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Nightmare Fuel / Teen Titans Go!

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Hold on, a Denser and Wackier version of the original series can't possibly have scary moments, right?

The animated comedy series
“Now, if you will excuse us, Robin, we have the new friends to eat the pizza with.”

  • The fact that not only does Robin have a voice in his head, but that the voice is the sane one when Robin's trying to figure out what to do about Starfire dating Speedy. Not to mention the amount of abuse he puts Speedy through in the episode.
  • The mouth worms Starfire tries to feed the others in "Parasite". Trying to eat something that's still alive is disturbing enough, but when Robin eventually bites down on one, it responds by screaming at him and then opening its eyes to reveal that they are extra mouths, which also scream at him. Even Raven is unnerved by them. Because they're mouth worms.
  • According to "Artful Dodgers", the reason Raven can't play dodge ball anymore? The last time she did, she went nuts after being tagged in the head and ate the other team.
  • Pretty much all of, "Nose Mouth" with Robin being forced to stay awake by a demon that Raven cast onto him, making him go pretty insane.
    • As well as Raven becoming more and more evil.
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  • The Magic God, from the perspective of Raven. Not only is he easily amused by Robin's cheap party tricks, but he dismisses Raven's as "lame" and can banish her to the mines at a snap of his fingers. Keep in mind that this is Raven we're talking about here!
  • Starfire's utterly brutal beatdown of her sister in "Mr. Butt". She makes it very clear that Blackfire will not be getting any mercy and proceeds to knock her through several buildings and scrape her along the ground through the entire city, before hitting her with an energy attack that created an enormous Mushroom Cloud. If this were any other show Blackfire may well have ended up dead.
    Starfire: Sister FUNTIIIIIIME!!!!
  • Man Person: You definitely don't want to know what Beast Boy's face is during the course of twelve weeks. Even the Titans are creeped out.
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  • In "Pirates", Aqualad orchestrating the brutal slaughter of his sea creatures by a band of sharks just for the sake of wowing over Raven with the gratuitous violence. Even the turtle that was acting as his personal chariot earlier in the episode wasn't spared.
  • Right as Beast Boy regains his animal powers in "Nature", Robin eats him the minute he turns into a butterfly.
  • In "Friendship", Beast Boy tries to transform himself into a pegasus, despite an inability to transform into mythological creatures. His attempt results in a horrid bird/horse amalgam with some of his original limbs stuck out.
  • Upon discovering vegetables in the episode of the same name, the Titans form a fanatical cult around Vegetor, much to Beast Boy's dismay when he finds himself chained in a circle as an offering to it!
  • The Mask: Robin's conjoined twin coming out his eye is so creepy it's even mentioned in-series.
  • From the episode, "Crazy Day": The Jump Scare at the very end. To be more specific; an image of Raven with inverted colors flashes on the screen with her voice-actor, yelling; "I'm not crazy!", complete with a distorted, Creepy Monotone, Nonchalantly and a Robotic Monotone mix with a Voice Of The Legion effect ,along with a creepy echo sound-effect. This is when you find out that the entire episode was just a dream of Raven's...]])
  • The mutation scene in "Truth, Justice and What?", pictured above.
  • In the episode "Yearbook Madness" ,as if Robin's progressive insanity alone, wasn't creepy enough by itself. The episode itself had some blatantly dark moments. But probably the worst, though, at the very end it mentions where each of the Titans went with their lives. Raven succumbed to the demonic influence of her father. Beast Boy "gets into some chocolate and dies," and Robin's yearbook photo is shown and it is said that he was indicted of multiple crimes due to the destruction of his boot industry. His current whereabouts were "unknown" and just as the episode ends, a discolored closeup of Robin's creepy yearbook photo flashes on the screen with crescendoing music. End of episode.
    • Complete with the sound of Robin's Shrilled Scream...
  • The fact that this version of Robin was raised by a Batman (in this version a doofy loon who seems more into hanging out with Gordon and going to shindigs) who physically abused him and turned him into a paranoid, violent control-freak. Doubly so if you've seen any other portrayal of the two's relationship.
  • The demons that are brought about in relation to Raven, for differing reasons.
    • The pet shadow demon drags Ed the evil drivers ed teacher in its introductory episode.
    • The Toothache Demon, which initially takes the form of a mass of writhing tentacles spewing from Raven's mouth and causing an obscene amount of violence to others.
    • The demon that Silkie accidentally releases, Which Silkie then procedes to eat alive as well.
  • In the Halloween episode, "Scary Figure Dance", the Titan ghosts have the scariest faces when trying to scare the HIVE after Mammoth says that they were not that scary. And also, Ghost!Robin's spinning head, Ghost!Starfire's tongue sprouting a snake-like creature which sprouts out another snake-like creature, and Ghost!Cyborg's ripping flesh takes nightmare fuel to another level.
    • In the same episode, Ghost!Robin bulges his eyes at Jinx is kinda creepy.
  • In the episode Campfire Stories, Robin and the Teen Titans trade scary campfire stories. The creepiest tale of all was Raven's. In her tale, A creature of darkness arrives and meets a tiny elf, a robot, a green hyena and a Princess. For a time they worked together and all was well. Then the creature got angry with them and ate them all... At the end of Raven's tale, the Titans were understandably shaken by it. Then Raven transforms into the very same beast from her campfire tale! Cue everyone running away in terror.
  • "The Return of Slade" didn't have Slade in it, but at the beginning of the episode, his mask appears only next to Raven and Robin as they dreadfully say his name. Then if we go back to the original show, we remember the "Apprentice" episodes and his role in serving Trigon while giving both Raven and Robin a big Mind Rape whenever they met. Makes you wonder if this Slade is affected by the show's humor or not if these events happened in the Go! continuity...
  • Gizmo flies into the sun in "My Name Is Jose"
  • Bumblebee turning into a gross, and horrible monster from the nuclear reactor, in "Communicate Openly".
    • Not to mention, Cyborg blowing up the nuclear reactor with his missile, causing a colossal explosion, leading to a nuclear apocalypse.
    • On a meta-level, this episode also shows what happens when all the original titans, degenerates extraordinaire, pile up on the new girl who is yet to fit in. The results aren't pretty.
  • The source of the page image: the episode where Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven try to turn themselves into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so they can hang out with the real Ninja Turtles and eat pizza (they think it's the only reason they formed a team). However, they instead end up looking like turtles that survived an atomic bombing. Even Robin is horrified with what's happened and has them sent to the hospital to treat their radiation poisoning.
  • The ending of "I Am Chair" has Robin's massage chair lead an Assimilation Plot on every last man, woman, child and even animal on earth for "ultimate relaxation." After a Time Skip of 7 "relaxing" months without food or water, everyone in the world on the massage chairs, including the Titans, are reduced to the most "relaxed" forms they can be: dead and reduced to skeletons.

The comic (based on the original '03 series)

  • 55, the final issue, "When There's Trouble..." The story itself delves into all the Titans' greatest fears, and some panels are just plain freaky.

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