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Saving Silverman is a 2001 Black Comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan, starring Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn, Jack Black, and Amanda Peet.

The story involves our two loser heroes, Wayne (Zahn) and J.D. (Black), trying to prevent the impending marriage of their friend Darren (Biggs) and his Control Freak fiancee Judith (Peet), due to Darren's high school crush Sandy (Amanda Detmer) coming back into town. To this end, they kidnap Judith, fake her death, and try to hook Darren up immediately after giving him the "sad news". But will Darren get over Judith's supposed death before she exposes his friends' plan to get rid of her?

Has nothing to do with Sarah Silverman.


Tropes in this film include:

  • Coach Norton's speech about how women distract you from sports (and encouraging A Date with Rosie Palms) near the start of the movie makes a lot more sense when it's revealed that he's actually gay.


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