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The other, other Chris Barrie sitcom.

A Prince Among Men was a Brit Com that ran for 2 series (1997-1998). It starred Chris Barrie as Gary Prince, a former footballer turned business manager who has a Small Name, Big Ego. The supporting cast consists of his German wife Lisel, his two secretaries Sonia and Beverly, his right-hand man Dave, arrogant business manager Mark and local publican Vince Hubbert, who has a low opinion of Prince.


  • Acquired Error at the Printer: In "Whose Life Is It Anyway", Prince has ordered a company under him to release their clothing with his name on it. Unfortunately, he writes on a random sheet of paper on Sonia's desk and hands it off, leading to the company exactly printing it - namely by having a "Sonia Loves Kevin" sign (with bells and a heart on the design as well) on the front of them and Prince's name on the back. He's unwilling to admit his mistake however, and passes it off as a wedding present to Sonia.
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  • Alliterative Name: Beverley Baker.
  • Black Comedy Animal Cruelty: The first episode had a brief gag where Gary accidentally presses a button that causes his garage door to open- whilst his guard dog was tied up to it. Luckily, the dog survives and attacks Gary.
  • Bragging Theme Tune: The theme tune declares "he's a winner, he's a star, he's a prince, a prince among men" and "he's always right, 'cos he knows what's what, but he hasn't let it go to his head". However, since Gary Prince was an arrogant prat, this was ironic.
  • Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario: Kevin and Sonia break up for a episode due to disagreements over the type of music they wanted at their upcoming wedding. They make up by the end of the episode by deciding to mix the two together.
  • British Brevity: Had 12 episodes over a grand total of 2 series.
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  • Catchphrase: From the show, we have Gary's "Hey, I'm always right!"
  • Ditzy Secretary: Sonia really isn't the brightest person in the world.
  • The Dog Bites Back: A literal example occurs in the first episode. Gary presses a button that lifts up the garage door whilst his guard dog is still attached to it, making it appear as if he had been hanged. Later on, the dog is shown to survive, first going after Sonia, before going after Gary Prince instead.
  • Ending by Ascending: The end credits of each episode depicts Gary Prince climbing up a ladder that spans the whole screen vertically.
  • Epic Fail: In one episode, Gary decides to type his own column (after his previous ghostwriter started to state controversial views) on his laptop. He somehow manages to produce only gibberish.
  • Epunymous Title: A reference to the idiom 'A Prince Among Men' starring a man called Gary Prince.
  • Family Disunion: "Family Matters" revolves around Gary's attempts to reunite with his mother. He ends up being hit by a woman who he thought was his mother but was actually another old woman, arrested, let out, and then rearrested by his mother, who thought he was sending her death threats.
  • Gadgeteer's House: One of the show's sources of comedy comes from the range of devices that Gary has installed in his house going wrong in one way or another.
  • The Ghost: Sonia's fiance Kevin, who isn't seen in the series and who apparently suffers from a variety of conditions.
  • Ghostwriter: "Ghost Story" reveals that he has a column written by a man named Des that goes out under his name. This causes problems when Des starts putting forward radical views such as abolishing the royal family.
  • Jerkass: Gary, who constantly insults his colleagues and wife and makes decisions such as planning to demolish a church to replace it with a go-kart track.
  • It's All About Me: Gary is this in spades. In one episode, he mentions that his first memory was him stealing a prize from the nursery school teacher since he believed his picture (a self portrait of himself) was the best.
  • Involuntary Charity Donation: Episode 2 ('Changing Revs') revolves around Gary intending to buy and demolish the local church and replace it with a go-kart track. However, the Church catches wind of this and cancels their sale of the Church to Prince. To add further punishment to him, they send away the go-karts he has obtained to Cameroon, thinking that they were genuine Charity donations.
  • Omniglot: Gary's wife Lisel's native language is German. However, she knows enough English to be able to work as a German to English translator, French, and several Japanese words.
  • Oop North: The show takes place in Sheffield and features Gary Prince, who has a Scouser accent (Said accent is very similar to the one Chris Barrie used for Lister note  in the Red Dwarf audiobooks).
  • Pop-Culture Pun Episode Title:
  • Rags to Riches: Part of Gary Prince's backstory is that he was raised on an estate in the North before his talent in football was discovered. In the series' present day, he is a successful ex-footballer and entrepreneur and lives fairly affluently. Not that this has humbled him in any way.
  • Running Gag: A couple:
    • The gimmicks that Gary has installed in his house going wrong.
    • Sonia going on about the various afflictions that her fiance Kevin suffers from.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Episode 3 gives us John the Murderer, who deliberately pushed his parents into the River Mersey. Understandably, Prince doesn't want to be anywhere near the guy.
  • Sexy Secretary: Sonia. It may be the only reason Gary keeps her around considering how unqualified she is.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Gary definitely fits the bill. At one point, he argues that he could teach in philosophy even though he both has no experience and little interest in it.
  • The Unfavorite: According to "Family Matters", despite Prince's claims to the contrary, his parents not only preferred his brother Brian over him, but they were always trying to get him adopted.
    Vince Hibbert: Brian was your mum and dad's favorite, and no matter what you did to impress them, you just couldn't do it, and your picture was always in the paper because they were always trying to get you adopted.
  • Unique Pilot Title Sequence: The first episode of the series features a longer version of the theme tune which also continues into the first scene of the episode, a trait that isn't seen in any of the other episodes.


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