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CITV was the collective name for all ITV output and programming directly aimed at children, originally starting as an afterschool programming block in 1983 and growing into its own channel in 2006.

In 2023, it was announced the CITV channel would be closing, with all present and future children's content absorbed into the ITVX streaming service. While the channel closed September 1st, the CITV brand continues to be used on the sister ITV2 channel for a full seven-day block of programming in the mornings.

It was ITV's answer to The BBC's CBBC.

Not to be confused with the Global Television Network-affiliated (and formerly independent) television station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with the CITV call sign.

Original series commissioned or produced by CITV

Acquired series

Disney Club/Diggit/Diggin-it



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CITV Repair Robots

The Repair Robots animation used by CITV in the 1990s whenever something went wrong.

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