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Fridge / Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Most of the dialogue and action in the movie is more in line with the 2003 Teen Titans than Go! Guess who makes an appearance in The Stinger.
  • Why did the final scene of filming Robin: The Movie lack any of the crew required for making a major film? Because Wilson was just trying to move Robin into the Tower, there was no point in being professional. Robin was so desperate for a movie that he wouldn't notice this.
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  • Slade says that the Justice League won’t come to stop him from stealing the crystal because they are at their movie premiere. Sure, it’s a setup for a Take That, Audience!, but he's been disguising himself as a superhero film director for most of the movie.
  • Why do the Titans mistake Slade for Deadpool? Probably because he breaks the 4th wall like him.
    • He even did so right before the Titans meet him, seen one bullet above.
  • Yes, Stan Lee is the cofounder of Marvel Comics, but he’s not actually "in the wrong movie". He once rewrote the entire DC Universe, reimagined to fall in line with his tropes.
  • Stan Lee is the only one not mind-controlled — he's not from the DCU.
  • The Reveal was actually revealed before the movie was even revealed. If you look at the teaser poster, you can see that Kristen Bell and Will Arnett's names are in the same row.
  • After their catered food is eaten by the Titans, the Justice League decide to raid the catering from "the Spider-Man set". An animated Spider-Man film was released later that year.
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  • There’s a pretty good sign that the entire thing is a sham when you look at the audience of the gala premiere. It includes members of Titans East & Young Justice (such as Aqualad), as well as Detective Chimp, a character even less known or appreciated than the Titans.
  • Why do the Batmobile and utility belt get movies? Slade is essentially cutting off Batman's resources, while also keeping someone else like Batgirl from using them.

Fridge Horror

  • Starfire promises that she will be first in line to see Robin's movie when it releases. This was already sad enough given the context, but Jade's true plan was to mind control the world using his movie. Starfire, Robin's friend and crush, would have been one of the first victims. And it would have been all thanks to Robin.
  • Robin ends up getting mind controlled. But remember that it was because that Slade got him to look. Slade knows Robin so well that he can get to him emotionally too. And Robin knew that it was a trap.
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  • Also, Robin seems to be a little too willing to attack his team, who, despite loving Robin as their leader and friend, do mess with him. A lot. To be specific, he knocks Beast Boy back, since he is one of the people that Robin can tolerate the least, and shocks Starfire, who makes it all too clear that she never loved him from time to time. This just puts more realism to the Butt-Monkey trope.
  • What happened to the little buddies, Sticky Joe, and Silkie when the tower was destroyed.

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