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Much like Superman and Batman before him, Spidey has enjoyed some amazing music over the decades. The score for Spider-Man: Homecoming can be found here.

The Animated Series:

The Movies:

  • Danny Elfman's work in the first two Spider-Man Trilogy installments. The music in Spider-Man 2 as he stops the runaway train... just amazing. Though Christopher Young's music was used in the original instead of Elfman's... Sadly, Elfman's score for the second film was such a case of Executive Meddling (cues from the first film being tracked in, parts of Elfman's score reworked by Young and John Debney) that he said he'd never work with Sam Raimi again (explaining why Christopher Young did the third film - and got his score tampered with as well!). Happily, as with his bustup with Tim Burton after The Nightmare Before Christmas Elfman patched things up with Raimi in time for Oz: The Great and Powerful.
    • Speaking of which, the second film had a different feature song depending on the country the film was shown in. Japan got the wonderous voice of Takanori Nishikawa with the song, Web of Night. Good lord, the energy of it is just so high-octane, that a Spider-Man anime NEEDS this song and the lyrics just fit for the character.
    • In a more mainstream example, Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott's "Hero" was everywhere when the first movie came out in 2002. Even the most devout Nickelback haters have been known to admit how awesome it is, and of the songs provided for the three movies in the trilogy this is the most easily-remembered.
    • Sandman's theme from the third movie is widely regarded as a beautiful piece of music.
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    • Venom's theme. It's a brilliant dark parallel to Spider-Man's Leitmotifnote  - while Spidey's theme is heroic, often having a sense of tranquility and tragedy reflecting his Dark and Troubled Past, Venom's theme is dark and villainous, with a sense of anger and detest slowly rising, before culminating in a fit of rage - reflecting Venom's hatred towards Spider-Man after he humiliated Eddie and rejected the symbiote.
  • The late James Horner's Young Peter from The Amazing Spider-Man, which captured Peter's transformation into Spider-Man with the theme for Spidey and an early hint of the Lizard theme.
  • The Amazing Spider Man 2:
    • Hans Zimmer gave us the awesomely creepy Electro Suite.
    • All of Zimmer's score, but special mention to "My Enemy", the theme for Electro.
    • "I'm Goblin" is extremely chilling.
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    • "Gone Gone Gone" by Phillip Phillips seems to have become the love theme for Peter/Gwen.
    • "Harry's Suite" is beautifully melancholic and perfectly captures the bitterness of Harry's character, complete with an eerie violin that reflects his subtler, more psychotic nuances.

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