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Nightmare Fuel / Ninjago

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End of episode!
  • Lord Garmadon being struck by lightning and being turned into his present form.
  • Pythor's tomb. As if the bones scattered everywhere wasn't enough, its implied he ate the other members of his tribe!
  • The Great Devourer as seen in the page image.
  • The Treehorns. Their bizarre proportions are what really sell it...
  • The Grundle, hoo boy.
  • The Overlord's true form. Especially when it goes dark and all you can see is its head before it eats Lloyd.
  • Cyrus Borg's Unwilling Roboticisation delivered by the Overlord.
  • Clouse's Serpent has a den filled with literal MOUNTAINS OF SKULLS, actual corpse piles that TOWER over the protagonists.
    • Also, the way Chen casually slides down the corpses of his enemies like it's a kiddy slide before punting a skull like a soccer ball is quite... disconcerting...
  • Lloyd being possessed by Morro. Just his scream when Morro successfully takes over. Especially since he's still clearly aware of everything Morro is doing with his stolen body—namely trying to kill his friends and family.
    Lloyd: Kai! Help me!
    • And look at it from Kai's point of view. One of his teammates, who he considers family, is being used and manipulated by pure evil...and Kai has to fight back.
  • In "Temple on the Haunted Hill", the Ninja are tested by the ghost of Sensei Yang - the man who invented Airjitzu - via facing their fears. It gets really creepy really quickly (Kai's fear of water involved attempting to drown them, for example). Not to mention how the episode ends with Cole becoming a ghost.
    • In fact the whole idea of Cole being a ghost is absolutely terrifying to think about. The only way to become a ghost is through dying, meaning Cole is technically dead. Additionally, Cole said that he no longer has the ability to feel anything. To top it off, a drop of water can poof him out of existence with nothing left behind. It's perfect to see why he was so upset.
  • From "Kingdom Come", we get Nimbus. What's worse is that it's never explained exactly what he is or why he's trapped in the Cloud Kingdom. He is arguably one of the more poorly animated creatures in the series, which only adds to its unsettlingness.
  • In the episode "Crooked Path", we get a good look at Morro's remains. It hammers home the point that yes, he did die.
  • The ending of Cursed World Part 1. Lloyd is unable to get the Realm Crystal and he's captured by the Preeminent and is dragged into the vortex as the others scream his name. This is a kids' show, right?
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  • Kai being chased by fangirls, thanks to the second wish Nadakhan grants him. In any other situation it might be funny, considering it's Kai, but these fangirls are staggering like zombies and are all wearing a very unnerving Slasher Smiles. Not to mention the scene ends with him getting sucked into the Sword of Souls.
  • Lloyd's wish to be wise like Wu in "Wishmasters" results in him rapidly aging into an old man, and he's shown to be growing weaker with almost every passing second.
  • Nadakhan casually telling Monkey Wretch to dismantle the Falcon. Considering we don't see what happens to it, it's clear Monkey Wretch succeeded in killing the falcon, and Zane likely never found out. And keep in mind that, while it IS a machine, it still has feelings and possibly even a soul, if the conditions of Zane and the Nindroids are any indication. Likewise, Monkey Wretch, another machine (even if one with more human origins) would likely recognize the falcon's status as a creature with emotions. Thus, with that in mind, Monkey Wretch, from his perspective, was basically dismembering a living creature with emotions as it screeched in pain the entire time. Thank goodness the Falcon's death was undone.
  • The inside of the Sword of Souls. A twisted, distorted version of reality where everyone and everything, even time itself, has been distorted to a sluggish pace, slowly dragging yourself through the void in a cavern of endless green crystals, many of which are slowly consuming the souls imprisoned inside, who are already losing consciousness and fading away. And to make the sluggish nature of everything worse, it's also the idea that Jay and his friends might end up trapped FOREVER in a state of frozen limbo - and what's more terrifying is that when they escape, several souls (Clouse as well as one pirate that Jay accidentally strikes) are still trapped inside.
    • And on a second note, Nadakhan's ancestors are trapped inside as well, meaning that it's the fate of every Djinn King to be condemned to this hellish limbo... or it SHOULD be, anyway, since Khanjikhan is at least dead and presumably at peace in the Departed Realm.
  • Going by "The Tall Tale of Monkey Wretch" mini-movie (since declared non-canon), Monkey Wretch was created when Nadakhan fuses a monkey, human, and box of tools into one being. Not only are the implications of a forced fusion horrifying, but it's left ambiguous which mind dominates - the monkey, or the human? And that's assuming some twisted conglomeration of their minds wasn't what was made instead...
  • The reason why Ray and Maya were absent from Kai and Nya's lives: Krux threatened to harm Kai and Nya if Ray and Maya didn't help him forge armor and weaponry for the Vermillion warriors, all out of revenge that they created the Time Blades that took his and Acronix's powers away. Keep in mind that Kai and Nya were at least five and three years old respectively when Krux took their parents away.
  • "Game of Masks" reveals that people did die during the Great Devourer's rampage. Including Harumi's parents.
  • Lord Garmadon is back. And he is not the loving father of Lloyd anymore. He's the dark lord once more and this time, he's a monster who won't hesitate to destroy his son.
  • Season 8 ends with the Sons of Garmadon, Harumi, and the resurrected Garmadon victorious, the 4 original ninja and Wu being presumed dead and only 3 people left to fight the newly arisen Emperor Garmadon, even with Lloyd's determinator status and promise to fight on it's still a terrifying ending to an already dark season.
  • In "Iron and Stone". Emperor Garmadon punishes Mr. E's failure to capture Lloyd by using his powers to tear him apart from the inside out then frying his insides and reducing him to a pile of lifeless scraps, quite a nasty and horrific way to go, even for a robotic villain.
  • The humans in the wasteland. They capture dragons and torture them, all for the sake of finding the armor of the First Spinjutsu Master, who was the son of a dragon and an Oni. And their leader is a cruel man who nearly came close to his goal until the First Dragon burned him.
  • Garmadon is defeated in the final episode of Season 9, but something far, far worse is coming: Oni.
  • Then in March of the Oni, the titular nigh-invincible army arrives and proceeds to turn Ninjago into their version of Silent Hill with a cold, dark fog that puts anyone it touches into a petrified coma.

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