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HIM is actually a crossdressing trans guy.
Butch has a hidden power...
...Something equivalent of Buttercup folding her tongue. What? If people claim Brick has fire breath, Boomer can speak different languages, Butch's gotta have some type of rival ability too, right?

Boomer can speak French and Chinese.
I know it sounds stupid, but Bubbles can speak Spanish and Japanese, so why not her counterpart speak French and Chinese? Because he's dumb. I know, but he could still speak it... maybe. I mean, if Blossom has Ice Powers for her special talent, Brick might have Fire Powers. Just a suggestion.

"Birthday Bash" takes place after "Mo Job" and "Crime 101".
In "Birthday Bash", Mojo and Princess are acquainted, but "Mo Job" has them meeting for the first time. Plus that would explain why they're both in jail at the same time. "Crime 101" is the only time The Amoeba Boys actually go to jail for anything, so this would explain why they're in jail.

The Powerpuff Girls takes place on the same world as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Adventure Time (but not at the same time)
  • The girls protect Townsville from gigantic beasts that could have come from the Mushroom War in Adventure Time. They might be the ones standing between Townsville becoming an inhabitable wasteland.
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  • This also explains why the Mayor is still in office despite his incompetence.
  • The other cities shown in The Powerpuff Girls are actually city-states that have their own methods for defending themselves.
  • Chemical X may have been caused by the Mushroom War as well.
  • Both Mike, the Powerpuff girls, and Finn and Jake were all able to change reality through their imagination. Their abilities could also have been caused by the nuclear fall-out, as could the ability of people to create imaginary friends in Foster's Home.
  • We never see the imaginary friends of adults except for Madame Foster in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends , but we do see that teenagers create dangerous creatures they use to attack each other. The adults may be using their friends to protect the town so they can go about their business as usual and pretend that life has not drastically changed.
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  • To finish up the theory, it isn't the terrifying monsters that finished off the city-states. It's the rainicorns, who humanity could not believe was evil. That was why the dogs went to war with them, because they were trying to protect their best friends.
  • It also would explain all the monster attacks and how all the monsters get cleaned up from the area. Foster's crew comes by, scoops them up, and has them locked up in those cages in their backyard.

After Bubble Vision, Bubbles now has a hearing aid
She did have trouble hearing at the end of that episode and the Powerpuff's ears are nowhere to be seen, despite the latter they seem to hear just fine. The theory is that the girl's ears are hidden from plain sight. Bubbles now has a hearing aid but because of how hidden their ears are she wouldn't complain about looking like a dork.

Chemical X is a naturally occurring substance...

...and Monster Isle is sitting right next to the largest reservoir in the world. The constant leaking of chemical X into the environment would explain why there are so many giant monsters, which attack Townsville due to its proximity, while other places (such as Citysville) are relatively safe.


Professor Utonium being such a terror back when he was a child stems from Dick Hardly's influence.

I mean he was a Bratty Half-Pint who always misbehaved in class and he was really smug.

The City of Townsville is a government-owned and -controlled installation used to indoctrinate and train the super soldier candidates known as the Powerpuff Girls.

The City of Townsville is constantly under attack by monsters as though no other city exists to attract them, but the nearby Town of Citysville seems to be more densely populated. Despite this constancy of assault, the same citizens remain in the area.

It appears to be constructed entirely out of prefabricated structures, because skyscrapers are hollow when torn apart, and even when completely destroyed (as in the case of the Dynamo mecha), it is very rapidly rebuilt. Useful when throwing monsters against the PPGs to train their skills.

The Mayor is highly incompetent and does not appear to actually perform any executive duty at any time, with Ms. Bellum representing most of the legwork in the city. In fact, her name Sara Bellum references the cerebellum, the part of the brain responsible for motor control. Sara Bellum appears to be the only competent member of the entire society, suggesting that she is one of the observers of the government program.

It is a widely-known fact that the Powerpuff Girls are the product of Chemical X. Given this, the military would long have taken control of the Chemical X supply and produced more Powerpuff Girls. THAT, or the entirety of the city is a testing site.

The Town of Citysville is a more realistic metropolis, with damage to the city having real monetary impact and taking significantly longer to repair. The transfer of Professor Utonium to Citysville appears to have been some kind of social experiment to see how the outside world would react to the Girls. Naturally, the government negotiated with local leadership first, to treat their presence as nothing SUBSTANTIALLY out of the ordinary. The experiment failed, most likely due to the Girls' reckless use of their powers combined with the intolerance of the city populace and local government. This is why testing in Townsville continued.

The Mayor was possessed by The Mayor at some point.
Evidence? At one point, the Mayor says "I'm no sugar daddy. Those days are over." That implies he was at some point. What did Faith call Mayor Wilkins at one point? You guessed it, "sugar daddy".

The reason why Him didn't just take over before the Powerpuff Girls were born (FAN WANK AHEAD)
Why didn't Him take over the world before the Powerpuff Girls were born? Hasn't he been around for far longer than them? And why does he pick on them in particular? Why not Mojo Jojo, or Fuzzy Lumpkins?

My theory is that Him couldn't manifest himself out of his realm before the Girls came along. The girls' emotions are probably more potent than that of normal humans' because of their superhuman nature. Watch "Octi Evil" again. Him didn't toy with Bubbles because he could: he needed the energy created by Bubbles' depression and Blossom and Buttercup's anger to manifest himself. At the end, he couldn't even manifest himself directly: he had to destroy Townsville through Octi. Octi/Him's explosion wasn't caused by Him losing his cool and ragequitting: Him wasn't prepared for the massive flux in positive energy caused by the girls reuniting.

And why do people know his true name? Remember the past versions of the Powerpuff Girls in "Seed No Evil"? He has likely used the above method before, but on the predecessors of the girls. "Speed Demon" can be explained as the chaos caused by the Powerpuff Girls' disappearance and probable ensuing chaos giving Him more power than ever, to the point where he no longer needed the Powerpuff Girls' emotions to manifest himself in reality. Basically:

  • Him needs the girls' negative emotions to manifest himself
  • Him preys on the girls not For the Evulz, but to create more emotions to feed himself with

Therefore, I guess that if the Powerpuff Girls somehow dispose of the town's Holding Out for a Hero attitude like they did in one episode and then disappear, Him would be gone for good.

  • It could go further. Chemical X is the remains of an Eldritch Abomination. When the Professor used it to create the girls, it created a counterpart. Him is the evil inherent in the Powerpuff Girls made manifest. It merely takes the form of what they consider to be Satan-the actual devil is busy doing his job, and has no concern for the Powerpuff Girls.
    • Surprisingly enough, this theory has some supporting evidence. In the episode "Super Zeroes", Buttercup thinks she will be a better heroine if she becomes Spawn. We see her getting her powers from a Satanic entity who looks nothing like Him.

Alternate reason Him didn't take over before the girls were born.
  • He didn't need to. As seen in The Movie, Townsville was a Crapsack Town already, and His goal has always been primarily to cause misery and despair for the sake of it. So, he got what he wanted all while keeping his claws clean. Then the girls showed up and began changing it for the better, so he had to get actively involved.

Chemical X is actually liquid Philosopher's Stone
  • Mixed in with a Can of Whoopass. Dead bodies aren't required. Some carbon sugar and mundane minerals spice and water everything nice is all you need if you have the recipe right. The business regarding souls can be avoided with a proper upbringing. Yes, there's still Cloning Blues issues, but they still handled it better.
    • If only Ed and Al knew that... None of the things in the 2003 anime would have happened, then...
      • Keep in mind, it's a lot easier if you don't care whose soul you get. It's getting back someone specifically who died that's the hard part.
  • Then... What was in the toilet that Mojo created the Rowdyruff Boys from?

The Powerpuff girls' universe was created by Haruhi
  • Cause you knew it would happen sooner or later.
    • Yeah, and she's Mayor Mayer.

Buttercup shouldn't have added that last nice thing ingredient when creating Bunny.
  • It was a punch.
    • You know, the other ingredients weren't that nice, too.
      • 'Nice' is in the eye of the beholder. I bet a lot of people would be endeared by gifts of books and fish. Had Buttercup not thrown in the last punch, Bunny probably would've just been an outdoorsy type with a fondness for mackerel.
      • Now Bunny is a Stealth Aesop for not punching babies? Cool!
  • Using actual spices might have helped.
    • Real sugar instead of artificial sweetener may have helped too.
    • Frankly, I think it waa the Bad "Bad Acting" that ultimately caused the biggest issues.

The show is set in Australia
  • There's a place in Australia called Townsville
    • It'd explain the weird monsters.
    • This is unlikely, since Pokey Oaks has an American flag in its garden and the episode "Femme Fatale" clearly shows that the currency used in Townsville is the US dollar.. The most likely answer is that there's more than one place called Townsville, much like in the real world, there's a Perth in Australia and another one in Britain.
      • Or, it's a world where America somehow took over Australia.
      • Nope. The AWSM has an Australian hero called Down-Under-ManMate.

Mojo Jojo wanted to be a human.
Just because his monkey looks and instincts quite hinder his world domination plans. All his death rays, when they aren't to destroy the PPG, are to try and change himself - though he's smart enough to test them on inanimate objects first.

Him's flamboyance is the cause for the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Nuff' said.

Him is Santa "claws"
Evidence: His suit, and his "Claws".That was the first thing this troper thought of when seeing him.This troper always thought Him's real name was 'Satan Claws'.

Him is Satan.
Isn't this kind of obvious? Just look at him!
  • Well, duh.

The anime is set 40 years or so after the cartoon and the characters are all sons/daughters of their original incarnations. They all moved to Japan for some reason.
Would at least explain, why the PPGZ aren't sisters. The original PPG all married different men. In Japan, for some reason... maybe they developed a strange collective fondness of japanese guys in their teens or something. The PPGZ didn't directly inherit their mothers' powers, but the incident with the Chemical Z activated them, explaining where the theme-colours and Super Hero names came from all of the sudden... from their genes, of course.

Cartoon Network is fully aware of the doujinshi and used it as inspiration for Fusionfall
Seriously, think about it. It's basically one big crossover, and Dexter plays a pretty large role in it, at least as far as the tutorial levels go.
  • Somewhere else on the wiki, this was confirmed and the development team said they asked Bleedman to help it.

Chemical X is derived from Aku
In Samurai Jack, we see a ruined Townsville. Chemical X is a mysterious black substance that grants freakish powers. Aku was able to make sentient killer robot warriors using ooze from his body. So part of his reign of terror was established by controlling the Powerpuff Girls, or simply blowing them up from the inside by manipulating the Chemical X.
  • I believe the same theory...though personally I'm more of the opinion that the Powerpuffs aren't part of Aku anymore, rather being new beings created from Aku's body instead (or in other words their his sisters.)
  • My take is that Samurai Jack takes place in the same universe as the Powerpuff Girls. Since Aku would been destroyed by the end of Samurai Jack, the entire post-apocalyptic future didn't happen. All that's left of Aku is some power-granting black goo that was somehow discovered by Professor Utonium, who labels it "Chemical X" and unintentionally creates the Powerpuffs with it.
  • My theory is that when Aku is truly defeated by Jack, He splits into two things; A black borderline-magical ooze and an entity of pure evil. After all, the original destructive force that was Aku was not evil (unless you would consider a fire burning through the country evil) until the arrow was launched at it.

Him is the unfallen Satan The Accuser.
He's not here to corrupt and destroy humanity, he's here to judge and strengthen it. The Powerpuff Girls just need that much more judging, at least one and a half of them being fairly immoral and all of them being super-powered. Bubbles happens to be broken more easily possibly because, in the position of the future Messianic Archetype, she requires more testing (a la Jesus in the desert), rather than having a weaker constitution. "Him" may be the way a few zero-to-five-yeat-olds would pronounce "Hymn", or it could just be a Pronoun Name.
  • His Infernal Majesty.
    • Or His Internal Majesty.
    • The Bad Future where the girls' absence is shown to give Him the oppurtunity to take over the world and reduce it to a blasted wasteland inhabited by twisted, insane wrecks seems to contradict this.
    • Speaking of Speed Demon: Him said the reason he won was because the girls weren't there to stop him. Keep in mind, Him has been around for possibly centuries, and the girls were born recently. Why didn't take over before? If this is the case, it would why.

Chemical X is nice.
Without it, previous recipes would only have had sugar, spice, and almost everything nice.

The Powerpuff Girls are legacy superheroes.
In the episode "Seed No Evil", which opens in a Stonepunk Townsville set in prehistoric times, we meet Neanderthal versions of the Powerpuff Girls. The later episode "West in Pieces" was set in the old west, and focuses on Steampunk versions of the girls called the Steamypuff Girls. We don't know how the cavegirl Powerpuffs came about, but judging from "West in Pieces", it seems that every iteration of the girls is created with their era's equalvent of sugar, spice, and everything nice, along with an accidental ingrediant like Chemical X (in the case of the Steamypuffs, it's sassafras, arsenic, and everything old-fashioned, with the accidental addition of coal).

The Powerpuff Girls will grow up, but they'll be sterile.
Or maybe any children they have will be somewhat malformed.
  • Why?
    • Because they've got huge bobble heads, no fingers, super powers, and double-ringed irises? Although the above troper's probably referring to how Chemical X Is The New Nuke.
      • They don't have double-ringed irises; according to the design tips documents from Cartoon Network, they use the spectacle to indicate where the girls are looking, probably because it would be impossible to tell otherwise
  • Only if they try to interbreed with normal humans. They could probably have children with the Rowdyruff Boys or any other boys made from Chemical X.
Townsville sells PPG collectables to compensate for their the collateral damage.
The girls, being mainly flying bricks, cause a lot of damage in general. In the collector episode, it's shown that they have a very extensive (and probably valuable) line of collectors items and toys which Professor Utonium probably fronted the start up for, and grew to cover any and all expenses of everything the girls and/or monsters break. It's probably one of the reasons why they aren't simply run out of town because of property damage (which if you remember was the exact reason they were in the first movie).

The whole series is Professor Utonium's hallucination.
The Chemical X explosion killed him and the whole show is his Dying Dream; or he could just be in a coma. There are no Powerpuff girls; it's all based on a dream he had after a head injury when he fell off a volcano as a kid.

The whole series is an imagined fantasy of the girls.
The girls don't really have the powers of fame of superheroes. We see the world and their exploits as they imagine them. The hotline is the toy it appears to be. Fuzzy? What does he look like if not a child's stuffed animal? So long as it remains a harmless delusion, the cast of adults (which now becomes more-or-less limited to Professor and Miss Keane) tends to humor them and expect they'll grow out of it.
  • Could explain any inconsistencies with their powers.
  • If they're ordinary girls after all, where's their mother?
    • Their mother died or otherwise abandoned them, and the superhero fantasy might relate to a feeling of inadequacy (e.g., inability to save her life or earn her love). The girls prefer to live in an imaginary world where they never had and will never need a mother. Instead, they save lives daily and always manage to win, regardless of the stakes.
      • On that note, Sedusa was never a villain. Rather, the girls simply set her up to be some kind of horrible seductress trying to steal their father away and take the place of their mother.
  • Robyn's efforts to befriend them take on a tragic tint. In the middle of play they would ignore her, "fly off," and leave her alone. Eventually, it was more than Robyn could handle.
    • Bubbles: Hey, Robyn, we’re sorry—
    • Buttercup: —we left you behind all the time.
    • Blossom: It was never because we didn’t like you. It’s just—
    • Robyn: I know. That’s your job.
    • Did Robyn accept them and stick around as that conversation might imply? Nope.
  • Another point in favor of this is HIM. He isn't named by any of the characters in series, but his existence is because the girls are young enough to have mixed up the spellings of Santa & Satan
Buttercup's special power is to break the time/space barrier
The girls were only able to speed into the future after Buttercup had taken the lead and she is shown to be the fastest of the girls but probably doesn't try exploiting her own natural abilities because she's afraid of ending up in a bad future again.
  • That's actually brilliant. And it's a much better explanation than what they came up with In-Universe.

The Cyclops creature in Down n' Dirty is Big Billy's father
Or at least the head portion of it... somehow. They both have a similar big blue singular eye.

The girls have the same Reality Warper powers as Jeffty on a much larger scale.
In an episode in the third season we saw a photo of them with the Commissioner of the police department when he was promoted to that position, labeled as being in 1994. In a much later episode we see a bit of the Mayor's 2004 reelection campaign, and the girls are still five. In another it's revealed that Bubbles has won the title of happiest citizen of Townsville six years running; one more year than her age.

We could just say that the girls don't get older, but nobody else in Townville does either, which is where the Jeffty comparison comes in. Just like him they don't only stay five but also preserve other things from when they were really that age, but unlike him they're such a huge part of their world that instead of just having comics and candy bars stay the way they are they affect everything and everyone in town. Because it's happened to all of them nobody ever notices what's happened, any more than the stars of Jeffty's favorite radio shows ever noticed that they were still doing weekly recordings decades after the show's have gone off the air, and just like the shows new "stories" can still happen within the city all the time, but never anything that will cause a lasting major change.

This is also why Townsville has a Cardboard Prison; because Mojo Jojo/Fuzzy Lumpkins/The Gangrene Gang/all the rest of the villains were running around wreaking havoc on the city in the time period that fixed their view of what the world is like they always need to go back to doing it before too long.

The girls are Cthulhu.
Let's face it: the girls are not human. Apart from the obviously strange appearance - lack of fingers, huge eyes and heads, limbs that look more like tentacles - and their apparent near complete imperviousness to harm there's also the fact that Bubbles can talk to animals, which pretty much requires magic. In fact, the very use of their hands requires it, as shown in Criss Cross Crisis. That very episode also showed the girls still having their powers even when not in their own bodies.

Furthermore, Him, or shall we call him... Nyarlathotepp, shows an interest, even obsession, with the girls. Why would that be? Also, as a minor bit of evidence, they leave a bright, colored trail while they really push their powers to move. Finally, why was Professor Utonium unable to create a new bunch of girls in Speed Demon? He certainly has more Chemical X, that's been shown numerous times.

All of this hints that the girls are actually Great Old Ones, who were returning in the exact moment Professor Utonium performed his experiment. Science and magic mixed in an unpredictable way, and what was supposed to be monsters became heroes instead. Jojo was also caught in the blast, gaining a new level of mental awareness and inheriting a mad compulsion to take over the world. He also instinctively recognizes the girls as the only thing that could possibly oppose him.

However, the title is somewhat inaccurate, as the girls have been shown to be superior to Him/Nyarlathotepp, which Cthulhu would not be. Azatoth, perhaps? That would explain why the creatures basic nature was so easily overridden - Azatoth doesn't have a real mind, and might be overwhelmed when confronted when Utonium's hopes and dreams, perhaps even to the point of dividing into three perfect little girls...

Chemical X was embryonic stem cells.
Professor Utonium just called it that to get around the research ban.

Chemical X was water
Yes, ordinary water. Laced with just a tiny bit of LSD.

The Amoeba Boys are Ax-Crazy and only act stupid in Townsville because it has superhuman protectors.

Buttercup will grow up to be a full-on Blood Knight.

PPG is set in the late 60s to early 70s
When the PPG went to the past, the fifties, they saw Ms. Bellum and and the Prof. as kids. Also take into notice the style, clothing, attitude, etc. To put icing on the cake, in the "Beat-Alls" the titular villains beat up, young, Beatles and due to the references a few people appeared in 60s clothing.
  • Jossed. The girls are seen playing an N64 style console in one episode (another shows the Mayor playing a blatant parody of Ocarina of Time), and Bubbles makes a reference to Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie episode.

Ms. Bellum is related to Jessica Rabbit.
I mean, come on!

Him is a flamboyant, alternate-universe Voldemort.

The Powerpuff Girls have tactile telekinesis.
They have no fingers and yet can handle items normally. And in the episode where they switch bodies...
Buttercup: "Professor! Your stupid hand doesn't work!"

Contrary to the WMG that is higher on the page, Professor Utonium is a Time Lord
Professor Utonium is a Chameleon Arch-ed Time Lord, since in Doctor Who it was shown that Time Lords that have been Chameleon Arch-ed are still pretty freakin' smart (by human standards). Wondering about the backstory (when Mojo Jojo tampered with the past)? He might have regenerated into a very young body then went human.

Him has a sister named Lady.

See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey takes place not long after the movie.
It always kind of bugged me that they were so quick to give up their powers because it would let them "finally" be normal when they never seemed to care about that at any other point in the series. But it would have made them happy during the time period of the movie, and it would make sense if those feelings stuck around on some level for a while until it really sank in that everyone had accepted them as they were. It would also explain why Sedusa is there with her hair when the next time we see her she's still bald and plotting revenge because of it. Though it does have to be after the very start of season two, since Princess is there (unless Stuck Up, Up, And Away was also set before it aired). The truce with the villains at the end didn't last, of course, but we already knew that since there are more episodes after it.

Chemical X is Black Blood.
I think Black Blood is actually Chemical X.

Mojo Jojo respects but no longer fears Him
In their early interactions Mojo is shown s being legitimately intimidated by Him but as the series goes on he basically starts treating Him as just a powerful comrade and not the Ultimate Evil he is. This is because Mojo managed to figure out what few others have, Him being the physical incarnation of evil has made him incredibly powerful but has also crippled him. Him is pure evil, as is every action h takes. He is completely unable to think or function in any way other than the most evil option. This is why his plans fail, because he can't understand how te girls will react because, though they will lapse into darker emotions on occasion, the Powerpuff Girls are basically physical constructs of goodness. Sugar, spice and everything NICE. This places them further beyond Him than any other being and he simply can't adapt to the situation due to his limitations as pure evil. Mojo has realized this and has realized that this makes himself the better villain, definitely cemented in Custody Battle where Him's actions are pure evil but also very stupid and self destructive. Mojo has also realized that unless he really pushes Him, Him will not destroy Mojo for Mojo is a powerful force of evil thus making Mojo safe enough to stand up to and even contradict Him.

Him eventually moved away out of Townsville and into Daten City.
He eventually became the mayor and found it more fun to release Ghosts upon the populace.
  • Jossed; true, the mayor is a demon, but it's a completely different one.

Powerpuff Girls either takes place in the same universe as Dexter's Laboratory, or in an alternate universe of Dexter's Laboratory.
Dexter has been seen in Pokey Oaks with the Powerpuff Girls during nap time. While this is a throw away cameo, the episode Members Only makes me think my guess even more.The super-team Association of World Super Men (AWSM) has Major Glory, Val Hallen, and various other Justice Friends on it, who are Dexter's Laboratory characters. There are plenty of extra heroes, international heroes, who were never in any Justice Friends shorts on Dexter's Laboratory. It could be that Justice Friends just live in the U.S. and are a branch group of the AWSM, an international organization and the reason they aren't seen on Dexter is because Dexter lives in the US and they do planetary things. Also, Dexter's Laboratory has a Show Within a Show titled "Puppet Pals" and Powerpuff Girls has a movie of that show, and Quackor the Fowl (Mandark's pet duck and Monkey's Archenemy) cameos amongst the Girls' Rogues Gallery at the beginning of Bought and Scold.It is probably an alternate universe more because the team would just become the Powerpuff Girls' superhero universe for them, while the Justice Friends exist in Dexter just for Super Friends/Avengers analogue purposes.Also extra points because Spore from Super Zeroes, appears as a member.
  • Based on this example, one of the characters (named The Red Comrade IIRC) did a Heel–Face Turn at some point, since in Dexter's lab he is the Arch Nemesis of Major Glory while in PPG he appears as a member of the the AWSM.

Him is Aku, or is somehow related.
Just a thought, considering all the PPG/Samurai Jack theories here.
  • The Bad Future seen in Speed Demon is the same future Samurai Jack takes place in. After Aku took over, Him pledged his allegiance to his fellow demon and got Townsville as his "territory" in return to do with as he pleases, so long as he has Aku's permission to do so.

The Powerpuff Girls are homunculi.
"Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice" doesn't create little girls, but rather artifical life-forms that try to mimic the functions of girls. Hence the super-deformed heads and lack of fingers.

Professor Untonium is related to Haruhi Suzimiyah.
He's from the same species as her, and like Haruhi he's blissfully unaware of his powers. The entire universe comes from his love of superhero comics and old sentai footage, with the Powerpuff Girls being both his desire for children and trying to think up an origin story. Subconsciously, he's aware of his great powers, which is in the form of the Narrator. Hence why you never see the Narrator-he doesn't have a physical form. And as for the villains, each of them he based off actual villains, like Sedusa being based of Poison Ivy.

Brick has Fire Breath powers.
Just as Blossom is the only Powerpuff Girl to have Ice Breath powers, it would make sense for her counterpart, Brick, to be the only Rowdyruff Boy to have Fire Breath powers, so as to further their similarities, while at the same time, show some differences.
  • Wait, in the episode that Blossom first used her ice breath, didn't she sneeze fire at the end of the episode? This doesn't count Brick out for breathing fire, just gives him the extra option of sneezing out ice storms.
    • Could be that Blossom discovered that her ice breath could be harnessed as a voluntary reaction. Sneezing is involuntary, and thus could have been responsible for her sneezing fire.
      • But Buttercup and Bubbles punch her in the stomach in one episode and she ends up spitting out ice accidentally. (And comments, "You could have just asked!")
  • If you've played the hidden levels in the GBC Powerpuff games, Brick does indeed breathe fire. So confirmed-ish.

The pathologies of the main male villains are negative stereotypes of men.
The main male villains that The Powerpuff Girls face are:
  • Mojo Jojo: Represents gross incompetence.
  • Gangreen Gang: Represents poor hygiene.
  • Him: Represents chaos, corruption, and perversion.
Let's take this a step further:
  • Blossom: Arguably the most competent of the group (with a little neuroticism). Her main villain is Mojo.
  • Buttercup: The least hygienic and most tomboyish of the group, but she is still much more cultured than her main villains, the Gangreen Gang.
  • Bubbles: The most innocent and naive of the trio. Her main villain is Him! (do the math).
I don't think this stops at men, either. The most notable female villains, Sedusa and Femme Fatale. Sedusa represented the stereotype of shallow, vain women, and Femme Fatale represented women who claim to be feminists without knowing what the fight's all about.
  • Don't forget Princess, with her shameless materialism and sense of entitlement.

Him is the father of Scanty and Kneesocks
  • No, not the mayor, but their father. I mean, why not?

Him is actually Ms. Bellum
  • For one thing, we never see her face. And another reason is that the both wear similar red clothing.

The girls are incomplete.
As we can plainly see, Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice plus Chemical X results in small humanoids with some distorted and missing features. Obviously, Chemical X is a catalyst, as adding it to the mixture always results in an explosion. But if one other ingredient is added before the Chemical X, then the result will be normal looking superpowered little girls. Now the only thing left is to figure out what that one other ingredient is...
  • Semen and Eggs?

Him is Slaanesh. Or at least its Greater Daemon.
A sensual, ambiguously gay or even androgynous, downright corrupt and sadistic devil who feeds on human emotions. And (s)he has pincers for hands!

Him is the physical manifestation of Hatred In Mankind.
MoJo JoJo is Double DD after a failed experiment turning him into a kid in an alternate dimension, or the reverse.
This WMG is completely recycled from one on WMG:Ed Edd N Eddy, with some belief in the idea on this troper's part.

Him really is the Rowdyruff Boys' true father.
Think about it. The scene where Mojo originally creates them looks like some kind of evil, satanic ritual. Is it too much to conclude that it actually was a satanic ritual, an attempt to draw upon the forces of darkness to make up for the lack of Chemical X? And who's the PPG-verse's Satan equivalent? Him. What's to say that Mojo's ritual didn't call upon the attentions of Him, who then used his Reality Warper abilities to breathe life into the snips, snails and puppy dog's tail?

The Powerpuff Girls Rule is a retelling of See Me, Feel Me Gnomey from Mojo's perspective
The Powerpuff Girls Rule paints Mojo in a rather sympathetic light, and at the end Mojo dominates the world...and makes it a better place! When the gnome zapped all the villains away, Mojo just "fills in the blanks".

Mike Believe is a Prototype for Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Both characters have similar names, Mike/Mac, both conjure imaginary friends, and both are brunettes with squarish heads.

The toilet water used to create the Rowdyruff Boys actually was Chemical X
Mojo Jojo had been exposed to Chemical X before, causing his mutation. My guess is that part of his mutation is that his body produces Chemical X internally to fuel his gigantic brain. So naturally, his excrement would have some Chemical X in it, at least enough to create the boys.

The Mayor has Alzheimer's disease
The Mayor has been acting even more childish than usual in "Toast Of The Town", as he constantly whines like a five year old.

The Professor's first name is actually Professor.
That's why 'Ima Goodlady' referred to him as Professor - that's his name. We know the mayor's real name is Mayor, so it's not like the Professor would be the only one whose name is also his job. Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Utonium named their son Professor in the hope that he would grow up to be a professor; if so, their plan certainly worked.
  • Did it? Professor Utonium is never seen teaching, grading papers or writing lectures. He seems to be exclusively a researcher. That was his Take That! against his parents (they were both professors, and he rebelled).

The show takes place in one of DC's universes
In a few episodes, the characters have referred to Batman and Wonder Woman in a way that suggests they are real. Also, this.

The Mayor is Brilliant, but Lazy
In Crazy Mixed Up Puffs, when the girls were fused together by Mojo Jojo, he gets them unstuck by simply removing a string. In another episode that involved HIM, he indirectly helps the girls solve a riddle by saying that an ice cream truck on fire was hot and cold. In another episode, he builds a hot-air balloon to fight crime,and was proven to be correct about Mojo Jojo's device being a snow cone machine. Perhaps he fakes stupidity, and has Ms. Bellum do the work since he's slothful.

Him's greatest fear is pain.
In one episode Him sought to exploit the Girls' fears in their dreams to destroy them, mentally or otherwise. But eventually they turn around and pummel him, saying they'd show Him his own greatest fear. If you think about it, Him recieves the fewest physical attacks in the entire series. Why? Because he's an immortal creature of evil. He's so above the mortals that thoughts of being harmed are just beyond him. The beating in their collective dreamscapes brought to life Him's fear that he can be just as vulnerable as anyone else.
  • Considering after said beating he starts trembling like a chihuahua and begs them not to hurt him anymore, this could actually make sense.

Everything Nice is a specific product
So it is not subjective, it's pre-canned

In The Powerpuff Girls universe, God is a girl.
To counteract Him's role as the devil. Given that they're traditionally arch-enemies and complete opposites, HER(Her Eternal Royalty) is likely rather reserved and prudish(though She may have some hidden perversities.))

Bubbles' personality is a blend of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, making her a chipper fun lover who's good with animals. Blossom is a blend of Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, making her a smart, bookish girl who really doesn't like getting her hair messed up. Buttercup is a blend of Rainbow Dash and Applejack, making her a tough girl who jumps right into action.
  • I can see the Bubbles-Fluttershy, Blossom-Twilight, and Buttercup-Rainbow Dash comparisons, but I don't think they really have much in common with Pinkie, Rarity, and Applejack. Bubbles isn't a hyperactive lunatic with a Motor Mouth, Blossom isn't a hoity-toity fashionista, and Buttercup isn't a cowgirl.

Mr. Green from the episode "Substitute Creature" is Aces biological father.
I don't know but i heard alot of people say that he is and i think it makes perfect sense why else would ace have green skin?
  • It would also give Ace a reason to hate school more than "snotty teenager."
In the Powerpuff Girls reboot the Powerpunk girls will make an appearance.
cause I know there's a ton of people who would love to see the powerpunk girls and Powerpuff girls face to face.

The Mayor's real name is Barney Mayor.

In one episode, his wife calls him Barney, while everyone else calls him Mayor or Mr. Mayor. Nobody but his wife would know to call him Barney, because his wife likely knew his name since their first date. The "Vote For Mayor For Mayor" campaign likely used the last name.

The professor is (or was) a pedophile.

To the best of my knowledge, the Professor always had trouble with the ladies. I'm assuming he couldn't find a wife, probably because of his nerdyness or something. In fact, the first time he ever starts dating a girl in the show, it just turns out to be Sedusa, who wants him for his money/wants to abuse the girls (either way, he'd be fine with it. One way he gets a girl and loses money, the other way he indirectly abuses the girls he didn't mean to create). But because of this loneliness, he wanted to create "The Perfect Little Girl". It was an accident to add Chemical X, which is the cause of the girls' superpowers. He now can't take advantage of them because he fears their powers, and doesn't want to be beat up/killed.He still is their father, and did raise them, which is why he seems affectionate toward them. But any abusive parent can be two-faced like that.

Townsville is alternate universe Seattle

It's got a Space Needle-esque tower, it's a center of telecommunication and business, it's got a Japantown, it's in perfect proximity to ocean and woodland, and there's a volcano nearby. Though granted, there's only a couple of episodes where it's actually shown raining or cloudy.

Dick Hardley has some connection to either Him, Aku, or The Gnome from see me, feel me, Gnomey.

Buttercup's Tomboy nature partially stems from wanting to stand out from her sisters.
Since Blossom and Bubbles were both named for their personalities and Buttercup's name was an afterthought, this gave her a bit of a complex. Her sisters being very girly, Buttercup developed a Blood Knight attitude to make herself different from them and to get some attention for being "Buttercup" rather than just being a Powerpuff girl.
  • Yeah, I believe you. *sigh* Tearjerker, much? :(

The little girl who revealed the magician as a phony in ABRACADAVER was Ms. Bellum.
  • I thought that was pretty obvious.
    • Doubtful, since the Mayor is old and he was a kid in the flashback. But the little girl is Ms. Bellum's mother.

Him isn't actually gay.
Yeah, he's a disturbing cross-dresser, has a twisted lisp and freakish appearance, but that doesn't mean he's gay. In reality Him isn't gay or even straight, mainly due to the fact that the only time of love(both romantic and sexual) he could feel is love for pain. The only reason for his camp nature is that Him is because he likes to troll people by being so fruity. That, and he's fond of pink. Being evil incarnate, he might antagonize every group he can as well.
  • So, how do you explain his Ho Yay with Mojo in "Custody Battle"?

The girls are Professor Utonium's Imaginary Friends.
Because let's face it, Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice, and mysterious chemicals do not super powered little girls make. Also, McCrackenverse.

The Powerpuff Girls will be Legendary in the Sequel in the 2014 special.

Pirate Crack McCraigen has a wife.
Her name: Fauren Laust.

The real name of Him, which shall not be pronounced without going mad, is...
Marilyn Manson. He's the ultimate evil incarnate, he dresses like a travesti, his voice goes from a girlish falsetto to a deep, reverberating growl and back... the only thing new is the red color... or not.

Townsville is a SimCity.
Could explain why it's in trouble almost all the time.

Him, formerly known as the Krampus.
The Krampus used to go about its business punishing and kidnapping naughty children in the night and things were normal. That is until Professor Utonium played God, directly creating living breathing little girls. This act of perversion was difficult for the Krampus to comprehend, and so it abandoned its duty to investigate these anomalies. With its strange arcane powers, it warps and twists the minds of mortal men and to some extent that of the girls' in a bid of study, to figure out if they qualify as good or bad little girls... or if they count as children at all. Him behaves so strangely and creepily because it is a strange, creepy being taken voluntary corporeal form.

The Rowdyruff Boys will degrade.
They were made with subpar parts, in unsanitary conditions. They will either degrade, or try to force the professor to fix them.
  • Actually, the poem that stemmed the Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice rhyme also had a verse about little boys, saying they're made of Snips, Snails, and a Puppy-Dog's tail. So they actually had the 'correct' ingredients.

The Professor has a special deal worked out with the Mayor.
After the events of the movie, The Mayor wanted the girls to be the city's resident heroes. But the Professor arranged a meeting and made them a deal: The Professor would allow the girls to continue fighting monsters and Criminals, but on two conditions; One, the city has to pay him continued welfare to help him raise and care for the girls. Two, the Mayor would have to use of all of his political power to keep away the military, the government, and children family services away from him and the girls. I mean let's face it! The man created three super powered girls in a lab, let's them be crime fighters, and CDFS hasn't taken them from him?!! Top it off, I repeat, three little girls with powers, made a lab. Out of basic ingredients and an rare chemical. You'd figure the government would demand to have them study, have their powers copied in human soldiers. If the Mayor refused, Townsville would be rampaged by evil. And the professor lets him know, if anything happened to the girls, he could make in his lab, in under a few hours, an invention that could wipe Townsville off the globe. That's why the mayor is usually nervous. The professor pulled a godfather on him, giving him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Episodes for the PPG reboot.

The Professor was married before.
Professor Utonium was married before, but his wife died in childbirth (the baby died too). As a way to cope with his grief, the Professor set about trying to create the perfect little girls.

The reason why Townsville constantly gets threatened to be destroyed (and has been destroyed multiple times) by almost every kind of Natural, Artificial and even Supernatural Disaster imaginable is because it is supernaturally cursed due to having been built on a sacred Indian burial ground (or something similar).
Come on! Why has nobody considered this yet!? It's so obvious!
  • This also easily explains why "Him" (who's supposedly the devil himself) constantly attacks this city more than any other!

Chemical X is cocaine.
As proven by this Robot Chicken sketch.

Sara Bellum is a latina.
She is noticeably curvier and bustier than the other females in the show, and she has light brown skin.

Professor Utonium has the power to infinitely produce Chemical X.
This is why he has a seemingly unlimited supply of it, and we never get to see how he obtains it... Heck, his name is literally Professor Utonium! That's totally the name of an evil Mad Scientist if I've ever heard of one.

At one point, Ace wanted to form a band with the Gangreen Gang
But it didn't work out as Ace was the only one in the Gang that had any musical talent. Luckily he got to play with Gorillaz briefly.

The Gangreen Gang, out of all the main villains, may have a redemption in the future, and turn into an actual band
Based on a few hints and observations that the canon is peppered with there and there:
  • Billy had his own prominent episode in where he tried to help the Powerpuff Girls after they saved his life. Even at the end of the episode when he's back with the Gang, it hints there's still a noble side to him.
  • In "Aspirations", where they help the girls defeat Sedusa after she kicks the Gang to the curb. It's interesting to note that Ace was hurt in the same manner as he hurt Buttercup back then in "Buttercrush": toying with her feelings. Probably that flicked a switch somewhere in his brain, to see that he ended up in the same vulnerable position as his "rival" once was.
  • Turning good for a while in the IDW comics. Yeah it also occurred with the other villains, but it's still interesting to consider while making this point.
  • In Fusionfall they saved Buttercup after getting amnesia and formed a band.
  • During 2018-2019 Ace served as the replacement bassist for Murdoc in Gorillaz, and based on comments and pictures, he seems much more laid-back than when he was a teen.
  • Compared to the other villains, even the PPG think they're overall less threatening. "Just a nuisance", in Blossom's words. Of course, their villainous acts aren't comparable to a genius monkey and the Devil Himself, but it puts things into perspective when thinking what actions are "redeemable" or not.
  • A lot of hints and meta surrounding the GGG seem to observe at the most that they seem homeless, maybe even orphaned?, teens that are lashing out because they have nothing else in their lives. No family, no money, not a proper home... And unlike other villains, their mutation didn't give them cool weapons, genius intellect or super-powers; they're the same old rotten teens from before, just with added deformities. That's gotta sting in the self-esteem angle, too. And we know Townsville is judgmental even with innocent bystanders as long as they don't look "right", hence how the citizens were so wary of Mr. Green. It's safe to say even without the delinquent attitude they might have been shunned by the rest of the town for their looks alone. This points stands a lot more when you see the comparison to real life gangs, and how immigrant children are shunned (Arturo is stated to be Mexican and Ace hinted to be Italian- two immigrant groups in real life that were shunned in the history of the USA).
  • Buttercup is their prominent PPG Foe. Not only because of the color green and the troublemaking attitude, but it's hinted that Cuppa has this lashing-out, tomboy personality to differ from her sisters and stand-out amidst Blossom's smarts and Bubbles' sweetness. Similarly, maybe the Gang commit crimes to bring attention to themselves, because otherwise the only thing they would do is starve down the streets. But we know that under the brash exterior, Cuppa is a good girl at heart, so who's to say the Gang also aren't hidden diamonds in the rough? Life has just robbed them of opportunities where they could display their good side.

Maid Mary from "Neighbor Hood" was intended to have a bigger role as willy's Dark Mistress or Lady Macbeth

This Troper always found it strange that Maid Mary was the only one of Willy's friends to be wearing a realistic mask and body suit, when all the overs are Cleary puppets and cheap costumes. It would have made more sense if she was just a female convict with a naturally innocent-looking face.

Of course it makes sense when you remember that female mooks are rare, even in feminist shows like the Powerpuff Girls, so if Maid Mary was a real women, she would have been a supporting character in that episode.

If she was a supporting character, she would eaither have been Willy's henchman girlfriend, similar to Harley Quinn from Batman, or be the true villain behind things, the one who convinced Willy to scam the kids into giving money. Alas, there wasn't anytime for this, so Maid Mary was reduced to a normal male mook.

the Gnome is to God what Him is to Satan
In the episode "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" all the villains, including Him, have taken over Townsville. The Girls fail to stop them and resort to praying. The Gnome falls from the sky (heavens) and uses his power to quickly eliminate all the villains in exchange that the Girls give up their powers. Everyone starts worshiping the Gnome and decide to live their lives for him. The Professor concludes that's bad since they are giving up their free will for safety. The Girls beat him by talking him to death, making hi realise he can't exist.

This actually has to parallels to criticism of the Abrahamic God and religion as a whole. That is, if Adam and Eve hadn't have eaten the forbidden fruit, there would be no suffering or sin, but at the same time, mankind would never have gained free will and we would all be like mindless sheep in some garden doing what God tell us.

"Moral Decay" was just a bad dream Buttercup was having
After she woke up, she vowed to never actually knock people's teeth out, lest she suffer the consequences that happened in her dream.