Shout Outs in the movie, it could be intentional and not laziness.
  • Peanuts has the "AAUGH!!!" scream used for Charlie Brown, even after his voice actor was changed, and it's used for various other male characters, and even Peppermint Patty and Lucy on occasion. Peppermint Patty has "AAAARHH!", which is used for other female characters too. Snoopy's stock scream is "ARRRR!".
  • Rugrats also had Stu Pickles's distinctive girlish scream. Chazz and Drew also had their own recognizable stock screams.
  • The old Tom and Jerry shorts would use the same screams a lot, such as Tom's signature "OOO-ooo-OOO Haaa Haaa Hoo HOO!" and well as the more straight-forward "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" (The screams were voiced by Bill Hanna.) Both screams occasionally turn up in other MGM cartoons as well, such as Tex Avery's.
  • Generator Rex gives the stock screams to Providence's Red Shirt Army to show that they really are expendable.
  • Used in the Young Justice episode "Drop Zone", when Superboy tosses a supervillain into a gang of thugs.
  • Not really a scream, but Drawn Together used Toot's same cry of "OH GODDAMMIT!".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • It has its own set of near-identical screams most commonly associated with Rarity. This gets rather jarring when, in "Secret of My Excess", one of them is heard off-screen and Rainbow says "That sounded like Pinkie Pie!" Not to anyone in the audience, it didn't.
    • There's also Pinkie Pie's gasp. It was actually used for Mrs. Cake in one episode.
  • Godzilla: The Series featured N.I.G.E.L, a robot who got destroyed in almost every episode, and frequently accompanied with a robotic "AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" scream.
  • The eponymous character of Arthur has had quite a few screams re-used multiple times. Here is one of his familiar recurring stock screams.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: Courage, Eustace and Muriel had many different stock screams, and even lines of dialogue. Eustace's screams were used even after he got a new voice actor in the middle of the third season.
  • In the early episodes of South Park, they would often use the same female scream "AAH MY GOOOODD!!!!".
  • Metalocalypse uses these quite frequently (including the occasional Wilhelm and Howie Long; see above). Special credit goes to Nick Ibsen, who combines three of these during his death sequence in "Dethfam".
  • Magic Adventures of Mumfie uses the same scream for Scarecrow all the time, done by his voice actor.
  • The Bakshi Mighty Mouse episode "Bat With A Golden Tongue" had Bat-Bat's final line, "Just say no to canned laughter" replaced with a stock scream because McDonald's threatened to pull their advertising from the show otherwise. They considered it a jovial take on the otherwise serious "Just say no" anti-drug program instated by then-First Lady Nancy Reagan.
  • The original incarnation of Celebrity Deathmatch would have a woman screaming in the audience in almost every deathmatch that took place. This scream can be first heard in the Hillary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinsky fight, when Lewinsky tosses her beret aside (which had spikes hiding in them) and inadvertently hits Gennifer Flowers with it.
  • There was one particular screaming sound effect that used to appear on The Fairly OddParents! semi-occasionally. It's actually really common in movies, but what is unusual is that most of the times it was used on The Fairly OddParents!, it was in a high pitch for some reason. The instances it was utilized were in;
    • Sleep Over and Over, when Carl the Ant is crushed by a magnifying glass (high-pitched version)
    • Beddy Bye, when Cosmo's hideous face is revealed near the end (regular version)
    • What's The Difference, when Cosmo bites a dachshund on the butt (high-pitched version)
    • Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3, when Wanda tells everyone to run away (high-pitched version)
  • The Powerpuff Girls (2016) has Bubbles's "Aaah!" yell.
  • Every single time Samuel J. Gopher falls down a hole in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, you hear the exact same fading "WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA!" scream. In later Winnie the Pooh incarnations, it usually sounds more like "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
  • Adventure Time: Someone on the staff must have liked Finn's high-pitched scream from "Burning Low", because it wound up getting recycled in over a dozen episodes throughout the rest of the series:
    • In "Up a Tree", Finn lets out a shriek after a porcupine tries (and fails) to invoke Pain-Powered Leap.
    • In "Princess Potluck", Finn screams in excitement when he sees they've got a bounce house at the potluck (which turns out to be Bounce House Princess).
    • Finn's scream shows up several times in "Blade of Grass": first during his nightmare, then again when the Grass Sword tries to attach itself to his arm, then a third time when he throws it in the river, only to find it waiting in the bathroom when he gets home
    • In "Blank-Eyed Girl", Finn screams when Jake startles him as they're walking home from the pizza place.
    • In "Flute Spell", Finn screams when Jake taps him on the shoulder while he's deep in thought.
    • In "I Am A Sword", Finn screams as he awakens from a vision of the Finn Sword being used to kill a guard.
    • In "Mysterious Island", Finn screams after doing a Double Take on seeing the storm Alva was fleeing from has suddenly grown massive.
    • In "The Light Cloud", Jake gives Finn a purple-nurple as he's trying to get the attention of the citizens of Founders' Island, causing him to scream.
    • In "Orb", Finn screams when he sees Princess Bubblegum with her teeth falling out in his nightmare.
    • In "Skyhooks II", Finn screams when Lumpy Space Princess grabs him by the ankle while he's being overwhelmed by the brainwashed candy-people.
    • In "The Wild Hunt", Finn imagines Fern's face on Huntress Wizard... after sharing a Smooch of Victory with her, causing Finn to scream in horror.
    • In "Always BMO Closing", Finn screams when he sees a swarm of clones made from his baby teeth invading the treehouse.
    • In the last act of "Come Along With Me", Finn screams one last time after Princess Bubblegum taps him on the shoulder.
  • The Insane Tantrum Scream was used on The Ripping Friends in the second half of the two-part episode "The Man from Next Thursday" when the titular villain zapped Crag with Riptonite.
  • Looney Tunes Cartoons used the scream from the "Relaxing Car Drive" jumpscare video in a Wile E. Coyote segment.
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack has one whenether a Gross-Up Close-Up is ensued.
  • The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police has Max's distinctive scream that debuted in the episode "A Glitch in Time". It was used a few more times in the episodes "We Drop At Dawn" and "The Invaders".
  • The Beetlejuice episode "The Chromazone" features use of the Insane Tantrum Scream.
  • In the late 1950s, Mel Blanc recorded some screams for a Hanna-Barbera sound effects package, including a sharp "GAAAAAAH!" and a pained "OWWWWWOOOHOHOOOO!". These screams can be heard everywhere from the Pink Panther cartoons to the demo version of Super Mario 64.


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