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Nightmare Fuel / The Thief and the Cobbler

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  • The One Eye's War Machine, not to mention the One Eyes themselves. A huge, vicious, implacable army led by a bloodthirsty, monstrous tyrant who uses slaves as furniture and only wishes to destroy everything he sees, atop a vast, disturbing war machine. Imagine what would have happened if Tack hadn't been able to stop them...
  • Also the sounds that the golden balls make when bouncing around in the Recobbled Cut. They're like bells of doom from hell.
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  • The Bandits are far too ugly to actually be 100% human.
  • From the Recobbled cut—Tack is very-nearly eaten alive by Fido, while in a very small cell with nothing but his own ball-and-chain to try and keep the bird away.
  • Zig Zags death at the hands of his "friends", the One Eye's crocodiles.
  • The Thief almost getting his hands cut off as punishment for theft. He gets out of it by using a pair of backscratchers shaped like arms, but still. It doesn't help that this is the only time in the film despite his constant misfortunes that he gets a true Oh, Crap! expression.
  • The Miramax cut goes for a Nothing Is Scarier technique for the witch. She only appears as a wispy spirit, a floating eyeball, or as a swarm of bats, never showing her true form.


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