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Electro Swing

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Electro swing is an emerging genre of music, combining samples from genres such as swing, jazz, and big band with EDM, house, hip-hop, and so on. The result? Incredibly catchy.

Notable artists:

  • Eleven Acorn Lane
  • Caravan Palace
  • C2C (mixed with Trip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop)
  • Caro Emerald
  • The Correspondents
  • Electric Swing Circus
  • Fake Type
  • Goldfish
  • Parov Stelar (Trope Maker)
  • The (Real) Tuesday Weld (frontman Stephen Coats refers to their style as "antique beat")
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  • Tape Five
  • Yolanda Be Cool (Trope Codifier with their hit We No Speak Americano)
  • The battle theme for OFF, "Pepper Steak," is done in this style.
  • Most of Odjbox's works
  • Scatman John (arguably an Ur-Example, as his fusion of scat-based jazz with Europop/Eurodance attained novel popularity in the 90s, at least a full decade before the genre's true emergence)

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The Correspondents

The Correspondents is a British Electro Swing duo based in London, formed by frontman Mr. Bruce and DJ Chucks in 2007.<br><br>The song example is "Finally".

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