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Headscratchers / Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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  • Why is Slade voiced by Will Arnett and not Ron Perlman.
    • Probably because Ron Perlman was busy with other commitments or simply refused to reprise his role.
      • Or they just wanted Arnett from the get-go.
      • In addition, Arnett is a far better comedian, and is able to switch between dramatic and self-effacing.
  • The Teen Titans show an awareness that they are in a movie (Cyborg asks Slade to say something inappropriate to the camera; Starfire tells Robin that the movie is over, etc.). If they knew that they were in a film all along, why did they seek out to get a film made about them?
  • Does the movie take place before the TV show? In the film, they are meeting Slade for the first time, but in the show, the Titans already know Slade.
    • It may be Control Freak's doing. He's the one behind the Go! continuity, so maybe he rebooted it again.

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