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  • Recycled Script: Some of the stories adapt episodes of the original show, but adapted into a modern setting. For instance, the first comic is a retelling of the first episode of the show. Occasionally, the plot will be drastically altered. For instance, in the second comic, instead of a person named Bob who disguises as Thomas' client trying to take Winnie away, a voice called The Stranger keeps talking to the kids.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original plot of "Skyway to the Danger Zone" had Winnie and Jessie get attacked by Army drones, instead of experimental Amazon delivery drones.
    • "Junkyard Stories" originally ended with a story in which Winnie tormented a man dating two women at once, by "prophesizing" that one of those two women wants to kill him. Peter didn't get much farther in the script before deciding that he couldn't think of an ending that seemed unpredictable or satisfying enough.
    • "Hallowinnie II: Season of the Witch" originally would have involved Winnie and the Harper kids saving the town from a monster, until Peter decided that the comic's small supporting cast weakened the stakes.
  • Working Title: Free Spirit Season Two, shortened so that Platypus Comix visitors who hadn't heard about the TV show before wouldn't get confused.