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Funny / Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

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Trailers Only
  • The first trailer:
  • Official Trailer #1:
    • The teaser for the trailer had the Titans read comments about their film, which are about as positive as you would expect.
    Starfire: Friend Titans, do you realize what this means? People are talking about our movie!
    • The extended version of the trailer has this gem at the end, during the car chase:
      Batman:(coming out of the exploding Batmobile and on a Batcycle) I'm Batman!
      Starfire throws a blast at him, only for Batman to come back with a Batscooter
      Starfire throws another blast at him, Batman still comes back with Batskates
      Starfire: Ooh, there is no stopping the Batman.
      • In the film proper, there's no dialog, but the joke continues after the Batskates with Batman piggybacking Alfred.
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  • "It's time to DRAIN THE POOL!"
  • One poster shows Slade partaking in the heinous act of... bootlegging a movie!
    • Even better, he's holding the camera up to his blind eye.

Movie (Warning! Unmarked spoilers ahead!)
Right now, Plastic Man is the happiest superhero on the planet.



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