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Lloyd will become The Hero of the next season and Kai will be his Big Brother Mentor instead of the Supporting Protagonist. The season will probably revolve around him learning the ways of spinjitzu and shifting into his role as the Green Ninja.
  • Practically comfirmed, but Lloyd isn't exactly The Hero as of yet.
    • Well done, Mr Troper Guy, you nailed it, right on the mark.

In season 2, Slithraa will return as Lord Garmadon's Dragon and take back his place as general of the Hypnobrai.
Jossed all of the Serpentine general (minus Skales) act as his dragon.

Towards the end of season two, someone is going to find a loophole or way to cure Lord Garmadon of the Great Devourer venom so Lloyd won't have to defeat him.
Or that's HOW he defeats him. The prophecy says the Green Ninja will
defeat Garmadon, not destroy him.
  • Fingers crossed...
  • Confirmed. Lloyd uses his true power to obliterate the Overlord, and the evil corrupting Garmadon along with it.

Lord Garmadon and Lloyd will eventually be turned back to normal.
It's just really sad keeping them as altered as they currently are...
  • Lloyd doesn't return to normal, but at least his dad does. Now they can be real family.

Dareth will eventually join the team and become a real Ninja.
It would be a shame if he never appeared again, especially after all he did for the team and his dream of becoming the Brown Ninja.
  • Confirmed as the team named him "honorary" Brown Ninja before they leave to the evil island, and he did help out in the final episode.
Dareth is the real Second Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.
Dareth does seem to be a bit a goofy, but anyone can unlock their full potential. As said before, he has helped out. Also, he seemed to be immune from the dark magic.I never heard in the prophecy that the Green Ninja would be an Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, just that he would have his powers.Dareth's dojo class could be the next Ninja and he would be a real Sensei.
The Serpentine are a Chekhov's Army and will be the next Big Bad.
This seems pretty inevitable. They are snakes so the Devourer venom in the cave could make them monstrous. They will try to bite Garmadon, but fail.
The First Spinjitzu Master is an incarnation of the Golden Dragon
...Or vice-versa. We know from leaked 2013 set descriptions that there will be a Golden Dragon in 2013. In the episode "The Stone Army", when Misako is describing the history of ancient Ninjago, we briefly see such a figure before the image transitions to an image of the First Spinjitzu Master... much as if one is transforming into the other.
  • Given what we know from subsequent seasons it seems likely that the Golden Dragon is a form of Elemental Dragon
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  • ... that said, Season 9 confirmed that the First Spinjitzu Master is half dragon

Misako was Sensei Wu's lover before she had a child with Garmadon.
Of course, with this being a kid's show they wouldn't describe it in that exact fashion... but based on her and Wu's interactions thus far it's a possibility.
  • Confirmed in reverse: She chose Garmadon as a young woman, but has feelings for Wu now which he appears to return.

Ninjago is in Europe or is Europe (perhaps Eurasia).
The map shown in "Ninjaball Run" resembles the continent.
  • I'd argue the map is just a typical Left-Justified Fantasy Map stylized to look like a dragon's head... you can see this very clearly in the original 2011 map of Ninjago. In "The Stone Army" it is revealed that the landmass of Ninjago as a whole resembles a complete dragon's body, which coupled with the missing half of Ninjago forms a yin-yang shape. The dots are the twin dragons' eyes.

The theme song line-up of ninjas and their allies will include Garmadon and (maybe) Zane's creator or Dareth.
  • Confirmed for Garmadon (he appeared in seasons 3 and 4's intros) but jossed for Julian and Dareth.

The Overlord became the Darkness when he was defeated
. When he was defeated by Llyod, he was thrown out of the Ninjago universe and entered ours. He was weakened by Llyod's final attack, which made him vulnerable to light and unable to exist by himself. He required a host to survive and gave his host weakened forms of it's original form. However, he was also to take control of his host as he did with Lord Garmadon if they continue to empower him.

There will be a sequel series, with Zane training the next generation of ninjas.
As an ageless Ridiculously Human Robot, he is probably going to "far'' outlive his True Companions. After having a Heroic BSoD and then spending some time meditating, the sequel series will have him as mentor to the next generation of ninjas, far in the future.

The series is being acted out by one of the future children of the main characters as his/her father tells him/her about his adventures.
Quick, someone fic this.

Extended exposure to spinjitsu extends your life.
Sensei Wu and Misako certainly seem to have lived an unusually long time.
  • Jossed. The Serpentine Wars were a generation ago at best so Misako being a young woman during them is not that strange. As for Wu and Garmadon, Season 8 revealed that the First Spinjitzu Master was half dragon, half oni. Word of God is this heritage is why Wu and Garmadon (and presumably Lloyd) are so long lived

Pythor isn't dead
The Great Devourer ate him and Sensei Wu at the same time and Sensei Wu turned up OK aftter the Devourer exploded. Pythor is presumed dead because he was nowhere in the remains of the Devourer. But remember how his special ability is turning invisible? Him sneaking away invisibly makes more since than him getting digested while the guy who was eaten at the same is perfectly fine.
  • Confirmed. Although he didn't escape completely unscathed, Pythor's alive and actively helping the Digital Overlord.

The Serpentine is a lost Chima tribe.
What's the motif of the Legends of Chima sets? Anthropomorphic animals with ridiculous-looking vehicles modeled after themselves. The Serpentine fit the bill perfectly, especially when the Fangpyre's vehicles are taken into account. Somehow, the Serpentine must have gotten separated or banished from their fellow Chima tribes and ended up on Ninjago.
  • Or alternatively, Ninjago takes place centuries after Chima and the Serpentine are the only living tribe left.
    • Jossed. Chima's confirmed to be one of the 16 Realms in The Multiverse.
Zane will have a 'Your kind or your friends' dilemma.
The names of the new Ninjago sets suggests a robotic theme. This will lead to one of the robots trying to appeal to his robotic side and join them. The ninjas may also use more force against them since they're 'just machines', leading to some bad blood between the ninjas and Zane.
  • 'Cause that would be awesome.

The reason we haven't seen the figure of Zane yet is...
  • We already have. He IS Cryptor.
    • Seeing as the box art shows both him and Cryptor, I'd say this is impossible.
    • Actually Cryptor and Zane are only together while one is climbing out of a computer screen. Sounds a lot like the old fighting the reflection scene from Superman.

P.I.X.A.L will betray the ninjas
Just because.

The show takes place in the same universe as The LEGO Movie.
  • It's entirely possible. After all, Lloyd is a Master Builder in The Lego Movie. In addition...
    • Not plausible. In Lego City (the movie) everything is treated as Lego bricks and constructed as such. In Ninjago, the bricks are stylized to appear whole and construction is treated as normal construction (not Legos). Also, when Zane spins his head around 180 degrees, it is met with disgust. When Emmet removes his head in the movie, no one really notices. These are fundamental differences that will not allow them to coexist.
      • Well, maybe going between the realms of Bricksburg and Ninjago does something to people's physical forms, ever think about that? And maybe building philosophies differ between realms too, excluding the few we saw in the movie.
      • The clothes aren't lego pieces, the food isn't lego pieces, the ground isn't lego plates, there are no human relics, no mention of a human as their creator (in fact the First Spinjitzu Master is believed to have created Ninjago), no end of the universe, they move naturally instead of like legos, I could go on. The show is played more realistically as opposed to someone playing with legos like in the movie. I believe Chima is the same way. If you want evidence The Green Ninja is in supplement material for the movie and is implied to have been there his whole life and not going between his world and this one. A completely different Lloyd.
    • Well, Chima was shown in episode 54 to be one of Ninjago's 16 realms, so why not TLM?
    • Either way they are making a Lego Ninjago movie after the success of the Lego Movie. Maybe that one is in the same universe.
  • Jossed. The Ninjago show and movie are confirmed to be in different continuities. The latter takes place in the same universe as the Lego movie.
As a Shout-Out to The LEGO Movie, Lloyd will have to leave at a random time to attend a Master Builder meeting.
  • Maybe even the one depicted in that movie, and when he comes back and the others ask what happened, he'll tell them that his arms were really stiff while there.
    • Alternatively, he will use it as an excuse to get out of Ninjago so the Overlord can't get to him.
  • Jossed, the Ninjago show and movie are in different continuities.
Pythor and Samukai are both incarnations of the Overlord... so at least one will return.
  • Think about it. We know the Overlord can turn into a big dragon- so a four-armed skeleton can't be too hard for him to do. Then he betrayed LG, but in doing so, what if he used his powers to fake that infamous explosion? Maybe in vaporizing himself he turned back into that purpley-floaty-orby-thingy we first ever see him as but disappeared very quickly so as not to be seen- maybe he even went into that portal, which, if memory serves, was purplish, so he'd blend in perfectly.
  • As for the Pythor side of the story? Well, maybe Pythor was actually sane at one point in time, and was lucky enough to be the last survivor of the cannibalism that overtook his tribe. So the Overlord possessed him shortly before the Hypnobrai were released and used his body. After all, he did it to LG once.
    • When thinking about this, note the color of Pythor's eyes- they're the exact same shade as the Overlord's plasma form. Coincidence? I think not, especially considering the fact that Possessed Garmadon's eyes were also that color.
The Anacondrai are serpentine of creation

After finding his way back to New Ninjago City, Garmadon will convince the serpentine to help rescue his son.
True, Skales did say that the serpentine swore to never return to the surface, but I don't think the show would bring them back just for a small role (especially give their popularity). The serpentine are probably going to play some bigger part later in the season, perhaps helping the ninja to stop the Digital Overlord. And considering that Skales has a family now, he might be persuaded to lend a hand if it is made clear that the Overlord is going to threaten the serpentine as well.

Garmadon will come back.
  • How exactly? The book was burned. But there's more than one way to skin a cat... Just as with Zane, the creators will figure out a way to bring the man back, even if it takes all of next season for them to get around to it. This past season proved that good!Garmadon is too fantastic a character to be wasted on a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Alternatively, this is a troper devastated by the loss and desperately hoping that her favorite character will come back.
    • Or maybe whoever wrote the above comment is also in Garmadenial.
  • Alternatively, Garmadon comes back...but unfortunately, his time in the Cursed Realm will have reverted him back to Lord Garmadon, who then returns to being the Big Bad in season six.
    • Jossed, Nadakhan is the Big Bad of Season Six. However the Sons of Garmadon are trying to bring him back from the dead as Lord Garmadon.
    • Confirmed, as of Season 8. Although Harumi's summoning ritual is interrupted, The Stinger shows that she appears to have been successful. Although this will likely be a case of Came Back Wrong for him.

Morro will eventually be Hijacked by The Overlord.
Jossed the Overlord has nothing to do with this Season five.

Cole is Doomed by Canon.
  • When the ninja entered the maze in the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb, all of them see images of their future selves except for him. Zane points out that even ghosts should have a reflection, and yet Cole doesn't. He has no reflection because he has no future.

The LEGO Movie universe is one of the 16 realms.

There will be a Chima crossover.

It's established both exist in the same multiverse and travel to Chima is possible. So the idea of a crossover is quite possible.

  • The only problem is, Chima's cancelled.
  • Confirmed, the Beavers from Chima make an appearance in Season 12.

Jay and Nya will reconcile their relationship in the Skybound season.
According to information on the Ninjago website (which has been taken down), Nadakhan has intentions to marry Nya due to her uncanny resemblance to his lost love, Dalara. More than likely, Nya will be kidnapped, prompting the other ninja to try to rescue her. This would lead to an epic showdown between Jay and Nadakhan. The latter would laugh and claim Nya as "his" before Jay retorts that "Nya doesn't belong to anyone because she's her own person." Jay's words would leave a lasting impression on Nya, leading to a tender moment between the two. Nya would ask if Jay meant every word, which he would quickly assure her that he did. Touched by his sincerity, she'll kiss him, which will mark the beginning of their renewed relationship.
  • Confirmed, though some details don't completely match up.

Cole will be brought back to normal in season 7
  • Confirmed. Cole was brought back to normal by the vortex in The Day of the Departed TV Special.

P.I.X.A.L. is the new Samurai X
  • Many clues over the course of Season 7 imply this to be true.
  • In Season 8 this theory is Confirmed.

The Time Twins will return as the main antagonists of Season 8.
  • With how Season 7 ended, their plot lines aren't fully resolved, which makes this a very real possibility.
  • Jossed, The Big Bad of season is The Quiet One.

Kai and Skylor will rekindle their relationship in season 8.
  • For one possible scenario, Skylor confronts Kai on how he's seemingly forgotten about her, and Kai could respond with "How could I forget the most beautiful girl in Ninjago?" This small interaction could well be enough to pave the path for a Relationship Upgrade by the end of the season. Throw in an Anguished Declaration of Love and The Big Damn Kiss, and it's as good as gold.
  • A season late but as of the final episode of Season 9 this seems to be Confirmed

Lloyd's new love interest in Season 8.
  • She will possibly be:
    • An Elemental Master (for a cool idea, an Elemental Master of Space)
    • A princess
      • Better yet, she's a Princess in Rags whose kingdom has been taken over by the villain/s du season and the Ninjas help her take back her home. This will ultimately lead to some good-natured jokes about how only Lloyd gets the Standard Hero Reward, prompting Nya to give Jay a "Really?" look when he laughs with the other boys (and Skylor giving Kai the same treatment if they're an Official Couple by that point).
      • Confirmed! Princess Harumi AKA Rumi, ladies and gentlemen!
    • An outlaw or wanted criminal (who will inevitably pull a Heel–Face Turn by the end of the season)
    • A seemingly ordinary person with a hidden dark secret
    • A completely ordinary person with no dark secret

The reason Morro returned at the end of season 4.
Is because Garmadon before the series, faced Morro in battle, the fight ended with Garmadon sending Morro to the Cursed Realm. So when Garmadon was sent to the Cursed Realm, both the Anacondrai and Morro were freed.

The Sons of Garmadon are...
The former students of Sensei Garmadon.
  • Worshipers of Lord Garmadon.

Clouse was able to cut through his bars.
When we saw Clouse in Cursed Realm, he was trapped in a cage, attempting to cut his way out of his cell. Yet he was able to escape the Cursed Realm. This is because he managed to cut through his bars and leave the Cursed Realm before the Preeminent dies.

At some point, Kai will be forced into a position where he has to choose between protecting Nya or protecting Lloyd.
He's fiercely protective of both of them (not that they can't take care of themselves) and what better way to screw with a protector than to make them choose between two people they care about? It doesn't even have to be a real choice; it could be a recurring nightmare or even a hallucination.

Jay's third wish has a loophole that might allow Nadakhan to return.
Jay's third wish was that Nya had taken his hand, and that no one had found the teapot in the first place. Jay wish meant that no one had found Nadakhan's teapot in the past, not that no one will find it in the future, so in a future episode someone will find Nadakhan's teapot and release him.

The First Spinjitsu Master came from the First Realm (and is possibly an Oni)
They said Season 8 was finally gonna reveal the FSM's origins, so why not, it also helps pointing out that the First master came from the First realm.

The trailer said Oni were creatures of the First Realm, so if anything what if he was secretly an Oni taken the form of a human. The powers of the Oni Masks include Vengeance, Deception and Hatred. Certain characteristics that don't just describe Oni, but evil Lord Garmadon, which makes sense when you think about it this way.

"Battle Between Brothers" shows Garmadon getting cursed by Wu's robes and tranforming into a black skinned creature, maybe that's his hidden Oni genes coming up to the surface.

  • Confirmed! Kinda, he's half Oni, half Dragon.

Mr. E (upcoming Arc Villain for Season 8) is The Overlord.

Zane's guess that Mr. E is The Quite One is correct.
Zane thinks Mr. E might be the Quite One in episode Snake Jagaur.
  • Jossed, Mr E isn't The Quiet One.

Captain Soto once stole the Realm Crystal from The First Spinjitsu Master.
He stole it to scatter Nadakhan's crew across the Sixteen Realms, or The First Spinjitsu Master let him borrow it to scatter Nadakhan's crew.

The baby Cole saved/took from the Sons of Garmadon is a time-displaced/age reversed WU!
The baby had the map to the third Oni Mask, is able to tell who's good and who's evil, and likes tea (Cole said himself that the baby only likes tea and won't drink anything else, not even milk).
  • In the episode 'The Quite One' this theory has been Confirmed.

The Sons of Garmadon are being used as Unwitting Pawns by Mr. E.
Possibly to bring back The Overlord.

The resurrected Lord Garmadon will betray Harumi.
You really think a purely evil Garmadon will take orders from anyone?

It is stated in their official description that they're bringing back Lord Garmadon back from the Cursed Realm. But how can they do that if it has been destroyed?
  • In the episode, they are trying to summon him from the Departed Realm instead, so this may be a mistake or a retcon?

Ninjago is a retelling of BIONICLE
While different their premises, Ninjago franchise shares so many similarities with its sibling, Bionicle.

  • The Ninja are substitutes to the Toa as they both have Elemental Powers and are The Team.
  • Master Wu plays a similar role to the Turaga due to their Old Master Archetype.
  • Each Season shares a lot with the Bionicle Storyline.
    • In the Pilot Episodes, we see the Ninja coming together much like how the Toa assemble in their first story.
    • Season 1 is similar to the Bohrok Swarm story where a new enemy(The Serpentine and Bohrok) emerges after the defeat of the first enemy which is Lord Garmadon and the Makuta.
    • Season 2 centers on the emergence of the Chosen One; the Green Ninja aka Lloyd Garmadon and Takua aka Takanuva, Toa of Light preparing for an upcoming battle against the Big Bad such as The Overlord and The Makuta.
    • Season 3 combines elements of the Metru Nui story arc and Mahri Nui Saga, the hidden enemy taking over the city using machines such as the Vahki and the Nindroids and the end of the Heroic Sacrifice of An Ice Person to save the world, Zane and Matoro.
    • Season 4 is Web of Shadows with the Femme Fatale seducing the Hot-Blooded Hero to the Dark Side.
    • Season 5

Season 9 will be Two Lines, No Waiting
Because of how Sons of Garmadon ended in a cliffhanger with Lord Garmadon and the SoG as the victor. One plot thread involving Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Wu's time in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. While the other plot thread focuses on Lloyd, Misako, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L.
  • Confirmed.

Harumi will pull a High-Heel–Face Turn in Season 9
  • After betraying Lloyd and the ninja, Harumi might begin to feel remorseful about what she did, and may possibly start to truly fall for Lloyd. The scenario is likely to be coupled with a My God, What Have I Done? crisis.
  • Not quite She does have a My God, What Have I Done? moment towards the end of the season when she realises her actions have lead to the exact situation that killed her parents. She doesn't have a full Heel–Face Turn but she does help a family escape a collapsing building to avert History Repeats

The Quite One will go after The Serpentine in season 9.
She will go after them for their part in releasing The Great Devourer, which killed her parents.
  • Jossed.

The Garmadon that was ressurected was the darkness purged from him during the Season 2 Finale
When Lloyd used his Golden Ninja powers to destroy the Overlord possessed Garmadon it not only drove the Overlord from his father's body but also 'killed' his dark side. This is why the ressurected Emperor Garmadon has wounds which were not present on Sensei Garmadon when we last saw him in the Cursed Realm, and also why he has four arms.This is also why Emperor Garmadon is far more sinister and destructive and willing to kill his own son - he doesn't HAVE a good side to balance things out.

Some of Garmadon's good side still exists in Emperor Garmadon
During the Season 8 finale, Nya and Misako are holding Garmadon off in a confined apartment corridor to buy time for Lloyd and Baby Wu to escape. At one point Garmadon has Nya completely at his mercy with her own Sai/Trident yet rather than taking a killing blow he pins the sleeve of her Gi to the wall instead. Ratings and censors aside he is shown to kill at least two people with no remorse in Season 9, so he has no inhibitions about doing so, which suggests he intentionally spared Nya, perhaps due to lingering memories of her and of her being one of Wu's students and one of Lloyd's friends.

The four part special will be a Continuity Cavalcade
  • If Jay and Nya do get married, they'll invite nearly every supporting character they ever met.
    • And the wedding will be interrupted by Pythor or The Oni making way for Season 10's plot a la "Day of the Departed".
    • Or Nadakhan just like when Jay crash his wedding, or the Time Twins will crash the wedding.

Season 10 will focus on Cole
  • It's about time they give him a season of his own.
  • Or Season 13 will focus on Cole.

The "darkness" Garmadon saw wasn't the Oni, it was none other than the Overlord himself
  • Sure, the Oni were built up since they are gone from the First Realm and Mystake who was the last one has died. While Lloyd and Wu do ponder that the Oni may be coming, what if Garmadon's vision was given to him by the Overlord in a long and ocmplciated gambit (which fits the Overlord), with the latter's endgame being to become the Golden Master once again, this time, however without the Garmadons being able to save each other through The Power of Love since Lloyd and Garmadon's realtionship is beyond stranded once again due to Garmadon's actions.
    • Adding to it the Oni were slaughtered by the Overlord when they went to search for the First Spinjitzu Master in other realms, as he attempted to find and destroy him, Mystake only survived by laying low and not using her powers for centuries.
    • Given that the Overlord has a new mini figure coming out this year (2019), his return is all but confirmed.

All LEGO fiction exists as part of the same multiverse
The 16 realms are just Ninjago's local multiverse (ala DC and their 52 Earths). There is still some overlap to and from realms outside of the 16 realms, which explains references to other LEGO properties in Ninjago, such as Clutch Powers.The LEGO Movie universe is unusual as it overlaps with our own world.

The Overlord will regenerate in 2019
He will do this in some way through the golden armor/weapons, either retaking Garmadon's body or copying it and creating his own (as his new figure has four arms and a helmet identical to Garmadon's).

Zane is the Ice Emperor.
We haven't seen Zane since he was banished to the Never-Realm, except for the video message where he basically said that he'd given up on his life and that he was going to find a new life. We haven't seen much of the Ice Emperor either, as if they're building up to some kind of big twist involving him. Plus, in the one set that includes the Ice Emperor minifigure, Zane isn't included in the set.
  • Confirmed!

Dareth is the real Overlord.
And the one we saw was just an imposter — an overpowered Dragon-Oni hybrid who escaped to Ninjago some time after the First Spinjitsu Master did. Dareth will eventually reveal his true colors in the final season.

The unseen Vengestone buyer
is Clouse.

Season 14 will have a message saying in memory of Kirby Morrow.
Since Kirby Morrow has passed away it would make sense to have a tribute to him.

The Skull of Hazza D'ur houses the spirit of Hazza D'ur himself.
We know it belonged to him, but it's never specified in what way. We also saw the Skull Sorcerer use it to resurrect the Awakened Warriors, which means Hazza D'ur must've been a necromancer and could've avoided getting sent into the afterlife. Princess Vania mentions that Hazza D'ur's bones rested in the Dungeons of Shintairo for a while, so it's possible that, working on a plan to enslave Munce and Geckles, Vangelis decided to seek assistance from the deceased Sorcerer and sent The Lowly to retrieve it for this purpose, which means that the Skull Sorcerer and his skull were effectively a Big Bad Duumvirate.

The goddest of lightning Wohira mentioned in Season 8 will appear in Season 14.
And the Island Keepers will be after Jay. Why? There are several potential reasons:
  • A) They believe that they have displeased Wohira, and the only way to stop her wrath is to sacrifice Jay (after all, we've seen Jay endangered in one way or another in some preview pictures of Season 14 sets);
  • B) They believe Jay is an incarnation of Wohira;
  • C) Wohira is a Face-Heel Turned Jay's mother, who's been searching for her heir all these years.

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