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Teen Titans Go!, being the comedy half of the DC Nation lineup, fell into this rather fast and quickly became the new SpongeBob SquarePants in terms of overexposure. Unsuprisingly, this over exposure led to the series becoming one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows. By 2015, ratings were extraordinarily high, often surpassing that of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. So of course the network went on to give it lots of attention. Later on, it became something of the default "filler" show whenever there wasn't a new episode of another series (which is quite often), or when Adult Swim wasn't on, quickly pushing other popular shows, except The Amazing World of Gumball and even that's debatable, off the schedule almost completely (resulting in a few such as Uncle Grandpa and Clarence being unceremoniously cancelled due to poor ratings, and spawning conspiracy theories that Cartoon Network was run by Moral Guardians who deliberately sabotaged any series they found inappropriate for kids by using TTG to artificially manipulate ratings to justify cancellation). During the summer of 2015, the show was practically the only thing that was played aside from what few live-action movies CN still held the rights to, new episodes of original and acquired series, The Amazing World of Gumball, and the Adult Swim block. By the end of 2018, the excessive airing of the series began to die down as its popularity waned, the show's staunchest defenders turned against it, the theatrical movie was considered a box-office disappointmentnote , and Cartoon Network lost a large portion of its viewership, mainly longtime viewers and kids who switched over to either the other children's networks like Nickelodeon and Disney Channel/Disney XD, and/or websites and streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. It has been given its own page here because it is one of the most noteworthy and conspicuous examples of any TV series, animated or otherwise, being overexposed by its network.

The history of Teen Titans Go!'s status as this below is in rough chronological order unless otherwise indicated:

US Cartoon Network

  • The show's DC Nation slot was a rerun, with a primetime slot showing new episodes. Ads for it were shown constantly (in contrast, another DC-related property, Beware the Batman, had Invisible Advertising), and CN even ran marathons of it to fill up the daytime schedule. In just a few episodes the Network had already ordered a second season, while Batman got pulled from DC Nation entirely (supposedly scheduled for a January return, until CN pushed it to an unspecified "first half of 2014" return), all but guaranteeing the latter would get the axe considering how little CN thinks of action cartoons not aired by Adult Swim or Toonami. By August 2014, Teen Titans Go was airing six times a day on the weekdays, despite only having 29 half-hour episodes at that point, and a little over a year later, the show would air 15 times a day. Even CN's other network favorties don't receive that many airings in one day.
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  • On October 26, 2013, DC Nation became 100% Teen Titans Go!, due to Beware being pulled from the schedule, before the block disappeared entirely. Beware was later written off for taxes, meaning Cartoon Network can't legally air it anymore, forcing Toonami to burn off the remaining seven episodes in one night.
  • In late-2014, it got to the point where half of Cartoon Network's airtime was divided between it and The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • By June 2015, the show aired at least 4-5 hours a day. This forced Sonic Boom and Transformers: Robots in Disguise into premiering in the graveyard slot so reruns could air in the prime time slot (in fact, the former's first advertisement didn't air until right after the show premiered). Some series, such as the then-upcoming Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! and Wabbit, were moved to Boomerang (though they would end up premiering on Cartoon Network before moving to Boomerang again), while the DreamWorks Dragons series was moved to Netflix (though this move wasn't without precedent, due to an exclusive deal between Netflix and DreamWorks to air exclusive series based on DreamWorks properties).
  • Most TV Guides would mix up a rerun of the show with another show starting in Spring 2015, like Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, or Steven Universe; when this happened, one would expect "Puppets, Whaaaaat?", "Serious Business" or "Hot Garbage" to show up instead.
    • Sometimes, they'll mix up Teen Titans Go! episodes as well and air a different episode instead of the one scheduled. For example, during the weekend The Power of Four was to premiere, they were slated to play "TTG vs. PPG", but "Money Grandma" was played instead.
  • Specific episodes are also adored, not unlike some of Disney's live-action fare:
    • In the summer of 2015, the episodes "Mas Y Menos" and "Uncle Jokes" seemed to play every day.
    • After it premiered, the aforementioned "Serious Business" every other day, causing the Pee-Pee Dance to become a meme among both the network and the target audience, with said song getting 17 million views on YouTube and even getting a commercial centered around it. It even got to the point where reruns of the episode got higher ratings than its premiere. After the episode took a brief two-year hiatus and returned in September of 2017, Cartoon Network now only airs the episode if said day is a holiday (which even extends to minor ones like Rosh Hassanah and President's Day) or to compete with a highly-anticipated TV events aimed at kids, like the nationwide return of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to PBS affiliates and the premiere of Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. This treatment stopped in August of 2018, when it returned to the regular rotation.
      • In November 2020, "Serious Business" and its' pairing episode "Thanksgiving" played virtually every other day, usually during the early morning hours.
    • In the fall of 2015, they began to show "Hey You, Don't Forget About Me In Your Memory" and "I'm The Sauce" every single day of the week. The former episode also went through a phase of being played every weekend for the first 7 weeks of 2019.
    • In January of 2016, they started to play "The Spice Game" every single day.
    • "Wally T" has become the new "Serious Business". During the time of its premire, there wasn't a day where the episode didn't air at least once.
    • As of March 2017, "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear", "Operation Dude Rescue" and "Booty Scooty" are the most played episodes. Usually, one of these three episodes will be played twice in the same day.
    • In the summer of 2017, "Easter Creeps" and "Master Detective" kept playing every day.
    • Ever since the fall of 2017, Cartoon Network will frequently show the two part episodes to fill up time, with them showing hour-long episodes on weekends for the same purpose. The one that's most frequently played is "Operation Dude Rescue", which they show every other day, with "BBRAE!" being played the second most.
    • In late-April 2018, CN started showing "Top of the Titans" (a parody of Top of the Pops), a Clip Show that showcases the top 12 songs in the show, every single day.
    • In late July of 2018, the show's Hollywood special kept playing every other hour. It is justified, seeing as they were using it to promote Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.
    • Ever since it premiered in June of 2018, the episode "Mo Money, Mo Problems" has been getting an insane amount of airplay, sometimes airing twice or three times in the same day.
    • In the summer of 2019, "Communicate Openly" aired every single day after its premiere, sometimes being shown as much as three times in a single day.
    • "Butt Atoms" has been shown every other day since it premiered. On some days, it plays twice.
    • After its' premiere, you couldn't go a day without seeing "Rain On Your Wedding Day" on the schedule.
  • For the week of June 29-July 3, 2015, and over the Fourth of July weekend, the network showed literally nothing but the show in celebration of the 100th episode (episodes 96-99 also premiered during the week). Except for Gumball, new episodes of Ninjago, airings of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and The Smurfs, and, of course, [adult swim], the network practically became the Teen Titans Go Network. Normal schedule patterns returned the next week, reducing the show's presence to roughly 45% of the schedule and re-adding reruns of Uncle Grandpa, Gumball, Clarence, and Steven Universe, plus an additional slot for Ninjago, a very early-morning slot for Tom & Jerry Tales, and even another early morning slot for Pokemon.
  • By August 2015, though, the amount of reruns for Teen Titans Go! was severely dialed back, with Regular Show recapturing its 7:30 PM timeslot, Sonic Boom gaining a one-hour slot in the morning, Courage the Cowardly Dog gaining a one-hour slot right after [adult swim], and even Baby Looney Tunes returning to air an hour in the morning, to promote the Uncle Grandpa Babies special.
  • The series' already large marketing campaign has become even more extensive, with commercials for the show airing on non-Turner channels,note  various video streaming sites, and even in some movie theaters. Keep in mind that with the exception of Boomerang, it's rare for Cartoon Network shows to be advertised on even other channels owned by Time Warner.
    • They also ran ads once on The CW during Saturday mornings. It helps that Time Warner, the owner of the Turner networks, owns half of that network.
    • At one point in 2015, ads for the series even ran on the USA Network during Monday Night Raw.
    • One particular ad, containing children getting excited over "The Pee Pee Dance", has been playing every three hours in the local slot on New York cable provider Cablevision for at least a year as of June 2016, appearing on everything from DIY Network to ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas.
  • In the fall of 2015, Teen Titans Go would play in five two-hour blocks on weekdays, sandwiching episodes of Wabbit and Uncle Grandpa.
  • The popularity of the show has led to Cartoon Network devoting several programming blocks to the show:
    • The earliest of these blocks was the weekend morning block Teen Titans Go! Top 5, a rebranding of the original Top 5 introduced in September 2015, where fans of the show picked the top 5 episodes that they would like to see on TV online. The length of this block (running from 8AM to 1PM) caused shows like Pokémon, Sonic Boom and Justice League Action to be put in poor timeslots on weekends, which eventually resulted in Pokemon moving to Disney XD, where it is treated much better. This block would usually be followed by an all-day block of Teen Titans Go!. In the fall of 2017, the latter was shortened to be from 9 to 12 to play one hour blocks of Ben 10 and OK KO! Let's Be Heroes before and after the block.
    • One incarnation of the block had all the episodes tied in to some sort of theme (for example, one day would have episodes focusing on food and another day may have episodes that are parodies of pop culture.) In January 2018, this block's Sunday run ended. To compromise, Cartoon Network made nearly the entire Saturday schedulenote  comprised of Teen Titans Go! re-runs.
    • In October 2015, the "New Thursdays" block they had for over a year was renamed the "New Titans Thursdays" block. Ironically, as of the rename, new episodes of the show didn't start airing until 3 weeks after it started. It reverted back to its original name in 2016, before becoming "Yoursdays" in April 2016, a block centered around viewers sending in videos of themselves.
    • In late January 2017, Cartoon Network added a block called the Teen Titans Go! Friday Party, which was basically a 9-hour marathon of Teen Titans Go! done to premiere new episodes of the show. Sometimes, during this block, other shows had new episodes, like PPG 2016, but only TTG was advertised in the promos. Because people thought it was just another TTG-centric block, few viewers tuned in and the ratings for each of the shows on the block went down drastically including this one. The block was cancelled in April 2017.
    • After the Friday Party block was done away with, Cartoon Network made a block called Summertime Go! (as in Teen Titans Go!) in June 2017. Headed by seven hours of TTG, the block aired on Fridays and had new episodes of TTG and Ben 10 (2016). New episodes of We Bare Bears and the premiere of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes were expected to premiere sometime within the next couple of months. However in July, the block was ignored due to a month long bomb of Mighty Magiswords episodes, where viewers can use the MagiMobile app to collect swords based on Cartoon Network shows such as TTG, Steven Universe, Gumball, We Bare Bears, and Ben 10 2016. By the time Bears and K.O. finally premiered the new episodes, the block was discontinued.
    • In September 2017, Cartoon Network shifted its night of major premieres to Friday, consisting of new episodes of Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, and We Bare Bears. More emphasis was put on TTG than the other shows (yet again), with nine hours of the show playing before the start of the block with only a movie (or an hour long rerun of one of their other shows) interrupting it. The commercials for the block also said "It all starts with a new Teen Titans Go! at 6:00!", and the new Titans episodes were always promoted outside of the block.
    • To promote the four-way crossover amongst this show, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, Steven Universe, and Ben 10 (2016), Cartoon Network aired a block called "Raven Domination", which featured episodes of the show all about Raven, since she was in the aforementioned crossover.
  • On November 1, 2015, they aired "Serious Business/Thanksgiving" and "Let's Get Serious/Hose Water" back to back twice in a row, despite TV Guides listing Clarence and Uncle Grandpa and the episodes "Waffles/Opposites" and "Pirates/I See You". They also did the same thing with the latter's Steven Universe crossover, "Say Uncle", the same day as the eight and a half hour marathon.
  • Averted starting around mid-November 2015, with the show only rerunning four times a day and with Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe reruns returning in force. This has allowed yet another Canadian import, Supernoobs, to make its US debut.
    • Unfortunately Supernoobs became another victim of screwing by Cartoon Network. In fact Teen Titans Go! eventually got the spotlight over Supernoobs when it interrupted the show's comeback from an eight month hiatus after two weeks and stole the show's plans to air new episodes while replacing them with Teen Titans Go! reruns.
  • Sometimes, they will do TTG marathons consisting of repeated airings of single episodes:
    • On one day in July 2015, "Puppets, Whaaaat?" aired for six hours in a row.
    • On January 21, 2016, nothing but "Serious Business" and "Caramel Apples" aired from 8AM to 12PM.
    • On June 27, 2016, four airings of "Caged Tiger" and "Hose Water" made up the first two hours of the Cartoon Network schedule.
    • On January 14, 2017, the first part of "Two Parter" played four times in a row, with the second part being nowhere to be found on the schedule that day.
    • On April 1, 2017, nothing but "Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice" played the entire morning.
    • On April 21, 2018, "Think About Your Future" played four times in a row.
    • On August 22, 2018, "Caramel Apples" played twice in a row.
    • On December 31, 2018, the only Teen Titans Go! episodes to air all day were the three Beast Boy birthday episodes and "More Of The Same", repeating three times that day as the only four episodes aired of Teen Titans Go! (not counting the Island Adventures special). This kicked off a tradition for the holiday episodes of the show in 2019 airing multiple times on the holiday they're about (for example, "Hot Salad Water" playing four times on July 4, 2019 and "How 'Bout Some Effort", "The Power Of Shrimps" and "BBRAE" playing three times each on Valentine's Day of 2019).
    • On the week of Memorial Day in 2019, "Girls' Night Out; You're Fired" played every day.
  • In January 2016, the series once again regained its grip on the schedule. This time around, though, they were mainly confined to mornings and mid-weekday, with only one primetime weekday slot. In fact, Cartoon Network showed an Adventure Time marathon on MLK Day, rather than a Teen Titans Go! marathon.
  • In February 2016, it seemed to be averted. Weekdays had zero Teen Titans Go! reruns, according to TV Guide, and reruns of The Garfield Show, several Total Drama series, and even Johnny Test returned to the schedule. In addition, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe, the three shows that many had theorized as being marginalized by network management for censorship reasons, regained a more regular rerun schedule. Unfortunately, though, it was just an error caused by TV Guide accidentally showing a schedule from early-mid 2014, when TTG had about as much airtime as any other series before the series dominated the schedule starting in 2015, which was rectified two days later.
  • In 2015, three restaurants (Sonic, Wendy's and Burger King) had given away toys based off the show, a feat that has never been accomplished before by any kids' property in North America.
    • A year and a half later, McDonald's in the U.S. gave away toys based on the show, making it the shortest time a licensed property appeared at all 4 nationwide restaurants that have licensed tie-ins in kids' mealsnote , something that took Nickelodeon counterpart SpongeBob SquarePants 11 years to do.
  • The show has a Blu-ray release, making it one of the handful of Warner Bros. cartoons to get this treatment.
  • Ever since said episode premiered in 2014, you couldn't watch Cartoon Network every weekend without seeing the episode "Caged Tiger; Hose Water" at least once, since the first segment was (before the premiere of "Serious Business") the highest rated episode of the show.
    • "Caged Tiger" is loved so much by Cartoon Network that as of March 2016, the episode will show up after any given movie airing to round out time, similar to what happened to Adventure Time at the peak of its popularity.
  • It's the only currently airing kids' show that's not on PBS Kids that has holiday-themed episodes of the show in regular rotation. note  For example, "Thanksgiving" was frequently played in early 2015 due to being paired with "Serious Business", one of the show's most popular episodes, "How 'Bout Some Effort" played even after Valentine's Day passed, "Black Friday" is aired every other day and "The True Meaning of Christmas" will often play every two weeks.
    • Even more peculiar, the episode "More of the Same”, an episode about the New Year, was first aired in the United States nearly five months (July 30) before New Year actually happened. Most countries, such as the United Kingdom note  and Australia, actually waited to air it until New Year's.
  • Here's a chart of the typical Cartoon Network weekly schedule near the end of 2015, in which TTG takes up 64% of the weekly airtime. Even SpongeBob SquarePants rarely hits that level of network favoritism.
  • In May 2016, airings of the show were cut down once again. The show aired for 3.5 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends.
  • Cartoon Network's YouTube channel formerly had Teen Titans Go! as the sole show represented in its banner, further presenting TTG as a flagship show for the network. It has since been replaced with a banner representing a variety of shows on the network until that one was replaced with a Mighty Magiswords banner for a week.
  • Ever since 2015, Cartoon Network will hold a marathon on the first Saturday of December to celebrate Beast Boy's birthday with episodes all based around Beast Boy.
  • CN will also play marathons of Teen Titans Go! whenever a new episode of any show has a premiere on a day that's not a Thursday. During most of the times that they do this, Teen Titans Go! isn't the show that's airing a new episode.
  • During the week of September 19, 2016, the show was reduced to 38 percent of the schedule, airing 5 hours in one day at most, yielding to airings of Clarence, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls (2016), Looney Tunes, and even What's New, Scooby-Doo?.
  • It got to the point where Cartoon Network will shoehorn Teen Titans Go! in promos to hype up new series. For example, the promos for the premieres of Unikitty! and Justice League Action respectively (which, if you're wondering, was the only promo the latter show got).
  • Island Adventures, the TV movie for the show, is so loved by Cartoon Network that it is often used to fill time that can't be taken up by more Teen Titans Go! episodes. Sometimes, as was the case during a marathon commemorating the premiere of My Knight and Me, the movie will air twice.
  • This is Cartoon Network's air schedule for the week of February 13, 2017. Notice all 159 of those yellow rectangles? That is every single time an episode of Teen Titans Go! aired that week. If you look in the upper right hand corner, you'll notice a breakdown by percentages. You'll also notice that Teen Titans Go! takes up 50 percent of the airtime for Cartoon Network in that week.note 
    • By late February and early March, TTG averaged around 180 airings per week, and the schedule was changed to only include this show, The Amazing World of Gumball and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, save for any new episodes of other shows and some movies. Shows besides the "Big Three" weren't even re-run at all. No, seriously.
      • Ironically, the episode that premiered that week, "Titans Saving Time", ended up becoming the first TTG episode to dip below a million viewers on its premiere.
      • We Bare Bears rejoined the lineup in late March, to the relief of many. In April, the only 5 shows on the schedule were the aforementioned "Big Three", We Bare Bears, and the 2017 Ben 10. Adventure Time rejoined the lineup on April 24th in time for the Elements miniseries, with Steven Universe returning in May.
      • Teen Titans GO!'s Friday airings on June 16, 2017 got 0.9 million viewers, which caused the network to put more reruns of the show on the schedule the following week.
    • CN's schedule on April 15 and 16, 2017 was literally nothing but TTG from 6AM to 8PM, as both a celebration of Easter and to compete with various things on other networks, including the season premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a Bee Gees special and the Encore premiere of Inside Out.
  • However, starting on April 23, the reruns were being severely dialed back again, yielding to hour-long blocks of Steven Universe reruns, a glut of movies and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and We Bare Bears reruns, and the Adventure Time miniseries Elements. This has continued into May and June, with more reruns of the above shows airing, particularly of The Amazing World of Gumball. Adventure Time reruns were still absent, though they finally returned in June, airing on Mondays in a one-hour block.
    • Zigzagged, Along with Gumball and Ben 10 2016, the series still ended taking up most of the slots with the occasional movies, several of which are live-action (the only live-action programming left on the network following the infamous CN Real era). Steven Universe barely gets any rerun time (with three of its season 4 episodes compiled into an hour long block— granted, that's still more than what Transformers: Robots In Disguise or Sonic Boom get). We Bare Bears and Clarence get the occasional showing, but Uncle Grandpa gets a one and done showing of new episodes just to get to cancellation quicker.
  • In July 2017, about 80% of Cartoon Network's daily schedule was made up of some combination of Titans, Gumball, or Ben 10, with occasional movies and episodes of We Bare Bears, Clarence and Steven Universe (in that order in terms of frequency) making up most of the rest.
  • However, starting on September 25, 2017, the show now averages 4 hours from Monday to Thursday, yielding to airings of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Teen Titans, Ben 10 (2016), Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes (returning to the schedule after being removed in September 2016), and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (returning to the schedule after being removed in May). However, this happen at the expense of Tom and Jerry Tales which was dropped from the schedule entirely.
    • However, after a week Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, and Cloudy were pulled and replaced with Scooby-Doo movies, reruns of the original Ben 10 (returning to the schedule after being removed in August 2016), and Clarence (returning to the schedule after being removed in July)
  • A theatrical movie, later given the appropriate title of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, was announced on September 25, 2017, with a release date of July 27, 2018, making it the second Cartoon Network show after The Powerpuff Girls Movie, the first general Cartoon Network movie since Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, and the second WB-produced animated television show after Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to get one.
  • For the two-part special "Titans Got Talent" (an interactive special where viewers vote for which character wins), CN started not a website, but a hotline. Keep in mind, it's rare for any show to do this, especially since the rise of Internet polls.
  • As of mid-October, the reruns are once again being somewhat dialed back, although it is still by far the most frequently-occurring show on the network. Episodes of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, The Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titans, reruns of the original Ben 10, and Clarence are being added on weekdays, as are various movies, so Teen Titans Go ends up taking up about a third of a typical daytime schedule.
  • In February 2018, Clarence, Adventure Time, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, Ben 10 (2016), and Teen Titans were temporarily removed from the weekday schedule, and only TTG, Unikitty, We Bare Bears, and Gumball remained (OK KO, Teen Titans, and Ben 10 2016 were kept on weekends, however). Cartoon Network also had a four-day TTG marathon to premiere the "Opposite Titans" episode and to celebrate President's Day. For the same episode, Cartoon Network also started a site where fans vote for the versions of the characters they want to see in the episode.
  • In 2018, they started showing themed compilations of the show ranging from a half-hour to an hour in length note , with new ones premiering every Friday. They tend to be themed around random topics that serve the purpose of padding out time slots on other days of the week. Some of these have included "Tooth Fairy Fun", "Beast Boy's Best Beasts" and "Pizza Party!".
  • Beginning with the week of April 23, 2018, the reruns of the show have been significantly dialed back, now averaging around four hours per day while yielding the timeslots it used to hog to other series such as Craig of the Creek, OK, K.O.!, We Bare Bears, Gumball, Ben 10, and even Adventure Time.
  • As of August 2018, the show now averages 5 hours on the weekends.
  • The marathon treatment of the show died down after the Teen Titans Go! To The Movies-promoting one, likely due to the show's popularity rapidly declining because of Total DramaRama beating the show in ratings and criticisms of the show now overshadowing any defenders the show has left. This is also likely due to how much the movie made, having a budget of $10 million made it easy for the movie to make slightly more than five times that at $52 million, but because Warner Bros. had demanded $250 million, the movie was still deemed a failure. In fact, Cartoon Network is starting to give more airtime to other shows as of October 2018 like The Amazing World of Gumball, Craig of the Creek, We Bare Bears, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, and Total DramaRama (with occassional reruns of Adventure Time, Steven Universe, the annual airing of the "Terror Tales of the Park" episodes of Regular Show at Halloween time, and starting in the last week or so of 2018, even the original Total Drama Island made a surprise return, with the first five seasons being aired in sequence over the coming months to help promote the spin-off). The movie, as a matter of fact, was actually Screwed by the Network to some extent, getting surprisingly little advertising, indicating that the previous trend of airing as many TTG reruns as possible is over and the network is now trying to mend fences with the longtime viewers who jumped ship for Nickelodeon and Disney XD.
    • Another sign of the adoration dying down is the shortening of the show's marathons, usually those played before a new episode. In the past, marathons went from Cartoon Network's sign-on to Adult Swim's sign-on. This is indicative of the network cutting back on the amount of reruns the show gets, most likely due to a combination of rapidly declining ratings, the movie based on the show only doing mildly good at the box office, and major rerun fatigue that not even Nickelodeon would think about doing with their biggest shows.
    • Another instance of the show falling out of the network's favor can be seen in scheduling on the day of a highly-anticipated series finale. When Regular Show aired its series finale in January 2017, a TTG marathon was held before and after the finale, a sign that Cartoon Network did not care much about the show ending and wanted it gone (and it all but disappeared from the network thereafter aside from annual airings of the popular "Terror Tales of the Park" episodes around Halloween time). Conversely, when Adventure Time aired its series finale on Labor Day in 2018, TTG respectfully stood on the sidelines to allow what was once Cartoon Network's flagship series (and the one that ended the network's first Dork Age when it premiered in 2010) to go out with dignity, not airing a single episode all day in favor of an Adventure Time marathon. This scenario repeated itself on March 27, 2020, when Steven Universe aired an all-day marathon leading up to the four-part series finale of the Steven Universe Future epilogue series, and once again, TTG allowed it to end on a high note. This scenario would repeat itself once more months later, when We Bare Bears aired a three-day marathon leading up to a limited commercial television premiere of the series' Finale Movie and the (grown-up, as CN is preparing We Baby Bears) bears were given a proper sendoff.
    • As of May 2019, even holiday marathons, which were usually held to either promote a new episode or to compete with the offerings of rival channels, note  have stopped. On Memorial Day, for instance, the schedule for the channel was the channel's normal schedule, the exact opposite of what Nickelodeon did that day note , despite the new episode being aired that day being a hyped-up episode about a sixth member of the team.
  • Delta Airlines has promoted Teen Titans Go! To the Movies more than any other one they've had on board on their website, with it appearing as featured every single month since it came out. May be a subversion, since this could merely be Warner Bros. desperately trying to recoup the losses incurred by the movie.
    • Several other airlines around the world also feature this movie for their in-flight entertainment options for the same reason.
  • The Saturday schedule as of June 13, 2020 consists of nothing but this show, Craig of the Creek and The Amazing World Of Gumball.
  • As of August 2020, the series' presence on the network has been severely reduced. The amount of airtime the show gets is now much more reasonable, and reruns of series such as Craig of the Creek, Victor and Valentino, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, Apple & Onion, DC Super Hero Girls, Total DramaRama, and even Ben 10 (2016) are more prominent, as well as those of The Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears, both of which had ended by this point.
  • On the week of October 19, 2020, Cartoon Network changed their weekend schedule to feature almost nothing note  but this show and The Amazing World of Gumball, with TTG airing for eight hours on the Saturday schedule, and almost as much on the Sunday schedule.

International Feeds
How to take the Christmas 2017 marathon on the US feed Up to Eleven.note 
  • If there was an absolute king of this trope internationally, it would most definitely be the UK feed of Cartoon Network, who seems to have been fuelled by this trope since mid-2017 after several years of airing it reasonably:
    • In mid-August 2017, a lion's share of the weekly schedule was taken up by it, The Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears, with almost every other show shoved to nighttime slots or vanishing completely. It got to the point where a total of four CN originals note  were put on hiatuses until March 2018, when they finally received new episodes in a localized version of CN US' NEW NEW NEW NEW Fridays block.
    • The show doesn't just air on the local Cartoon Network, but on free-to-air kids' channel CITV, which airs some episodes that Cartoon Network doesn't air that often. Once, CITV's run even surpassed CN US' run, let alone CN UK's.
    • The UK feed suffers from the repeated episodes problem, too. Two particular blocks tend to play every weekend: the same hour-long block that contains "Tower Renovation" and "Serious Business", and the half hour block with "Smile Bones; Real Boy Adventures", with the latter sometimes appearing two days in a row.
      • Since the episode’s UK premiere in July 2019, the episode “Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story” seems to play almost every day.
  • In France, the show airs three to four times a day on not just the local Cartoon Network, but France 4, part of the public broadcaster that focus on younger audiences. Though compared to its reputation back in the United States, the cartoon is a lot more popular in France. That, and even on two channels, it still airs less compared to the American feed.
  • In Canada, Teletoon airs 4 and a half hours of this show daily, though it still airs less compared to Cartoon Network in the States, especially after Teletoon became a 24-hour channel. On the other hand, apart from the occasional airing of the Crossover episode with The Powerpuff Girls (2016), the Canadian feed of Cartoon Network hasn't aired Teen Titans Go! since September 2017.
  • As of September 2020, the Italian Cartoon Network airs the show at least 20 times a day on weekdays, second behind The Amazing World of Gumball. The show is so adored there it has gone up to the point where the network's timeshift channel will become a temporary pop up channel dedicated to nothing but this show, of which will last for 11 days, beating the infamous US Christmas 2017 marathon and the Nordic Sportlov 2020 marathon by over 600 episodes.


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