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Who would've thought LEGO characters would be prone to this kind of shipping?


  • Any time the 4 main Ninja boys have a heartwarming moment with each other just screams this.
    • Kai and Cole have one in "The Royal Blacksmiths" when the Fire ninja hugs the Earth ninja after the latter performs the "Triple Tiger Sashay" and wins the Ninjago Talent Contest.
      • Jay even appears to ship them, giving Cole a playful nudge and knowing wink while Kai's snuggled in!
    • During "Grave Danger", when the 4 main ninja end up sliding down the First Spinjiztu Master's tomb, Kai ends up landing on Zane and is quite embarrassed about it, quickly apologizing for it.
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    • During the season 3 premiere "The Surge" Jay is shown filming Kai in the shower, when the Fire ninja opens up the shower curtain and scolds Jay to give him some privacy.

  • Jay and Cole are also shown to have these moments as well:
    • When Jay and Cole are fighting over Nya, she says that maybe they belong together. Belligerent Sexual Tension, anyone?
    • There's also a moment when Jay and Cole date Nya at the same time at a movie theater to see which one she'll choose, only for both their hands to sightly touch when sharing a bag of popcorn, causing both of them to react in disgust and embarrassment.
    • The episode "Versus" shows that Jay and Cole have been best friends since they were recruited into the team and their friendship was on the line during this episode when they had to fight each other, especially since they were still sore from fighting over Nya. Eventually, Cole surrenders and lets Jay move on to the next round of the Tournament of Elements. It shows that Cole just wants Jay to be happy with Nya, even if it means sacrificing whatever they had between them.

  • Cole and Zane have some of these moments as well:
    • When Zane's ninja suit is accidentally washed pink, one of the Serpentine calls him "Pinky", when Cole retorts that only he can call Zane that.
    • After the battle with the Overlord is over in the Season 2 finale, Cole is quick to hug Zane after everyone makes it out of the debris left behind in the final battle, calling him "Tin Can" while Zane hugs him in return.


  • During Season 7's "Scavengers", Dareth asks Ronin for help when the Vermilion Warriors take his fake trophies from his dojo. Afterwards, the two are almost never seen apart from each other, with Ronin even encouraging Dareth to fight alongside the other ninja.
    • They even had this during the latter half of Season 6, when Jay was assembling a makeshift team of fighters to save his friends from Nadakhan's clutches, with Dareth being saved by Ronin's hang-glider and never letting go.

  • During the special episode "Wu's Teas", when Jay notices Nya hanging out with a handsome blonde man, he tries to make himself just as handsome by drinking a magical tea, "Beautea", causing everyone in the tea shop to swoon over his new body, even a male one.

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  • Faith and Jet Jack have a bunch of moments that imply that they are more than friends.
  • After Faith states she will stay behind in the First Realm to lead the redeemed Dragon Hunters, Jet Jack immediately steps in to help her and stay by her side, with Jet Jack being very touchy-feely and even putting her arm around Faith's shoulder when they watch the ninja and Wu returning to Ninjago alongside the Firstbourne and the dragons.
  • Even before that, Jet Jack was the first Dragon Hunter to free her and the ninjas after Faith warned them of the Iron Baron's true intentions. This is in spite of previously being shocked about the revelation of Faith's true gender, their previous rivalry over being The Dragon to Iron Baron and Faith betraying the Hunters, further implying that she feels something for Faith.

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