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  • In the Free Spirit short, Winnie offers to make Gene look like a billionaire. She does so by giving him Donald Trump's Improbable Hairstyle.
  • The explanation Winnie gives in "Song of the Siren" for feeling unfazed at her singing causing Spontaneous Choreography to break out at the supermarket:
    Winnie: I thought it meant all the ads about the supermarket were true!
    Jessie: (with eyelids lowered) No. Far from it!
    • The part where Winnie sings "There Are No Cats In America" with a group of people as she rides a bicycle home from the supermarket.
    • Winnie reacts to the real purpose of the items she thought were gifts by saying "Now I'm so glad I refused that woman's baby!".
  • The resolution of the argument in "Bedbugs and Broomsticks" over who should face the spider.
    Robb: Witches are supposed to love the macabre! Get out there!
    Winnie: No!
    Robb: Conform to the stereotype, dangit!
    (A still-tired Thomas enters the kitchen, reaching for a piece of toast with the spider on it. He proceeds to eat the toast and the spider, causing the children to look disgusted.)
    Winnie: Yaaaaay!
  • From "I Love Bread":
    • The TSA staff reacting to a DVD of The Secrets of Isis by declaring a Code Red.
    • The old man mistakes Jessie for a child, but she insists she isn't.
    • Winnie getting up to use the bathroom, only to find two people inside of it.
    • Winnie's anxiety causes a spell to occur that makes all the TVs on the plane, and even the screen in the cockpit, to play Oprah Winfrey's Weight Watchers commercial.
    • Winnie's magic also teleports Gene to a hotel room where he asks room service for strawberry shortcake-flavored Pepsi.
  • "Cartoon Brew"
    • Winnie using her spit to clean the table, since it has healing abilities.
    • Robb decides to read a book called "The World's Shortest Novel" for school.
    • The premise of the cartoon that Robb watches with Gene involves a knight teaming up with a box of pork rinds.
    • The cartoon's voice cast being entirely comprised of Tara Strong... save for one credit, which is Judy Tenuta as a Creator Cameo for Tara Strong.
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    • The Extreme Lips episode closes with a randomly shoehorned-in line about going to recycle.
    • During the news report, a person says that giant lips are often involved in satanic rituals.
    • Winnie is disgusted by Screemerz and thinks she used too much butterfly poop.
    • One of Robb's cartoons involves a talking toilet who lives among city life.
    • To deal with the fact that Hart Butchwax plagarized Robb's cartoon ideas, Winnie uses her magic to switch faces with him. What's weird is that people still believe she is the real person.

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