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Nightmare Fuel / Cartoon Network

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Cartoon Network may seem like your typical "kids network" at first glance, but considering it's the Darker and Edgier counterpart to Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, there are times when their shows get downright unsettling. This page proves you don't need [adult swim] to be creepy.

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Logos, idents, and bumpers

  • The "Jack-in-the-Box" Cartoon Network Productions logo seen after Cartoon Planet and some pre-Adult Swim episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast has a bizarre audio cacophony, which varies by episode of the latter.
  • The Cartoon Network Skull logo seen after Adult Swim shows is pretty sudden. It appears after the Williams Street logo right out of nowhere and has Matt Maiellaro yelling "Skull!". Even worse, Maiellaro yelling "Skull!" would later be time-stretched, as if it were running through a granular synthesizer.
    • That being said, the Skull logo has now become far more Nightmare Retardant as it is now used for Adult Swim's Checkered Past block (which, of course, is dedicated to the Cartoon Cartoons era of CN programming).
  • Frothy Dawg, one of Cartoon Network's "Cartoons That Never Made It". It's a disturbingly cheerful cartoon about a dangerously rabid dog, who is prone to eye twitches and grotesque facial expressions. It doesn't help matters at all that the dog greatly resembles the Muppet Babies (1984) version of Rowlf.