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"Kouji can! Swim underground! He can fly beneath the sea! In his Robot Man, Mazinger Z!"
Mazinger Z theme song, TOEI dub

A subtrope of Expository Theme Tune where instead of describing the plot, the whole theme of the song is about just how amazing a character is, describing how all their enemies pale in comparison and how their attacks and powers will rip them to shreds.

Compare Boastful Rap, where the artist makes one about himself, or "I Am Great!" Song, where a character sings this about himself in-show. Inversion of "The Villain Sucks" Song and "The Hero Sucks" Song, which are about how amazing the character is not. If a character's job is what makes them awesome, then this overlaps with Job Song.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • If the title of the show is the main character, there's a 90% chance the Italian theme song is this.
  • The English opening and both Japanese openings of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! are about how Kirby's the hero, how he's powerful, and how he's able to defeat any foe.
  • Shinzo Ningen Casshan has an opening narration that talks about the enemy army, the Andro Army, on how they are dangerous. It ends with "If Casshan can't do it, who can?" It is then proceeded by Isao Sasaki singing how strong Casshan is, how his attacks are powerful, and how Casshan can destroy the Andro Army. It ends with calling Friender's various forms (FRIENDER JET!).
  • The opening of Hurricane Polymar describes how amazing the Hariken technique is, complete with him performing the techniques during the opening. Oh, and... DAN DAN DAN DAN DUN BABANG BAN BAN TORYAAAAAAAAAA~
  • Most Super Robot shows (often combined with Calling Your Attacks), including
  • Speed Racer and its next gen Spin-Off:
    Here he comes! Here comes Speed Racer! He's a demon on wheels!
    He's a demon and he's gonna be chasin' after someone!
    He's gainin' on ya so you better look alive!
    He's busy revvin' up the powerful Mach 5!
    And when the odds are against him and there's dangerous work to do
    You bet your life Speed Racer will see it through!
    • The original Japanese version (Mach Go Go Go) also had one, but while both use the same tune, the Japanese one was more about the car then the person driving it.
  • All versions (except Universe) of Cutey Honey use the same song, which talks about how hot Honey is and how nice her breasts and butt are.
    • Also see Honey's spiritual descendant, Majokko Meg-chan, with a theme song in which the singer (Meg herself) boasts about how she can easily manipulate boys with her coquettish behaviors.
      (Rough English translation): Although I don't wear any makeup, you still have a crush on me. When I cry my pearly tears, boys fall to their knees!
  • The European/Brazilian opening theme of Sonic X is either this trope or a Broken Record song.
  • The Canadian, French, Italian, German and Dutch versionse of Sailor Moon (the original, not so much)
    • Although Stars' theme might count as one...
    • The DiC English theme especially:
      Fighting evil by moonlight
      Winning love by daylight
      Never running from a real fight
      She is the one named Sailor Moon!
    • In fact, if you just look at the lyrics and don't hear the song, it seems like the other four Sailor Scouts are trying to upstage their leader.
  • The German version of The Rose of Versailles : "Lady Oscar! Lady Oscar! She can fight like a man! She can fence and ride! She makes miracles happen, overcomes dangers (...) and is still always ladylike!
  • JAM Project's own Masaaki Endoh wrote his own Super Robot/Sentai-esque theme song about how awesome he is.
  • Lupin III: Part II: "Superhero". Not technically the primary theme tune, but a delightfully cheesy mixture of pompous and bad-ass, certainly. An excerpt:
    Everyone wishes they could be like me (like you)
    Smart and cool, handsome, wealthy and so sexy (sexy)
    They need a hero, somebody who is just like me (Lupin-Lupin-Lupin-Lupin the Third!)
  • Well it isn't an official Theme Tune, Sogeking's song in One Piece definitely fits here.
    His name's Zolo; he's just like a samurai, and an L-A-D-Y, Nami's not shy. The pirate crew, coming through doing their thing with the king of the pirates; he's gonna be king!
    • The dub changed with the addition of new characters
    His name's Zolo; just like a samurai, and an L-A-D-Y, Nami's not shy. Ussop's doin' that marksman thing, Sanji's cookin', Chopper's doctoring.
  • The American version of Maya the Bee:
    See her flying through the air
    Buzzing here and buzzing there
    Saying "Catch me if you dare!"
    Busy buzzing everywhere.
    • The German version counts as well:
      And this Bee I'm talking about is called Maya
      Little, smart, cheeky bee, Maya
      Maya flies through her world
      Shows us the things she likes.
  • In a spectacularly campy and flamboyant way only possible for the The Ginyu Force, Dragon Ball Z Kai gave them their own self-sung theme song.
    Yes, we are—
    We've arrived,
    The most elite soldiers in the universe!
    We even shut up whining kids!
    We're the Ginyu Force!
    Yes, we are—
    We'll show you our special fighting pose;
    You'd better kneel before its beauty!
    Ginyu Force rules! Ginyu Force rules! Ginyu Force rules! Ginyu Force rules!
  • "Usopp Drop" from One Piece, although considering Usopp, a fair amount of it is lies.
  • "Unbeatable", the opening theme song to Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, qualifies as one of these.
  • "Tobe! Gandamu!", the opening theme to Mobile Suit Gundam with "Ginga he mukatte tobe yo, Gandamu! Kidou Senshi! Gandamu... Gandamu!" which translates directly into "Fly to the edge of the galaxy, Gundam! Mobile Warrior! Gundam... Gundam!". The whole song is a bit bragging, but mainly the last part. Andrew W.K. translated that part into "Fly away into the deep outer space, Gundamu! Mobile Warrior! Gundamu... Gundamu!", which still brags quite a bit, and sounds cool anyway.
  • Although it dosen't explicitly brag about his exact abilities, Ichigo of Bleach's theme tune is called Number One. Does any more need to be said?
  • Slayers's opening theme for the anime adaptation's first season contains a fair bit of this, sung in first person by the protagonist's voice actress no less.
  • One-Punch Man's opening theme is a bombastic, over the top bragfest about how Saitama destroys everyone and everything with one punch, and how he's the strongest hero ever. While the opening theme is spot-on, Saitama is the very last person you'll ever catch bragging about his accomplishments. He's literally humble to a fault and never reports any of the city-stomping monsters he destroys, instead only reporting street crime he stops, which is one of the reasons everyone thinks he kill-steals off of other heroes, and why nobody knows who he is, despite saving the entire planet by himself almost daily.
    (Three! Two! One! Kill shot!)
    Appearing! Certain victory! The strongest of all time!
    What’re you saying? Frustration, nobody can stop me!
    ONE PUNCH! It’s over! One victory after another!
    I shout out! I’m always victorious! Total victory!
    Power! Get power! Right up to the limit.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Black Star's theme song:
      I walk, everyone watches. I speak, everyone listens.
      If you think I am just showing off, you're dead wrong.
      All of you just don't know- you just don't know how great I am.
      There is no one who can destroy me. I can never be defeated.
    • Not to be outdone, Death The Kid's own theme is fairly boastful:
      Not enough for me to satisfy?
      Any mistakes, let's clarify!
      Let's post it on a classified:
      find the bad and boom! Bye-bye!
      Do it together with my entourage,
      place your head in the back of garage!
      Have a little sale and sell you cheap!
      So please, get out, you're outta my league!
  • All the Time Bokan series have one either about their heroes (Yatterman through Kaitou Kiramekiman), or about their mechs (Time Bokan). The only one that doesn't follow this pattern is Yatterman Night, which is more of a standard Anime Theme Song.
  • The 1966 adaptation of Osomatsu-kun had the brothers and Chibita boast about their feats.
  • The first ending of Nurse Angel Ririka SOS talks about how sweet and well-liked Ririka is.
  • The French dub of Cat's Eye has one.
  • The French dub of Captain Harlock (Albator in French) has both opening and closing themes of a men's chorus singing Albator's praises. In second person familiar, no less!
    • The Latin Spanish opening (where the series is called "Capitán Raimar") uses the Japanese instrumental but modifies the lyrics to talk about how brave Raimar is and how the enemies tremble before him.
  • Hamtaro and its English dub's theme songs... both of them. The first one's about how the Ham-Hams love to help, can get Laura out of trouble, love consuming sunflower seeds, and how they can defeat evil cats. The second is about Hamtaro and how awesome he is and how the Ham-Hams love to help.

    Asian Animation 
  • The theme tune of GG Bond focuses on praising GG Bond's heroism, describing how he's "so much more than your average pig".

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Cinderella has a main title song that proclaims Cinderella's beauty and grace, albeit in a way that sounds classy compared to other examples of this trope.
  • Up: Muntz gets one over the closing credits (though the romantic tones don't seem to fit him).
    The freaks of nature span the globe, that's too big to deny.
    With canine guards we'll travel there and spit into their eye!
    I can't wait another day
    For my life to waste away.
    We'll make it a joint venture, before we're in our dentures.
    My Spirit of Adventure is you!
  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Gaston's theme song titled... "Gaston". It becomes an "I Am Great!" Song as Gaston gets into it and joins in.
    No one shoots like Gaston!
    Makes those beauts like Gaston!
    Then goes tromping around wearing BOOTS like Gaston!
    Gaston: I use antlers in all of my decorating!
    My what a guy... GASTON!
  • "Zero to Hero" from Hercules. Well, the Muses do have "proclaimers of heroes" as a job description.
  • Aladdin's "Prince Ali"; justified as it's Genie, on Aladdin's behalf, trying to impress Jasmine with "Ali's" wealth and power.
    Prince Ali! Mighty is he! Ali Ababwa!
    Strong as ten regular men, definitely!
    He faced the galloping hordes
    A hundred bad guys with swords
    Who sent those goons to their lords?
    Why, Prince Ali!
  • The Emperor's New Groove has Tom Jones as Emperor Kuzco's Royal "Theme Song Guy" singing "A Perfect World", which is all about how great Kuzco is.
    He was born and raised to rule
    No one has ever been this cool
    In a thousand years of aristocracy
    An enigma and a mystery
    In Mesoamerican history
    The quintessence of perfection that is he!
  • Incredibles 2: Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Elastigirl each had their own back in the day, which Winston sings cheerfully. Music videos are Blu-ray bonus features.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bullshot. A jaunty 1930s-style song praising the hero plays over the end credits.
    Bullshot! Gosh you've done it again. You've saved the human race.
    Bullshot! With your dazzling brain, and every hair in place!
    You make the ladies' hearts go pitter-patter
    'Cause you're every inch a man.
    Bullshot! Yes you've done it again, as only Bullshot can.
  • Subverted in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. John Slade explains to Jack Spade that the guys following him around are playing his theme music. At the end of the movie, a rap group appears and begins a song about Jack.
  • The puppet's song about Willy Wonka in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • The entire soundtrack to Ultramarines consists of this. The fact that it's written in the style of Astartes battle hymns makes it a lot more sensible, however.
  • "Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?/Shaft!/Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all around?/SHAFT!"
  • "FLASH! AAAAAA!/Saviour of the universe!/FLASH! AAAA!/He'll save every one of us!/FLASH! AAAAA!/He's a miracle/FLASH! AAAA!/King of the impossible!/He's save every one of us, stand for every one of us/Every woman, every child, he's a mighty/Flash!" — sung by Queen, along with —
  • Yor: The Hunter from the Future: "Yor's world, he's the man! Yor's world, he's the maa-an!"
  • Nearly every James Bond film has one of these, but undoubtedly the most direct is "Nobody Does it Better" by Carly Simon from The Spy Who Loved Me. It consists entirely of heaping praise on Bond in second person - "Why'd you have to be so good?", "Looking at you makes me feel sad for the rest", and of course, "Baby, you're the best!"
  • As has the Italian knock-off OK Connery aka Operation Double 007. By Ennio Morricone, no less.
    ''HE thrills me, HE kills me, HE gives me the feeling maybe it's love...**
  • "Star Spangled Man" from Captain America: The First Avenger. Justified as it's an In-Universe propaganda song.
  • Spaceballs, mixed with Villain Song. Warning us to watch our backs, lest they take out their anger by destroying our planet. They chose to play this as everything is going to hell and the Spaceballs are evacuating their soon to be exploding ship.
  • Ernest Rides Again begins with this little ditty;
    There once was a man named Worrell- Ernest P. Worrell!
    Even as a lad he was sensitive and caring
    As cunning as a fox and as slippery as a herring
    Whimsical and mellow
    A hale and hearty fellow
    Not formal... Not normal
  • In Spy Hard, Weird Al sings a theme tune that, while not just being a parody of James Bond theme songs, is dedicated entirely to how awesome the main character supposedly is.
  • Johnny English, another secret agent parody, has a similarly-themed theme.
  • The campy film adaptation of Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze has a lengthy theme that plays several times during the movie in case we need reminding how awesome this Pulp Magazine superhero is.
    Have no Fear, the Man of Bronze is here.
    Peace will come to all who find
    Doc Savage, Doc Savage.
    He's a friend to all Mankind.
    Pure of heart and mind!
    Who will make crime disappear?
    Doc Savage, Doc Savage
    Part hero and pioneer.
    Thank the Lord he's here!
  • Inverted and parodied by Nancy Sinatra's "The Last of the Secret Agents", written for a now-largely forgotten 1960s James Bond spoof of the same name. The lyrics are all about how inadequate and inept an operative the titular secret agent is, but the singer kind of loves the dope regardless:
    He's an underwhelmin' kind of sleuth
    He thinks James Bond's some kinda suit
    He's farther back than an also-ran
    But he's the Last of the Secret Agents, and he's my man.
  • "Thunderbirds Are Go", written by Busted as the theme to the 2004 theme, is about how awesome International Rescue are, going a step further from the usual bragging song by claiming they're an inspiration to the children of today.
    The kids are learning fast
    They know the T-Birds kick some ass
    Be sure that there's no coming last if you're on their side,
    It always looks so cool
    When spaceships come out of the pool
    You know that you'd just be a fool to be a bad guy

  • Martín Fierro: This is a poem where the protagonist is a Gaucho who recounts his life in thirteen songs, because he is supposed to sing accompanied by guitar music, so the introductory song is about how amazing Martin Fierro is… and the rest of songs are about his terrible misadventures.
  • In The Wind in the Willows (and most film or television adaptations), Mr. Toad improvises his own theme song about how wonderful he is: "The world has held great heroes / as history books have showed / but never a name went down to fame compared with that of Toad!"
  • Swellhead. The title villain is a James Bond-type supervillain in an alternate history, so the hero suggests to Swellhead that he have an appropriate theme tune, and even thinks up a few lines.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The vast majority of Power Rangers and Super Sentai theme songs are this. Played with by "Go Go Power Rangers!", which gets redone for several series; the original version only has the bragging part in its extended lyrics, but the Zeo and Dino Charge versions get some actual boasts into the title sequence proper.
  • Inspector Rex: The series has three bragging songs about the titular Heroic Dog. "A Good Friend" from the Austrian series comments that Rex is a very reliable dog. "My Friend Rex" (Italian series) also calls Rex a reliable friend who helps the police. "My Name is Rex" has Rex "singing" how he is a great detective.
  • From Xena: Warrior Princess. Joxer The Mighty writes and performs his own theme song.
  • Parodied on Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Mads penned a sitcom theme song for themselves and performed it, then ordered Mike and the Bots to do the same. Tom Servo had one of this variety (set to "O Fortuna") all ready to go, which the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide describes as "pure bombast."
  • The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. Subverted in that it plays over a montage of the Sheriff and his deputies repeatedly stuffing up.
    There is a man a legend tells, who stands for what is right.
    Like Wyatt Earp he never shirks, or cowers from a fight.
    He is our Sheriff Lobo, mighty Sheriff Lobo. Heart of gold, oh Lobo—Keep us strong!
    He has no fear, he's always here, his morale stands alone.
    A man of dreams, who guards our things as if they were his own.
    He walks the streets from early dawn, he stands behind our laws.
    Both big and small, he bends them all, who dares to fight his cause.
    He is our Sheriff Lobo, mighty Sheriff Lobo. Heart of gold, oh Lobo—Keep us strong.
    • Also subverted because the lyrics are ambiguous. Especially "...guards our things as if they were his own" and "...stands behind our laws. Both big and small, he bends them all...".
  • Not exactly a theme tune for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but it probably counts:
    Day Man! AAAAAA!/Fighter of the Night Man! AAAAAA!/Champion of the sun! AAAAAA!/You're a master of karate and friendship for everyone/Day Man!
  • The opening credits of Harry and Paul portray its stars as Communist-style dictators, accompanied by a patriotic anthem praising them in the same style.
  • Ozzy Osbourne composed one as the opening credits theme for Dog the Bounty Hunter.
  • Frasier
    • Frasier was once told to get a jingle for his Show Within a Show. He goes over the top, hiring a full orchestra and conducting a ridiculous bragging theme tune.
    Whom can you turn to for prompt diagnosis?
    A fetish or fantasy; sex or psychosis?
    No problem at all, let us handle your call.
    On our show, On our show!
    Bring us your traumas, Your latent neurosis.
    Erectile dysfunction, Bed-Wetting, narcosis.
    There's no need for shame, you can use a false name.
    On our show! On our show!

    Niles: (spoken) Who dares enter the dark labyrinth of the human mind? What festering secrets are buried in the recesses of the subconscious? Lurid images, lewd desires, guilty pleasures, strange compulsions. The whole catalogue of human behaviour, from the aberrant to the monstrous, lurks behind a locked door to which one man holds the key!
    So if you are stymied, to find a prognosis,
    And ask yourself, just like Freud, "Himmel, was los ist?"
    Stop scratching your head, Let us cure it instead.
    On our show! On our show!
    Now here is the man, to explain,
    The tortured terrain, of your brain,
    The man who feels everyone's pain,
    Dr Crane!
    Dr Crane!
    Frasier Crane!
    • In contrast, Frasier's ending credits theme (which is sung by the character of Frasier, not just Kelsey Grammer) is more self-deprecating and self-aware than Frasier normally is, actually admitting that "And maybe I seem a bit confused / Well maybe — but I got you pegged! / But I don't know what to do with these tossed salads and scrambled eggs", something he rarely acknowledges onscreen.
  • Teddy Z, he's the man to see, uh huh/He's got the key to your fantasy, uh huh/If you want your star on the boulevard, power, fortune, or fame/Call on Teddy...cause he can play that game/Teddy Z, he's the man to see, uh huh/You'll go far/He's in charge of your reality/He'll make you a star/Just call up...The Famous Teddy Z
  • Parodied on Boy Meets World when Eric decides he wants to be a detective on TV.
    When a crime breaks out, all the cute girls shout,
    Get the...good looking guy!
    When there's a crime out there, he's gonna...
    Comb his hair, cause he's the...good looking guy!
  • Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee / Greenest state in the land of the free / Raised in the woods so's he knew every tree / Killed him a bear when he was only three / Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier!
    • Fess Parker went on to play another famous frontiersman, Daniel Boone, whose theme song consisted of outright Chuck Norris Facts. He was tall as a mountain, could tear down a forest, could freeze rivers by glaring at them...
  • In-Universe example in How I Met Your Mother: Barney Stinson! Barney Stinson! That guy's awesome! This isn't Barney Stinson singing this song! That would be really lame!"
  • Stanley Tweedle of Lexx not only wrote his own, but forced his enemies to perform it on pain of death. It starts by proclaiming him a god and gets more overblown from there.
    At night we croon by the light of the moon
    Of his courage and his creed
    Heigh-ho there he goes, oh woe for his foes
    Long live the Tweedle seed
  • The Six Million Dollar Man had a seldom-heard theme tune in which Dusty Springfield gushed that "he's the man!"
    Beat him if you can / Love him if you can!
  • Parodied for the opening credits theme of the first (Middle Ages) season of Blackadder, which pretends to be this but is actually a covert "The Villain Sucks" Song.
    Black Adder, Black Adder, with many a cunning plan!
    Black Adder, Black Adder, you horrid little man!
  • Queen's theme song for Highlander, "Princes of the Universe."
    I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings
    I have no rival, no man can be my equal
  • ''And Then There's Maude" is a mild example, comparing that show's "uncompromisin', enterprisin', anything-but-tranquilizin'" title character with Lady Godiva, Joan of Arc, Isadora Duncan, and Betsy Ross.
  • Parodied (hilariously) in The Mary Tyler Moore Show spin-off, Phyllis
    Whooooo maaaaakes theeeee fog surrounding the Golden Gate simply disappear?
    Phyllis! Phyllis!
    Who makes the warning bells on the cable cars play "The Gang's All Here"?
    Phyllis! Phyllis!
    Who charms the crabs of Fisherman's Wharf right outta their shells?
    Who lights the lamps of Chinatown just by walking in view?
    Phyllis! Phyllis! Phyllis, it sure isn't you!''
    • The theme itself was a mock of Mary Tyler Moore's own theme, which plays this trope very straight.
    Who can turn the world on with her smile?
    Who can take a nothing day,
    And suddenly make it all seem worth while?
    Well, it's you, girl, and you should know it.
    With each glance,
    And every little movement, you show it.
  • Wonder Woman:
    Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman
    All the world is waiting for you
    and the power you possess
    In your satin tights
    Fighting for your rights
    And the old Red, White and Blue...
  • "She's fantastic! Made of plastic! Microchips here and there! She's a Small Wonder; brings love and laughter everywherrrrrrrrre!"
  • The theme tune of A Prince Among Men declares "he's a winner, he's a star, he's a prince, a prince among men" and "he's always right, 'cos he knows what's what, but he hasn't let it go to his head". However, since Gary Prince was an arrogant prat, this was ironic.
  • Most of the old ITV adventure series by Hannah Weinstein and her imitators have only a line or two of bragging - Dan Tempest of The Buccaneers is "the bravest man we know", Sir Lancelot is "the bravest knight the world has ever seen" - but a couple go further.
    Ivanhoe! Ivanhoe!
    Side by side
    We're proud to ride
    With Ivanhoe!
    With freedom on his banner,
    Justice in his sword,
    He rides against the manor
    Where tyranny is lord...
    • and the braggingest:
      Richard the Lionheart
      Wrote a page in England's book of fame:
      History will long recall his name!
      Rode like the wind on a pure white stallion,
      Leading the way for his crack battalion,
      Humble in spite of his victories in war;
      Loved by the people he protected,
      Blessed in the churches he erected,
      In those days of yore!
  • The CITV series Super Gran, based on the books by Forrest Wilson had a theme tune by Billy Connolly, that compared other heroes to her unfavourably:
    Stand back, Superman,
    Iceman, Spider-Man,
    Batman and Robin too.
    Don't want to cause a ruckus,
    But B.A. Baracus,
    Have I got a match for you.
    She makes them look like a bunch of fairies,
    She's got more bottle than United Dairies.
    Hang about,
    Look out,
    For Super Gran.
  • Psycho Dad, the Show Within a Show on Married... with Children, had a theme song with lyrics that changed with every appearance. The only consistency to the song involved bragging about what a badass he is and how he disposed of his wife— sometimes wives.
  • Maverick, the classic James Garner western series:
    Who's the tall dark stranger there?
    Maverick is the name.
    Riding the trail to who knows where,
    Luck is his companion, gambling is his game.
    Smooth as a handle on a gun,
    Maverick is the name.
    Wild as the wind in Oregon
    Blowing up a canyon, easier to tame.
    Riverboat ring your bell, fare-thee-well Annabelle,
    Luck is the lady that he loves the best.
    Natchez to New Orleans, living on jacks and queens,
    Maverick is a legend of the west.
    Riverboat ring your bell, fare-thee-well Annabelle,
    Luck is the lady that he loves the best.
    Natchez to New Orleans, living on jacks and queens,
    Maverick is a legend of the west.
    Maverick is a legend of the west.
  • Adam Adamant Lives!: A Goldfingeresque song focusing on Adam's Blood Knight and Celibate Hero tendencies.
    Bold as a knight in white armour,
    Cold as a shot from a gun,
    If you should look
    For a man who loves danger,
    To whom love is a stranger,
    This man is the one.

  • Bible Hymns.
  • Many songs by Amon Amarth. Twilight of the Thunder God for example:
    Thor, Odin's Son, protector of mankind
    Ride to meet your fate, your destiny awaits!
  • Most national anthems are like this.
  • Laser Sharks by Savant, a parody of Japanese bragging tunes and the Laser Shark meme.
    Man gave them laser beams
    To protect the American dream
    Lasers from the dark
    It's the Laser Sharks!
  • Metallica's "Whiplash" extolls the virtues of the metal lifestyle for both the fans and the bands themselves:
    Here on stage, the Marshall noise is piercing through your ears
    It kicks your ass, kicks your face, exploding feeling nears
    Now's the time to let it rip, to let it fucking loose
    We're gathered here to maim and kill, cause this is what we choose

    The show is through, the metal's gone, it's time to hit the road
    Another town, another gig, again we will explode
    Hotel rooms and motorways, life out here is raw
    But we'll never stop, we'll never quit, 'cause we're Metallica!
  • Taxi has "Ya sabréis quién soy".
    There will be no more joker, now I am the rider
    Don't ask for pardon, the fight just started
    You will know who I am''.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Triple H's "The Game"
    I am The Game, you don't wanna play me!
    I am control, no way you can shake me!
    I am heavy debt, no way you can pay me!
    I am the pain, and I know you can't take me!
    Look over your shoulder, ready to run
    Like a good little bitch from a smoking gun!
    I am the game and I make the rules
    So move on out or you can die like a fool
    Try to figure out what my move's gonna be
    Come on over, sucker, why don't you ask me?
    Don't you forget there's a price you can pay
    'Cause I am the game and I want to play!
    • Then comes the second verse:
    I am The Game, you don't wanna play me!
    I am control, there's no way you can change me
    I am your debt, and you know you can't pay me
    I am your pain, and I know you can't take me
    Play the game
    You're gonna be the same
    You're gonna change your name
    You're gonna die in flames!
    • And then there's "King of Kings". The fact that it uses one of Jesus' titles pretty much says it all.
  • Hulk Hogan's "Real American" might qualify except it was originally the theme for Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham.
  • The Undertaker used "American Badass" as his theme tune for a while during his Badass Biker phase.
  • Shawn Michaels' "Sexy Boy".
    I think I'm cute, I know I'm sexy!
    I got the looks, that drive the girls wild!
    I got the moves, that really move them!
    I send chills, up and down their spine!

    I'm just a sexy boy! Sexy boy!
    I'm not your boy toy! Boy toy!
    I'm just a sexy boy! Sexy boy!
    I'm not your boy toy! Boy toy!

    I make them hot, I make the shiver!
    Their knees go weak, whenever I'm around!
    They see me walk, they hear me talk!
    I make them feel, like they're on Cloud Nine

    I'm just a sexy boy! Sexy boy!
    I'm not your boy toy! Boy toy!
    I'm just a sexy boy! Sexy boy!
    I'm not your boy toy! Boy toy!

    Eat your heart out girls! Hands off the merchandise!
  • Aja Kong's theme, "Jungle Emperor":
    God got up one morning, He was in an ugly mood,
    He was sick of floods and plagues, He wanted something really rude,
    He made a big piranha out of broken glass and glue,
    Then He gave her two legs and a nasty attitude.

    Well, the Sahara was a jungle 'till she ripped out all the trees,
    Then she looked up at the mountaintops, they all began to freeze,
    The sun gave her a cold until she set it on fire,
    You can see her for yourself if you think that I'm a liar!

    God made the Devil just for fun,
    When He wanted the real thing, He made Aja Kong!

    She's a head-splitting, fire-spitting human earthquake
    She makes the young ones wonder and the wise ones shake
    Got the hands of a gorilla, got the head of a snake
    She keeps looking, but she hasn't found a thing she can't break!
  • John Cena used to have one in Basic Thuganomics.
    Whether fightin', or spittin', my discipline is unforgiven
    Got you backin' up, in a defensive position
    An ass-kickin' anthem, heavyweight or bantam
    Holdin' camps for ransom, the microphone phantom

    Teams hit the floor, this the new fight joint
    Like a broken needle, kid, you missin' the point
    We dominate your conference with offense, that's no nonsense
    My theme song hits, get your reinforcements

    We strike quick with hard kicks, duckin' night sticks
    Bare-knuckle men through fight pits, beat you lifeless
    Never survive this, get forgot like Alzheimer's
    Two-faced rappers walk away with four shiners

    The raw rhymer, turnin' legends to old-timers
    My incisor's like a viper, bitin' through your one-liners
    New Deadman Inc., and we about to make you famous
    Takin' over Earth and still kickin' in Uranus
  • Dolph Ziggler's second entrance (some of it is sampled in the one which followed):
    I am perfection, PERFECTION!
    So take your best shot
    Give it all you've got, COME ON!
    Some things are exactly what they seem
    I will define the things you dream
    Go check the scores again
    I'll come out a perfect ten
    They broke the mold when they made me
    I hold your life here in my hands
    Though you try hard to understand
    Your little mind won't turn
    Those little wheels will burn
    You'll recognize just who I am
    Things just come easier to me
    What you work hard for, I get free
    With no excuses made, I got all my dues paid
    And I stand here, so you can see...
    • "I'm Here to Show the World" also counts, given that it's set to the same beat as "I Am Perfection":
Do what I say, better watch what I do
Better heed the warning I'm here to give you
If you ever doubted me, you don't have a clue
I'm here to show the world, I'M HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD!
Give it up now, never gonna work out
I'm the game changer with this, there's no doubt
You took your best shot but it's all over now
  • Steven Regal is a Real Man's Man.
  • Ya llego el Rey Mysterio/El vato cabron de San Diego/Flash up on the scene like a brown crusader/Blowing up screens like Space Invaders/Too much damage for one to manage/Going 51:50 speaking Spanglish/Aste a un lado, estoy pesado/Vivo la vida peleando pecado!
  • Jinder Mahal's theme, "Sher (Lion)":
    See our grace, our traditions and pride
    We are Punjabi, and see how we stand in your way like a mountain
    See how we get recognized for our bravery in any battle ground
    See how the enemies fear us and cry out
    Who dares to come and stand in our way
    Cause the place where they live has our army
    So forget all the delusions you have in mind, and stop giving yourselves false hopes
    When Punjabi pride comes down your road and you are helpless
    Even death fears when it looks in to the eyes of a Punjabi
    No mother has given birth to a child that can stop me
    The aftermath is fatal where Punjabis rock your place
    We grow up playing with danger since childhood
    Don't be mistaken to think that I ever get scared of anything
    I have thirst of blood and I don't drink nothing else
    5 rivers, Sutlaj, Beas, Jhelum, Ravi, Chanab
    Flow in my veins as the spirit of Punjab

    Punjabi Boys rule wherever we go
    The biggest of difficulties we deal with ease
    We are the Nation of Lions,
    We are the Nation of Lions,
    Our spirits will rise!
  • Shinsuke Nakamura's post Face–Heel Turn theme, "Shadows of a Setting Sun":
    I thought this day would come
    I have not left. I have remained
    This isn't about the politics
    I have taken everything you have wanted
    You finally understand that questioning is stupid
    Because there is not one person in this world who can understand

    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand that I am number one?

    Good luck trying to get by me
    You're scared. Okay, it'll be all over in one hit
    I will break and destroy you, welcome to your nightmare
    I will decide your fate
    Escape is meaningless, so try to run away
    I will always find you
    I will hand you over to your God, without fail
    Now, I've found you
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand my power?
    Do you understand that I am number one?
  • Sasha Banks' post-Face–Heel Turn also counts, with the bars done by Snoop Dogg:
Yes, yes, y'all, so fresh, y'all
Snoop Dogg with Sasha Banks, we the best, y'all
Make way for the new, what it do
And if you in the way let me say she comin' for you

Fans up, hands up, in the air, when I say hell you say yeah
Hell (Yeah!) Hell (Yeah!)
S-A-S-H-A, how ya' do that there

She's a legit boss, but y'all knew that
Da Big Boss Dogg, yeah I had to do that
That's my family and we so G
Bow down to the new champ of WWE!

    Puppet Shows 
  • Barney & Friends has a milder example of this trope. The song is about how Barney can be a best friend and how he helps his friends learn life lessons.
    Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination,
    And when he's tall he's what we call
    a dinosaur sensation!
  • Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons ending theme lyrics.
    ...To his Martian foes, a dangerous name, a superman...
    They crash him, and his body may burn, they smash him, but they know he'll return to live again...
    Though the Mysterons plan to conquer the Earth, this indestructible man will show what he's worth.

  • Legendary jingle producer JAM Productions produced their own promotional theme tune in the 1980's — in where the resident jingle singers sing half the callsigns used by the stations JAM produced jingles for as well as various DJ names, as well as extolling the virtues of JAM's work.

  • Just about every AFL team has one.
    • Adelaide Crows: "We're the pride of South Australia, We're the mighty Adelaide Crows!"
    • Brisbane Lions: "Go Lions! Brisbane Lions! We'll kick the winning score! You will hear our mighty roar!"
    • Carlton Blues: "We're the team that never lets you down!"
    • Collingwood Magpies: "Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk, for the good old Collingwood!"
    • Essendon Bombers: "See the Bombers fly up, up, to win the premiership flag!"
    • Fremantle Dockers: "We're gonna roll 'em and we'll rock 'em! Gonna send 'em to the bottom! And if they get up, we'll do it again!"
    • Geelong Cats: "We are Geelong, the greatest team of all!" and "We play the game as it should be played."
    • Gold Coast Suns, like Hawthorn, brag more about effort: "We're the team who never say die!"
    • Greater Western Sydney Giants: "We're the Greater Western Sydney Giants, we're the biggest and the best"
    • Hawthorn went a different route of bragging about being a Band of Brothers: "We're a happy team," "We love our club and we play to win," "Come what may you'll find us striving, teamwork is the thing that talks."
    • Melbourne Demons: "It's a grand old (premiership) flag, it's a high-flying flag!". Not as blatant as some of the others, granted.
    • North Melbourne Kangaroos: "North Melbourne will be champions, just you wait and see!"
    • Port Adelaide Power: "We'll never stop, stop, stop, 'till we're top, top, top!"
    • Richmond Tigers: "We're behind, but never mind, we'll fight and fight and win!"
    • St Kilda Saints: "Oh how I want to be in St Kilda, when the Saints go marching in!"
    • Sydney Swans: "Whether the odds be great or small, Swans will go in and win over all!"
    • West Coast Eagles: "We're the big birds, kings of the big game, we're the Eagles, we're flying high!"
    • Western Bulldogs: "'cause you can't beat the boys of the Bulldog breed, the team of the mighty west!"
  • Channel 9's World Series Cricket theme, "C'mon, Aussie, C'mon", combines this with Patriotic Fervor:
    Lillee's pounding down like a machine
    Pascoe's making divots in the green
    Marshy's taking wickets
    Hookesy's clearing pickets
    And the Chappells' eyes have got that killer gleam
    Mr. Walker's playing havoc with the bats
    Redpath, it's good to see you back
    Lairdy's making runs
    Dougie's chewing gum
    And Gilmour's wielding willow like an axe
    ** And then Shannon Noll's version turned it up a notch, although admittedly it was at a time when Australia was, undisputedly, the number one cricket team in the world:
    They're not just getting runs
    They're out there smashing tons
    Spinning big-time records back-to-back.
    • The 1983/84 version actually subverted this, building up Pakistan and the West Indies as major threats to Australia:
      The black clouds are swirling overhead
      They're coming, the teams the others dread
      The Pakis, the Windies, both want to win this series
      They'll make the turf a dangerous place to tread
      Mufasa, Javed and Imran Khan
      And there's Richards, Lloyd and "Big Bird", mahn
      The hardest teams on Earth
      Will be treading on our turf
      There's thunder down under coming on
    • That wasn't the first time the feat was accomplished, either — the 1979 version even suddenly switches to reggae as the West Indies appear on the scene to challenge Australia.
      Come on, Aussie, come on, come on
      Come on, Aussie, come on
  • Name an BPL team. Any BPL team. Chances are, they have an anthem that tells of how awesome they are.
  • Many supporters of football clubs sing songs about their favorite players or club legends.
  • In Rugby League the South Sydney Rabbitohs' song goes as far as to list all the teams Souths beat in grand finals:
    (To the tune of "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah"):
    They mauled the Balmain Tigers,
    Slew the Dragons from St. George,
    The Seagulls and the Mounties next
    Were crushed with mighty force
    They humbled Parramatta
    And the Berries in due course
    They wear the RED & GREEN


    They plucked the Western Magpies,
    Slashed the Newtown bag of blue
    The Eastern Suburbs rooster crowed,
    And then was conquered too
    The greatest name in any game
    Within South Sydney grew
    They wear the RED & GREEN
  • From New Orleans, the Saints have their fans' theme song, chanted at every game by fans and players alike.
    Who 'Dat?! Who 'Dat?! Who 'Dat say 'dey gon' beat 'dose Saints?!
    • Emphasis is placed on the exclamation point because it's not exactly used as a question. Translation from the gumbo pot of language that consists of Cajun, French, Spanish, White, Black, Asian, etc. that is "Yat", "Who is that? Who is that? Who is that who says they will defeat the Saints?"
      • Yes, this is coming from a New Orleanian. Yes, we are literate. We like to mix everything into the Jambalaya, not just what the system wants.
  • The Minnesota Rollergirls, courtesy of local punk rock band The Soviettes.
    Watch out for the roller girls,
    Watch out for the roller girls,
    Watch out for the roller girls
    ATOMIC BOMBSHELLS! We're the weapons of mass destruction! Bombs away!
    DAGGER DOLLS! We're not your playthings! Skate! Fight! Die!
    GARDA BELTS! Move your ass or we'll crush your face! Bring it, bitch, come on!
    THE ROCKITS! Blowing by you at the speed of light! YEAH!
  • The 2005 Speed broadcasts of Monster Jam had this boastful example of a theme tune, loudly telling the audience how awesome the tour and the drivers are:
    Turn it up, we're gonna tear 'em up,
    Let's start em up, we're gonna tear 'em up,
    Roll into town, ten thousand pounds,
    Come gather 'round, the king will be crowned,
    Time's on the stake and no time for faking,
    Got the ground shakin', feel the Earth quakin',
    Packed in the stands, millions of fans,
    Up with your hands, it's time to jam!
  • Any Chicago Bears fan knows The Super Bowl Shuffle is somewhat this for their team.
    We are the Bears' shufflin' crew,
    Shufflin' on down, doin' it for you,
    We're so bad, we know we're good,
    Blowin' your mind like we knew we would,
    You know we're just struttin' for fun,
    Struttin' our stuff for everyone,
    We're not here to start no trouble,
    We're just here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle
  • The Cincinnati Red Stockings had one which the players sung prior to some of their games which went:
    We are a band of baseball players,
    From Cincinnati city,
    We come to toss the ball around,
    And sing to you our ditty.
    And if you listen to the song,
    We are about to sing,
    We'll tell you all about baseball,
    And make the welkin ring.
    The ladies want to know,
    Who are those gallant men in stockings red,
    They'd like to know
  • Another NFL example is the Dallas Cowboys, who debuted one in 1979, sung by Charley Pride, with lines like "super coach, super team," "big mean team from the big Lone Star," "see you on Sunday at the Super Bowl" and "best-lookin' cheerleaders in the whole USA."

  • Cyrano de Bergerac: Cyrano improvises a poem about the life of a Gascon Cadet at Act II Scene VII. You can read it complete if you follow the link.
    CYRANO: [making two steps toward De Guiche]
    My Lord de Guiche, permit that I present— [pointing to the cadets]
    The bold Cadets of Gascony,
    Of Carbon of Castel-Jaloux!
    Brawling and swaggering boastfully,
    The bold Cadets of Gascony!
    Spouting of Armory, Heraldry,
    Their veins a-brimming with blood so blue,
    The bold Cadets of Gascony,
    Of Carbon of Castel-Jaloux:

    Eagle-eye, and spindle-shanks,
    Fierce mustache, and wolfish tooth!
    Slash-the-rabble and scatter-their-ranks;
    Eagle-eye and spindle-shanks,
    With a flaming feather that gayly pranks,
    Hiding the holes in their hats, forsooth!
    Eagle-eye and spindle-shanks,
    Fierce mustache, and wolfish tooth!

    'Pink-your-Doublet' and 'Slit-your-Trunk'
    Are their gentlest sobriquets;
    With Fame and Glory their soul is drunk!
    'Pink-your-Doublet' and 'Slit-your-Trunk,'
    In brawl and skirmish they show their spunk,
    Give rendezvous in broil and fray;
    'Pink-your-Doublet' and 'Slit-your-Trunk'
    Are their gentlest sobriquets!

    What, ho! Cadets of Gascony!
    All jealous lovers are sport for you!
    O Woman! dear divinity!
    What, ho! Cadets of Gascony!
    Whom scowling husbands quake to see.
    Blow, 'taratara,' and cry 'Cuckoo.'
    What, ho! Cadets of Gascony!
    Husbands and lovers are game for you!
    • In one musical rendition of Cyrano de Bergerac penned by Leslie Bricusse and composed by Frank Wildhorn, Cyrano gives one to his troops to rally them before the battle:
      Here is the cream of France
      You can tell at a glance
      Out numbered ten to one
      We don't run, we advance
      Soldiers of fortune, men in a million, in life's steady dance
      We hold our heads high, smile at the blue sky
      Live while we may live, die when we must die

      We are the Gascons!
      God loves the Gascons!
      No braver men on Earth
      God, bless the Gascons!
      God, save the Gascons!
      God only knows their worth
      Lovers of freedom
      Soldiers of God by birth

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner:
    • The Strong Bad Email "dragon" has Strong Bad's "TROGDOR!" song
      Burninating the countryside
      Burninating the peasants
      Burninating all the peoples
    • "Theme From Dangeresque 2: This Time It's Not Dangeresque 1", from Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits, certainly qualifies.
      He works alone, except when he works with Renaldo
      Which is all the time
      He's a private eye, a crooked cop
      A secret agent, and a celebrity pharmacist!
  • Battle On! the theme of TOME is a dueling bragging theme tune between Alpha and Kirbopher.
  • From RWBY, Yang's theme song, "I Burn", is entirely about how much better a fighter she is than everyone else. A bit curious since she never displays this kind of arrogance in the actual series.
    Reign supreme? In your dreams!
    You'll never make me bow!
    Kick my ass? I'm world-class!
    And Super Saiyan now!
    You're starting up a fight that you just can't finish
    Watch the little hearts while they scrape you off the floor
    Bringing out your rockets? Well, shoot 'em up, baby,
    High as you can go, but I’m the one who’s gonna soar!

  • The first Princess Pi comic opened with one.
    Wow! Oh my!
    It's Princess Pi
    She rushes to defend the weak
    She's really quite a guy
    Even though she's not a guy
    Her nails shine like justice
    And her skin's the color mocha
    Her private eyes are watching you
    She has more friends than Oprah!

    Web Videos 
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    • LINKARA! He is a man (PUNCH!), wears a purdy hat...
    • Also Santa Christ. He goes surfing in space and hangs out with Mr. T.
  • There are THREE of these in Milkquarious: You're Almost as Beautiful as Me, Have You Met My Muscles, and I Am the King.
  • Doctor Steel's song, "The Doctor Steel Show". A small bump of this song is played at the beginning of each episode of The Dr. Steel Show, and a slightly altered instrumental loop plays at the end of Episode 1.
    Deep underground with my robots
    Built 'em out of toy parts
    Build an army and war starts.
    UFOs that throw a radium glow
    Into your skull it sinks
    Turn your brains into Shrinky Dinks.
    What fun, I built a Ronald McRay gun!
    Now this little puppet’s about to get rough!
    I'm a man with a plan and a mechanical band
    Who can’t do a little, cause he can’t do enough.
    And as my armies rise
    They take to land and sky
    You'll find the toys uprise inside
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    • A possible Deconstruction is "Everyone's a Hero". The song is essentially trying to tell how great Hammer is while posing as an inspirational speech.
    • His introductory number, "A Man's Gotta Do," also counts- he actually interrupts Dr. Horrible's more melancholy version, then spends the rest of the song bragging and hitting on nearby women.
  • Scott Gairdner created a Super Bowl Shuffle spoof which is this for sex offenders.

    Western Animation 
  • Like the anime example above, 90% of the time, Italian theme songs for cartoons will be this.
  • Action Man (2000): While the majority of Action Man' theme song consists of the Arc Words "Amp it up! Action Man!", the last line proudly proclaims "Greatest hero of them all!". note 
  • Billy, a Retired Badass from the Adventure Time episode "His Hero", has this Rule of Cool-infused theme tune:
    Who's the greatest warrior ever, a hero of renown?
    Who slayed an evil ocean? Who cast the Lich King down?
    And that time the evil Fire Count captured a damsel fair,
    Who saved her with such bravery, she offered him her hair?
  • American Dragon: Jake Long's theme song brags too (although the visuals make it obvious Jake isn't as awesome as the song says he is):
    He's cool, he's hot, like a frozen sun
    He's young and fast, he's the chosen one!
    People, we're not braggin'
    He's the American Dragon
  • Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps has a inspirational jangle pop theme song about how Angelina is a great dancer and how she never gives up.
  • The theme song of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes sounds pretty boastful, especially the second half.
    ''Avengers, assemble!
    Always, we will fight as one!
    Until the battle's won, with evil on the run,
    We never come undone.
    Assemble, we are strong!
    Forever fight as one.'
  • The original Ben 10 theme:
    Armed with powers he's on the case
    Fighting off evil from earth or space
    He'll never stop 'til he makes them pay
    'Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day! Ben 10!
    • The theme from sequel series Omniverse also qualifies:
    Ben 10! He's a kid and he wants to have fun!
    But when you need a superhero, he gets the job done!
    Ben 10! With a device that he wears on his arm!
    He can change his shape and save the world from harm!
    When trouble's taking place
    He gets right in its face! (Ben 10!)
    When lives are on the line
    It's hero time! (Ben 10!)
  • A Theme Tune trope can't "boop-boop-a-doop" like Betty Boop can do.
  • Bob the Builder has probably one of the most well-known ones. The theme song boasts about how Bob and his crew can get jobs done quick by working together.
    Bob The Builder!
    Can we fix it?
    Bob The Builder!
    Scoop, Muck, and Dizzy, and Roley too
    Lofty and Wendy join the crew
    Bob and the gang have so much fun,
    Working together, they get the job done.
  • "Bravestarr! Bravestarr!/Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf!/Bravestarr! Bravestarr!/Strength of the bear, speed of the puma!"
  • Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars!.
    "BUCKY! CAPTAIN BUCKY O'HARE!/He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare!/If your Righteous Indignation has suffered a hit/And your photon accelerator is broken a bit/And you're losing your mind, and you're having a fit/Get the funky fresh rabbit who can take care of it!/BUCKY! CAPTAIN BUCKY O'HARE!"
  • Budgie the Little Helicopter's theme is (mostly) about how brave and hardworking Budgie is:
    Budgie is a little helicopter
    He is a brave and little hero
    Budgie and friends are always working hard together


    Budgie is a little helicopter
    He is nifty, look at him go!
  • The ending theme to Captain Planet, ironically often the most badass, exciting thing about the show.
  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers:
    Oh no it never fails, once they're involved
    Somehow whatever's wrong gets solved!
    • The extended version of the song takes it even further
    Fresh prints, not since Watson and Mr. Holmes
    Have two minds so fine looked under every stone
  • Conan the Adventurer:
    Conan the Adventurer!
    Conan, warrior without fear!
    He’s more powerful than any man
    His legend spread across the land and sea!
    Conan! The mightiest warrior ever!
    His quest, to undo the spell
    of living stone cast upon his family
    by driving the evil Serpentmen back to another dimension
    and vanquishing their leader, the cruel wizard Wrathamon!
    Conan the Adventurer!
    Conan! Man of bravery!
    With his magic sword protecting
    the mightiest of warriors is he!
  • Danger Mouse:
    He's the greatest
    He's fantastic
    Wherever there's danger he'll be there
    He's the ace
    He's amazing
    He's the strongest he's the quickest he's the best
    Danger Mouse! Danger Mouse! DANGER MOUSE!!!
  • The Danny Phantom theme song:
    He could walk through walls, disappear and fly!
    He was much more unique than the other guy!
  • Darkwing Duck: "When there's trouble you call DW!"
  • The old Donald Duck shorts (those released after 1947) had one performed by the Rhythmaires. In a fun subversion, it brags about virtues that Don actually lacks.
    Who’s got the sweetest disposition?
    One guess, that’s who?
    Who never, ever starts an argument? ("Hm?")
    Who never shows a bit of temper'ment?
    Who's never wrong, but always right? ("Yee-eeah?")
    Who'd never dream of starting a fight? ("'S that so?")
    Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
    No one — ("Wakwakwakwak!") — but Donald Duck! ("YEAH!")
  • Doug has an episode where the title character fantasizes about being a cowboy, complete with this kind of theme song.
  • The French translation of the lyrics to the DuckTales (1987) theme song become this, boasting about the greatest and richest duck in Canardville, Picsou.
  • Fireman Sam, cause he's brave to the core / Sam is the hero next door!
    • The original 1980's version's theme song is even more boastful, declaring how Sam can do all sorts of awesome things, including the stereotypical firefighter activity of rescuing cats from trees.'
  • Freakazoid!
    • The show's theme tune is a parody of the likes of Spider-Man, starting as this before descending into pure lunacy.
    • Hunt, hunt, hunt, he's the Huntsman!/"Into action!" is his cry!/From the forest to the city/he will run there in a jiffy/to sock evil in the eye!
    • Lord Bravery:
    He feels no pain
    He can fly quite fast
    In feats of strength
    He is unsurpassed
    His grip is firm
    Never quavery
    Britannia's superhero
    He's Lord Bravery.
    Lord Bravery!
    Lord Bravery!
    Lord Bra-ver-y!!!
  • Parodied in the Futurama episode "Less than Hero."
    Superking has all the powers of a king
    Plus all the powers of Superman
    Also he's a robot
    Ain't it cool? Superking, you rule!
  • Get Ace: While most of theme song is an Expository Theme Tune, it does have a line or two like this. Ironically, these lyrics have more confidence in Ace than himself or anyone else on the show.
    There's nothing he can't do
    He's got a brand new attitude
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: "It's G.I. Joe against Cobra, the enemy/Fighting to save the day/He never gives up, he's always there/Fighting for freedom over land and air/G.I. Joe!/A Real American Hero, G.I. Joe is there!"
  • In House of Mouse, Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle initially perform a song that sings of Mortimer Mouse's "talents" (they hint to each other that he wrote the song himself). When the audience isn't buying it, they quickly change the lyrics into "The Villain Sucks" Song, causing the crowd to now start applauding.
  • The intro to season two of Iron Man: The Animated Series doesn't tell you much more than that his name is Iron Man; it seems pretty clear this is considered a good thing though.
    • The '60s theme tune is a better example:
      Tony Stark makes you feel
      He's a cool exec with a heart of steel
      As Iron Man, all jets ablaze,
      He's fightin' and smitin' with repulsor rays!
      (Amazing armor!) That's Iron Man!
      (A-blazing power!) That's Iron Man!
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures
    He's a man on a mission
    in armor of high tech ammunition
    Trapped on the edge of an endless game
    his teenage life will never be the same
    In a dangerous world, he does all he can
    He's Iron Man!
  • The first Jem theme is one of these. The rival band, The Misfits, have a segment boasting about themselves in it as well:
    Jem, Jem is excitement.
    Jem, Jem is adventure.
    Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame.
    Jem, Jem is truly outrageous—truly, truly outrageous
    Jem, the music's contagious (outrageous!)
    Jem is my name
    No one else is the same
    Jem is my name
  • "I'm your basic average girl, / And I'm here to save the world. / You can't stop me 'cause I'm Kim Possible."
  • Subverted in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness when Po always forgets the words halfway through the title song.
    He lives and he trains and he fights with the Furious Five!
    Protect the Valley something something something something...alive!
  • Madeline had "I'm Madeline," in which Madeline informed viewers that "If you believe you must be big in order to be tough / Then you should get to know me / I'll teach you other stuff!"
  • The theme song to the 90's cartoon series Marsupilami
    Marsupilami coming running through the jungle,
    Tales to tell we having the swinging good time,
    Singing HOUBA! (HOUBA?) HOOOOOUUUUUBBAAAA! (HOUBA!) Oooh Marsupilami!
  • 1966's The Marvel Super Heroes cartoon theme song for Captain America:
    When Captain America throws his mighty shield
    All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield
    If he's led to a fight
    And a duel is due
    Then the Red, and the White, and the Blue'll come through
    When Captain America throws his mighty shield!
  • The Mask has a version of this for both the CBS show...
    I've got you with my winnin' smile,
    I'm a living legend in flair and style!
    You just can't help but stare at my savoir faire.
    I'm neuvo deco, Roman Greco, rococo, baroque-o,
    Be-bop, hip hop, flip-flop...somebody stop me!
    Pretty Viridian faces like mine don't come a dime a dozen,
    I stand out in a crowd!
    Babe, when they made me, yeah, they broke the mold,
    Wholesome and kind, staid and refined,
    Totally out of my mind!
    Arch-villains and ne'er-do-wells
    Had better learn to decorate prison cells.
    Green goes with everything if they ask, see?
    There's just one more thing I've got to sing about,
    Open up wide and really shout!
    Oh, look out...this is the Mask! Smokin'!
...and the syndicated run.
I'm not any ordinary superhero!
Not your everyday spandex-wearin' zero!
  • The American version of the Mega Man (Ruby-Spears) Animated Adaptation: while the bragging is only in the last two sentences of the theme ("Super fighting robot Mega Man, fighting to save the world!"), the overall musical tone and the opening animation itself is about how much Mega Man kicks ass.
  • Megas XLR, more in tone than in lyrics... It's right though. Everybody digs giant robots.
  • Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series had one which (appropriately) resembled a sports anthem:
    Here come the Mighty Ducks
    Burning up the ice
    Try to stop the Mighty Ducks
    And you're gonna pay the price
  • The 60s The Mighty Hercules:
    Hercules, hero of song and story.
    Hercules, winner of ancient glory.
    Fighting for the right,
    Fighting with his might,
    With the strength of ten, ordinary men.
    Hercules, people are safe when near him.
    Hercules, only the evil fear him.
    Softness in his eyes,
    Iron in his thighs,
    Virtue in his heart,
    Fire in every part,
    Of the Mighty Hercules.
  • Mighty Mouse's theme song:
    Mister Trouble never comes around,
    When he hears this mighty sound!
    Here I come to save the day!
    That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!
    Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right,
    Mighty Mouse will join the fight!
    On the sea or on the land,
    He gets the situation well in hand!
    So though we are in danger,
    There's no need to despair!
    For when we are in danger he is there!
    On the land! On the sea! In the air!
    We're not worrying at all!
    We're just waiting for his call!
    That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!
    • Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures had a different bragging theme tune:
      Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse!
      Coming to vanquish the foe with a mighty blow
      So don't be afraid anymore
      'Coz things won't be like they've been before
      "Here I come to save the day!"
      Thank goodness Mighty Mouse is on his way
      So let the trumpet players play
      For Mighty Mouse is here today
      Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse
      Just like a bolt from the blue with a heart that's true
      Fighting evil, fighting crime
      And always there in the nick of time
      Here he comes to save the day
      And he will prove that crime will never pay
      So let the trumpet players play
      For Mighty Mouse is here today!
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot brags in the first person as well, though Jenny has I Just Want to Be Normal to de-awesome it a bit.
    5 o'clock get a call to go blading at the skate park down by the mall
    but my mom says I gotta prevent hostile aliens from annihilating us all
    With the strength of a million and seventy men I guess I really shouldn't complain
    Still I wish I could go for a walk without rusting in the rain
    It's enough to fry my brain!
  • Pepper Ann:
    Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann
    Marchin' in her own parade
    Pepper Ann, she's like one in a million!
    Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann
    Much too cool for 7th Grade
    Catch 'er if you can, Pepper Ann!
    No one's cooler than Pepper Ann!
    She's her own biggest fan Pepper Ann!
    Catch 'er if you can, Pepper Ann!
    • Pepper Ann's theme is a parody; the lyrics are more a tongue-in-cheek show of Pepper Ann's self-version of herself, or rather, what she wishes she was like; in reality, she's not nearly as confident or as cool as the song makes her sound. This is lampshaded by one line of the song:
    Who's that girl? What’s her name?
    Is she cool? Is she lame?
    (Oh, you're talking 'bout what’s-her-name)
    Pepper Ann!
  • Parodied in the Phineas and Ferb episode "The Beak", in which the Beak's theme tune praises him by disparaging the listener:
    The Beak, the Beak,
    He's strong enough to move a mountain, you're pretty weak.
    (Seriously, what do you bench?)
    • Played straight with the theme for the show's resident superspy, Perry the Platypus:
      He's a semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action!
      He's a furry little flatfoot who'll never flinch from a fray-ee-ay-ee-ay!
      He's got more than just mad skill,
      He's got a beaver tail and a bill!
      And the women all swoon whenever they hear him say...
  • Popeye's theme song boasts about his physical strength as well as warn anyone who might try to challenge him.
    I'm Popeye the sailor man. (toot)
    I'm Popeye the sailor man. (toot)
    I'm strong to the finich,
    Coz I eats me spinach.
    I'm Popeye the sailor man. (toot toot)
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • The original's closing theme probably counts:
      Blossom! Commander and the leader!
      Bubbles! She is the joy and laughter!
      Buttercup! Cuz she's the toughest fighter!
      Powerpuffs save the day!
      Fighting crime trying to save the world!
      Here they come just in time: THE POW-ER-PUFF GIRLS!
    • The 2016 reboot has a more traditional version with its intro:
      Powerpuff Girls fighting crime
      To save the world before bed time
      It's the time to shine when you're fighting crime
      Power it up
      Who's got the power?
      We've got the power!
      Breaking through the walls
      Gonna do it all
      We don't quit
      Who's got the power?
      We've got the power!
  • Somewhat subverted in Producing Parker's theme song where the song is more of a pep talk to the main character.
    Your star's rising, on that you can bet. So grab a latte and get to the set. You've got a staff and the last laugh! Keeping it loose, you're the producer! Kick it, Parker!
  • The 80's Pryde of the X-Men pilot (which served as the basis for the X Men arcade game) did this.
    Magneto's hordes are on the way
    To pillage, burn and plunder
    But there's one team that will not yield
    The team that strikes like thunder
    X-Men! This is their day
    X-Men! Coming your way!
  • The theme tune of the short-lived cartoon Ring Raiders certainly is proud of the Raiders' speed.
    You can't bring us down! We're faster than eagles, we're faster than sound! We're faster than evil! We're faster than crime! We're faster than light! We're faster than time!
  • Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat - another mild example - the theme song is literally the phrase "Sagwa, you're my best friend" repeated in both Chinese and English.
  • " Wings of silver, nerves of steel!/Silverhawks!"
  • Several Shows Within a Show on The Simpsons.
    • Gabbo the ventriloquist's dummy proves that he "can do most anything": dance the hully gully, imitate Vin Scully, hand out shiny dimes, and travel back in time.
    • The closing rap to The Poke of Zorro boasts that the swordsman could "cut your butt from a '52 Ford."
    • The McBain film franchise:
    The rules that constrain other men,
    Mean nothing to McBain!
    The punches that bring pain to other men,
    Mean nothing to McBain!
    • A superhero spoof starring Bart and Lisa as Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl:
    He's a limber lad
    She's a powerful lass
    He'll wring your neck
    And she'll kick your ass
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) intro:
    Sonic! He can really move!
    Sonic! He's got attitude!
    Sonic! He's the fastest thing alive!
  • Spider-Man (1967): "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does whatever a spider can!"
    • "Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies! Look out, here comes the Spider-Maaaaaaan!"
    • The 1994 animated series, "Spider blood, spider blood, Radioactive Spider-Blood!"
    • A proud tradition continued with 2008's The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Living on the edge, fighting crime, spinning webs. Swinging from the highest ledge, he can leap above our heads."
  • In various of the theme tunes used by the UK and US Spot the Dog shorts:
    • ...He's soft and cuddly and he smiles a lot/if there ever was a pup to cheer you up...
    • ...With a smile and a laugh he can light up your day/Like the sun get over the hill/and his tail wiggle-wags 'cause he's ready to play...
    • ...Here he comes with a giggle and a hop/running so fast that he just can't stop...
      • The full version adds ...Wagging his tail, wanting to play/looking for whatever's coming his way...
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The season 3 Ending Theme is an inspirational pop song about Star.
    She's a princess winning battles
    Through the break of dawn
    Don't worry when it's night
    'Cause she will keep the lights on!
    Oh, there goes a shining star
    Evil won't deter her (No way!)
    'Cause magic flows through her (Star Butterfly!)
    She is a shining star!
  • Steven Universe: Steven shares the extolling with the rest of the Crystal Gems.
    We are the Crystal Gems
    We'll always save the day
    And if you think we can't
    We'll always find a way
    That's why the people of this world believe in
    Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven!
  • The 2003, 2009, and 2021 Strawberry Shortcake themes are like this. The full 2021 theme even has a Boastful Rap section sung by Huckleberry Pie.
    • 2003: "I know a girl, and there is no one sweeter. She's got the special touch. Best friend in the world, and when you get to meet her, you'll love her very much. (She's doing fine, growing better all the time!)"
    • 2009: "She may be small, no task is too tall. She'll be your best bud, just give her a call! She's got style extraordinary, she's so sweet and she's caring."
    • 2021: This berry’s on a mission to bake her world a better place! She’ll make a difference, see it through! Show the world what she can do!
      • 2021 (rap section): Yeah! Check your dictionary, look up “sweet and merry berry”! She's a culinary visionary illuminary! With confectionary skills that thrill, with every order she fufills every berry bite's extraordinary! Got the recipe for fun, we’ll invite everyone and it's all just begun! Get ready to bake, there’s adventure to make! No one else out there like Strawberry Shortcake!
  • The Super 6 theme as sung by Gary Lewis and the Playboys:
    Meet the men of Super Service,
    Facing danger just for kicks,
    Half a dozen super strong men,
    Who are called the Super 6.
    SUPER 6! SUPER 6!
    Battle criminals and all their evil games!
    SUPER 6! SUPER 6!
    Evildoers dread the mention of their names!
    Stomping down the fear of darkness,
    Giving crime an uppercut,
    Five great thunderbolts of power,
    And a bolt who is a nut!
    SUPER 6! SUPER 6!
    They give their all for Super 6!
  • "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! It's Superman!"
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! has one as well.
    If you need a hero that's a name you should know!
  • Teen Titans (2003):
    • The theme tune probably counts.
      When there's trouble, you know who to call! (Teen Titans!)
      From their tower, they can see it all! (Teen Titans!)
      When there's evil on the attack
      You can rest knowing they've got your back!
      'Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol...
    • Cyborg has his own version.
      When there's trouble, you know what to do! (Call Cyborg!)
      He can shoot a rocket from his shoe! ('Cause he's Cyborg!)
      Dah dah doo dah, something like that, oh yeah!
      Na na na na, big fluffy cats, that's right!
  • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes in a Half-Shell, Turtle Power!"
    • From the original 1987 cartoon:
      They're the world's most fearsome fighting teens! (We're really hip!)
      They're heroes in a half shell, and they're green! (Hey, get a grip!)
      When the evil Shredder attacks
      These Turtle boys don't cut 'em no slack!
    • From the 2003 cartoon:
      (Turtles count it off!) One, two, three, four!
      (Turtles!) There's no one better!
      (Turtles!) Watch out for Shredder!
      (Turtles!) They're like no others!
      (Turtles!) Those teenage brothers!
    • The 2012 cartoon continues to follows suit:
      Here we go, it's the lean, mean ninja team
      On the scene, cool teens doin' ninja things
      So extreme out the sewer like laser beams
      Get rocked with the shell shocked pizza kings!
      Can't stop these radical dudes!
      The secret of the ooze made the chosen few
      Emerge from the shadows to make their move
      The good guys win, and the bad guys lose!
    • From the full theme for Rise of the TMNT:
      In shadows, Splinter trains them, in darkness they find their fate
      Better with each adventure, yeah, they've gone from green to great!
      Each one with their own power, makin' their own rules to the game
      Mikey, Donnie, Raph and Leo, puttin' bad dudes to shame!
      (Four dudes from the ooze, throwin' down!)
  • ThunderCats are on the move, ThunderCats are loose! Feel the magic, hear the roar, ThunderCats are loose!
  • You've got a tiger by the tail. Hold on, Tigersharks!!
  • Timothy Goes to School might have the mildest example of this on record.
  • Tom Slick
    Let me tell you why
    He's the best of all the guys
  • The original Underdog show had two versions:
    • When criminals in this world appear
      And break the laws that they should fear
      And frighten all who see or hear,
      The cry goes up both far and near
      For Underdog! (x4)
      Speed of lightning! Roar of thunder!
      Fighting all who rob or plunder!
      Underdog! (x3)
    • When in this world the headlines read
      Of those whose hearts are filled with greed,
      Who rob and steal from those in need,
      To right this wrong with blinding speed
      Comes Underdog! (x4)
      Speed of lightning! Roar of thunder!
      Fighting all who rob or plunder!
      Underdog! (x3)
  • VeggieTales' superhero spoof, LarryBoy, also has a bragging theme song.
    Who do they call when Bumblyburg's in trouble?
    Who's got the suit with super-suction ears?
    There's no need to panic, 'cause this guy's manic,
    And you know that he'll save the day!
    You need a hand, he's right there on the double
    Hey, hey, he's on the way
    Purple and yellow! He's one super fellow!
    Larry-Boy! Larry-Boy! Lean and mean green machine!
    Larry-Boy! Larry-Boy! Out of sight, veg-o-mite! Larry-Boy!
  • The theme song of Weebles (2000s) is all about how the characters are immune to being rendered Flipping Helpless.
    Weebles wobble, Weebles wobble, Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.
  • Wild C.A.T.s (1994) had one:
    WildC.A.T.s , WildC.A.T.s
    We've got invincible power
    WildC.A.T.s , WildC.A.T.s
    One and only WildC.A.T.s
    We're heroes, Not zeroes
    We got what, They fear so
    Here's the facts
    We got power to the max
    You know we're tough as nails
    When all else fails
    call WildC.A.T.s
    Nerves of steel
    Here's the deal
    Better watch out
  • Cosgrove Hall, makers of the stop-motion animation adaptation of The Wind in the Willows, also made a Spin-Off called Oh, Mr Toad! The opening theme was Toad's "I Am Great!" Song from the book.
    The clever men at Oxford,
    Know all there is to be knowed,
    But none of them know half as much,
    As intelligent Mr Toad!
  • Some Yogi Bear shorts open with such a theme, though not all of the lyrics are actually praising him. The full jingle is as follows:
    Who is always on the spot? Who is? Yogi Bear!
    Who keeps cool when things are hot? Who does? Yogi Bear!
    Who believes the world's a dream and falls for some fantastic scheme
    But always winds up on the beam? Yogi Bear!!
  • The theme song of Craig of the Creek is a mild example:
    Who's gonna help when the danger overwhelms and the mysteries are piled high?
    Who's gonna be around, never gonna let you down, when you're on a wild ride?
    It's Craig of the Creek, he's gonna save the day
    It's Craig of the Creek, he's gonna save the day
    It's Craig of the Creek!
  • Work It Out Wombats!: Doubles with Expository Theme Tune. The theme song explains how the Wombat siblings like to solve problems and always help others, which is also the basic plot of the series.
    We've got ideas for days!
    Solve problems lots of ways
    I love it when we play
    All together!

  • Warner Home Video had one for their Swedish branch in the 1980s. The song is about a young couple looking for entertainment on their date and they wind up choosing to rent a release from Warner Home Video, and they end up thanking the company for providing a "happy end".


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