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Awesome Music / Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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  • "Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life", an upbeat Road Trip Plot-style ditty sung by Michael Bolton, who appears as an onscreen character named "Tiger". Who gets run over and killed by the Titans.
  • The Teen Titans save Krypton with a rave track.
  • Robin's "I Want" Song, "My Superhero Movie", lists off practically every trope related to superhero movies. It also gets a Dark Reprise from Slade during the climax.
  • Of the music score, "Chasing Slade" stands out as Slade and the Titans fight mid-air, with them desperately trying to recover the MacGuffin, using an orchestral version of the original 2003 Titans theme.
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  • Slade's theme song is almost right out of the 2003 animated series, with dangerous strings and tense percussion.
  • "Worthy Arch Nemesis", in which Slade taunts Robin, portrayed with dark, tense strings, which is then followed by a mournful Robin theme and sad reprise of "My Superhero Movie".
  • The Tower Collapses is another intense musical cue that plays the drama absolutely straight as Slade destroys the Tower.
  • "Justice League Returns" is a triumphant, warm score as the Titans finally prove they are indeed superheroes, while Batman leads the applause.

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