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Video Game / Cubic Ninja

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Action-Adventure TWISTED!
Cubic Ninja is a puzzle video game for the Nintendo 3DS that was developed by AQ interactive and published by Ubisoft and released on April 7, 2011 as a system launch title.

The player plays a CC, a ninja cube that must travel through various levels while avoiding items such as enemies and traps within. The player moves him through each level by rotating the system to change the direction he falls in. Along the way he can collect power ups to aid him in levels.

Despite mixed reviews, the game wound up being a best seller after it was discovered that its level editor could be used to exploit code on the system that could be used to install a homebrew app onto any 3DS family system regardless of firmware updates sent out by Nintendo with no function other than patching system security holes.

The game features the following tropes:

  • Deliberately Monochrome: Most of the game's graphics are grayscale, matching the game's minimalist theme.
  • Gravity Master: The player controls the game by rotating the 3DS system in the direction they want to be "down" in the game which makes CC falls through stages.
  • Tech-Demo Game: Released as a 3DS launch title and makes heavy use of the system's gyro controls.