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Tear Jerker / Teen Titans Go!

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This show, a Tear Jerker? The Joker would sooner get a Heartwarming sub page. Wait...
Why so sad Robin?
  • Seeing Starfire feeling utterly destroyed when Silkie gets lost in the episode "Missing"
  • In "Sandwich Thief", Starfire makes it rather clear (doubly so since she's hooked up to a lie detector machine) that she does not love Robin, could not even learn to love him, and didn't tell him so as not to hurt his feelings. Robin even asks her multiple times, but comes up with nothing. Note that the poor girl even tried to lie on purpose when asked if she loves Robin by saying "Yes", but was outed by said machine, making her come clean.
    • It's also pretty apparent that Everyone Can See It, too, to the point that Robin's attitude of never letting things go worries them that he will throw away his life which is implied when they meet his future self:
      Beast Boy:, what are you going to do if Starfire marries some dude?
    • Similarly, while Robin and the girls confront Robin's future self, Beast Boy and Cyborg stay behind and decide to pass the time by crank calling their future selves. It seems funny and innocuous at first... until Beast Boy calls his future self only to find out his future self is dead. Even if you hate this version of Beast Boy, it's hard to not wanna give the poor guy a hug after learning that sobering revelation.
  • In "Salty Codgers", the Titans (sans Raven) get turned into old people, and later (temporarily) die from old age. It's played completely seriously, and is actually kind of heartwrenching, considering what the show is usually like.
    • It gets even sadder when you pay attention to Cyborg's grand children. The way one of them innocently asks Raven where Cyborg is is very sad.
  • "Be Mine" has a really sad exchange between Raven and Beast Boy, with the latter questioning what's wrong with himself. When Raven says she knows a girl who probably likes Beast Boy, all he can ask is why said girl hasn't told him yet, with Raven's expression betraying her guilt.
    • The ending has Beast Boy finally managing to win over Terra, and the last shot is of Raven lamenting that she didn't get to tell Beast Boy how she felt.
  • The ending of "Yearbook Madness" reveals the Titans's futures. Cyborg and Starfire get great futures, with the former becoming a movie star and the latter opening a school on Tamaran and teaching English as a second language. But the futures of Beast Boy, Raven, and Robin are very depressing. Beast Boy gets into some chocolate and diesnote , Raven succumbs to Trigon's influence and enslaves the universenote , And Robin is indicted of embezzlement after destroying his boot factory, but is never caught due to him being trapped in the yearbook.
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  • There's a surprisingly genuine moment at the end of "Grandma Voice" where Cyborg cries over how much he misses his grandma. The other Titans cheer him up by reminding him of the memories they had. It can strike a chord with those who miss a deceased relative.
  • Raven and Starfire's fight in "Caramel Apples" over Trigon's attention is a little sad to watch, as it reveals that even Starfire has Daddy Issues.
    Raven: He's just going to disappoint you, like he's disappointed me!
    • In the same episode you can't help but feel even a little sorry for Trigon who was genuinely crushed when Raven ignored him on Father's Day.
  • "Dog Hand" has one for both Cyborg and Beast Boy, both in regards to their childhoods. Cyborg remembers playing catch with a toaster he called dad, and cries when he doesn't throw the ball back, and Beast Boy remembers crawling towards various zoo animals, asking them if they're his parents.
  • "Pain, all I know is pain."
  • In "40% 40% 20%" When The Brain destroys Cyborg's "Night Begins to Shine" tape, Cyborg just stops. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming when the other Titans begin singing the song to lift Cyborg's spirits up.
  • The ending of Super Robin, good god.
  • Blackfire in "Mr. Butt". After realizing what a horrible sister she had been, she tried to become a better elder sister for the currently imprisoned Starfire... But when Star breaks out of jail, she's too furious to care.
  • In "Tower Renovation", the first episode after The Movie, the Titans try to put on a brave face after the destruction of the Tower. They go through hell trying to rebuild it, which they do, with some improvements. Then the Tower is re-destroyed by two natural disasters and a random UFO.
  • “The Croissant” reveals that Killer Moth was bullied for his looks and that’s why he’s evil. He must’ve been bullied pretty bad to become a super villain.
  • In "Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice", Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy tell Robin his parents are there. Robin excitedly shouts "Mommy! Daddy! Your baby is coming!" Only to get trapped in tape, revealing it was just a joke. Robin tries to laugh, claiming it's in good fun, but he ends up sobbing, being reminded of his dark past.
  • Robin's reaction when Beast Boy tells him he has no friendships in "BBCYFSHIPBDAY".


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