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Khary Payton (born May 16, 1972 in Augusta, Georgia) is an American voice actor best known for his role as Cyborg on Teen Titans. He would later reprise this role in Teen Titans Go! (and its film adaptation), Injustice: Gods Among Us (where he also voiced Doomsday) and its sequel, the series of Lego DC Superhero films, the Infinite Crisis game, and Justice League Action.

He's also known for a few live action roles such as Dr. Terrell Jackson in General Hospital, Josh in Emily's Reasons Why Not, and as King Ezekiel in AMC's The Walking Dead.


Additional Roles:

Tropes associated with Khary Payton:

  • Casting Gag: In the two DC shows where he didn't voice Cyborg:
    • In Justice League, he voices Ten in the first incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang, which Joker managed. This doubles as Relationship Voice Actor, as the entire gang were voiced by the five Teen Titans heroes.
    • In Young Justice, he already voices series regular Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad/Aquaman and a half-dozen smaller roles like Black Manta, Black Lightning, and Brick. At the same time, the show had a lot of fun with the fact that Payton wasn't voicing Cyborg. He did voice the Doom Patrol member, Robotman, who was presetned as a parody of Cyborg called alongside the other Teen Titans Go! actors. He also voiced Cyborg's father Silas Stone, and Cyborg's classmate who just happened to have the exact same voice as his classic Cyborg and yelled "BOOYAH!" a lot.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices:
  • Role Reprise: Has voiced at least six different versions of Cyborg.



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