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Tear Jerker / Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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Spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
Being a Butt-Monkey isn't fun.

Unlike the series itself (sometimes), Teen Titans Go! To the Movies has a little more emotion when it comes to its characters.

  • A minor example, but in the teaser trailer, the Titans dressing up as Wonder Woman can be this due to their reasoning:
    Beast Boy: No one wants to see us, fool!
    Raven: Wonder Woman inspires people.
    Starfire: And we... do not.
  • The Titans sneak into the premiere of Batman Again! and see a couple of previews, each pertaining to Batman's sidekick. First movie: Alfred. Second movie: Batmobile. Third movie: Utility Belt. Funny, at first, but what makes it sad is that before the third trailer is properly introduced, Robin climbs up onto the stage to thank everyone for finally giving him a movie. After the trailer though, Atom says, "He thought the movie was about him!" and laughs at him. Then everyone else, meaning all superheroes, in the theater follow suit except for the other Titans, who only felt sorry for him. The poor guy then runs out of the theater crying. A surprising realistic response for this moment.
  • The scene, pictured on the right, with Robin lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling with a genuinely sad look on his face. The dark blue lighting in his bedroom further emphasizes his inner plight.
    • The Lion King-style nightmare that follows is just as sad as well as being Nightmare Fuel, even though it's supposed to be Played for Laughs.
  • "My Superhero Movie" can feel like a rather desperate plea for acceptance, and knowing he's singing it to absolutely the wrong person makes it worse.
  • Slade destroying the Titans' tower. What makes it sadder is that that's the last we see of it in the movie, implying that it's still destroyed by the end and there's no telling where the Teen Titans could live.
    • Before this, Slade mockingly thanks Robin for helping him finish the movie, used as part of his Evil Plan to mind control the entire world. You will believe that Lego Batman can play the Titans' greatest villain.
      Slade: Thank you, Robin! You were so desperate to be in a movie that you turned your back on everything important to you! Even your own friends!
    • What follows is him blowing up the Tower with him inside. All Robin can do is futilely try to escape as everything burns around him. He even starts doubting himself again, since, as Slade mocked above, he turned his back on everything, including his friends, all because he wanted a movie. Sure, it does have a quick Mood Whiplash because of Robin's baby hands, but this moment is completely and utterly lacking the show's typical style. And even before this, the moment is made worse by showing the rooms on fire. And the last thing shown before the scene below? A picture of all of the Titans together, happy.
      Robin: How could I have been so stupid?! I'm not a hero. I'm a failure with no friends.
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    • Worse, for all Robin knows, his friends are dead, and he's steeling himself to face Slade alone, and willing to pay any price to take him down. It's a rare moment when the show is genuinely serious and dramatic and playing the scene completely straight, as does the music score.
    • The August 13, 2018 episode of Go!, "Tower Renovation", provided an epilogue — with the Tower getting destroyed again.
  • When Robin agrees to let go of the Titans for causing trouble around the studio to get his own movie (already pretty sad, since they don't care much about having a movie, and just did all of it for him), they all leave heartbroken and choose to go their separate ways. It's somewhat Played for Laughs, with Jade Wilson politely shooing them off the set, until Starfire turns to Robin with tears in her eyes and sincerely tells him that she looks forward to seeing his movie while hugging him goodbye. Even more of a Gut Punch considering how infrequently Go! plays their feelings for each other this straight.
    Beast Boy: Bro... is you for real gonna ditch us...?!
    Starfire: But Robin, we have done all of this for you...
    Robin: Done all of what? Make me look like a joke?! We have to face it: no one will take us seriously when we're together. Maybe we should just go our separate ways.
    Jade: [as the Titans look on, shocked] It's never easy to tell the truth Robin. But I am deeply touched by what you've just done here. And you four? It was so nice to meet you. Not really. And I'm sure we'll all work together again in the future. Definitely not.
    Robin: I'm sorry guys. But it's what we need to do.
    Raven: [as everyone walks way] Fine. Go make your own movie. I'm going home to Dad.
    Beast Boy: [teared] Well, the dumpster it is!
    Cyborg: I guess I'll have to be a pro football star after all...
    [Starfire looks back and quickly hugs Robin]
    Starfire: Good luck to you Robin. I hope to one day see your movie. I think it will be very good. [flies out]
    • Even sadder when we learn of Jade/Slade's true plan (read: to mind control the entire world to do his bidding). Starfire would have been one of the first victims.
    • Robin is signing for three young fans on the studio lot, and the third fan is a child with a drawing of not just him, but the rest of the Teen Titans together, who by that point broke up from their ex-leader. note  The memory of what just happened is enough for him to take pause. And then Jade, smiling throughout, impatiently pushes the child aside to stay on schedule!
  • Robin gets mind-controlled — because he just couldn't help but peek at the movie about him, which emphasized how much he wanted to be recognized. Even knowing it was a trap.