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Princess Pi apparently enhanced your life.note 

Peter Paltridge, the host of Platypus Comix, created Princess Pi in 2011. Until 2013, the comic followed the invincible Egyptian Princess Pi's efforts to protect the kingdom of Piscataway from all sorts of threats, such as a superpower-stealing American dictator named Princess Ip. Peter planned for Princess Pi to become one of his weirdest comics ever, so Pi's adventures tended to rely on nonsensical logic.

Princess Pi underwent a hiatus from 2015-2018note , when Peter decided to give the series a gradual Retool. Some updates he has announced include a larger supporting cast for Pi, a new name and hierarchy for her kingdom, and the loss of her invincibility. Tropes detailing this era of Princess Pi contain unmarked spoilers for every story from the first run, including "Dan vs. Chuck vs. The Tick vs. Princess Pi", the last pre-hiatus comic starring Pi.

This comic provides examples of:

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    Both Runs 
  • Alliterative Name: Princess Pi has one if her royal title counts as part of her name. Bottle Blonde the genie plays this perfectly straight.
  • Alpha Bitch: Sam, Alex, and Butch, also known as the Totally Nazis. The story "Princess Pi vs. The Alpha Bitch" even uses this trope's name in reference to Sam. Not only that, the comic was originally named "Princess Pi vs. The Libby (after the former Trope Namer), who appeared on page 8.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Peter has admitted that it didn't make sense to name an Egyptian character after a Greek number (apparently unaware that Egypt came under Greek influence by the time Cleopatra was born). This contemplation led him to try and prevent anything in the comic from making sense.
  • Couch Gag: Each story has a randomly selected picture as its front cover image. Each one posted before the retool also has a random quote as its synopsis.
  • Different in Every Episode: Each comic, a different celebrity is credited with Princess Pi's creation.
  • Hostile Show Takeover: The week that Princess Pi launched, the Platypus Comix banner contained a picture of the title character using green paint to change the Platypus Comix logo to read, "Pi Comix". It re-appeared when Peter posted the first part of the first story of the Retool.
  • Interactive Narrator: Princess Pi uses a narrator more often than Peter's other comics do, and Pi can even talk to him/her sometimes.
  • Princesses Rule: The titles of Princess Pi and Princess Ip become a little confusing after learning that Pi's mother called herself a queen before she died, and that Ip reigns over a dictatorship instead of a kingdom.
  • Satire: As the series progressed, the comics started satirizing everything from Black Comedy to fundamentalist religion (and the lack thereof).
  • Versus Title: Practically all of Princess Pi's comics each have one.

    2011- 2014 

  • Brainy Baby: Pi meets one in "Princess Pi vs. Princess Pai".
  • Brick Joke: "Princess Pi vs. Princess Pai" lists four men accused of sexual harassment in 2017 in its opening credits. At the end of the story, Pi meets another one, John Lasseter.