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A lot of the music made for the show is incredible, but some stand out in particular.

  • The theme song, "The Weekend Whip" deserves a special mention. Done by The Fold, it's stylistically mid-late 2000s Pop Punk at its best, mixing the sounds of We The Kings' song 'Check Yes Juliet' and All Time Low's 'Dear Maria, Count Me In' and is catchy as all hell. Starting from the third season onward,note  it also gets remixed into various styles ("Weekend Whip Remix" for the Rebooted arc, "Anacondrai Remix" for the Tournament of Elements arc, "Ghost Whip" for the Posession arc, "The Pirate Whip" for the Skybound arc, "The Rift Whip" for Day of the Departed, "The Temporal Whip" for The Hands of Time arc, and "The Wicked Whip" for the Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu arc).
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  • The Ninjago Overture is a relaxing, calming recurring Leitmotif.
  • "Falcon Chase", the music as the Ninja pursue the falcon in "Tick Tock", makes the falcon's strings-based leitmotif incredibly dramatic.
  • A leitmotif, first heard in "The Fire Temple", which appears to be a theme for Lord and Lloyd Garmadon as it plays in scenes where they are together. Quite fittingly, it's a tragic-sounding melody due to the destined battle between father and son. It also receives an especially epic arrangement heard in "Fall of the Green Ninja" when Lloyd pleads to his father to help him fight back against the Overlord.
  • "The Temple of Light" smoothly fits with the ninja taking a level in badass at the eponymous location.
  • "The Final Battle" is beautifully orchestrated and perfectly captures the intensity of the fight between Lloyd and the Overlord with a cinematic quality in it.
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  • "Built to Protect" is a haunting piece that will give you chills and make you cry for Zane sacrificing himself to destroy the Golden Master once and for all.
  • "What Powered Zane is a beautiful score that shows the sorrows and hopefulness that the world has for Zane, and the female chorus near the end will rip your heart.
  • The Fold's "Rise of the Vermillion" is a dramatic rock theme song for the Mooks of The Hands of Time that accurately portrays their bloodthirsty and violent Hive Mind nature.

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