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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why doesn't it bother Beast Boy when Raven took off his clothes, unlike everyone else? He often is in the nude when he changes into an animal.
  • Meta example. Why does the show have so much black comedy, like in "Ghost Boy"? Because the creators know that the show will attract fans of the older show, who are now older, more mature and have a darker sense of humor.
  • In "Laundry Day", Starfire won the hot dog eating contest. Didn't the old show once establish she had nine stomachs?
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  • Robin's flashback in "Dude, Relax!" I guess now we know why he's deathly afraid of monkeys.
  • In an unaired episode of the old show, Starfire mentions that music should have a positive meaning whilst Raven quips "You never heard my music." In "Starliar" we see what she means.
  • Why couldn't Starfire lie to Robin in "Staff Meeting"? Because she was still affected by what she did in "Starliar", causing her to always tell the truth even when it hurts.
    • It looks more like the example of Status Quo Is God. Once "Starliar" is over, Starfire once again simply doesn't know about concept of lie.
    • But if you watch closely, you could see she was starting to say everything was fine, but she couldn't spit it out.
  • Why would Red Raven keep on attacking Cyborg? She's probably still upset at him for ruining her and Beast Boy's wedding.
    • Or the tricking her into making clones of him and Beast Boy, or that whole Meatball Party shenaniganery... there could be endless amounts of rage bottled up in there.
  • "Books" The story of Pinocchio really is relevant to Cyborg.
  • "Legs" established different reactions to wearing Raven's 'eerie' cloak: Cyborg and Starfire, normally joyous and out-going become more hostile; Beast Boy, normally laid back gets more tense; but Robin just seems to feel relaxed and safe within it. This makes sense when you realize, this is Robin, the guy mentored by the Dark Knight himself; and raised in Gotham, a place established to be dark and dreary even in the daytime. Of course he'll feel safe in it!
    • On a related note, the cloak stunts Raven's emotions, but when those emotions were split into the Emoticlones from "Colors of Raven", they're all out of control; Angry Raven is constantly lashing out, Timid Raven's chronic fear is physically debilitating, and so on. Apparently the cloaks on the Emoticlones are just for show, and the splitter prism wasn't able to duplicate its effects.
      • In "Salty Codgers", she uses the clasp of her cloak to contain the team's souls. What if the cloak's not an emotional stunter, but the CLASP is, and when 'split', like in "Knowledge" when the 'Nerd Amulet of Pi' broke, it deactivated, maybe the stunting deactivates? There's multiple references in fiction to gems holding energy or magic.
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    • It could be that the cloak's powers were split between the Emoticlones, each cloak holding back every other emotion except the Emoticlones' specific emotions?
  • Why Starfire doesn't talk about how superpowers are a curse? Because her powers never made her different. Everyone on her home planet has them.
  • In "Missing" Starfire bathes Silkie by licking him. According to the original comics, her people evolved from cats.
    • That could explain why in "Dreams" she dreams of a "Kitty Picnic".
    • And again in "Crazy Desire Island".
  • In "Real Magic" Robin starts easily doing lots of slight-of-hand tricks. With all the years of ninja training he got from Batman, it's no wonder he does them so well.
  • For the comic book, how is it that all the villains from the Brotherhood of Evil are unfrozen? Several other members of the Brotherhood (including Kitten, whose father and boyfriend were among the frozen) were defeated offscreen and never shown again. It's very possible that one of them decided to free them.
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  • In the episode "Titan Rising" of the original show, Raven was the only character to be hostile and suspicious of Terra's motivations, even beyond reason; which lead some fans to surmise it was caused by jealousy of Beast Boy's attraction to her. Then along comes the Teen Titans Go adaptation of the same events in "Terra-ized", and again Raven is the only character suspicious of Terra. Except this time all of the other Titans assume that it is simply because she's jealous, even though this time Terra is barely hiding that she's evil.
  • In "The H.I.V.E. Five" Jinx and Starfire let a cat choose between them and Starfire wins. Tamaraneans evolved from cats, so it makes sense the cat would be drawn more toward Starfire.
  • In "Mr. Butt", it occurred to me that the reason Starfire likes Raven so much is because she reminds her of Blackfire. Dark clothing, hair and eyes, very clothed compared to her(Starfire), sarcastic, punches often, doesn't like hugs, etc.
    • Another one from "Mr. Butt": When Starfire is in prison serving Blackfire's sentence, she tattoos herself, shaves most of her hair off and bulks up from working out. The last part seems odd since Starfire already has superhuman strength and, as pointed out on the Surprisingly Realistic Outcome entry for The Incredibles, regular gym weights wouldn't do anything for someone with that much strength. Then it hit me, Starfire is in an intergalactic prison, so the weights there are likely a lot heavier than weights on an Earth prison would be.
  • In a more meta example, look at the Official Couples in Teen Titans, then look up the most popular non-canon ships — Cyborg/Jinx, Raven/Beast Boy. Teen Titans GO! is taking the pairs from the original, breaking them up, and making the non-canon
  • In issue #51 of the '03 tie-in comic Beastboy says that Starfire was the one who came up with the metamorphosis theory. Make sense seeing as how she went through her own metamorphosis.
  • The Running Gag of Cyborg's love for the 80's. If you read the comics, then you know that Cyborg's first appearance was in DC Comics Presents #26 which came out in 1980. Starfire and Raven also made their first appearance in that issue. It could also be because Cyborg's VA Khary Payton grew up in the 80's as well.
  • In "Bro-pocalypse", the revelation would have been quicker to understand if put in familial terms. There is one 'bro'(brother), but without other 'bros' he is not a bro. You can't be a brother if it's just you.
  • As Robin Pointed out: due to Beast Boy's terrible singing, he almost succeeded in opening a portal to the word of The Dimension of the Night Shines. However, crying isn't included in the song either. This is a very minor case of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

Fridge Horror

  • In "Nose Mouth" Raven warns the titans that using dark magic tends to get out of hand if used recklessly. Throughout the episode we are lead to believe that she was lampshading With Great Power Comes Great Insanity or at least the occult rule about karma. Her first curse solved the sleepwalking problem by making it so a demon will hurt Robin every time he'd sleep incessantly turning him into a insomniac. The solution to Cyborg's yelling was removing his mouth. Both those solutions would be lethal enough to kill within a week due to lack of sleep in Robin's case and food or water in Cyborgs case. Though Cyborg did find a way out by stuffing his food through his nose, which could buy him time.
  • In "Pie Bros" it's implied that the Titans ate pies made out of people.
  • Raven's room has a bunch of cages in one corner. There's a human skeleton's arm sticking out of one of them. How did that get there?
    • Starfire has a human skeleton reaching for a glass of water under her bed in "La Larva Amor".
  • The ending of "Tower Power", bad enough Cyborg turned into a HAL clone but then he gases all the Titans and turns them into appliances...exactly how did he do that?
  • In "Be Mine" where did Starfire get that still beating heart?
  • Remember the plot of "Staring At the Future"? The one with the plot involving Cyborg and Beast Boy time travelling to prevent their friends from drifting apart and moving on to have very successful lives? From the plot of "Sandwich Thief", it seems that they actually did cause some changes to the future. Instead of being Happily Married to Batgirl, Robin now lives alone, and shows signs of loneliness despite his chipper attitude. Also, Beast Boy apparently died, much to the horror of his past self when he finds out.
    • Another one from the same episode, in the aftermath of Starfire's interrogation: Did Robin's actions in "The Date" completely ruin his chances with her, for her to say in no ambiguous terms that she does not love Robin, and would not even entertain the idea of having a thing for him? Keep in mind that in not one, but two alternate futures, he Did Not Get the Girl.
    • However in "Colors of Raven", which aired after "The Date", Starfire was immediately jealous at the thought of Robin kissing Passion!Raven and trapped her in the prism without hesitation. Also when she was a villain, her reason to blow up the moon was because she thought Robin was in love with it.
  • When the Titans become exclusively vegetarian in "Vegetables", they eventually turn green and zombie-like. This is actually a (somewhat exaggerated) sign of Anemia, which comes about due to a deficiency of Vitamin B12 and Iron, two things that meat is rich in. On top of that, by eating a ton of greens, the Titans are also ingesting a lot of folate, which is good in small doses, but can cause permanent nerve damage when combined with a B12 deficiency. Take note that when Beast Boy snaps Cyborg out of it and he feeds them meat, all of the symptoms go away. Yikes!
  • In the episode "Sidekick", Robin's Imagine Spot of Batman's reaction to his friends wrecking the Batcave implies that The latter is abusive towards him. It also reminds you of another Abusive Batman...
  • The ending of "Serious Business" has all the bathrooms on Earth break out of their houses and blast away, and we're shown some people inside them. Judging by them spinning in a halo and the speed they leave Earth, it couldn't have ended well for them.

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