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Recap / Lazy Town S 3 E 3 Little Pink Riding Hood

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The kids are preparing a gift for Sportacus for Surprise Day, but Robbie Rotten schemes to give him a nasty surprise—a sugar apple! While his plan initially has holes, Robbie decides to take a page (and a disguise) from the Big Bad Wolf and put the apple in Stephanie's basket of treats.

With the help of his VoiceChanger 6000 the plan works, and Robbie disguises himself as Sportacus to further mislead the kids while he sets the airship to fly. Stephanie and Pixel will have to save the day with real sportscandy before the airship crashes with Sportacus and Robbie onboard!


This episode contains examples of:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Robbie commands the airship to fly anywhere in five minutes, which apparently means "straight into Pixel's house."
  • Call-Back: Robbie previously disguised himself as Sportacus in "Sportafake."
  • Contrived Coincidence: Lampshaded with Robbie's plan having exactly what it needs to work, including a blindfolded Sportacus.
    Robbie: I can't believe my luck!
  • Voice Changeling: Robbie uses the VoiceChanger6000 to disguise his voice as Stephanie, Sportacus, and the Mayor.

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