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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • In "Equal Fights", three women who have been victimized by Femme Fatale air their grievances; one had her bank robbed by her, the second was a police officer whose arm was broken by her and the third claims Femme Fatale stole her hairstyle. On the surface, it seems like a petty complaint, but if the woman is telling the truth, it could be an issue for her if she were mistaken by Femme Fatale due to their similar hairstyles.
  • In the movie, the Professor names the girls and gives reasonable explanations behind them....except for Buttercup's (it also began with "b"). Buttercup is the most abrasive of the three, what with her bad attitude and greater chance of hostility (just ask Fuzzy Lumpkins). In reality, buttercups look harmless, but they can do some crazy shit to you upon consumption and can even end up killing you (see Undertale's Nightmare Fuel page for proof).
  • In "Supper Villain", the grass in the Smiths' yard is a dingy brownish green, while the grass on the Professor's lawn is a nice vibrant shade of green. For Harold Smith, the grass really is greener on the other side.
  • That Professor Utonium was such a Bratty Half-Pint as a child. It has been recently discovered that gifted children often develop asynchronously, and can be Wise Beyond Their Years in some areas and act their age in others. In fact, Mojo makes the same misapprehension many make, that the gifted child necessarily has to be the polite, well-behaved nerd who spouts technobabble on cue.
  • On one occasion, the Gangrene Gang is seen playing poker and it's mentioned that Grubber always wins. Of course he does! Look at that face of his! He has not one single solitary tell! And he's probably memorized the others' tells as well.
  • The ending of "Keen on Miss Keane" seemed abrupt and forced, but Professor Utonium's resentment at not being believed makes sense considering the bizarre situations he has experienced as the father figure of three superheroes.
    • Furthermore, the restaurant of their first date might seem like the worst place for a romantic dinner...up until you realize the Powerpuff Girls are five and might think that this is where any prospective boys might want to go to. How are they supposed to know what adults would like?
  • I used to think Him was the best villain on The Powerpuff Girls because, come on, how many 5-year-old girls have Satan as a regular member of their Rogues Gallery? In fact, I often wondered why Mojo Jojo was considered their Arch-Enemy and main threat (unlike on Powerpuff Girls Z, where Him is promoted to Big Bad, with Mojo reduced to a rather Harmless Villain). Recently rewatching several of Him's episodes coincidentally right after The Movie made me realize how much more evil and threatening and even cool Mojo is as a villain compared to Him. First of all, It's Personal with Mojo, which goes much farther towards Arch-Enemy status than how powerful you are. Second of all, Mojo is actually much more successful at manipulating the girls than Him, who repeatedly underestimates their ability to conquer the anger or fear he relies on to destroy them and then helplessly laments "But you were supposed to..." The girls always eventually beat Him at his mind games, but Mojo's mind games actually succeed, so the only way they can defeat him is by brute force. It's a scary thought, but Mojo Jojo is actually more evil and manipulative than Satan.
    • Ironically, Mojo's superiority to Him is further proven in "Speed Demon", an episode that is frequently sited as proof that Him is the better villain. Except by Him's own admission in that episode, he only won because the girls weren't around to stop him. Mojo has come far closer to achieving victory while the girls were present.
  • HIM actually has a brilliant characterization, if one loaded with Unfortunate Implications. The show tends to characterize male characters as villainous (the Rogues Gallery is mostly male) or incompetent (the mayor, the Police, and so on), with relatively few yet notable exceptions (mostly Utonium). In contrast, female characters tend to be portrayed as heroic (the girls themselves), innocent (Robin, Bunny, etc) or a little more put-together (Miss Bellum), with, again, few but notable exceptions (Princess, Sedusa and Femme Fatale). The reason this is relevant is because HIM acts rather effeminate and tends to speak in a somewhat androgynous voice, only to drop into Guttural Growler territory when he gets serious. It's an act to get his victims to lower their guard, mistaking HIM for less of a threat than he actually is. Fitting characterization for the king of lies, no?
  • Speaking of villains, ever notice that nearly every episode, Princess is actually a self-defeating villain? Think about it!
    • "Stuck up up and away"? In this episode alone she defeats herself twice. First at the bank robbery, she tries to handle the robbers to prove to the PPGs she could join them, only to further validate their rejection at her joining. Later, she tries to annihilate them, then taunts Blossom, who has been playing peacekeeper the whole episode, convincing her that Princess is too spoiled for the olive branch. With that, she promptly fights back and uses her ice breath to shatter her suit.
    • In "Bought and Scold", she gains ownership of the city and makes crime legal. This backfires on her spectacularly when the girls realize they can steal all her stuff as a result, forcing her to make crime illegal again and return the city to the Mayor.
    • "Mo Job"? She ends up getting hit with the very power-nullifying ray that was meant for the Powerpuff girls.
    • "Super Friends"? Her accusation that Robin is a candy thief leads her to pointing out that stealing candy was Princess's idea.
    • "Twas the Fight before Christmas"? Yeah, shouldn't have bullied Santa claus.
  • At first, "Cop Out" seems to sadly vindicate that Police Are Useless when the police fail to save the Powerpuff Girls from the vat of acid (the girls are okay anyway). But the whole thing becomes a brilliant lesson when one looks at the scope of the story. The whole thing started because Officer Brikowski was fired and wouldn't own up that it was less about the girls "stealing his job" and more to do with his laziness. Perez and the other officers, on the other, were proactive in arresting Brikowski and trying to save the girls. Turns out, the Townville Police prove that trying to help (even at the possibility of failure) is better than doing nothing at all.
  • Yes, being afraid of spiders is no big deal... to you or me. To a character like Buttercup who prides herself on her toughness and invulnerability, the reality that she might have even a little fear of something as mundane as bugs (shared by her sisters, but ranked insignificant next to the fears exploited for them in "Power-noia") is devastating. Devastating enough to make her feel powerless ("I can't fly!").
    • Actually Buttercup's "phobia" is either a Compressed Vice or a serious continuity error. Way back in Season 1's "Insect Inside" Bubbles is terrified of spiders, roaches, etc and Bubbles is the ONLY one who freaks out when all 3 girls are covered in bugs. Buttercup has no problem with squishing in that episode and acts as if she finds them annoying, not something to be feared.
    • To be fair, that those were just cockroaches and plenty of people can be completely okay with one kind of bug and completely terrified of another(and that even applies to the same bug! How many little kids are willing to play with a daddy longlegs but scream and run at the sight of black widow?). So technically it WOULDN'T be an error if Buttercup was okay with cockroaches but not with spiders. At the top of my head, I think the only spider that appeared in the series before that episode was at the very end of the Roach Coach episode and the Professor killed it before anyone else noticed it.
  • Before many Cartoon Network films started, when this played, Mojo Jojo tries to eat Popcorn, only for the girls to fly in and eat his popcorn and sit next to him. Why do they sit next to him? He's technically their dad.
    • True, but Utonium was TRYING to make little girls and seeing as how it's Professor Utonium would probably have succeeded. Without Mojo Jojo they wouldn't have had super powers (and neither would he) but they'd still exist. I see Mojo Jojo as more of their uncle.
  • This comment on a Youtube video made the Powerpuff Girls suddenly seem brilliant to me.
    Him is great. He makes light of the other villains— even his own actions. As the master, he can afford to take a break from chaos to pamper himself, he lays enough, the seed of evil, to keep the "do-gooders" busy.
    What I have always found interesting is that, Townsville, is the center of mass destruction— within which the Devil plainly resides and makes home. It can be suggested that he is what draws all the evil to the city... the city of Armageddon. I kinda like that wiggy theme.
  • HIM may just be the way to avoid saying his name, but if may also be seen as an acronym for His Infernal Majesty. Yikes.
  • Why did Professor Utonium call Mojo Jojo "Daddy-o" in "Powerprof"? That's the same name he called him when Mojo Jojo went back in time in an attempt to kill Utonium as a child.
  • When Professor Utonium accidentally smashes a bottle of Chemical X, it results in the creation of three girls. Now, what does the father have to provide in order for a child to be born female? The X chromosome! Guess the name wasn't just because "X" Makes Anything Cool being in effect.
    • No. The Run-of-the-mill girls showed that Chemical X only gave them superpowers. Otherwise, they'd be normal little girls.
      • ...As normal as could be the daughters of a brilliant scientist (I mean, they also were able to replicate the formula that gave them life with Bunny. Badly, yeah, but they're 5 years old girls and still created another humanoid being).
  • In The Movie, at the end of their trip to the zoo, Mojo reassures the girls that everything will be fine (even though it won't). He is indeed lying, but everything he says is technically true.
    Blossom: Do you think they'll be surprised?
    Mojo Jojo: Oh, yeah.note 
    Buttercup: Do you think they'll still be mad at us for playing tag?
    Mojo Jojo: No, they'll have forgotten all about that.note 
    Bubbles: Will they love us?
    Mojo Jojo: Yes.note 
  • Why do people like to redeem the Rowdyruff Boys? After apparently killing the girls during their very first encounter, the boys playfully dump some liquid on Mojo Jojo like football players would do to their coach after a successful game, and they laugh it off together. Brick even has this coy look on his face as the monkey exposits, as if he wants to spend his life doing more than fighting and destroying. It’s a strange twist from their awful rampage and attempted murder only seconds ago, but it sure makes you think. Secondly, there's a hated double standard going on here: The ‘puffs are the poster image for females in general, and the ‘ruffs are that for males in general, so making either side morally superior to the other is sexist. Maybe some such fans even likened it to the dynamic between the Chipmunks and Chippettes.
    • It could also be noted that they don't know better. The girls were destructive at first, but Professor Utonium is actually a decent parental figure, who does his best to teach the girls right from wrong, and other adult figures in their lives do the same. Meanwhile, the boys are essentially relying on Mojo, and then later Him. They are encouraged to be destructive, to hurt people, and to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, which they do because they haven't been taught that what they are doing is wrong. And, at times, they aren't even that particularly invested in it, like when the girls distract them with big, fun vehicles that they end up smashing.
    • Also, revenge appears to be a motivator for their desire to destroy the Powerpuff Girls.
    • The original troper has remembered something that someone else pointed out long ago: Maybe the recipe played a part in their bad attitudes? After all, the girls came from a technically intact recipe; Bunny's recipe was the original and made in the exact same manner, only botched; and the boys got toilet sludge.
  • When Mojo created the Rowdyruff Boys there just happened to be Chemical X in a toilet. Mojo most likely has Chemical X in his system from when the girls were created, and that was probably his toilet so...yeah.
  • Fridge Sadness: In some cultures, the number four is equated with death, evil, and bad luck. Bunny was the fourth Powerpuff Girl. Make of that what you will.
  • I wondered why the Talking Dog in "Shut The Pup Up" was shown to be so tactless, insulting just about everyone in the episode (albeit unintentionally). Evidence suggests that dogs have no sense of shame or guilt.
  • When the Girls figure out that Dick Hardly tricked them in "Knock It Off," they go to his lair to try and get the Chemical X they gave him back. But instead of just taking it from Dick (which they are more than capable of doing), the Girls just try to talk him down. Why? Because as far as the Girls know, Professor still sees Dick as a friend (earlier, when Professor kicked Dick out of his house, he didn't make a huge scene about it). Unless there was absolutely no other option, the Girls probably weren't going to beat up someone who they thought was their beloved father's friend.
  • During the body swap episode Criss Cross Crisis, The Professor, who is sometimes seen with a pipe, had swapped bodies with Buttercup. He's seen with it later as Buttercup, but it humorously turns out to be a Bubble Pipe instead. This is likely that since Buttercup's body is a five year old girl, the Professor cannot harm her body (and lungs) with tobacco smoke fumes, and thus uses a bubble pipe to make up for his smoking habit.
  • Doubles as a crowning moment of heartwarming but in the movie Professor Utonium explains why he created the girls in the first place, "Wow! I can't believe it! I wanted to create some kids I could teach good and bad, right and wrong, and in turn, maybe they'd do some good for this terrible town, and now I can! All I got to do is be a good parent!"... and since the girls eventually end up using their superpowers to fight crime HE WAS RIGHT!
  • At the end of "Knock It Off", Professor Utonium revives the girls with love, stating that "Well, old Dick may have gotten the formula right, but the one ingredient he forgot was love." While at first glance, this may sound like a cliched The Power of Love line that doesn't make sense in terms of science, on a closer look, it makes perfect sense. To create the Powerpuff Girls, he used Chemical X along with sugar, spice, and everything nice. Love is nice. Dick was blinded so heavily by greed that as his operations progressed, the models became more deformed due to greed being seeped into the formula. But Utonium loved the girls with all his heart, making Dick the perfect foil to the Professor.
  • The Burglar from "Burglar Alarmed" might be from outside Townsville, which might explain why he didn't know the girls when he was robbing their house (until he sees their superpowers) and Mojo Jojo when he decides to rob his volcanic lair at the end of the episode.
  • In "Three Girls and a Monster", Bubbles politely asks the monster to leave and it does so, despite having easily shrugged off everything the girls had thrown at it. In an earlier episode, a monster revealed that a monster is a hero to the other monsters if they can survive a fight with the girls and return home. Bubbles asking him to leave was basically admitting to his face that the girls can't beat him. He left because he won and could return the greatest hero of monsterkind.
  • In "Stuck Up Up and Away:" Why was Blossom able to easily defeat Princess while Bubbles and Buttercup couldn’t? Simple. She’s the most intelligent out of the three (she's the brains to Bubbles' beauty and Buttercup's brawns), and she was the only one who came up with a strategy to combat Princess’ suit that gave her powers (unlike Buttercup and Bubbles who just charged into battle without thinking of a strategy). Princess’ powers had her equal to the girls regarding strength, and brains usually always beats brawns. This is another reason as to why the girls couldn’t defeat the Rowdyruff Boys with just physical combat in all of their appearances (the boys were just as equal to the girls if not more when it came to strength, so they were usually defeated by the girls in non-violent and stragetic ways).
  • In "City of Clipsville", it makes sense Bubbles is the only one who may remember the RRB but still flirt with Boomer anyway. She's the only one of the three whose had a genuine crush on him. For Buttercup and Blossom, they kissed Brick and Butch more out of duty (though Blossom does say she did kind of like kissing Brick). They (most likely) have not connected the dots.
    • Alternatively, Blossom and Buttercup could've caught a case of All Girls Want Bad Boys. Bubbles could have not known about it (she's the girliest out the three) and was warning them because she thought they'd be opposed to dating 'bad boys'.
  • There's a perfectly good reason why Grubber in "Buttercrush" couldn't get Buttercup's voice right, unlike with the Mayor and Mrs. Bellum. Think about it. Buttercup doesn't speak in the entire episode, and assuming this episode takes place about at least a few months at the most since the gang first encountered them in the movie (aka the prequel), the gang most likely never heard the girls speak to them until this episode (Blossom is the only one who speaks out to them here). So it's likely Grubber just didn't know what Buttercup sounded like until episodes after this aired since unlike the Mayor and Mrs. Bellum, the girls were fairly new to the gang.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Because the film was very much Darker and Edgier, how many people (and monkeys) died during Mojo Jojo's attack?
    • How many people died when the girls played tag?
  • "Bought and Scold". Crime was made legal, which becomes very disturbing when you think about such crimes as murder and rape.
    • They took that concept and made it into a movie called The Purge!
  • "Abracadaver" featured a zombie magician called Abra Cadaver who was killed when a little girl caused him to trip and fall into an iron maiden (which makes you wonder how the girl felt). He tries to do this to Blossom (since she looks like the girl), but somehow is switched, and re-killed with his arm hanging out of the iron maiden. When the theater was abandoned, they left the iron maiden there, with the magician's dead body still in it. Nobody came to remove it, and the magician was never buried. It was just left there to decay with the theater itself. It gets worse when you think about how the people of Townsville probably walked happily past that theater everyday, with the dead body still sitting on the stage.
  • The Mayor's childish antics and grammar suggest that he may be suffering from Alzheimer disease, and no one bother to take notice that Townsville is run by an old man with the brain of a five year old.
  • For that one time Him made Professor Utonium PAY!!! ...for breakfast, not only did Him attack the girls' unquestioning faith in their father, Him proved that they can fail even when trying desperately to protect their only parent. After all, imagine what could have happened if it wasn't a question of a food bill.
  • The "Speed Demon" episode, what kind of things were Him capable of to make even Mrs. Bellum and Utonium into maddened wrecks.
    • Speaking of "Speed Demon," the episode had HIM stepping in and taking over unopposed because the girls were gone. So, unless Chemical X also causes immortality, the bad future may happen anyway.
    • For me the worst part was Miss Keane standing in the same spot she was when she "just stood there waving goodbye". The show seems to imply she's been there the whole time.. and she doesn't look in any state to eat, sleep and take care of herself. Did Him make everyone immortal just to prolong their suffering??
    • The worst part is, unless Chemical X somehow grants immortality the Bad Future will happen no matter what, it doesn't matter if the girls don't leave Townsville ever again, when they die, HIM is free to take over the whole planet!
    • If Dick Hardley's fate is any indication, it doesn't. Although, Dick died at the hands of his knockoff Powerpuff Girls and his factory exploding, so it's still possible that Chemical X prevents natural death, but not death by other means. In addition, it's never clearly explained how Chemical X works, and it may not have taken its full effect in Dick's body before he was killed. We've seen the girls survive much worse than what killed Dick, so it's possible that if enough time had passed between Dick's consumption of Chemical X and the factory explosion, he'd have survived it unharmed. Another thing to consider is that the girls were created with Chemical X, while Dick was just a regular human who ate a vial of it, which would also explain the extremely different effects it has on Dick.
    • By the time the Powerpuff girls die, i assume they'll have kids. Maybe the chemical x passes down to their children, we could have generations of Powerpuff girls/boys!
      • Or maybe only one generation. The Samurai Jack Fridge Horror has this: "At one point, Samurai Jack visits what appears to be the ruins of Townsville. Given this, and the fact that the original Powerpuff Girls series had hints that it shares it's universe with Dexter, if not other CN shows from the time (though Word of God does conflict with their crossovers), it leads one to a horrifying thought: Did Aku kill the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, and every other CN hero around who could have stopped him?"
      • Of course not: they couldn't stop him, not without Jack's sword. On the other hand, Aku has killed almost anyone who tried to stop him, and those he spared would have preferred death...
    • Back on the subject of "Speed Demon", none of the other villains appear in the Bad Future, nor are they even mentioned. Considering the fact that Him likely wouldn't have wanted the competition, assuming that he killed every single one of them (or perhaps tortured them to the point that they were too mentally broken/terrified of him to confront him) is not much of a stretch...
    • What's even worse is that in Get Back Jojo, Mojo Jojo tried to stop Professor Utonium from creating the girls, but ended up being the reason he was inspired to create them. This suggests that the past, present and future are fixed in the PPG universe, making the Bad Future inevitable no matter what the Girls do.
    • The episode starts with the girls eager to leave for their summer vacation and take a break from protecting Townsville. It ends with them deciding they can't leave because Townsville needs them to protect it or else things go to hell. They're effectively chained to the town and believe they have to prioritize it over anything else, even their own well-being (on top of this one establishing that they can never take time off, another episode shows how quickly things go to hell if they just try to get a good night's sleep). This is an unreasonable burden for anyone, let alone kindergarteners.
  • There is one scene in The Movie where Bubbles and Blossom rescue a baby and hand it back to a woman. Less than 3 seconds after they fly off, the woman shouts, "Wait! This isn't my baby!" If that wasn't her baby, then what DID happen to her baby?!
    • She never had a baby, she just pointed out one that was in trouble while the girls were taking her to safety. The girls leave the woman and the baby together when they go to save the rest of the town, prompting the woman to shout, "Wait! This isn't my baby!" The horror comes from wondering what happened to the real mother...
    • Actually, we later see a different woman holding the same baby when the people of Townsville apologize to the girls (she's the one who says "Fantastic!"), so we can assume she was the mother.
  • In the episode Down 'N' Dirty, Buttercup refuses to bathe, and is subsequently kicked out of her house. Superpowered or not, they just kicked a five year old out on the street for being reluctant to bathe. It gets worse later in the episode where she is run out of town by angry townspeople with torches and pitchforks.
  • In Los Dos Mojos, Bubbles gets amnesia after being hit in the head with a steel beam while fighting Mojo Jojo on a construction site and becomes convinced she is Mojo Jojo. As a result, she goes to his observatory and ambushes him as he comes out of the shower, throwing him out onto the top of his head, while he's not wearing the helmet that protects his exposed brain. Um.
    • Mojo has taken cranial damage many times before. It's doubtful that this incident was any different.
  • How about the Rowdyruff Boys? Yeah, they're bad guys, so you're not supposed to sympathize with them, but just listen. These three were created for the sole purpose of destroying the Powerpuff Girls. They literally have nothing else to look forward to. Basically, there's only three outcomes: They could kill the powerpuffs and go on living in an incredibly unfulfilling state of being, the epitome of And Then What?. They could not kill the powerpuffs and be forced to endure an endless vendetta that only ends when they die of old age. Or, they could die now, either through battle or suicide. Add to this, there's no other way out for them because everyone sees them as monsters. And they're younger than the powerpuffs. Brr.
  • One of Dick Hartley's creation's head's fell off. She either died or had to exist without a body.
  • The Professor is forced by the school to make the girls go to bed at 7:00. They have to do so leaving Mojo to continue in his rampage, and then a multitude of other villains. But the professor notices that he forgot to change the hour of his clocks: he has 7:41, when it's actually 6:41. There is still time! So Once Again, the Day Is Saved, thanks to Benjamin Franklin’s suggestion of setting clocks back during the winter for extra daylight to conserve economic spending on candles, and the Powerpuff Girls! Fine, but the next day Townsville is doomed for good.
  • Buttercup made a Deal with the Devil (not Him, some unnamed devil) to become a better hero, Mange, the little Miss Darkness who's afraid of a little sun. By the end of the episode, she's Buttercup again... but, as everybody knows, those deals always return to give some monumental trouble to the fool that made it.
    • Maybe it was a throwaway joke since Mange and Spore are obvious parodies of Spawn and the unnammed demon is a parody of Malabogia, the demon who gave Spawn his powers in the first place.
  • When the mayor lost the elections and Fuzzy became the new mayor, the mayor became mayor again by defeating him in a box fight. That means that if the girls are not around to help, any strong villain (or just some huge thief) can became a mayor the same way. Or... what if years pass, the girls grow up and get interested in politics, and decide that they (or one of them) may be better ruling the city than the mayor? They would take the government, and would never leave it; because nobody would defeat them (and, if they lost the elections, they can simply beat whoever won, and stay in charge anyway). There is a word for that: dictatorship. A benevolent and beloved dictatorship, perhaps, but a dictatorship anyway. And, as pointed in Squadron Supreme and Squadron Supreme: New World Order, benevolent and beloved dictatorships eventually turn into brutal and harsh dictatorships, all you need is time.
    • For that matter, the Mayor had run unopposed for years up until Fuzzy was nominated and won by a land-slide. What does it say about how bad the Mayor was at his job that people thought someone as ill-tempered and dumb as Fuzzy was a better choice? Why have no other candidates ever challenged the Mayor.
    • In "Something's A Miss", the Mayor admits that he never would have gotten anything right if not for Ms Bellum. The movie establishes that Townsville was overrun with crime before the girls were born. How much worse shape would the city be in if not for Ms Bellum?
  • They live in a world where five year old girls can get put in jail. Princess is a villain but still.
  • The girls apparently really do have no fingers, nose, toes, and have abnormally giant eyes instead of it just being the art style. If they were in real life they would be anywhere from a little unusual to horrifying. Not to mention, their powers have only make it worse.
  • In the episode "What's the Big Idea?", Buttercup knocked over, in broad daylight, several buildings, then "sweeped" them under the park. Then anyone inside would be buried alive, and the buildings are never addressed again...
    • Not to mention, they would usually do this when fighting monsters, so that mean that there is the implication that people are actually dying when the girls were fighting monsters?
  • Why was a single middle aged man even trying to create three artificial little girls in his basement anyway? He surely wasn't intending to make superheroes because as seen in the movie, it came as a total surprise to him that they had superpowers.
    • Perhaps he just felt lonely and wanted to have children, the powers were an accident, but he wanted to create the girls.
    • In the movie the Professor outright explains why he created the girls. "Wow! I can't believe it! I wanted to create some kids I could teach good and bad, right and wrong, and in turn maybe they'd do some good for this terrible town, and now I can! All I got to do is be a good parent!" Apparently this piece of fridge horror became a moment in heartwarming!
  • In Geshundfight, Slim tries to convince Bubbles to fight them when she's trying to lift a car off of someone. She turns to him, dropping the car in the process, moving the camera away from the car so that it's just out of shot, and tells him they're too busy. Right as Slim is about to move on, Bubbles turns back to the car and says "Opps"
  • Episodes where Mojo Jojo attacks or manipulates children are disturbing alone, but two particular instances come to mind.
  • In "Buttercrush", Buttercup (who is in kindergarten) gets into a relationship with Ace of the Gangrene Gang (who is at least a teenager). Granted, it's revealed at the end that Ace was just using Buttercup so that she'd stop her sisters from beating up him and his gang, but it's still a teenager dating a five-year-old-girl!
  • At the end of "Criss Cross Crisis", everyone was switched back to their original bodies, that is except for Bubbles and the Narrator. Considering there was still one pair that swapped bodies, could this mean there are still other people and animals that haven't been switched back?
  • In "Moral Decay", Buttercup gets pummeled by every villain in Townsville whom she stole teeth from. Even if she has superpowers, remember that she's only five. Getting beaten up by that many people would still hurt more for a kid than an adult.
    • The same can be said for any episode where the Powerpuff Girls get beaten up. Thankfully they tend to recover quickly.
  • In "Cat Man Do", the girls defeat a villain and adopt his cat, but it later turns out that the cat was the real villain, as he hypnotizes Professor Utonium into attempting the same evil plan as his previous owner. This most likely means that the 'villain' from the beginning of the episode was completely innocent, yet he's still in jail at the end and no one even mentions this point.
  • In "Collect Her", even though Lenny was the culprit who kidnapped the Powerpuff Girls, and a very unpleasant person to boot, it can still be a little unnerving to see how quickly the citizens of Townsville form something akin to an angry lynch mob and break in his house, whereas they have no evidence yet (only the fact that he happened to be the only person not present to search for the girls).

    Fridge Sadness 
  • Professor Utonium never met Bunny and as far as we know, isn't even aware she ever existed—the girls are likely too guilt-ridden over her fate to tell him. Meaning Utonium would never have gotten to know his fourth daughter and Bunny would never get to know her father. Made even worse when you consider the possibility that Utonium could've found a way to keep Bunny stable.