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Nightmare Fuel / Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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Because this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
Having "Apprentice" flashbacks yet?
  • Robin's nightmare, doubling as a Tear Jerker. It starts off as a seemingly normal dream, consisting of all the heroes gathering around Wayne Enterprises to see Batman raise a baby Robin to the sky. Then all of the heroes deride baby!Robin for being a sidekick and a joke. Then Batman just tosses Robin off the edge of the building. Luckily, Robin wakes up before the nightmare ends.
  • Slade. While he does have the Funny Moments that the show is known for, he's pretty much the same as his 2003 incarnation: cunning, ruthless, and manipulative.
    • His plan, complete with a creepy Art Shift, reminds us that even in the world of Teen Titans Go!, Slade will ever remain the Manipulative Bastard from the 2003 series.
      Slade: I gave all the superheroes movie deals. And while those dumb-dumbs were distracted filming, I would steal key valuables from the cities they once protected! And now, with my fully charged Titonium crystal, I will have the power to encrypt [Robin's] movie with my patented Mind Manipulation! I will stream to every screen in the entire world, and EVERYONE will be mind controlled! People will rob banks for me! People will build monuments of me! And when I need someone to pick me up from the airport on short notice, they will pick me up! You know what a hassle that is. And once they finished watching the entire movie, the effects of my mind control will be permanent.
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    • And he succeeds too. Oh, and he also brainwashes every single DC superhero. What follows is a chase throughout the studio lot before eventually getting cornered. It's a good thing Raven remembered her portals!
  • The Titans Tower being blown up, with Jade/Slade's chilling Technically a Smile Traitor Shot. Seeing one of the most well-known locations in the series (and even the previous one as well) falling apart and being caught on fire, as well as Robin's race to escape really shows how vile Slade can be.
    Slade: And this shall be your final scene. (holds a detonator) Magic! (blows up the tower)
  • Brainwashed and Crazy Robin. He clearly has no qualms about killing his teammates. It doesn't help that all his dialogue is delivered in a Voice of the Legion.
    Robin: Must eliminate!
    Robin: You've always held me back!
    Robin: Kill!
    • Imagine this from the other Titans' perspective. They make it to where Slade has Robin cornered and destroy all of the mind control screens. They think they won and then... Robin turns with purple glowing eyes. They are then forced to fight him while he shows little to no mercy on them. This is easily the most suspenseful moment in the entire movie.
      • Starfire, Robin's friend and crush, tries to reach to him. He then just electrocutes her. And it was possibly not pleasant at all considering how she reacted.
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    • There's also how he got brainwashed. He and Slade were fighting on top of a soundstage, Slade escapes to the inside. Robin follows... only to be surrounded with screens with his movie. And Slade's using his Mind Manipulation techniques to get him to look. In a Dark Reprise of "My Superhero Movie".
      Slade: Look at it Robin! It's so awesome! It's so cool! It's the most incredible superhero movie the world has ever seen! It's got special effects! Tons and tons of special effects! Even your super sweet cape is special effects! It'll blow your mind! Just take a quick peek! It's your movie, your movie, your superhero movie! It's all about you!
  • When Slade and the Titans actually fight for the first time, Slade is not holding back. He's definitely trying to kill them as coldly and efficiently as possible. To the Titans' credit, they manage to (barely) counteract his attacks.

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