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At some point Beast Boy will turn into a turtle and shout "Booyakasha"
  • As an Actor Allusion to Greg Cipes' role as Mikey from TMNT 2012
    • They did it with Tara and ponies, so why not.
    • Better yet, he says "cowabunga", but the others say it's "too eighties", so he tries "booyakasha".
      • Heck, why not have him come full circle and have him shout "Titans, mobilize!" And then turn into a monkey. (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!)
      • Well in the TMNT parody they just had Mikey himself appear and shout "booyakasha".

This is actually a prequel to the original Teen Titans.
  • Jossed. It's a new universe created by Control Freak.

The events of the original series still happened in this universe, but in a Broad Strokes way and with most of the drama removed.
  • Alternately, this is still a part of the original series—
    • Teen Titans: Year One: The series is happening in the off-hours of their first years together.''
    • Slice of Life at the Bizarro The series is happening in their off-hours in general, much like the more off-beat episodes of the original series.
    • Teen Titans 2021: It's set after the end of the original series, and with the decreased threat from the world's villains, the Titans have lost their morale and become lazy slackers. And all the stuff that happened that would contradict this (like Starfire and Robin hooking up, or Trigon's original defeat) got forgotten after someone attacked them with nerve gasnote .
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  • It has to be the same continuity. The merchandise's description for Silkie is exactly what happened in Can I Keep Him.
  • It's not. The episode "The Fourth Wall" proves any theories like this one wrong.

The Titans assumed Mother Mae-Eye reformed after their previous encounter with her.
Hence why they were okay with going to her restaurant.
  • Or maybe the "Pie Bros" short was set before the "Mother Mae-Eye" episode? After the found out what was in the pies, the Titans had Mother Mae-Eye's restuarant shut down by the, um, health inspector. And then at some point later Mae-Eye escapred from jail and decided to get back at them with the little enchanted pie prank.
  • Another explanation is that she is a witch; make of that what you will.
  • Actually, TTG! is not canon so this is basically jossed.

Cyborg's father was Balrog.
Though, Cyborg can't remember him that well due to Robin screwing up his weekly backup in "Driver's Ed", assuming that came before "Dog Hand".

Trigon will appear at some point.
And Raven will have daddy issues, as fanservice to fans of the show's predecessor.
  • Already confirmed by the summery for an upcoming episode
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  • On a related note...

Arella will appear at some point.
It turns out she and Trigon are happily married, but she's still human.
  • She's probably gonna turn out to be wiser than her husband when it comes to her daughter, like many sitcom moms.

Batman will show up
And then Robin will be having issues.
  • Well one episode confirmed Robin accidentally wrecking the Batmobile so at most we may get some references here and there.
  • So far the show seems to be putting a lot of effort into leaving at least one Batman reference in every episode. Bat-O's, Robin getting in a 'fender bender' with the Batmobile, and even Trigon's joke about Robin 'carrying' Batman in all the crime-fighting previously.
  • Unlike the first series, they also outright say 'Batman' or show images of him and his stuff, instead of making vague references to him. So it's not unreasonable that he could show up at some point.
  • Confirmed. Made a cameo with Commissioner Gordon in 'La Larva Amor'.
    • And a creepier one in "Books."

Trigon used a mind wipe on Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg after their last encounter with him.
So he could get them on his side when he tried to get Raven to become evil. It was all part of his plan!

These Titans are actually the Action figures of a fan of the original series
Time Passes, and this young man lost the "Young" part. The fan got married and had a kid, but he still kept his Teen Titans Action Figures. Now that his son is four years old, he asked Daddy who these figures were supposed to represent. The Fan then created little stories featuring the action figures (Toning things down obviously, because a four-year-old still can't grasp concepts like Betrayal, honor, willpower or obsession) and tells them to his son at bedtime. This is why there are some discrepancies, The fan had to re-create the Titans world as best he could, while still making it appropriate for his son. Also, his memory faded a bit, so some details (Like Beast Boy's Veganism, What Silkie Sounded like, or even what the T-car looked like) were forgotten completely.
  • That would explain Robin's Barbie Doll Anatomy moment in Laundry Day.
  • Nope. The episode "The Fourth Wall" proves any theories like this one wrong.

Bruce Wayne cut Robin from his fortune
  • This would explain why Robin is so cheap, most likely due to crashing the Batmobile.
    • Except that Robin acts quite cheap even before Driver's Ed. In Pie Bros he gives Cyborg a half-drunk soda as a birthday present, and when Cyborg complains Robin tries to call him out on whining because it's not expensive enough. He then tells Beast Boy 'we cheapos need to stick together!'
      • Well Ed appears in a police van so this could take place after Driver's Ed.

Ideas on future episodes, who will appear, and how.
  • One scene in one episode episode will involve Batman's Bat Credit Card.
  • Red X will reappear, be revealed to be Jason Todd, and get into and argument with Robin about who was "dad's favorite."
  • An Adventure Time parody show with Starfire being a huge fan of the Princess Bubblegum-type character from said parody show.
  • The Aqualad from the Original show (Garth) will be outclassed by the one from Young Justice (Kaludr). It will include a gag where Kaludr tries to talk Cyborg out of doing something really stupid only to fail, and feel like he was just Talking to Himself.
    • Interesting, Considering Kaludr has apparently hung up his cape and is now a lucratively successful DJ
      • Maybe it's just a day job for pocket change.
  • The Titans get called away for an emergency, and Silkie is left alone to fight an intruder in the tower!
  • Raven loses her "favorite" cloak and tears the Tower apart looking for it. After she finds it and goes to put it away, it turns out her entire closet is full of the exact same cloak.
  • A fangirl of Robin will show up to follow the Titans around and the episode will be about them trying to get rid of her.
  • Starfire decides to cook. When she serves her dish to the other Titans, they pretend to like it, but actually think it's disgusting.
  • Silkie eats something his shouldn't have (Like say, the Keys to the T-car). Instead of waiting for nature to take it's course, The gang hops in the T-ship, shrinks it to microscopic size, and extract the item.
  • Beast Boy wins a call-in contest to a sold-out concert. He's only got two tickets, but the other four Titans want to attend this concert!
  • Beast Boy gets sick. Initially he's completely bedridden and totally miserable, but after a few days he feels better. However, he doesn't want the special treatment to stop, so he has to keep faking sick. Naturally, the episode ends with another Titan getting sick and everyone focuses their attention to them.
  • One of the Boy Titans attempts to Grow a Beard. Starfire sprouts one too. Why? Because Aliens.
  • Raven is enjoying her new book so much, she doesn't notice it's due back to the library today! She had ten minutes to race it back or face the wrath of a LATE BOOK FEE!
  • For some Reason, The Titans Managed to burn down their own tower. Each titan claims a different source (Raven's candles, a spark from Cyborg's workshop, Starfire's Hiccups, Beast Boy's filthy room, or Robin's new crime-fighting tool) and tell their story with a unique art style for each of them.
  • Galfore is going to come visit his bumgorf. To make him feel more welcome, Starfire teaches the titans about Tameranian customs and ettique, and they get pretty bizarre. Turns out rudeness in tameranian culture is punishable by death. hopefully the titans have been practicing!
  • Starfire gives Raven a makeover!
  • Beast Boy meets up with Aqualad (Garth) and they go completely insane over trying to get the other Titans to join their "save this rare-and-exotic-and-does-not-actually-exsist-in-real-life sea creature" charity cause. Then what they thought was the last known specimen of this creature has babies.
  • Some High School Goths want to see Raven, but she's not accepting visitors... ever.
  • Someone out-techs Cyborg. He spends the rest of the episode building ridiculous additions to the tower, his car, and himself trying to out-do this guy.
  • Robin is gone for a day because Batman is bringing him to the Justice League Watchtower for "Bring Your Sidekick To Work" day, and Titans Tower falls into chaos without him.
  • Robin tries to make Starfire Jealous by going out with Batgirl/Blackfire/Kitten. Not only does it not work, but Star prepares a Tamaranian-style wedding for the "happy couple". Robin tells Batgirl/Blackfire/Kitten that he was only using her to make Star jealous, Batgirl/Blackfire/Kitten doesn't take this well and Star beats up Robin for "breaking her blood-pumper"
  • Rather than the Titans getting grossed out at Starfire's cooking, Starfire will find a relatively common earth food she absolutely hates! (For the sake of this post, let's say the food in question is marshmallows) But Jump city is hosting it's annual Marshmallow festival, the titans keep trying to get Starfire to eat even the tiniest bite, but she keeps escaping.
  • After watching a Kung fu movie marathon, Beast Boy wants to learn martial arts. Robin is against this because that's his schtick.
  • Batman is coming for an inspection and Robin tries to get his teammates into shape.
  • Starfire's brother Wildfire comes for a visit and Robin mistakes him for his sister (Thinking that Tamaraneans can change their gender) very awkward moments ensue.
  • Two of the Titans are having an argument about who has it easier, Raven uses her powers to pull a "Freaky Friday" Flip on them.
  • Control Freak shows up, develops a HUGE crush on Starfire and he won't leave her alone.
  • Robin and Starfire finally go on a "date" the other three titans keep popping up, wanting to make sure everything's okay.
  • Raven reads a book that's outrageously bad, in multiple senses of the word.
  • Beast Boy gets trapped in his own room. The other Titans must scale the highs of Mount Dirtylaundry and the vast plains of Weekoldtofu to try and save him.
  • Starfire enters Silkie in a dog show and Cyborg enters Beast Boy when they find out that first place gets a lifetime supply of pizza.
  • Jump city is hosting a film festival. Robin decides to make a short Kaiju film where he saves cardboard jump city from Silkie with cardboard triangles taped to his back. However, during the filming, the other Titans keep wandering "on to the set" (He took up the entire living room with his film equipment) and mess with his diorama. After much frustration, Robin decides to ditch the fancy script and films his friends having fun wrecking cardboard Jump city. Throw in a few references to "Attack on Titan" and yes, Everyone dresses up for the 'Premiere'.
  • Cyborg invents a time machine and brings Sarasim to modern times, future shock jokes ensue.
  • Starfire goes back to Tamaran for a while and Robin goes crazy without her (plus the voice from "The Date" returns)
  • Robin, Raven, Starfire and Cyborg are going to spend the night at the museum to attend some Gala. Beast Boy doesn't wanna go. As soon as those four leave, he calls up all the other teenage heroes and throws a house party! When the Hive Five show up, things get out of control, can he get this all wrapped up before the other Titans get home?
  • Raven's mother, Arella, arrives at the tower. She and Trigon were having an argument, and she needs some time to cool down. Initially, the Titans like having a mother around (She does their laundry, cooks for them, and even kisses them goodnight!) But when Arella starts preventing the titans from going on missions, it's clear she HAS to leave!
  • Silkie has babies! A lot of babies. The titans have to get rid of them somehow, but the animal shelter won't take mutant larva and no one they know wants a pet. Killer Moth arrives to "Adopt" the babies.
  • Slade tries to take over Titans Tower, but every time he tries to, something comical gets in his way (the Titans are on vacation/the road to the Titans Tower is blocked/the Titans are busy fighting another villain)
    • Also at some point, he will sing.
  • The power goes out. Everyone finds something to do... except Beast Boy. He annoys the other titans and just when he finds something to do, the power comes back on.
  • There will be at least one situation where the Titans will be wearing civilian clothes.
  • Raven and Jinx start hanging out.
  • Kid Flash shows up, and makes friends with all the villains and convinces them to stop their evil ways. The main titans wonder if the is necessarily a good thing, but mostly, they are bored from lack of super-crime.
  • After Robin and Starfire have a big fight, Nightstar travels from the future to try and reconcile them, or else she'll cease to exist.
  • Monsieur Mallah is captured by the Titans and Beast Boy goes undercover by taking his place.
  • Zombies attack Titans tower! Raven attempts to recite a spell to destroy the zombies, but she is knocked unconscious. With their only magic-user incapacitated, the Titans have to deal with the zombies to old-fashioned way! Unfortunately, they are all bitten and turned by the end, but Raven sure does like all the quiet time she now has.
    • Might even throw in a reference to Ashley Johnson (Terra)'s work with "the Last of Us" where Terra will show up all gung ho to fight the zombies... who promptly eat her brains. Which is actually a large mushroom in her skull cavity. They still eat it though.
  • Someone or Something will force the Titans to fall in love with each other. It starts off with the "Canon" pairings of Rob Star and BB Rae, but it gets very complicated very quickly. Soon the most absurd crack shippings you can think of are suddenly real, and It's up to Cyborg to set things right!
  • Robin and Star finally go on a date, but Robin, trying to make it a "perfect" date, screws it up, but at the end of the ep, Star tells him that she still had a great time, then Robin does a minor error and Star goes ballistic and tells him that he ruined the date and she'll not date him again for a very long time, if ever (Well what did you expect in this show? A happy ending?)
  • Robin and Star finally become a couple and they become Sickeningly Sweethearts, which annoys the other Titans. So they try to break them up and they succeed (because Status Quo Is God)
  • Robin begins to slowly realize how messed he is, and how messed up the world around him is. Eventually, after having to fight the other Titans to find the truth, we find out the whole series was a nightmare the Robin from the original series was having. And then the series ends.

This show is in the same universe as the Super Best Friends Forever

While the old cartoon finally shipped Robin and Starfire, the new one will ship Robin and Raven.
They both like Pretty Pretty Pegasus and their clothes which Raven cursed to attack them were dancing rather provocatively together.
  • And cue an explosion of Ship-to-Ship Combat.
  • There is also the Gorilla episode, Raven pretty much took Robin's orders with a smile, and not a nervous smile at that.
    • This happens once more at the end of "Super Robin".
  • It's probably too soon to say this entry is definitively Jossed, but this CN blog post (and their Comic Con panel) suggests otherwise. Spoilers ahead.

Dating Starfire has changed Robin.
He wasn't so jittery in the original series. Maybe their relationship made him more nervous.
  • Then why was he so nervous when asking Starfire out if they already had dated? And why would Starfire accept it if they broke up or knew of what happened to him?
    • They didn't break up. He just never asked her out on an official date before.

Raven knows a spell that brings dead people back to life without any negative side effects.
  • She used it off-screen after the events of Ghost Boy.
    • She also used it for Mother May Eye's victims.

Mad Mod created this show.
  • Watch the style of a Mad Mod episode, then watch this.
    • Jossed as of "The Fourth Wall". The one who created it was Control Freak.

While Jinx is a good guy now, she still has to pay for her past crimes.
Hence why she was in jail.
  • Jossed in "Super Robin", when she's seen robbing a bank with the Hive gang.

Jinx is a mole
Which would explain everything, The team however, is completely oblivious to this, hence why they don't act like this is the case.Furthermore, Batman probably put her up to it, explaining why he doesn't care about them doing what they were doing in "Girls Night Out".

Lex Luthor somehow bought the entire planet
The only visual nod to this is his face on the money (He wanted to put his face on everything, but he knew that would cause a whole slew of "dictator" allegations). He's eliminated "mundane" crime, and the world is actually pretty peaceful, even if he had to put a mild hallucinogenic into the world's water supply. He Cleaned up Gotham and got Batman some much needed psychiatric help. He's helping superman build a "neo Krypton" billions of lightyears away, and he's doing other crazy amounts of good (for profit of course, and an easy way to hush "Conspiracy theorists" who may discover what he's up to). However there are still supervillains, giant monsters, and world hunger, so heroes are still needed from time to time.

The series is based on fanfics the writers stumbled upon over the years
More specifically, the Crack Fic kind. I say this because I could swear I've seen certain situations in those before.
  • The fact that Raven has been said to have a crush on Beast Boy and her upcoming fight with Terra solidifies this

The reason that there are so many Batman references and cameos... because they're all building up to an episode where Batman is one of the main characters.

"Super Robin" was really Robin's nightmare.
  • He probably wishes he could have superpowers. That episode could have been just one bad dream.
  • Could even have been induced By Raven, to teach him a lesson.

Raven knows a time travel spell
She used it after the end of "Super Robin" to undo everything

When freeing the gorillas from the zoo, the Titans accidentally unleashed Gorilla Grodd onto Jump City
And Mallah, who was then reunited with his beloved brain. No need to worry about them though, they're on a nice long date.

Cyborg changed his mind after the events of "Tower Power".
  • He changed everyone back to normal when that happened.

"Tower Power" was all just Cyborg's prank
To get back at the others for breaking his physical body, Cyborg pretended to go crazy, gave them knockout gas, then plugged them into a virtual reality simulator where they thought they were now part appliance.

The final ep will be a two parter about Slade attacking Titans Tower
Or... Attempting to attack the tower. Something hinders him from actually attacking it.

After the events of "Parasite", Raven used her powers to activate a portal to Earth to get her and the others back to Earth.

Each of the Titans is now on a certain type of Medication, which has effected their behavior
  • Robin: ADHD Medication. After realizing he spent too much time brooding and not enough time actually trying to solve crimes, He forged some medical papers to claim he had ADHD. The Medication makes him less likely to brood, but it does make him quite Jittery.
  • Cyborg: Antidepressants. Cyborg no longer feels bad about being half robot, he may have visited a psychiatrist and was prescribed Antidepressants. Unlike the other Titans, his medication has not come with negative side-effects.
  • Starfire: Mood stabilizers. As Tameranians are dependent on their emotions to control their powers, Starfire uses these to prevent a "misfire". Unfortunately, she has lost her super-strength. She is more even-tempered though.
  • Raven: "The Pill". Some days Raven seemed more likely to lash out at the titans than usual, this was due to PMS. Now that she's got that under control, she's not as likely to lash out (Unless her Dad is coming to visit) and she actually smiles from time to time. Unfortunately, when she does lash out, the effects are lethal.
  • Beast Boy: Medical Marijuana. Believe it or not, Transforming into some of his larger forms is really painful for Beast Boy. Since Jump City is supposedly in California, where medical marijuana is legal, he can get the stuff to treat the pain. As a side-effect, he has gotten lazier and has a MUCH larger appetite than he used to.
    • Arguably Jossed: in "Hey Pizza," at the end he mentions having to hide some stuff in his room, which is rather obviously a pot reference. If he had a med card, he wouldn't have to hide anything. That said, also semi-confirmed.
The Animated Show is what Raven used as a coping mechanism in the alternate timeline
In this universe, all Heros have a marketing contract... except the Titans
  • Certain villains have a contract too. Every time someone buys something with your face on it, 75% of the money goes to a fund to help rebuild the city from the damage said hero or villain caused.
at some point the show will take a somewhat dark turn
And the Titans will have to work with the Justice League to combat Darkside...Hey we didn't get him Young Justice we may as well get him here.
  • Not with this art style they're not!

Terra from the upcoming ep "Terra-ized" is a Slade-bot in disguise.

Raven will turn Terra back into stone at the end of the ep "Terra-ized"
What would you expect from this show? A happy ending?

The humorous theme is all to cover up that sometimes this show has more darkness than the first series.
We have seen the team become part of the tower, learn morals way too late in life, even see all of them die thus far. Or it's just one of those cartoons that likes to do these things and at the end they'll act like it never occurred.

No one remember Terra because it's Beast Boy's fault.
After the events of "Things Change", he wanted Cyborg to create a memory eraser so he could forget about the pain. It worked, but due to a slight malfunction, everyone in the tower completely forgot about Terra.
  • That would require all the episodes involving Terra to be canon to TTG.

Robin's cheerful singing is because he spent the previous night with Starfire.
Look at this interpretation of his interaction with Beast Boy and Cyborg.
  • Then how come she wasn't in bed with him when he woke up?

Robin and Starfire broke up.
Star moved on, Robin on the other hand.....

Why else would they exaggerate everything and go to wild extremes over everything else. And notice that Batman is always around and not doing anything to stop it?

Terra was talking to Slade on her phone
Obvious, I know. I just wanted to be the first to say it.
  • Or maybe it was Control Freak. We haven't seen him yet.

This Terra was really the comic book Tara Markov whom killed Good Terra and took her place.
It's not the first time Terra swapped clothes. In a future episode a good Terra II will show up. She'll spend the whole episode trying to convince the Titans she's not the evil Terra I, finally succeeding when she performs a heroic sacrifice. Then at the very end Terra III shows up...

This show takes place in the same universe as Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
The art style is almost identical, plus Puffy AmiYumi sang the theme song anyway; so maybe in this 'verse, the singers have met the Titans and written a song about them. Or something. It's late.

Robin and Star will hook up in the final episode

Slade will appear in the series but will be Laughably Evil.
  • Like Deadpool?

Terra will return and settle a personal score with Raven.
  • More likely than less confirmed, in the upcoming ep "Be Mine" she'll return.

Slade won't appear at all in the series.
How can anyone make him humorous?
  • Make him a desperate, lonely man who constantly pines for his wife and child, who tries to get Robin to be his new "apprentice" by bribing him and trying to be an ideal father. Bonus points if he slips up at some point and replaces "apprentice" with "new son."
  • Use Black Comedy
  • Seems simple enough. Especially if they fold in some of his Arrow characterization.
JOSSED. He appears at the very end of "The Titans Show" alongside several other villains.

Alternatively, Slade will be the biggest Knight of Cerebus in Cartoon Network's history.

The Series is a attempt by Various Villains to Mock The Titans to deal with the fact that they got locked up
  • It explains the Negative Continuity and why the Titans are actually less moral than the villains a good bit. This is just their way of petty revenge and a good laugh.

Raven preferred Aqualad to Beast boy
Why else would she give him a shield?

When Slade appears, the show will suddenly become dark and serious.
There's no way they can make Slade funny. There just isn't. When he comes in, game over for the comedy. They can still have little moments, but from that point forward, it will become dark and serious, with the flanderizations being reversed and the Titans finding out they're in the Matrix.

The reason everyone has become so stupid in this new series... that Trigon rewrote the universe so that superheroes and supervillains alike would be stupider and much less likely to be able to stop him when he attacks Earth this time around. Raven may have remained the only sane woman in the team for that same reason.

Mumbo Jumbo and/or The Flash are responsible for the... Teen Titans Go-iness of the series.
Mumbo was WAY to surprised by the fact that the Titans were complete idiots in the episode he appeared in, suggesting that he was new to all this. And the Flash CAN cause a reboot by running too fast(Or at least so this Troper Heard).
  • Jossed as of "The Fourth Wall". It was Control Freak.

TTG is an accidental creation by Larry, and actually exists in Teen Titans continuity
That would explain why Robin keeps having flashbacks to the original series.
  • Jossed as of "The Fourth Wall". It was Control Freak.

When Slade shows up, he'll keep his characterization from the original series...
But the Titans won't. They'll just write him off as an unusually creepy villain, miraculously foil his plans through sheer idiocy, and near the end, Slade will go into an oddly familiar rant about how lazy, manic and generally ridiculous the Titans have become, and demands that they start acting like "real" heroes again.
  • Jossed. They acknowledged him in "The Return of Slade", and then the rest of the episode as well all know happened.

Teen Titans Go! is actually a just a cartoon created by Earth-16/#Earth-Me for profit.
Considering the inhabitants of the world, and the fact that Young Justice is a video game within said world, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Teen Titans Go! is simply a cartoon produced by the kids of the original Teen Titans. Centered around their now deceased parents' adventures as kids, but with their personalities exaggerated so that kids would flock to watch it and purchase merchandise. After all, why would the kids care that they're desecrating their parents' memories? There's a reason why this world is called Earth-Me. Every hero and villain is now a self-centered celebrity in some form or another.

Larry did NOT create this world
It was actually created by his arch nemesis Nosliw Edals, in an effort to make the titans seem immature and jerky.
  • Jossed as of "The Fourth Wall". It was Control Freak.

this show takes place in the same universe as All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder.
Self explanatory

One episode will explain how the Titans can keep coming back to life after dying
Sort of like how they explained the They Killed Kenny Again gag in South Park, where Kenny has a power of being reborn each time he dies.

Larry shall appear.
His role would mirror that of Batmite's in the last episode of The Brave and The Bold. However, instead of ruining the show and getting it canceled, he would restore the Titans to their original characters and reboot the good Teen Titans series, and still consider it a win, because now Robin isn't so whiny.
  • But then, caricatures of the network executives will appear, deem the original "violent" and "boring", change it back, and announce that TTG will be airing everyday, 24/7, on CN, and everything else (even Adult Swim and Toonami) would be cancelled, before going into an evil laugh while surrounded by money. Then DCAU Batman arrives, beats up the executives, and throws them to Joker. At which point, the Titans are re-reverted, and the original series reclaims its rightful spot.
    • ^YES!!! That totally needs to happen, I'll pay to see it.

The Joker will appear.
He'll be this really nice guy who can't bring himself to hurt a fly and gives to anyone who needs it. He'll crash at the Titans tower in an attempt to learn how to be a better villain from the Titans. And they'll stupidly turn him into the heartless psychopath we all know and loath. Whether it's him picking up on their personalities or them driving him insane.

The show creators have some sort of bloating fascination.
Quite a few characters have been shown with inflated bellies, like the infamous Smile Bones episode, or the vegetarian episode.

There will be an episode parodying The Mysterious Mr. Enter
A guy who looks like him will show up and start whining about every detail and that it "traumatizes" him and proposing they be replaced by his own bland, unoriginal characters.
  • Well, the closest thing we have to that is 'The Return of Slade', where Beast Boy and Cyborg were turned into straw fans who whining about the clown they remembered as kids, and made him extreme and edgy because he'd be cool again. Wouldn't be out of the question.

The creators are playing a joke on us
An Andy Kaufman-esque joke! They're trying to make the stupidest show ever and hoping it has some kind of Streisand Effect.

Season 3 will have a Wham Episode

The show will last for nine years like Johnny Test

Teen Titans Go is actually a fanfic written by Beast Boy!
Think about it? Beast Boy and Cyborg are usually portrayed as right even when their solutions make no sense and get episodes like "Waffles" where they are essentially the main characters. Robin becomes the annoying stick in the mud who's jealous of the other's powers and never lets Beast Boy have any fun. Beast Boy doesn't know how to write girls so he just has Starfire and Raven's most basic personality traits and gives them an obsession with cats and My Little Pony because girls. The show loves to include jabs against Robin/Starfire and really Robin/anything but actively ships Beast Boy/Raven. Terra (who dumped Beast Boy to attend high school in the last episode of the show) becomes evil like her comic book counterpart because Beast Boy is still upset over their breakup. Beast Boy having written it also explains why this version is so goofy and stupid all the time compared to the original show.
  • Jossed as of "The Fourth Wall". It was Control Freak.

The ending of "A Farce" will actually have a major effect on the series

Teen Titans Go will have a made-for-TV movie about the titans going to Mexico
It would be a nod to Beast Boy's line at the end of "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo". Perhaps it would be called "Teen Titans Go: Mayhem in Mexico" and would serve as the series finale.

There will be a Bait-and-Switch episode that starts out being as ridiculous and comedic as any other episode.
However, Slade will later show up and the episode will suddenly take a very serious turn. It would pretty much be the opposite of "The Return of Slade".

"Nose Mouth" is the chronological finale of the series (or least further in the timeline)
Though the series doesn't have strong continuity, it seems to have at least some consistency. However, later episodes seem to outright contradict this episode's existence. Also, this is one of the few episodes that hasn't had any sort of Continuity Nod in later episodes. Some of the things that happen in the episode feel very "finale-ish".

Possible gag in "Island Adventures".
At least one Titan that can fly flies up to look for a way off the island and then lands back on the island after failing to find one.

Superboy-Prime will show up for the finale.
Superboy-Prime is the ultimate Straw Fan and will despise these Titans for not being the ones he grew up reading about and watching on television. The titans will gather up all their allies and enemies in order to stop his rampage. Starfire and Terra will stall him, Robin will call the batfamily to find out how to stop him. After a massive battle, they win the battle, but lost the war. Superboy-Prime retreats and pulls his signature Retcon punch which reboots the show.

Each episode of "Island Adventures" will have one of the titans go through Sanity Slippage.
The first episode seemed to show Raven going through this so maybe this will be a recurring theme. The promos and intro seem to constantly emphasize "5 days". 5 days for 5 titans perhaps?

This is a mirror universe.
Let's face it. These variations of the Titans are all jerks, and you really feel bad for the villains and everyone. So this is like the classic Good Guys are Bad Guys and Bad Guys are Good Guys universe.

The Titans are trapped in Arkham Asylum under the spell of Emperor Joker
Explaining all the wacky but cruel and deranged humor and jokes.
  • This makes TOO MUCH sense.

The Titans' wrestling personas will eventually show up again.
Starfire the Terrible came back in "Snuggle Time", "Legs" got two more episodes based around it, and the Titans' D&D characters are slightly modified versions of Raven's characters (That were based on the Titans) from her campfire story. At this point, it seems obvious that they're going to get referenced again.

There will be an episode dubbing "Things Change" as a way of spiting DakariKingMykan.
"The Cape" was a redub of "Divide and Conquer" so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

A future Season Finale will be an episode taken 100% seriously.

The fifth season will air on Disney XD instead of Cartoon Network or Boomerang
Thanks to Pokémon getting picked up by Disney XD, a petition was set up to move TTG to Disney XD as well.
  • However, as of this writing, it's very unlikely Teen Titans Go! will move to Disney XD, so fingers will be crossed and we'll see how it plays out.
  • It's beyond unlikely that such a thing will happen, considering that the show is a very loose adaptation of a DC Comics property and DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros., the most notable competitor to Disney. Moving Teen Titans Go! to Disney XD would be like DC Comics allowing Marvel to publish its intellectual property.
  • Jossed. Cartoon Network mentioned TTG in their upfront, which means that season five just might air on Cartoon Network after all.

Everyone on the titans is on drugs
  • Which explains their goofy impressions.

The show will be the longest running show in the history of television

Potential plots for the movie.
  • A new villain comes to Jump City, who is played 100% seriously with absolutely nothing funny about him, and his mere presence turns the entire world around him Darker and Edgier. The Titans, however, remain their goofy, incompetent selves, and spend most of the movie walking through scenes that wouldn't be out of place in overly serious, dark, gritty superhero movies. Their ultimate driving goal is something petty or mundane that has nothing to do with the villain or his plot (though it'll probably end with the reveal that he was involved all along).
    • Semi-Confirmed. Slade would have fit the bill for the role of Knight of Cerebus to a T, since he came the closest of all his counterparts to world domination and is far more physically proactive than the 2003 Slade, but he has far too many silly habits like snarking at the Titans and his whole "Mind Manipulation" schtick to properly be a serious villain. The Titans, on the other hand, do in fact have the petty ulterior motive of having him as their archenemy so that they can be worthy of a superhero movie, but they're actually more competent than usual.

A later episode will give out the ultimate Take That! to everyone
I would believe that this episode would have the Titans find and attack various villains who are paper-thin expies of various franchise mascots as a means of saying "We're better than your favorite shows/films/comics/games". The episode also has a Twist Ending with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan coming out of hiding to thank the Titans for defeating all their enemies, and Bella telling her Mary Sue sisters that they can come out of hiding now that fanfiction has reigned supreme, leading them to destroy Jump City while Reneesmee orders Jacob to commit horrible crimes in the background. Here We Go Again!? The Titans just leave them alone, with Robin even enjoying the carnage. End episode.

The point of the crossover between Teen Titans Go and Twilight is because they are the two most hated franchises ever, so it would make sense for Control Freak to bring them into this universe (remember from the other WMGs that he created this world) as allies of the Titans and for them to band together to apparently take over fiction and plague it with Mary Sues and other fanfic sins.

At some point there will an episode referencing Gotham
It might be a parody, it might be a crossover; either way, it would be interesting.

Batman will speak in an after-credits scene in the movie, and he will have the only voice actor he could possibly have.
We will discover that Batman and Commissioner Gordon sitting in deck chairs, holding cans of soda and watching the climactic scene from afar. The following scene combines new and re-used dialog.

Jim Gordon: Whew, I'm glad we gave that one a miss.
(Jim raises his can for a toast)
Jim Gordon: Old friend.
(They clink their cans together. Cut to black the moment they hit. We hear Batman speak two words. Just two.)
Batman: Old chum.

Ron Perlman will cameo as himself in the movie.
And he'll apologise for not voicing Slade.
  • Jossed. Ron Perlman did not appear in the movie.

Teen Titans Go has juvenile humor as a result of Executive Meddling.
When the creators were talking about Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, they stated that they had time to be creative in the movie than in the series. So think about it: does Teen Titans Go! have its silly dumb humor because the executives wanted to have episodes out as quickly as possible?
  • Makes sense. It does after all, have a ton of seasons, plus after all these years CN is still promoting the ever-loading heck out of it.

Much like the Teen Titans, when Slade makes a speaking appearance in the show proper, he'll have some of his traits exaggerated
He could develop that father complex he had in the original cartoon with Robin but made more blatant than in OG, acting like a dad (an evil assassin world conquering dad), grounding Robin, prohibiting him from speaking to his friends again, raising his voice and scolding Robin for daring to oppose him and telling him to go back to his prison room as if he was grounding him.
  • For comedic effects, Robin could act like a rebellious teenager while dealing with him, contradicting Slade in every possible way just for the sake of it, ignoring him and acting aloof, maybe even shouting "Whatever, you're not even my real dad/mentor!"
  • Partially confirmed. No overt father complex, but his Manipulative Bastard tendencies are parodied with his "Mind Manipulation" skill, which consists of distracting the Titans with lame magic tricks like the "rubber pencil" and "removing your thumb" gags to make his serious mind manipulation of Robin all the more surprising.

Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans Outcome, and the Fandoms Reaction
There will at least three possible endings for this crossover. Some fans may either like it, or hate it depending on which is chosen.
  • One: The Go Titans somehow win whatever battle is in the crossover, and the Original Titans fade further into obscurity, to which most fans of the original will dread and be angry at.
  • Two: The Original Titans win, and the Go Titans will have to end their misadventures, and some fans will be happy to see the Original Titans back in action in a new series, while Go fans would be sad to see the Go Titans leave.
  • Three: Both Titans teams find some way to coexist with each other, which will leave an even split between the fandom, between accepting this outcome, or hating it for various reasons, like the creators trying to keep everyone happy but failing epically.

Bumblebee will not stay with the Titans after the "Super Summer Hero Camp" arc
Maybe she'll be chosen to join an elite team of young superheroes and she'll forget about the Titans in an instant

The Ethnic Super Friends will appear
I mean, Zan and Jayna have appeared a bunch of times already.
  • The only one who talks is Samurai but everything is in Japanese and Starfire needs to translate it all.
  • Obvious Black Lighting joke.

Season 6 will have a Knight of Cerebus kicking off a semi-serious story arc and some real Character Development for the Titans.
Admittedly this is just wishful thinking, but the show has had its serious moments (in fact, their version of Slade is arguably even better at being a villain than his 2003 counterpart, Rose Wilson surpasses the Titans in sociopathy and can easily defeat all of them, and the "Night Begins To Shine" arc was relatively devoid of gags). A 100% serious villain might be asking too much, but they could still have a villain whose humor is purely derived from Black Comedy of the darkest degree, not unlike Abridged Cell. As to who this Knight of Cerebus might be....
  • Kyd Wykkyd, as an Ascended Extra and a Shadow Archetype to the Titans. He could be someone who became a villain just so he could do whatever he wanted and serves as a dark mirror to Titans: Raven's Lovecraftian Superpower and Nightmare Fetishist tendencies and Cyborg's and Beast Boy's irresponsibility turned up to the point of active malice and sadism. He could start out as a Friendly Enemy to the Titans until they realize that his brand of Comedic Sociopathy is of a level that even they aren't comfortable with, at which point they become enemies. The conflict of the arc might be multi-faceted—not only would making Kyd Wykkyd into an outright Humanoid Abomination with Story Breaker Powers equal or superior to those of Raven obviously make him the toughest opponent the Titans have faced, but Wykkyd might even try to tempt the Titans into embracing their inner depravity and join him as villains who just hurt anyone they please and the Titans themselves might struggle with confronting the inner demons that Wykkyd inadvertently exposed to them and try to make themselves better heroes.
  • Mister Twister/The Gargoyle. The original Gargoyle was mad at Robin for thinking he withheld evidence that would have proved his innocence, while this could actually be true of the Go version of Robin and strike some tension between the Titans and, again, introspection on Robin's part of how little of a "hero" he actually is.

A future ep will be called "Things Change: Part 2"
And it would be about Beast Boy trying to force Schoolgirl Terra into rejoining the Titans, meanwhile the other four get their butts handed to them by The White Monster

Just like in OKKOLetsBeHeroes, the Grimwood Girls will appear in a crossover episode.

They'll be another crossover with ThunderCats Roar
And they'll openly say that Roar was supposed to replace Go! and since Roar got canned, The Teen Titans Go will have even more adventures (maybe openly saying they got tenure)

It will eventually be revealed that Cyborg, along with his pigeon, was born in The Night Begins to Shine dimension.
And that originally he was a robot invented for the sole purpose of playing music. Beast Boy will joke about him being a glorified MP3 player.

The reason why B.E.R. don't look like their album covers is because...
...Prophecies aren't always 100% accurate, especially if they're drawn.

This version of Robin is a Supertaster
Supertasters are rare but Robin seems to fit the bill.

The series finale of Teen Titans Go! will reveal that the entire series has been a bad dream that the 2003 Titans had.
This would probably be done as yet another jab at the show's infamous reputation.