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Crossfire is an open-source MMORPG that has been around since 2001. It is for UNIX but now also has a Windows port.

This game resembles a multiplayer NetHack, but not exactly. You play on a square grid, go into dungeons, kill monsters, and collect unidentified items.

You can download a client from Crossfire's official web site.

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Crossfire provides examples of:

  • Explosive Breeder: When you walk near a breeder, it starts breeding. If you don't kill them quick, the breeders may fill the entire area. Newbies may accidentally have the "Beginners" dungeon fill with mice.
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  • Global Currency: All shops take silver, gold and platinum coins. Prices are in "gp".
  • Noob Cave: The "Beginners" dungeon is a tutorial. Monsters wait behind gates, so they don't attack players too soon.


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