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  • The songs throughout the series, as performed by The Valli Girls, are both awesome and heartwarming, as are the instrumental tracks. While the entire soundtrack was never officially released in English, a Spanish soundtrack CD dubbed by 3+2 features many of the songs described here, and a promo CD featured the Valli Girls' songs in preparation for the unreleased soundtrack.
  • The opening/ending theme, "It's a Hair Thing," describing the premise of the show and the appeal of magic.
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  • "Best Friends for Life" is this and a Heartwarming Moment, describing the girls' enduring friendship and how no matter what happens, they'll stay friends.
  • "Power of Five" is a rockin' song about how the girls use the Power of Five to defeat evil.
  • "Get Out of the Past" is the song heard at the beginning of the Middle Ages story arc, describing Simon's plan to turn back time.
  • "Pretty As a Girl," the song when Garnet speeds off with Amethyst and friends, emphasizes that Garnet is Simon in disguise with funny lyrics.
  • The Trollhiti song, "Vacation," is one of the few songs to be played fully in an episode, with little talking over it. It's extremely catchy.
  • "Make Me Fall" is a fast-paced song about girls telling boys to be nice if they want to win their hearts.
  • The "Best Friends for Life" reprise in the series finale gives the show a sense of closure, and also has the second verses not heard in the first music video.
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  • The Italian theme song is completely different from the English one, but is also completely awesome.


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