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Heartwarming / Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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  • The seagull flipping through Marv Wolfman and George Perez's run of The New Teen Titans comic is a sweet reminder to older fans that their run of the team is still remembered.
  • The Titans try to cheer Robin up by making him their own home movie, even though he doesn't want to watch it because he thinks it makes him look like a joke. At the climax, when Robin has his teammates dead to rights, they show him the second half.
    Beast Boy: (from the movie) ...then he grew up, and he wasn't a baby anymore! But he still had them baby hands, yo! But whenever there was crime happening, Robin is the dude that keeps fighting until he wins, bro! He's like a bulldog! Sinks his teeth into that crime and will never let go!
    Starfire: (from the movie) Before the Robin, we were all alone. (in her real voice) But he brought us together to be the team!
    Cyborg: (in his real voice) He may not have superpowers, but he is a superhero!
    Raven: (in her real voice) Our hero!
  • The other Titans agree to do a Titans movie only because they want to make Robin happy. They had no real interest in doing the movie, and when Robin shoos them off the set, they're sad he said harsh words to them, not because they're not going to be in the movie. All that mattered was making Robin happy.
  • The "Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life" number where the Titans try to motivate Robin into going after his dream of having his own movie. Until the Titans kill Tiger when they run him over.
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  • At the end when the Titans defeat Slade, Batman is the first to lead the other heroes in applauding the Titans.
  • Playing off the recurring "Will They or Won't They?" joke, when Raven catches a falling Beast Boy, he thanks her flirtingly, and she promptly shuts him up...before smiling back at him.
    Raven: Get up. Stop milking it.
    Beast Boy: (groggy) Ray-ray?
    Raven: Don't call me that.
    Beast Boy: You saved me!
    Raven: Let's not make it a big deal. (beat, then warm smile)
  • The other Ship Tease recalls Robin and Starfire's romance. Namely, Starfire promising that she will be the first one to see his movie when it comes out — without her Verbal Tic. She also does the "romance twirl" with Robin when singing her part of "Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life." It's an amazing contrast to the constant Ship Sinking of these two characters in the TV show.
  • What do the Titans do after seeing the world in ruins with no heroes around? Almost immediately go back and fix the origin stories, even if it Crosses the Line Twice by a bit.
    • Raven giving Wonder Woman her Lasso of Truth and playing with her alongside Starfire is a genuinely sweet moment, especially since she seems to feel bad about ruining her fun just before.
  • A meta one, Stan Lee appearing in the movie is this when you think about it. Despite both Marvel and DC being competing companies, it does remind you in the end, both companies respect each other.
    • The cameo becomes doubly meaningful after Stan's passing later that year, with many people affiliated with DC sharing their sincere admiration and respect for the man.
  • As soon as the movie was announced, a lot of people, including the show's massive Hate Dom, immediately assumed it would be a huge flop and preemptively declared that it would be one of the worst movies ever made, but the movie itself won over many who saw it when it was released and ended up becoming a modest success. Talk about a turnaround.

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