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  • In the Free Spirit short, Winnie offers to make Gene look like a billionaire. She does so by giving him Donald Trump's Improbable Hairstyle.
  • The explanation Winnie gives in "Song of the Siren" for feeling unfazed at her singing causing Spontaneous Choreography to break out at the supermarket:
    Winnie: I thought it meant all the ads about the supermarket were true!
    Jessie: (with eyelids lowered) No. Far from it!
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  • The resolution of the argument in "Bedbugs and Broomsticks" over who should face the spider.
    Robb: Witches are supposed to love the macabre! Get out there!
    Winnie: No!
    Robb: Conform to the stereotype, dangit!
    (A still-tired Thomas enters the kitchen, reaching for a piece of toast with the spider on it. He proceeds to eat the toast and the spider, causing the children to look disgusted.)
    Winnie: Yaaaaay!

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