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This movie will end up better than expected.
I'm not saying that it's somehow going to be the highest-rated DC movie since Wonder Woman (2017), but it won't be utterly terrible, either. At best, it'll probably be So Okay, It's Average.

This movie will stay true to its word and be "the superhero movie to end all superhero movies"...
By being released to critical acclaim and being considered one of, if not the greatest superhero film of all time. Or by getting such bad reviews that no one wants to invest in the genre anymore.

This movie will become the greatest example of No Such Thing as Bad Publicity of the 21st Century.
Yes, even more so than The Emoji Movie.

As the movie's release date draws near, there will be numerous multi-part rant videos about it that are almost twice as long as the movie itself. Every Caustic Critic on the internet will be declaring the end of days. Riots will break out in the street over the movie's existence. It will become impossible to ignore the movie... and the studio will use that to its advantage. People will go to see if it really is that bad, every single TTG hater will be lined up on opening day just to be the first to tear the movie a new one. As a result of the movie's huge negative attention, it will end up a major box office success, shattering numerous records until it becomes the highest grossing animated movie of all time, and with its success it will usher in a new age of 2D animated movies. And it will have the millions of angry anti-fans to thank for it.Unlike The Emoji Movie, however, professional critics will give it decent but not spectacular reviews.

  • The film has actually received positive reviews from most audiences and critics.

TTG the Movie Joke and gag betting board
This is a WMG where we speculate on whatever lame jokes and horrible gags that the movie will crack.

The TTG Movie Joke and Gag betting board that doesn't assume the worst.
Because there are people out there who like or are neutral to TTG!

  • Beast Boy transforming into an obscure animal.
  • Raven becomes very muscular again
    • Bonus points if she once again dons the mantle of "Lady Legasus"
  • ZENDAYA!!!!!

At long last, the Titans will meet their former incarnations
Fans have been hoping and waiting for this crossover for the longest time. It's even been hinted at quite a few times note . Now that there's going to be a Big Damn Movie, the possibility is fuelled into overdrive.
  • Or alternatively, the Teen Titans will BECOME their former incarnations (or more modern day designed versions) in order to defeat Slade, who has beaten them so thoroughly that they realize they need to be real heroes if they want a chance of winning.
  • Semi-confirmed. The Stinger has the 2003 Titans appear for a brief moment, stating that they may have found a way back. In the film proper, they still defeat Slade as themselves, just with a reprise of their theme song.

The movie will be nominated for an Oscar
Hey, it happened with The Boss Baby.

Slade Wilson will be the film's Knight of Cerebus
Will Arnett can be legitimately menacing when he wants to be.
  • Confirmed. While he's not without his Funny Moments, he still Deathstroke the Terminator. Acts include: blowing up Titans Tower, G Unning towards Robin's self-esteem, using that to mind control Robin into killing his friends, almost killing the Titans himself...

New character Jade Wilson is going to be connected to Slade somehow
Come on, their names sound almost exactly the same, there's no way that won't be significant.

  • Confirmed, Jade Wilson is in fact Slade in disguise.

The film will end up serving as a deconstruction of the show's usual humor.
It will be revealed that the reason why the Titans haven't gotten a movie is because no one sees them as actual heroes, just a bunch of superpowered jackasses who spend their time screwing with people, all thanks to the brand of humor that the show tends to use. In response to this (and in order to defeat the Knight of Cerebus Slade), the Titans are forced to undergo the Character Development that they've tried so desperately to avoid. In the end, they will finally be celebrated as the heroes they've always wanted to be.

  • Confirmed.

Ravager (Rose Wilson) will play an important role in the film.
She is Slade Wilson's (and possibly Jade Wilson's) daughter. She is also a character who is very popular with both fans and detractors of the show.

  • Jossed. Rose is nowhere to be seen in the film.

The main characters will actually undergo Character Development
Beast Boy and Cyborg will become more serious while still retaining some of their fun-loving traits, Starfire will become less naive and more cynical, Raven will open up even more and Robin will realize the actions of himself and the team have lasting consequences and end up becoming more heroic as a result. These traits will end up being carried into the main series, improving its overall reception.

Batman will speak in an after-credits scene in the movie, and he will have the only voice actor he could possibly have.
We will discover that Batman and Commissioner Gordon sitting in deck chairs, holding cans of soda and watching the climactic scene from afar. The following scene combines new and re-used dialog.

Jim Gordon: Whew, I'm glad we gave that one a miss.
(Jim raises his can for a toast)
Jim Gordon: Old friend.
(They clink their cans together. Cut to black the moment they hit. We hear Batman speak two words. Just two.)
Batman: Old chum.
  • Jossed.

The Villainous characters will have a cameo at the very end.
I dunno, sounded funny and cool in my head.
  • Nah. Still would've been cool, though.

Ambush Bug will have a cameo.
Why not?

In reference to the "Apprentice" plotline from the original Teen Titans, Robin and Slade will have a We Can Rule Together moment
We know Robin doesn't enjoy not being taken seriously, and Slade could very well tempt him by using the mind control machine we saw in the trailer to make all superheroes respect Robin. Robin will then predictably get very interested by the offer before begrudgingly refusing for the sake of saving the day like a true superhero would (maybe he'd think that refusing Slade's offer would make him a greater hero, thus giving him more fame and his own movie).
  • Bonus points if Terra and/or Rose appear while Slade does his evil speech to Robin, rolling their eyes and/or yawning at how cliché the whole scene is.

  • Confirmed, in a sorta roundabout way. After he loses his crystal to the Titans, Slade starts to actively gun towards Robin's insecurities and even gets him brainwashed along with the other DC heroes this way.

This movie will act as the series' Grand Finale
Not only are the ratings noticeably decreasing on the network, but rumors suggest the original Teen Titans will finally be revived for a sixth season to tie up the loose ends left behind since its cancellation, to the point where even TTG co-producer Michael Jelenic announced that he can "almost guarantee" its return. An even bigger twist would be if the movie somehow leads up to where the previous series left off.
  • Jossed. TTG's fifth season started airing about a month before the movie's release.

At the end, the Titans will not get their own in-universe movie.
But then they'll break the fourth wall and realize that they've been in a movie the whole time, making them happy.

The Titans will break the DC heroes out of being Brainwashed and Crazy with their usual rando humor.
Which is a subtle nod to Sullivan's Travels.
  • Jossed. The heroes are released from brainwashing once the Titans destroy the machine that's controlling them (except Robin, who is released through The Power of Friendship).

The whole twist regarding the villain is meant to be a subtle Take That! at Disney.
  • Specifically, their overuse of the whole "seemingly-altruistic-side-character-was-the-villain-all-along" trope. Which is probably why The Reveal wasn't all that subtle.

Slade's evil plot is also a subtle Take That! at how the DC Extended Universe has been handled.
  • Part of his evil plan involves getting all the DC superheroes preoccupied with filming their own movies. To him, the goal wasn't necessarily to produce good films, the goal was to make sure the heroes are indisposed so he can carry out his plans unopposed. Correlate that with things like Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara's sticking to Justice League (2017)'s release date of November 2017 to the film's detriment, so he could have his one last bonus before stepping down, and this paints a pretty good picture.

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