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As this is a Moment page for post-discussion, spoilers are off via policy. Proceed with caution.
Proof that the Titans can still be heroes when the time calls.
  • One of the official posters for the film shows Slade about as badass as Teen Titans Go! art could ever get.
  • You wanna know who the Titans are? They'll tell you.
    • What's even better is the Battle Remix. Hearing this song play as they save the world for one of the infrequent times in the series is nothing but golden.
    Robin: So, laugh at us all you want, but we're still gonna take you down!
    Slade: With what? One of your stupid songs?
    Robin: ...Exactly.
  • As goofy as the Titans are, every battle is fluid and exciting, with all parties showing their skills and ability to improvise, even during the Balloon Man fight. When Slade and the Titans actually fight, the combat is about as brutal as a family film can get.
  • The Teen Titans saving and then destroying Krypton during their rampage through superhero history.
  • The team's rematch with Slade lets them get a few hits in with Beast Boy and Cyborg even managing to steal the crystal back from him as a squirrel and a disembodied head, respectively.
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  • The Teen Titans casually defeating Superman with a Kryptonite Party.
  • Slade destroying the Tower can almost qualify as a Gut Punch since if it wasn't clear before, he's not screwing around with a Worthy Opponent.
    • Also from that scene, Robin's baby hands, that everyone likes to make fun of him for, enabled him to escape the burning Titans Tower. Slade was foiled all because of baby hands!
    • Robin's escape from a collapsing Tower is genuinely intense.
  • Raven defeating Slade's entire mind-controlled superhero army by teleporting them to the same dark void that she sent the Challengers of the Unknown to.
  • The entirety of the final battle which stresses that just because the team is "a joke," that doesn't make them powerless.
    • Beast Boy really shows that he can transform into an animal.Animal?  Said animals include a T. Rex, a saber-toothed cat, and a dragon!
    • Starfire shows off her energy blasts. She does get caught in Slade's hand... but she uses her super sonic speed to break through!
    • Cyborg, "Mr. High Tech Master", got his cannon blaster to blind Slade's mecha and cause it to stumble around. Using meatballs!
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    • Robin the leader got an epic moment himself, turning his staff into Big. Metal. GLOVES! And he manages to tumble the watertower-tall robot.
    • Raven was there to drop it on him even harder, cutting loose with her formidable powers, showing that there's no darker than she. She's as dark as can be!
    • And both sides get locked in a Beam-O-War... and the Titans win!
  • The Stinger.
    2003!Starfire: There isn't much time!
    2003!Raven: They need to know we're still here!
    2003!Robin: This is the Teen Titans. Can anyone hear us? We think we've found a way back!


  • The fact that this movie has been well-received despite detractors saying that it was going to be as bad as or worse than The Emoji Movie.
  • On a meta-level, Robin's "I failed my friends and I will set everything right even if I do it alone" speech could have been right out of the 2003 series — it is that sincere and heartfelt. For all Robin knows in that speech, his friends are dead. It's one of the rarest moments of Go! where something is taken seriously and played absolutely straight.
  • The fact that, many years after being cast as the character in the ill-fated Superman Lives project, Nicolas Cage finally gets to play Superman here.
    • There's also the fact that, not five months later, he'd also voice a version of Spider-Man. Pretty impressive to portray two of the most iconic comic book heroes in the same year.
  • This is a DC movie... featuring two Stan Lee cameos!


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