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Awesome Music / Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go! is a shockingly musical show with a catchy song in tons of episodes.

For Awesome Music shown in the 2018 movie, see here.

  • In "Artful Dodgers", there's Raven and Starfire's dodgeball duet to the tune of the original series' theme song.
  • Beast Boy sings "Fade Away" in "Be Mine". This is a real song by Beast Boy's voice actor, Greg Cipes, and it's wonderful.
  • "Pain, All I Know is Pain" features Cyborg and Pain Bot singing about how unhappy they are about being separated, going into a choir near the end.
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  • Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Star's "Uncle Jokes" song. Catchy as it already is, Star's use of Auto-Tune makes the song even more memorable.
  • The music during the pyramid building sequence in "History Lesson" is very cute, and sounds like something out of either Steven Universe or a bubbly video game.
  • BBRae "Bae" Song, co-written and sung by Greg Cipes. First revealed at Comic-Con in 2015, which had many fans eagerly waiting for it to make an appearance in the show. It finally did in 2017.
  • All of the original musical performances in the "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star" episodes.
    • Cyborg's performance of "Diamonds"note  from the first episode, accompanied by his Precocious Crush on Wonder Woman. It even successfully wins her over. Out of all the silly songs Khary Payton does in the show, this stands out as his most heartfelt one.
    • Starfire's performance from "Second Greatest Team Edition", "Lights, Camera, Action", is a surprising pop song about everything she'd adjusted to Earth culture that would've won for her teammates over the H.I.V.E fair and square if Beast Boy hadn't accidentally gotten them disqualified at the ending ceremony.
    • Beast Boy's Whiplash-parody jazz drum solo in the "Justice League Edition" episode that finally won the Titans their first episode, especially when pitted against the Justice League themselves. Bonus points for Beast Boy using his animal forms to further emulate Miles Teller's climactic performance. This makes up for costing his team the competition in the previous episode.