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Funny / Princess Pi

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  • Princess Pi's theme song.
  • Pi conversing with the narrator in "Princess Pi vs. Prince William", especially when she chastises him/her for shutting up at an inopportune time.
  • Pi getting her enemies mixed up in "Princess Pi vs. The Alpha Bitch".
  • The six-page chase scene (which starts here) in "Princess Pi vs. The Alpha Bitch".
  • Gertie's transformation of Piscataway in "Princess Pi vs. Bottle Blonde".
  • The demise of Bottle Blonde.
    • The conversation that Pi shares with her after this demise becomes undone.
      Princess Pi: What are you doing here? HOW are you doing here? I thought I ATE you!
      Bottle Blonde: Aw! Lotsa people eat me!
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  • Pi explaining Life Day to her spaceship's crew in "The Princess Pi Holiday Special". The apparent randomness used when deciding who should join her crew also resulted in a couple laughs.
  • The piece of Foe Romance Subtext ending "Nick and MORE!"