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  • Channel Hop: DHX Media took over from Wil Film starting with the eleventh season.
  • Name's the Same: Skales can be called General Skales, but he is not to be confused with General Scales.
  • The Other Darrin: Samuel Vincent replaces Jillian Michaels from Season 8 onward. When asked about it, Tommy Andreason said they were going a different direction with Lloyd that necessitated a less "boyish" voice.
  • Post-Script Season: Season 2, called "The Final Battle", more or less wraps up the story, redeeming Garmadon, defeating The Overlord, and Lloyd having fulfilled his destiny. Two years later, Ninjago: Rebooted, a third season, came out with many more to follow. It seems to have had a positive effect, giving the heroes more Character Development and backstory, along with the later Arc Villains having interesting characterizations.
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  • Short Run in Peru: The entirety of season 7 aired everywhere else in the world in early 2017 (with Finland being the first to do so in January) except English-speaking countries. The USA ended up being the last country to air the episodes in May. This instance is particularly notable since even the show creators expressed frustration about having to wait for Cartoon Network to broadcast them (mainly due to the American network being obsessed with a certain show), not to mention the fact that the episodes are usually dubbed in English before being translated into other languages.
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy: Kai's hairpiece in the Rebooted sets slightly differs from the show, being less "sharp" and covering the head a bit more. This was presumably done due to the difficulty in replicating the show's hairstyle (which covers the head less and sticks up a bit differently.). Everybody else's hairpieces in the toyline, however, are accurate to the series, due to all of the pieces having been used before. After The LEGO Ninjago Movie came out, and elements of the film designs started being used in the main toyline, Kai's hair now matches his toy version.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: More than a few times over the course of the series, but particularly in the case of Samurai X, with both the identity of the original and their successor, with the Sons of Garmadon sets coming out about a month before the season starting revealing the second Samurai X was P.I.X.A.L. Although most of the fanbase had already guessed that.
    • Averted with Harumi in regards to her identity as the Quiet One, due to her princess attire being the only minifigure of hers released in the "Sons of Garmadon" sets, keeping her true identity hidden , while her "Quiet One" attire will be exclusive to the "Dragon Hunters" sets (AKA Season 9) .
  • Talking to Himself: Brian Drummond plays both Kruncha and Nuckal; the two skeletons who are never found without each other and are always arguing. This is especially entertaining in the short "The New Masters of Spinjitzu", as it focuses on them with only two lines spoken by others. Bet that was fun to record.
    • There are two cases of ninjas having the same voice actors as their parents: Kirby Morrow voices both Cole and his father Lou, while Vincent Tong voices both Kai and his father Ray.
    • Subverted in the case of Scott McNeil, who does the voice of the Overlord as well as Clouse and Nadakhan the Djinn a few seasons later. Though the Overlord never meets the later characters, Clouse and Nadakahn do encounter each other at the start of Skybound.
  • What Could Have Been: Zane's name was originally going to be Whitman.
    • Likewise, Kai was originally called Dante.
    • Nya was going to be called Aya and she would have been the master of air.
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    • Mr E. was originally going to be revealed to be Echo Zane, upgraded by Harumi, but it was cut from Season 9.
    • The main show writers, the Hageman brothers, contemplated having Hutchins return later in season 8 and the Ninja would've concluded that he was The Quiet One but he was only a Red Herring and that he "would've made a killer ally".
  • The Wiki Rule: The Ninjago Wiki.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: The main show writers, the Hageman brothers, admitted in a interview with Brent Miller to doing this in seasons 1-3 due to the show's fast-paced production schedule at the time.


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