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YMMV / Free Spirit

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  • Awesome Art: Compared to Peter's past attempts at making a Deliberately Monochrome comic, the lines look very smooth, and the grays look very distinct. Check out the first three panels of the Pilot for an example.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • "Robb's Not Dead" has an ironic title now that Peter seems to have quietly killed any chance of it becoming finished, by moving on to other comics.
    • "Substitutiary Locomotion" heavily involves drones that carry people. A few months after its publication, Bojack Horseman brought the "drone throne", which is... a drone that can carry people.
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    • In Peter's first review of the TV show, one of the questions following a TV Guide listing for the Missing Episode "Love and Death" asks, "Did we really need three Robb episodes while poor Jessie only got one?" Afterwards, Peter would write so many comics about Robb, that he'd lampshade Jessie's continued lack of attention in the "Cartoon Brew" Talkback thread:
      Jessie needs her own stories badly! All she does in this is glare at Robb and make sarcastic comments. There is more to her than this, I swear!
  • Nightmare Fuel: See NightmareFuel.Platypus Comix
  • The Woobie: Jessie might seem like this to readers who felt shunned in school, for reasons they didn't understand.

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