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Yes, the Titans weaponized the Power of Friendship.

Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The Titans vs the sandwich guardians.
  • As goofy as Trigon's Bumbling Dad persona is, it is actually quite clever how he used Raven's friends to try to convince his daughter to be a Demon Spawn. It just goes to show why Trigon is considered the source of all evil. Fortunately Raven isn't stupid.
  • Robin defeats Gizmo just by being naked.
  • Starfire successfully survives a rockslide. Only to get zapped by a random laser from space.
  • Beast Boy tricking everyone in the end. Taking out the context of them all dying and becoming ghosts, it's pretty awesome to trick the pranksters by going along with their prank only to then turn it on themselves.
  • Silkie's huge adventure in "La Larva Amor". He hooks up with a beautiful woman in Mexico, gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, escapes from his prison, and defeats the ex in combat without even trying. Unfortunately, no one will ever know about it because he can't talk.
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  • Robin actually making Raven smile by yelling at her when he re-establishes himself as alpha male.
  • "Girls Night Out" has Raven, Starfire, and Jinx riding a building like a surfboard.
  • Beast Boy's quip about still being a hero despite being unable to learn his lesson before going off to capture Zan.
  • In "Super Robin", the Titans curbstomp the H.I.V.E.. Except Robin, who decided to go after Mammoth.
    • Beast Boy goes T. Rex and chomps Jinx.
    • Gizmo whips out a huge arsenal of guns, but Cyborg takes him out with one little missile.
    • Even if Robin's fight with Mammoth wasn't as awesome as the other titans, he still deserves props for managing to take down a guy at least twice his size.
    • And the part where it only took him a few seconds with superpowers to solve all the world's problems. Even Superman couldn't do that!
  • In "The Best Robin", Robin reacts to the other Titans' lazyness by bringing in Carrie Kelly, the Silver Age Robin, and Tim Drake. And together, the four Robins are invincible.
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  • Robin was right about Parry being a monster all along.
  • The ending of "Starliar" is a more mundane moment of win for Starfire.
  • Raven vs. Terra in "Terra-ized". Raven's the only one who realizes Terra is evil and defeats her by sucking her into another dimension.
  • A giant burger-bot vs. a giant burrito monster. It's a draw.
  • The Titans have an incredible battle using a Humongous Mecha against Gizmo's giant robot army.
    • Not to mention Robin beating Gizmo with just a the left leg, with his upgrades to match.
  • Starfire turns out to be a surprisingly effective villain in "Starfire the Terrible". She blows up the moon and while her evil lair is made of cardboard, it has real lasers and a robot army that gives the Titans a hard time.
  • Robin and Cyborg accidentally combine their attacks to create an explosion so powerful, it can be seen from space.
    • Bonus points later for trying to combine other things, the first thing they try? Robin's cane and Cy's Jukebox, and the combination Works
  • Once Raven realizes how awesome her legs are, she gives them quite the workout. Just ask Jump City's villains.
  • Robin, Starfire, and Raven's trio in "Waffles".
  • Remember in "Super Robin" when Robin wore himself out beating Mammoth? Well, while infiltrating the Hive as Red X, he effortlessly beats the crap out of him!
  • Everyone's dream...well maybe except Beast Boy's dream in "Dreams".
  • Cyborg's voice and the Titans' dances in "Grandma Voice".
  • The Titans battling the Puppet Wizard during the season 1 finale to get their souls back.
  • Starfire's revenge on Blackfire during the end of "Mr.Butt".
  • Beast Boy unleashing a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Aqualad in "Pirates".
  • Trigon may be sillier, but you can't deny that he knows how to work the emotions like a professional as seen in Caramel Apples.
    • Even more awesome: Starfire and Raven's two-step takedown of Trigon when he lets the secret out. Black hole + Starbolt = "I'llseeyouatThanksgiviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!"
  • Beast Boy, normally the Plucky Comic Relief, takes down Cinderblock solo without breaking a sweat in "Vegetables".
  • Robin's greatest moment by far as of "Mouth Hole": Defeating the HIVE using only the power of whistling!
    • Genius Bonus: This is the DC Universe. The power of manipulating the reality really exists: it belongs to one of the China's national group, the Great Ten.
  • Raven driving Trigon insane by shoving her fellow Titans into his mind. Too bad it was in a dream.
  • Batman's fantastic guitar solo during the climax of "Real Boy Adventures".
  • Aqualad's EPIC "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Robin.
    • The SERIOUS Teen Titans destroying the HIVE's Murder-Missile with a Wave-Motion Gun mounted on a dinosaur.
  • BEAST BOY becoming valedictorian over Robin!
  • "40% 40% 20%". The ENTIRE EPISODE. It's an homage to epic 80s hair metal and rock iconography and the alternate animation style is amazingly badass. Doubles as Awesome Music.
  • Robin has a pinching fight against a leprechaun, complete with DBZ-styled power-ups, clashes, and beam-o-wars, and to top it all off, Robin wins! Let me reiterate that: Robin, who usually cannot fight worth beans, had to resort to cheating to win against Kid Flash and the dodgeball game against the H.I.V.E. Five, and is often the unfortunate victim of the show's Kafka Comedy, won in an epic struggle!
  • Raven vs Ravager, which supplies the page image above.
  • The Powerpuff Girls showing up the Teen Titans in "TTG v. PPG" as well as the Powerpuff Girls and their narrator giving the Titans a well-deserved calling out for their attitudes and negligence towards fighting crime.
    • Even better is that the girls' portrayal is more similar to that of the 1998 cartoon, with Blossom's intelligence finally being showcased, Bubbles' Badass Adorable tendencies outright taking hold of her situation, and Buttercup actually being badass instead of having Spotlight-Stealing Squad tendencies like she does in the 2016 cartoon.
    • Robin gets a moment of awesome when his ability to listen to the narrator clues him in on Mojo's trap so they could plan in advance.
  • Beast Boy becoming an even better ninja than Robin in "The Art of Ninjutsu".
  • Robin's been getting a lot of these, lately; there was the Easter episode where he found out that Santa Claus had been kidnapping holiday icons, including the Easter Bunny. Looks like the writers finally remembered that Robin used to be Batman's ward.
  • The Pig Latin speech that Robin gives in "Obinray".
    • Robin: Iway aymay otnay ebay away igpay. Utbay Iway amway away anmay, andway ymay ownway anguagelay aymay ebay uglyway andway udecray, utbay itway isway away anguagelay Iway eakspay omfray ethay earthay.Iway askway ouyay ymay othersbray andway isterssay otay andstay ithway emay againstway ethay inesway oppressionway. Onlyway ogethertay ancay eway eakspay ethay uetray anguagelay ofway isthay orldway…. Eacepay. (Translation: "I may not be a pig. But I am a man. And my own language may be ugly and crude, but it is a language I speak from the heart. I ask you my brothers and sisters to stand with me against the swine oppression. Only together can we speak the true language of this world…. Peace.")
  • The ending of the five-part miniseries "Island Adventure", with the Titans fighting most of the villains that they've encountered in the series so far, and using Control Freak's props against him.
    • The tip of the iceberg is when they have other classic DC Comics villains appear at the end. To summarize, the Titans' little stunt pulled in Sinestro, Penguin, the Joker, Harley Quinn, General Zod, Solomon Grundy, Bane, Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Darkseid, Two-Face, the Riddler and SLADE! The last one deserves special mention, because, even if it's for a very brief moment, Slade kept getting name-dropped throughout the series, and it's only now that he finally makes an actual appearance!
  • The Titans actually being very competent as villains in "Snuggle Time".
  • The Titans and the Halloween creatures vs. Santa Claus and his crew in "Halloween vs. Christmas".
  • The action sequences in "Movie Night".
  • In "Two-Parter" Cyborg manages to defeat Darkseid single-handedly after Darkseid captures the Justice League and defeats his teammates, saves the Justice League from lava (after several failures) and in twenty years' time, Cyborg will prove his heroism and join the Justice League for real.
  • "The Night Begins To Shine", the 4-part miniseries event from August 2017. Pretty much every second of it, but especially Chapter Four. The entire fourth part was in the NightShine animation style, the entire episode had almost nonstop music including five versions of "The Night Begins To Shine", featured a series of epic battles, B.E.R. summoning the giant goddess SWEET to defeat the dragon, and the cherry on top? As the heroes rolled off into the night at the end, the event was sent into history by the return of Puffy AmiYumi, with their own Japanese version of the song!
  • "Take It Down Low" Definitely an awesome piece of music.
  • On a More Meta Example Six words: Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans. Let me repeat that TEEN TITANS GO VS TEEN TITANS!!!
  • 'My Name Is Jose' with Gizmo getting his ass kicked by most of the teen titans using the power of 'Vibe' 'Saturn Girl' 'Plastic Man' and 'Aqualad' though he does get prop for using a kryptonite ray on superman power!Raven
  • "The Fight" seems to take its cues from Teen Titans Go! To the Movies with a genuinely exciting Titans/Villain fight, highlighted when Brother Blood's robots surround the Titans and blast them all at once — after the smoke clears, it shows Raven had created an energy shield that completely protected them, and highlighted by Raven giving a chillingly smug grin.
    • That's nothing during the fight she used her power to grab all the bullets in the air, and when the machine ran out she just casually drops them before using her soul-self to slice and dice the robots.
    • In a comedic moment, Robin get one with the helpful yet rough assistance of his teammates, he is launched into the crystal, smashing it with his head.
  • "The Real Orangins" features the fanboying-incuding moment of the first scene of Robin's account featuring Scott Menville as Robin — alongside Kevin Conroy's Batman. While it's played for laughs like everything else, it's start awesome to hear the two together.
  • "The Night Begins To Shine 2". What starts as the elder Titans taking one last stroll through the condemned Titan's Tower before it was scheduled to be demolished leads to Cyborg finding the old cassette tape and playing it for nostalgia sake. The Titans quickly discover that SWEET was destroyed by a far more powerful threat and they set out to right the world. The entire special has an even higher animation budget than the original, the story is played entirely devoid of comedy (elder Beastboy makes some comments about his digestive problems at the start, but that's it,) and has some truly mesmerizing musical scores. The special serves as a Distant Finale for the series, and there really couldn't be a better way to conceptually wrap up the lore, worldbuilding, and storylines that Teen Titans Go has built up over the series, even if the series itself may never actually end.


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