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Comic Book / El otro 'yo' del Profesor Bacterio

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El otro 'yo' del Profesor Bacterio ("Professor Bacterio's Other 'Me'") is a 1971 comic from the Spanish series Mortadelo y Filemón, and the fifteenth long adventure in the series.

Somewhere in the city, someone has manipulated all the traffic lights at a crossing point to cause all the cars to crash against each other. As the Super reveals to Mortadelo and Filemon, this 'someone' is no less than Professor Bacterio: after creating a chemical meant to awaken a person's other "self", Bacterio tested it on himself - and became a complete vandal, using his skills to cause all sorts of chaos. The duo must find Bacterio, capture him so as to attempt to undo the effects of the chemical and fix all the chaos he causes.


This comic provides examples of:

  • Professor Guinea Pig: The whole plot is kickstarted by Bacterio testing his latest invention on himself.