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Blossom develops a new superpower.

The Powerpuff Girls was not originally conceived as a kids' show (it was originally titled "The Whoopass Girls," but Cartoon Network wouldn't air the show unless it was changed to something more family-friendly). The mere existence of the items on this page lends credibility to the theory that it was only a kids' show in appearance and tone.

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The Mayor's perspective of Miss Bellum
  • Also worth mention that due to the Mayor's stature, his discussions with Ms Bellum would be distracting to say the least. Probably goes a long way to explaining why he rarely retains anything she tells him.
  • Sara Bellum is practically an example in and of herself. The fact that she is only seen from the chest down has often been suggested as being a joking way of non-verbally explaining that everybody is staring at her breasts most of the time. Blossom practically confirmed this theory in The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever, in which she dresses as Ms. Bellum by combing her hair over her face and shoving a few stuffed animals down the front of her dress, as seen in the page image.
    • After first being defeated by the Rowdyruff Boys, Ms. Bellum tells them that they've been "attacking the problem from the wrong angle", as we're treated to an overhead camera angle that lets us see down her shirt. Then she tells the girls to try "being nice" instead of fighting them — which confused the girls considerably. Ms. Bellum did nothing but repeat her advice, but this time also moving her arms out of way leaving the camera with a clear view of her cleavage. The girls seemed to understand after that.
    • Her home address is 69 Yodelinda Valley Lane. "Yodel in the Valley" is an old slang term for cunnilingus
  • Him. The very existence of a transvestite villain who may or may not be Satan himself in a kid's show is a bit surprising, but at one point, Him licks the professor quite suggestively.
  • Ace and Snake, two teen delinquents apart of the Gangreen Gang, are typically shown with red-tinted eyes. Remind you of anything?
    Season 1 
  • In Insect Inside, after accidentally knocking Roach Coach off a building and upon inspecting his body and discovering he was a robot, one of the hands of his robot appears to be Flipping the Bird at them.
  • The episodes Powerpuff Bluff and Tough Love show guns. And no, these aren't Family-Friendly Firearms. Make notice of the fact that in the former episode police are firing at elementary school children. Considering the fact that numerous schools shootings have happened relatively recently, this can be taken as pretty disturbing.
  • Mommy Fearest:
    • The girls help the professor prepare for a date. As they're enthusiastically spiffing him up with various accessories and items of clothing, Buttercup adds "And some of these!" while tucking something unseen into his shirt pocket. This was made even more obvious in the Polish dub, where Buttercup calls the mysterious thing "you-know-what". She also suggests a start time for the date of 10:00 pm. Clearly she wasn't intending to wait up.
    • Would anyone care to explain why "Ima" was at the girls' house so late?
      • Because the Professor asked her to move in, or Ima convinced him to, during their date. Literally their first date.
  • Boogie Frights:
    • The Invisible Man appears walking his invisible dog. But considering he's wearing clothes that make him look like a pimp, and the collar has spikes, you have to wonder if that was a dog he was walking...
    • Also, in that same episode, the music in general sounds more like 70's porno music rather than disco music. (heck, the episode name references a movie about the porn industry at the time)
  • Abracadaver from "Abacadaver". To clarify, he is a stage magician whose great trick went awry because of a little girl, and he comes back as a zombie. Open eye sockets, loose jawbone and everything. He sees the little girl in Blossom's face and nearly kills Bubbles and Buttercup, and only through sleight of hand does Blossom manage to swap places with her would-be killer.
  • In Tough Love, the citizens of Townsville are brutally beaten up and at the end are show very, very injured and bandaged. Nothing too bad here. Then the narrator proclaims "Oh, nurse! Isn't it time for my sponge bath? Heh heh heh..."
    • If you take the scene where The Professor walks towards the girls menacingly saying "Now come here, girls," out of context, you'd be forgiven for thinking he was about to kill them.
  • In Paste Makes Waste, a drawing of an angry Alcoholic Parent can be seen in certain shots of Pokey Oaks.
  • One early episode, The Bare Facts, was shown completely from the mayor's point of view. He gets captured by Mojo and the girls rescue him, but they start snickering. After explaining the fight with Mojo, the mayor still wonders why the girls were laughing. Rather than explain, the girls just fly off. The camera pans back to show the mayor is COMPLETELY NAKED, and we even get a bare butt shot. The censors were apparently fine with Mojo taking off the mayor's clothes without consent and having a man of at least 50 being naked in front of three girls who are about 5.
  • In Cat Man Do, there's a close-up shot of the mayor licking a cat at one point.
  • After Fuzzy Lumpkins asserts himself as mayor in Impeach Fuzz, he forces Ms. Bellum to dress in stereotypical hillbilly clothes, complete with Daisy Dukes, and talk with a southern drawl. Fuzzy's reaction to her doing this? A very excited "Hoo doggy, I likes that!"
  • At the beginning of Just Another Manic Mojo there's a woman rubbing her boyfriend's back with sun cream. Said boyfriend seems to be naked, though nothing is shown (the woman is sitting on him).
  • In "The Rowdyruff Boys", Blossom chases Brick across the city, they fly past a woman, and Brick flies underneath her skirt and comes out smiling.
  • "Uh Oh… Dynamo":
    Season 2 
  • In the episode "Dream Scheme," much like the Spongebob joke where Spongebob tells Patrick that "his genius is showing" and the latter replies, "Where?" Buttercup tells Bubbles that "her ego is showing." Of course Bubbles then says "What, where?"
  • During Down N' Dirty, which is about about Buttercup's poor hygiene, we see a large truck draining portable toilets. Said truck had the logo "BOB'S SEPTIC WORLD - we're full of it!" Later Buttercup is doused with its contents.
  • Combined with a Last-Second Word Swap, the episode Slave the Day has the Gangreen Gang capture the Powerpuff Girls and put them on the subway tracks. The following conversation happens between Ace and Grubber, who only speaks in raspberries:
    Ace: The train is coming! The train is coming! And you girls are-
    Grubber: [blows raspberry]
    Ace: Well put, Grubber.
  • In A Very Special Blossom, the girls asked the mayor for an extraordinary amount of money for their services (hoping to use it to buy some top-of-the-line golf clubs as a Father's Day present for the Professor). The mayor literally has what appears to be a heart attack, then after calming down says "I'm no sugar daddy. Those days are over." For the uninformed, a Sugar Daddy is a rich man who pays a large amount of money or expensive gifts for the sex or romantic company of a younger woman (or a younger male, if he swings that way). And he just said this to some 5-year-old girls that asked him for money.
  • "Cootie Gras":
    • At the end of Cootie Gras when Mojo is thrown in jail, a large, burly prisoner is looking down on him with a sly smile. The narrator's quip? "Love is in the air. Can't you just smell it?"
    • In the same episode, a male bird is seen flirting with a female bird by asking, in a French accent, "Have I ever told you about the birds and the bees?" The narrator even admonishes the bird for using the phrase.
    • At one point in the episode, Mojo is seen smoking a cigarette. How wonderful.
  • The episode Mojo Jonesin' is one big drug abuse metaphor. It has Mojo in a trench coat, in an alley way, giving "chemical x" to kids. But, it wears off and the kids want more. Essentially, Mojo gets the kids hooked on chemical x, by giving the first hit away for free, and then asks the addicted kids for something in return. The narrator even says things like "Destroy the Powerpuff Girls!? Kids, just say no!" and "They used to be such good kids!"
  • "Something's A Ms":
    • Really the entire episode is one long series of Getting Crap Past the Radar, with Sedusa impersonating Ms Bellum, and flirting with the Mayor with the sole purpose to distract him with sex appeal.
    • Wherein Sedusa, the other Ms. Fanservice of the series, replaces Ms. Bellum features a series of visual double entendres — for example, "Ms. Bellum" helping the mayor sharpen a pencil while he gets a blissful look, then pulls back the pencil to discover only a nub left.
    • The shape of the pencil itself is EXTREMELY phallic — pay attention to the placement of the mayor's fingers on the pencil...
    • Later when Sedusa fights the girls, she throws breast padding at Blossom, which she took from under her blouse.
    • At the end of the episode, Ms. Bellum clarifies that she wasn't the one trying to seduce the mayor, but rather Sedusa. This results in the mayor to stop clinging on to Ms. Bellum, to which she responds, "Where are you going?" The mayor replies with, "To the prison. Visiting hours are almost over, y'know!" and leaves the office. It heavily implies that the mayor is going to let Sedusa finish the "job" at the prison.
    Season 3 
  • In Criss Cross Crisis everyone in Townsville switches bodies with each other, which leads to the Gangreen Gang switching bodies with a group of teenage girls. In a brief shot of the group spread out in a slumber party setting, what looks like a tampon can be seen on the floor.
  • When the narrator describes the kinds of villains Townsville has in the beginning of Bought and Scold, Sedusa appears in a suggestive pose when the narrator says "naughty."
  • In the episode Gettin' Twiggy With It, Mitch Mitchelson, who lives in a trailer park with his grandma, takes the class hamster, Twiggy, home and starts playing with her violently. When Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup catch him in the act:
    Mitch: But it was an accident!
    Blossom: You're an accident!
  • At the end of the episode "Monkey See, Doggy Two", Mojo turns into a dog again and is locked away in the Townsville dog pound, where a bulldog looks at him and goes "woof" suggestively.
  • In Super Zeroes, when Buttercup is narrating the panels of "Spore", there is a great deal of gore, though it is only briefly shown.
  • "Candy is Dandy":
    • Check out The Powerpuff Girls having orgasms from candy in the episode Candy is Dandy (start at about 2:10 and go till about 3:25). 'Orgasm' might not be the most appropriate word to use in conjunction with a trio of 5-year-old girls, but there's no other way to describe it.
    Bubbles: (Looking exhausted, with eyes half shut) That... was... amazing.
    • The scene could also be interpreted as how someone might react to a really good ecstasy or LSD trip.
    • Also, when the girls are about to kick Mojo's ass, they sound like thugs who confront their drug dealer about hiding the blow from them.
    • Heck, that whole episode has nothing but blatant references to drug addiction.
  • This exchange in Hot Air Buffoon:
    Mayor: Enough of your silly talk. It's time to seize the helm, baby! *while making thrusting gestures with his arms and finally his crotch*
    Ms. Bellum: Uhhh, do you want me to leave for that?
  • In the episode Equal Fights, Straw Feminist villainess Femme Fatale has a picture of a cat licking another cat on her wall.
    Season 4 
  • "Get Back, Jojo":
    • The active volcano in the Reefer Madness-esque PSA is said to cause "bulimic disorders."
    • Also in the same episode, a young Ms. Bellum's body is blocked by a large shapely apple which forms the shape of her future breasts and legs.
  • "Knock It Off":
    • The guy who copies and mass-markets the PPGirls in Knock It Off is named Dick Hardly.
    Blossom: That... that Professor Dick!
    • Also...
    Blossom: Dick is good.
    • In addition, a morbidly obese man (meant to emulate a creepy obsessed nerd) is shown in an infomercial saying he "lost over 200 pounds" thanks to his Blossom knockoff toy. As if to drive the point home further, Bubbles then remarks "Lost over 200 pounds? I don't get it."
    • Then there's Dick's womanizing attitude. In Professor's flashbacks he is seen watching girls through a telescope and later in the episode, when producing PPG copies earns him millions, he is seen hugging two women in very skimpy outfits.
  • Quite a few in "Members Only".
    • Right in the start of the episode after the girls watch a live feed from the convention of parading overpumped paragons of manliness, they start gushing over it, getting more and more excited until they are no longer capable of coherent words... and then they collapse on the sofa, exhausted but with blissful grins on their faces. Iffy, isn't it?
    • Bubbles defeats the Japanese superhero "E-Male" in a near-light-speed race around the world. The other members mock E-Male for losing the race to a girl, Valhallen saying "Your PPP connection hath been severed!"
    • The monster is in the form of the giant, red, pointy hot rod, which turns into a robot bear that battles all the manly superheroes of Earth but proves invincible, declaring "The more manhood you bring against me, the harder I become!"
    • "I feed off your expulsions of manliness."
    • Said monster was defeated by the girls when they turned into a giant flaming cat and rubbed against him.
    • To put the episode into perspective, it's about a society of male superheroes who don't want to admit girls. Refer to the title.
    • The monster itself challenges the superheroes to "Step forth and bring thy manhood against my own!" so they can see "who has the upper hand on the measuring stick!"
    • The African hero on the team is called Mandingonote .
    • The Caribbean hero has red eyes. Red eyes are a side effect of using marijuana, plus it is a stereotype that Jamaicans use marijuana.
    • After the bad guy gives his beginning speech, Major Glory says "Finally a true test of our manhood! Heroes, hooooo!" Having a hard time believing that "ho" in this context was not intended both ways.
  • In Super Friends, a new neighbor moves in next door to the girls. While introducing her to the professor, the following exchange occurs:
    Bubbles: This is our dad. He made us in his laboratory by accident.
    Professor Utonium: Well, what can I say.
    Robin: Don't worry, Professor. I was an accident, too!
    * The professor's eyes bulge in shock*
    Robin: (Later) Your dad is funny.
    • Earlier in that same episode, the girls see their new neighbors include a married couple and Bubbles sees a box labelled "Toys", likely figuring that means they have kids. Blossom then responds, "You know that lots of old people play with toys too."
  • In Stray Bullet, the girls are arguing over whether a squirrel they've adopted is a boy or a girl. Eventually their shouting over each other makes it impossible to tell what their saying. As soon as Blossom and Buttercup finally fall silent, Bubbles (who was arguing that the squirrel was a girl) yells, "Squirrels eat nuts, stupid!" You can probably fill in the blanks as to what kind of suggestion she was replying to.
  • In "Not So Awesome Blossom", Blossom accidentally spills extremely hot tea, then it lands in the professor's lap.
    Season 5 
  • "Shut The Pup Up":
    • In Shut the Pup Up (the title itself is a bit risky!), the Talking Dog gets on everybody's nerves with his Brutal Honesty. Some of his comments go quite far.
    Talking Dog: (At Ms. Bellum) If you ask me your face ain't so special, but your body - rowwr!
    Talking Dog: (Looking at a painting) Who ate the chili and called it art?
    • Aaaand then the radar gets demolished.
    Talking Dog: (Hugging the girls) Pee-yew! Somebody definitely stepped in my poop!
  • In Shotgun Wedding, Fuzzy Lumpkins places a Do Not Disturb sign with two hearts on his door before going inside with a pile of mud that he believes to be a female. Cue lots of strangely suggestive noises accompanied by a look of disgust on the professor's face. In addition, the mud had been on Professor Utonium beforehand, which resulted in Fuzzy mistaking the professor for a female and the professor very explicitly worrying about what would happen.
  • The Boys Are Back In Town:
    • Girls' kisses used to be the boys' weakness, but now they make them "bigger and more powerful." After twelve minutes of Squicky torture — including Brick pinning Blossom down by her arms and snicker-snagging her (a disgusting schoolyard-bully tactic involving drool), and the other two shoving a slug down Bubbles' dress — the girls discover that the boys' new weakness is that "whenever their masculinity is threatened, they shrink in size." So they're metaphorical and literal dicks?
    • This goes even more literal at one point. Brick gets de-pantsed whilst giant and Butch and Boomer laugh at his misfortune, which induces shrinking. Since threatening their masculinity is their weakness, the implication should be fairly obvious... Although since he's only five years old (and that's only physically!) that's a bit obvious, but the episode decided to make it even more obvious.
    • The episode also has them fighting a one-eyed monster, a crab, a tentacle monster, and two fuzzy balls that spit a gooey substance. When defeated, the PPG throw them in a pile, with the one-eyed monster and fuzzy ball monsters landing in a very suggestive manner.
  • In Pee Pee G's, when the girls stay awake to avoid wetting the bed in their sleep, Mojo Jojo comes and we get to hear... rather interesting sounds, followed by the girls turning the lights on and him being shown from the back with his arm in a questionable position. Before the subversion where it's revealed that Mojo Jojo was simply using a water bottle, it's implied and seemingly shown that Mojo Jojo was urinating on their bed the whole time.
  • Toward the end of Bubble Boy, Brick and Butch find Boomer trapped in the containment ray and ask why he took his clothes off (actual answer: the girls stole them so Bubbles could disguise herself as him). Brick follows it up with "We're not here to have a party!" Um… what?
  • From "Lying Around The House", Buttercup states that she left the toilet seat up. How could she do that? Girls can't pee standing up. Unless they're saying that she can actually do that, as a possible nod to her tomboyish nature. Of course, it could also mean she saw that the seat was up but did nothing about it.
  • The City of Clipsville:
    • During the teenage Powerpuffs scene, one of the teenage Rowdyruff Boys turns his magazine sideways and a folded page pops out, prompting him to say "woah" in response. It says FHM on the magazine. You know, just like the men's lifestyle magazine that has features such as the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World. What did they put in this episode in order to make this pass?!
    • That wasn't the only bit of innuendo in that clip:
    Buttercup: Hey Blossom! Wanna take a ride on Butch's escalator?
    • Also in that same episode, the flashback where the Professor nearly marries Mojo Mojo. It culminates with the latter saying that he "has always loved the Professor".
    • Just like in The Boys Are Back in Town episode, while Bubbles talks to Boomer, in the background, a giant one-eyed monster slowly rises from below, eats a girl, and then leaves. "One-eyed monster" is slang for the male sexual organ.
    Season 6 
  • In "A Made Up Story", the professor tries to describe how mad Mask Scara's crimes make him.
    Professor Utonium: Boy that makes me mad. Kind of like when you wash your hands at a public restroom and the hot water just stays cold. Or like when you're mowing the lawn on a hot summer day and your undershorts keep riding up the c—-
    Bubbles: Um, Professor? We get the idea.
  • In Aspirations, the Gangreen Gang have been going around stealing stuff for Sedusa because she has promised them a "reward." The whole gang literally melts at the thought, and no explanation is provided for what she might have meant. It gets somewhat Squicky when they refer to Sedusa as their "mommy" and Sedusa acts like they're her sons. What?
  • Bang for Your Buck has Professor Utonium read a magazine called "Smart Girls" the same way a man would read a pornographic magazine and ends with the Gangreen Gang being sold by the Powerpuff Girls to an elderly woman who remarks that she hopes the Gangreen Gang can give her a decent sponge bath.
  • In the Christmas Special Twas the Fight Before Christmas, when Santa declares that Princess Morbucks is going on the permanent naughty list, one of the other names listed is Adolph… Schickelgruber. And as a Genius Bonus, Schicklgruber was actually the last name of Hitler's paternal grandmother.
  • In the 2014 special Dance Pantsed, one of the dance moves shown by the girls after Mojo Jojo's dance pants take control of them involves smacking their own butts.
  • Censorship is a bit more loose with The Powerpuff Girls comic books, meaning that the creators are allowed to get away with titling certain comics things such as "Hell Toupee" and "Helliday".
  • In "Shutterthug", Shutterthug was crushed by a piece of a blown up dam, and Blossom exclaimed "Dam!"
  • From an old Cartoon Network promo, after the Powerpuff Girls rescue Aqua Man and Wonder Woman from the Legion of Doom, Wonder Woman tells them that they are developing into quite the superheroes. Bubbles responds with "someday, we'll be as developed as you," which causes the defeated villains to start laughing and Wonder Woman to cover her chest with a sheepish expression on her face.
  • Another promo has Mojo Jojo confronting a (real, not animated) gorilla, proclaiming he is the alpha male. The gorilla stands upright, Mojo looks shocked, and...
    Mojo Jojo: It isn't fair. He gets all the girls!

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