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The main characters (left to right: Tilly, Tiny, and Tom).

Tots TV is a puppet show for children by Ragdoll Productions (creators of Teletubbies, Brum and Rosie and Jim) for Central Independent Television, which was broadcast between 1993 and 1998.

The show is about three elf-like creatures called Tots, who live in a big secret house in the middle of nowhere. The protagonists are:

  • Tilly speaks Gratuitous French (Gratuitous Spanish in the American version), but understands English very well. She has a magic bag with her, which she likes to call a sac magique/bolsa mágica. She is good at playing the piccolo.
  • Tom is the cleverest of the tots, and the oldest. He wears glasses and has blue-colored hair.
  • Tiny is the youngest and has a Mickey Mouse-style voice, but with a heavy Essex accent.

A mischievous Cartoon Creature, Furryboo, lives with the tots, too, but that's a secret! The trio have a pet donkey which they nuture, who is named, well, Donkey.


The show was first broadcast on CITV, but was also shown on PBS Kids in the United States. In the 2000s, reruns were aired on CBeebies.

Not to be confused with T.O.T.S..