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Thanks to Author Appeal, Family Guy is lucky enough to have a truly lavish soundtrack. The composers seem to be on a never-ending quest to top themselves. And then they made an album with a nine-minute big band medley of 80's sitcom themes. It really helps the show's case that Seth MacFarlane himself is a trained singer.

  • The jazzy main theme (with remix by Frank Sinatra, Jr.!) It has now been extended to a full music track.
  • The gleeful Take That! song, "The Freakin' FCC" is often considered one of the best songs in the series, to the point that the real FCC loved it despite it mocking them. An alternate extended version was performed as the intro to the 2007 Emmy Awards, and it's just as catchy and hilarious as the original.
  • The epic chicken fight theme perfectly sets the mood for Peter fighting Ernie.
  • By the way, a cordial Fate Worse than Death to anyone who posts the Surfin' Bird song... The surfin' bird song! b-b-b-bird bird bird, b-bird's the word...
  • Gotta Give Up the Toad from "Let's Go to the Hop" is a spectacular and hilarious rendition of "You're the One That I Want" from Grease.
  • Prom Night Dumpster Baby has one of the best Rat Pack era feels to it, regardless of the basis for the song or how short it is.
  • The harmony in the Fat Guy National Anthem is beautiful.
  • Family Guy's rendition of "Shipoopi" is one of the highlights of the episode "Patriot Games", sung when Peter scores a touchdown. It actually had the largest number of singers in a Family Guy song. It helps a lot that this version was directed by Dan Povenmire.
  • "When We Swing" from "Brian Sings and Swings", especially with the talent of Frank Sinatra Jr.
  • Any of the "Road to" songs are fabulous, especially "Road to Rhode Island" and "So Awfully Different.
  • The special theme tunes made for the opening credits of the "Road to" episodes are all grandiose big band numbers that remix the episodes' songs. In particular, the theme for "Road to the North Pole" is a breathtakingly beautiful medley of "All I Really Want for Christmas" and "Christmas Time is Killing Us" (both already fantastic songs, as mentioned down below) with a heavenly choir to boot.
  • In the newer episodes, there's a new ending theme, an awesome, jazzy, big band number.
  • In the episode "Extra Large Medium", we have Stewie's song "Down Syndrome Girl", which is hilarious. Near the end you wonder "How the hell is he singing that fast, with that many big words, without pausing?!" As a matter of fact, it was even nominated for an Emmy.
  • The song "All I Really Want For Christmas" from "Road to the North Pole", where the whole town gets in on a kick-ass holiday carol. And "Christmas Time Is Killing Us" was the most incredible moment in the post-cancellation history of the show. Especially considering it takes its rhythms from "Be Prepared". In fact, the latter was incredible enough to get nominated for not only an Emmy, but also a Grammy.
  • "North by North Quahog" makes liberal use of Bernard Herrmann's soundtrack to North By Northwest. And it's amazing.
  • Stewie singing "You Needed Me", complete with imagery from Brian's days as a puppy, a very touchy Tear Jerker.
  • "You've Got a Lot to See", a truly epic, beautiful song that covers several decades of pop-culture sung by Brian, from "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows".
  • "Mr. Booze" from "Friends of Peter G." is particularly incredible, and has a few Funny Moments spliced into it.
  • "A Bag of Weed" from "Episode 420", while an Author Tract, is also an energetic tune sung by Brian and Stewie, and like the above, also has a few Funny Moments in it (such as "When stupid people need a thrill, they rent the Rocketeer").
  • "It's a Wonderful Day for Pie", which perfectly set the mood for the Disney Universe in "Road to the Multiverse".
  • The DVD exclusive I've Got a Little List from "Lois kills Stewie", a Filk Song of the song of the same name from The Mikado, is both hilarious and grandiose in its own right, since it is just about Stewie "bumping off" undesirables in a number of psychotic ways, all while being backed up by his own entourage of "Secret Service" singers all throughout.
  • From "Meet the Quagmires", we're given Brian's rendition of "Never Gonna Give You Up", which is just as good as the original.
  • "You Have AIDS" from "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire" is both a very upbeat vaudeville song and utterly hilarious.
  • From "Boys Do Cry", Seamus, Herbert and Jake auditioning to play the organ for church.
    • Seamus opens with a brilliant rendition of "Great Balls of Fire". He matches the piano riffs with all four of his wooden limbs and even climbs onto the keys to dance on them.
    • Next is Herbert who chooses "I Know What Boys Like", doing so with a soft-rocking voice even with that lisp of his. He also gets a matching band offscreen to accompany him.
    • Jake's is uninspiring at first. But after Tom corrects his sheet music, it's established that he read music upside-down so he can play the William Tell Overture.
  • In "Wasted Talent", when Peter is discovered to be an exceptional piano player when drunk, Lois gets him to play at a piano competition. This culminates in an epic rendition of The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song.
  • Basically every song from "Into Harmony's Way" is as awesome as it is hilarious. But for specifics...
    • "Pop Tart" introduces Peter and Quagmire to the masses, with a memorable ditty of the sweet sensation that is putting butter on a Pop Tart. Not to mention the seamless harmonies.
    • "Credit Card Debt". The theme song of middle-age mortgage owners everywhere.
    • You wouldn't expect a sad song called "I Can't Poop in Strange Places" to hit as hard as it does, yet the rather tragic detailing of "pooping before my anus bleeds" knocks you off your feet.
    • "Train on the Water, Boat on a Track". Is it stupid? A hundred percent. But boy is it catchy. And the inclusion of the All 5'1 Black Albino Choir really makes the song.
  • "My Drunken Irish Dad" is an infectiously catchy Irish bar song that Peter belts out after beating his biological father in a drinking contest and subsequently earning his respect. It even has a bar fight partway through that's perfectly synced up to the beat!