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  • So the family that Harumi ends up saving......why did they need her help exactly? All she did was get them to a emergency exit that they easily could've gotten to themselves without her. Harumi and her parents had no choice but to use the elevator due to the stairs being destroyed and what lead to their deaths because there was no room for them. But this time there was nothing wrong with the fire escape. Seriously did nobody in the building notice that emergency exit door and try to escape that way instead of everyone trying to cram into the elevator? I can understand it may have been stuck or jammed as Harumi kicked it open but ANYONE could've forced it open!
  • Let Me Get This Straight..., Zane ends up angsting about the fact he's a robotic plastic toy person as opposed to a real, actual, organic... plastic toy person?
    • Not sure if all the characters are actually made of LEGO in-canon or if it's just a visual cue or a marketing ploy. Whatever the case, we know that that is considered organic in their world.
  • In Child's Play, why did Zane turn into a child with the other ninjas when he is an robot that was never a child?
    • Magic.
    • When the others asked him, even he couldn't think of an explanation.
    • The Megaweapon is made out of all four of the weapons, maybe putting them all together gave it something that could make things that are non-human (like animals... but for our example, Zane) correspond with the spell, and the effects as well
  • Um, at the end of "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" Lloyd is still older. How exactly did this happen if Garmadon never had the mega weapon in the present, and never unleashed the Grundle?
    • The weapon was destroyed so that Garmadon wouldn't keep trying to change the past and so that they could go back to their own time. Everything that led up to the awakening of the Grundel still happened, only that Garmadon no longer had the Mega Weapon.
    • Basically it's a Temporal Paradox. But it hasn't been explained in the later episodes and will probably never will be.
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    • The whole thing could have been chalked up to "the time traveling never happened but now there's no mega-weapon" if Lloyd hadn't questioned if Garnadon had a mega-weapon.
    • I'd explain it like this: it did exist, but Lloyd simply didn't know about it (he is unobservant). In terms of the "base" timeline's history, the weapon was destroyed at the moment immediately following the Ninja entering the portal.
      • How did the weapons end up on the comet in season 3? If the time traveling was undone, the weapons should've stayed in Ninjago.
      • Let's just say that the Mega-Weapon got split back into the Golden Weapons upon crashing into the comet and leave the time travel thing at that.
  • How did Zane not know he was a robot? He had to notice the subtle differences between him and the other ninja.
    • He's probably more of a cyborg with synthetic skin.
    • But still,his body seems to have quite the number of quirks (all the little compartments everywhere. How didn't he notice he operated differently from the other? Then again...
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    • His program hid his true identity. He didn't question his own behavior and body because he was set to function as the average human. Even when the others found him to be a bit distant and strange, they didn't think much of it.
  • How is Zane a descendant of one of the First Spinjitsu Master's elemental guardians if he's a robot?
    • Perhaps Dr. Julien was a descendent of the original Master of Ice and found a way to pass on his powers to his "son" to continue the lineage chain.
    • Dr. Julian isn't the Master of Ice (who was shown in flashbacks). The writers confirmed that Zane having the element of Ice will be addressed in Season 8, so there must be a non-heditary way of passing on elements.
    • Possibly Zane's core is made of the same metal used to made the Time Blades and the Master of Ice intentionally transferred his power into it?
  • If the Staff of Elements needed the powers of every Elemental Master for Chen's spell to work, how was it able to be cast without Nya's Water Element?
    • Probably through Kai.
    • True, but that still doesn't account for the absence of Morro's Wind.
    • There was a post on Tommy Andreasen's Twitter page that said that Chen only needed a certain amount to complete the spell.
    • Chen probably only needed the "awakened" elements that were in active use for his spell. At this point, Nya didn't know that she had the element of Water, Morro was still in the Cursed Realm as a ghost, and the element of Time was trapped in the Time Blades.
  • What's with Lloyd's treatment post Season 3? I mean seriously, he's the freaking chosen one...and yet post season 3 he gets kidnapped, possessed, drained of his power, possessed again. Did they just have no idea what to do with him when the series got Uncancelled?
    • The only time where Lloyd was depowered is in Rebooted, where the Overlord purposefully captured him to drain him of his Golden Power and become the Golden Master. He's shown in that season to be too cocky over his powers to the point of misusing it, and being captured and depowered served as a wake-up call. This was necessary because from a writing point of view, Lloyd would have been too OP if he still retained the Golden Power, and would resolve any conflict too quickly.
    • He also only got posssesed once (by Morro), and that was because he was led into a trap and thus taken by surprise. It's also his first time encountering a ghost, and presumably fighting off a ghost possession must be difficult since it took most of the season to do so. Not mention that he was completely drained when Morro left his body. Otherwise he's completely fine in seasons 4, 6, and 7 - with the writers giving him an arc where he learns to become the leader of the ninja.
    • There's also the fact that he's only the "Chosen One" in reference to the Final Battle against the Overlord. You know, that battle that happened at he end of season two? Especially once he chose to surrender the Golden Power, he's just a ninja, just like the others.
  • Why didn't Nya jump down to the rest of the group in The Last Hope when they fell off the cliff? Everyone's just standing on the falling rock and General Kozu takes a relatively long time to capture her.
  • How long was Garmadon in the Underworld? In Battle Between Brothers, Wu and Garmadon look the same age as they do in the Serpentine Wars flashbacks in season 4 and 7, which took place 40 years ago. This would imply Garmadon was banished for around that long, but that makes it literally impossible for Lloyd (who is no more than 12 in Season 1) to have been born.
    • Early Installment Weirdness ?
    • We can probably chalk it up to, like many things in the show, the Ninjago timeline basically running on bullcrap and being more confusing then the Zelda timeline.
    • I always assumed Misako had somehow found a way to the Underworld to see Garmadon again, and they had had Lloyd then.
  • Expanding on the above, how old are the ninja, exactly? They're said to be teenagers, though they can apparently legally drive motorcycles and jets and all their other vehicles. I'm pretty sure it was said somewhere that Nya is younger than Kai, and Lloyd...well, it was discussed above. But Harumi's backstory raises a few questions. It's said she was a kid at the time that the ninja and Lord Garmadon fought the Great Devourer. Yet, by the time Sons of Garmadon and Hunted take place, the ninja still look as old as they were at the beginning, but Harumi is now Lloyd's age. In one episode of Hunted, it is said that the ninja are still teenagers. But in March of the Oni, Jay is apparently old enough to propose to Nya.
    • Harumi was as old as Lloyd would have been without the age-up in the flashback, so her age makes sense. Wordof God says that those with Elemental Power age slower than a normal human, so they may literally still be roughly the same age as from the start. As for the driving, there are laws here in the real world that permit underage drivers to operate vehicles during emergencies, and considering 90% of what the Ninja do is during a crisis that would definitely apply to them. If not that, than either Ninjago has a low minimum age for a license or they are frozen at 16. As for the proposal, 18 and 19 are still technically teen-ages although they'd be considered young adults. Although Wordof God said it was culturally more akin to what we consider a promise ring, not a full on marriage proposal, so YMMV.

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