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  • Development Hell: "Princess Pi vs. Dr. 8" appears to have entered this. The list of Princess Pi villains released back in 2011 showed a drawing of Dr. 8, and described his gimmick as using mathematical calculations to determine the most effective evil schemes. Additionally, a post Peter made on the Toon Zone forum compared his personality to that of Charlie Sheen. Despite all these details, Peter never gave a release date for the story.note  For all we know, he might never produce it.
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  • Hypothetical Casting: Sometimes Peter draws text boxes next to characters, saying who he imagines him or her to sound like (eg, Opposite Guy has the "Voice of Tommy Wiseau").
  • Meaningful Release Date: "Princess Pi vs. Everything" kicked off the comic on New Year's Day 2011, or 01.01.11.
  • Schedule Slip: Peter pushed back the second part of "Sam Adams vs. True Love" by about eight months. Unlike most instances of Platypus Comix readers waiting longer than expected for a story's conclusion, this delay had comics from other series (such as the Variety Section and Free Spirit) and two issues of BANG! Magazine released in the meanwhile.
  • Viral Marketing: In the months building up to the series premiere, "π" appeared at various places on the Platypus Comix main page (such as a jack-o-lantern in the banner and Tuan Nuaghen's eyes in the link to the Scrambled Eggs archive). Even earlier than that, after Peter Paltridge wrote some bios for Electric Wonderland characters, and updated the ones for Mulberry and Keiki, he placed the symbol next to redrawn links to all the series' character bios. This provided the first hint that a new Platypus Comix series was in store.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Peter originally designed Princess Pi as a little girl, but then he considered the possibility that more people would want to read about a hot, older princess.
    • The original list of Princess Pi villains portrayed the Totally Nazis as fascist versions of the Totally Spies! leads.
    • If the Alpha Bitch trope still had its original title, "The Libby," then "Princess Pi vs. The Alpha Bitch" would have a correspondingly different title, and Pi's first appearance in that story would have gone like this.
    • Opposite Guy's inclusion on the aforementioned baddie roster, and the ending of "Princess Pi vs. Opposite Guy", suggest abandoned plans for him to become a regular enemy.

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